Dombrowski: “Scott Boras, he’s entitled to his opinion”

The Rule 5 Draft was the unexpected news of the day for the Tigers as they prepared to head out of Nashville, and it overshadowed any reaction from club officials to agent Scott Boras’ remarks from Wednesday on their closer situation and Boras’ client, Rafael Soriano. (Here’s the link if you missed the remarks, or you can just page down.)

It was still worth giving Dave Dombrowski a chance to react. Not surprisingly, he had read Boras’ quotes, including the philosophical cliff of teams knowing what to expect with minor league players call-ups. Though Boras said the Tigers still had decisions to make on their club, Dombrowski indicated they had already decided what they’re doing.

“He’s entitled to his opinion, as everybody else is,” Dombrowski said, “but it’s one of those things where we like our situation. That’s what it comes down to. I can’t really say much more that I haven’t said about the Rondon thing to you guys. We feel comfortable with that and with the other arms we have in our bullpen.”

Dombrowski also read Boras’ remarks on the rarity of young relievers coming up and saving 30 games, and disagreed with the contention.

“There are guys,” Dombrowski said. “The last few years, you had [Andrew] Bailey, you had [Neftali] Feliz, you had [Craig] Kimbrel. The reality is, it can be done. I’m not saying [it will], but if you’re talented in this game and you have the right mental approach, you can accomplished. Again, we’re not anointing people, but this guy, he’s a good pitcher. We like him.”

In terms of young players getting a shot, Dombrowski contended, it has to be done — not necessarily at closer, but somewhere.

“The one thing that I keep saying, because I think it’s important: You’ve got to get some young blood with your club,” Dombrowski said. “Now, when I say that, you don’t want to put young blood in that you don’t think can help you. But you want to put talented young blood into your club. And unless you give them an opportunity, you’ll never get guys up there.

“People forget in 2006, we had a couple guys by the names of Verlander and Zumaya that played pretty important roles, and Granderson came in too. Well, they did all right. This guy’s that type of talent.”

Dombrowski said he’s ready for the second-guessing that will come, not necessary from Boras but from many circles.

“No matter who we have as a closer this year, the one thing is that they will blow a game,” Dombrowski said. “And at that time, when they blow a save, somebody will say, ‘They should’ve had such-and-such.’ If you’ve got a veteran guy, they say, ‘Well, why didn’t they give the young guy a chance?’ If it’s a young guy, they say, ‘Why didn’t they give the veteran guy a chance?’ That kind of comes with the territory, but that’s OK. That’s the way it is, and we feel comfortable where we are at this point.”


the one thing that’s a guarantee – you’ll be second guessed.

I suppose Mr. Boras is free to apply for a position with the Detroit organization since he’s already such an expert on all things Tigers.

I was thinking the same about 2006.
Justin Henry has been out of the roster for two weeks here. Pity, he is not longer a Tiger.He is a reliable OF , he can play 2B , hits for contact without power.
Rich, agree. Soon or later DD will need to draw a line and ask who is the GM? If I were him i would have resigned after signing PF

Braves to sign Reed Johnson

And Rangers Uehara

Baseball Moves now reports Royals are out on Sanchez and are instead looking to trade for a starter.

Dombrowski is smart.

He really does not have a shopping list.. more of a task list (in order of importance):

1. Sign Verlander to an extension.
2. Convince Prince to gracefully transition to DH after next year… so Cabrera can move back to first base.
3. Sign Cabrera to an extension.
4. Tell Castellanos and Garcia they both have a chance to be starters in 2014… but only one will make the team in 2013. Hopefully Garcia will be a long term Right Fielder… and Castellanos will be the third baseman… but either could be the left fielder next year.

failure is always second guessed unless no one is paying attention.
Dombrowski sure used ‘blood’ a lot in his remarks.
not so long ago, Tigers replaced one established all star vet with a player who had yet to play in the majors. the Granderson for Jackson exchange has worked out nicely. that has no bearing on the current situation at closer other than further evidence that some players with no major league experience can succeed quickly.
Matt Anderson is what they hope Rondon does not become.

one other Boras-related comment…one of his clients, Michael Bourn, has been bypassed by now 3 contending teams (Braves, Nats, Phils) who had CF holes to fill. 2 of those 3 traded away talent to fill CF rather than spend big bucks to ink Bourn

He sure is good, though!

Had to laugh at your “blood” remark, Woody. I was thinking the same thing! I trust Mr. D with the moves he’s made. None of us know all the reasons why he may or may not do something. Maybe some team will pay for Soriano, but it won’t be the Tigers for that price. Jhonny Damon lost a lucrative contract with the Yankees, because Boras overplayed his hand.
Never got to see Justin Henry play, but I remember hearing his name frequently. Hope everything works out for him.

Sure, there are plenty of examples where guys with no experience have made it as closer. The key difference though is whether you have been annointed from season opening or allowed to develop quickly in the season as your original choice failed or sustained injury.
Having 4 or so guys you are currently comfortable handling the 8th and not the 9th says it all.
DD of course knows this but knows a long term big $$ Soriano contract is the last thing they need.

Remember the “Youngbloods” Woody? Kudos to Dave for trying to keep some common sense in trying to deal with the greedy aspect of salaries and contracts. There are no guarantees either way. This guy should get this much cause that guy got that much….. and on and on. Pay em all lots of money. That way loyal fans like our GK can continue to bear the burden. I like the youth idea Dave. Now back to my cave.

the only youngbloods i knew of: 1) a coming of age hockey movie ‘Youngblood’ starring Rob Lowe in his hollywood heyday 2) Jack Youngblood a HOF DE for the Rams in the 70s

forgot until looking it up, but the ‘Youngblood’ movie also starred Patrick Swayze and had Keanu Reeves in a limited role

Slusser, the San Francisco Chronicle beat writer for the Athletics, reported Drew looks to be close to a 1 year deal with an option. Should that deal fall through, the next target is Peralta. The Drew scenario was confirmed by Heyman.

Miguel Cabrera elected the professional Athlete of the Year in Venezuela for third time( 2003 and 2011)

I think the Kobernus trade is very interesting. The fact he bats RH and they are considering giving him a shot at playing some OF makes sense. The interesting thing is he is a pretty big guy for a speed demon.
This likely will mean the end of Ramon as a Tiger and oddly enough might help Boesch out as Berry would become somewhat redundant.
I doubt Lobstein will stick. You’ll see him sent back to the waiving team for 25k.
We have lefties that can do the job. Downs and Crosby come to mind.

that Downs kid has been very impressive at times.

The Youngbloods were an American folk rock group, early 70’s. One hit wonder was “Get Together”.

Ride the wind!!

Leyland is against platooning:

“If you can pencil a guy in there every day at a position and you’re not worried about picking and choosing against a certain pitcher other than to give a guy off, that’s a total luxury,” Leyland said. “The more everyday players you have, the easier it is for you.”

I pretty much agree with what JL said, but it sure does seem he is always matching players up. So, I guess he doesn’t think the Tigers have enough “everyday players” and has to resort to his righty-lefty thing.

Jim quite often says one thing but does the opposite.

Dirks might be an everyday player – but i don’t think he has proven that yet. This hopefully will be the year!

Olney:”Detroit has been targeting relievers capable of closing in trade talks.”

At 4:07 am in the morning. It seems more and more being a GM is almost a 24 hour a day job. You occasionally see Mr. D enjoying a game with his family but it seems like his phone never stops ringing. Wouldn’t want that job.

but I’m glad he does and he’s our GM.

Well, Olney’s tweet was at 4:07 AM.
I sit a few rows behind Dave at spring training and he always seems relaxed and enjoying himself in his multi-colored horizontal striped polo shirts.

Forty seven players performed for the Detroit Tigers in 2012. Sixteen of those players beginning with Clete Thomas and Brandon Inge in April have moved on or now are in the process of looking for new teams and new beginnings. Baseball is a business. Our current forty man roster has much talent and will go to spring training to compete for twenty five opening day jobs. At this point, we only wish that all these players have a healthy start to their spring training season. Go Tigers!!

I think Andy can handle the LF job. A move like that though puts added pressure on Avila’s backup to contribute offensively if he is inserted to resolve the LHP/RHB scenario. Andy will hit LHP some but there will be times he will come up empty and the importance of Holaday or Avila come into play in that part of the lineup.
We aren’t hearing much about Valverde or Delmon Young. I think the Tiger faithful had right to complain and worry about those guys and the lack of interest among the GMs validates those complaints and concerns.

The intelligent fans, and they’re easy to spot, are usually pretty right on with what management is thinking.

Saw an article on Young. He is apparently on the shelf due to an ankle injury, which required surgery(?) and/or rehab. He is reportedly set to audition for clubs in January, as I recall. There has been speculation he could end up with the Dodgers.

It appears to me that there are a ton of things to be settled post winter meetings this year, among all teams.

A logjam of “stars” waiting on the best offers, it seems, and then everybody else gets their turn.

BTW,as to the the genesis of “The Youngbloods”; the band was founded by a significant folk singer and song writer by the name of Jesse Colin Young.

confusing enough, Young released a LP entitled Youngblood before he met the other founding member (Corbitt) of the Youngbloods.

Then there’s the Leiber & Stoller song “Young Blood” which was recorded by the Coasters, Leon Russell, and a host of others, including someone I know very well.

You’d better leave my daughter alone!

Addendum to my earlier post on Young: I confirmed he had relatively minor ankle surgery on November 10, and should be “fully recovered” by mid-February. According to CBS, Young is expected to “land a regular role,” destination unknown.

Couldn’t find any recent news about Valverde or his current status.

I have always assumed the 2013 Team budget was around the $150m mark after the DD splashed $13m on the only position without a valid option leaving around $10m once arbitration cases have been dealt with.
With Oliver starting the break as your No. 5 prospect, you know your farm lacks depth particularly involving SP with Crosby ranked 2 behind Castellanos and Wilk now No 5.
How you make use of the remaining $$ to try and upgrade (in my order) your:
Backup catcher;
SP4; and
LF (what in heck is wrong with Dirks anyway particularly knowing Garcia as insurance is not far from being ready?)
Knowing you only really have Castellanos, Peralta, Benoit (our best 8th but worst 9th innings guy) and to a far lesser degree Boesch, Ramon or Worth as trade value rules out any $$$ free agents unless a highly unlikely mega trade is linked around Sanchez, though Porcello is also lost tied in with the deal.
The Tigs will likely still have the luxury of again being able to sleepwalk their way to July and then make some minor changes to get them again to the post season.
DD will definitely frugally address the Closer and Backup Catcher unless Mr I. inappropriately blinks first with Boras.
My far biggest concern is the lack of depth in SP in the system. Our Starters have missed probably three months between them the past two years and with Smyly and Rick either in the 5 or traded what comes after them is shaping as the true achilles heel for 2013.

Avila played 126 games in the Minors before being called up and he was an infielder prior to signing
Holaday has played 199.
A rookie backup is far from unseen.
SS? Worth is a good SS, 2b and 3B.
LF? supposedly it was solved yesterday with the signing of the second coming of Don Kelly
Closer? they are looking. Anyone but Valverde or Soriano
The real worry? starting pitcher. One injury or predicted and never coming rain and you have Wilks and Crosby to fill the spot start. Even if the sign someone( supposedly is Sanchez or bust) they need to keep Porcello and allow Below to start instead of keeping him waiting for playing time that will never come

Words of wisdom:
Scutaro said he left money on the table to get a title when he signed with Boston, “and all I got was bald.”

Scutaro is a journeyman and got lucky and produced at the right time. He is cashing in. Good for Scutaro.

Bottom line…Rondon will likely be okay. Sanchez or someone like him is necessary. Dirks will be okay. So, the Tigers need a quality catcher to either backup or start given how little Avila plays.

Jose Alvarez just pitched a perfect game for 6 2/3 innings until Pablo Sandoval hit a single just before Alvarez reached the 70 pitches limit set for him by the Tigers .
Lineup of the opposing team, Magallanes: Elvis Andrus,Jose Altuve, Juan Rivera, Edgardo Alfonzo,Endy Chavez, Ramon Hernandez , Cervelli.

Bad news. Bowden and Sirius radio reported the Dodgers are interested in Sanchez, not Lohse as earlier believed. This is based on the assumption Greinke will go elsewhere.

Verducci at SI:”Over the past 10 seasons, 91 different players have posted 25 saves in a season. Ninety-one! It’s not an especially rare commodity. The clubs are finding that out. And Soriano is finding out that a market correction is occurring. To get his big money, Soriano will have to re-set that market.”

Of those 91 different players the two most dominant closers(2003-2012) are Rivera(395) and Nathan (298). Next on the list would be one Jose Valverde with 277 saves. Why does Soriano set any market??

No one is willing to give money to closer anymore. Unless they can bypass DD and convince Ilitch I to overpay for him , they hit with the realities of the current market

According to BaseballMoves, Lohse has been connected to the Tigers among other teams. Jackson is still out there and the market is reportedly cool on him. He and Sanchez are the same age with similar career stats.

Correction: comparison stats were from the last 4 seasons.

a better stat IMO anyways. very interesting. Jackson could be a good 4/5 guy. what would you do with smyly / porcello then? leave smyly downstairs for a bit?

IDK about Lohse tho….Lohse is seeking a four-year deal i heard. (fart sound)

Lohse had a very nice season, but his age and contract length cause me concern as well. And I’m not sure he is really suited to the Tigers’ defense.

Porcello, long reliever. Smyly is a lock with his left arm

Sanchez ( Scherzer)Jackson career:
ERA: 3.75 (3.88) 4.40
IP: 869.0(804.2)1268.2
ERA plus:110(110) 98
Whip:1.346(1.297) 1.438
H/9: 8.8 ( 8.7) 9.4
HR/9 0.8(1.1)1.0
BB/9 3.3(3.0) 3.5
SO/9 :7.6(9.3) 6.9
QS : 58% ( 53%) 50%
I would like Jackson in the team but his stats are not better than Sanchez´s

Check the last 4 years. They are very similar for that period. However, I would prefer Sanchez if we can get him.

The good thing about Jackson is he’ll take the ball and pitch until you tell him not to pitch anymore. When he has his slider, he’s very good. I like Edwin, I think everyone does, but he’ll probably be overpaid this winter.

Moore of CBS posted on MLBTR and noted the market has been very cool on Jackson. His article is where I got the comparison info between Jackson and Sanchez.

Moore guessed Jackson might be had for 3 years and around $29-36M.

The sticking point is probably length of contract. Edwin was born in Germany and grew up a “military brat” so he’s always moved around a lot. He’d like to settle in one place.

Ye,. he cut ties with Boras seeking a multiyear deal. He was offered 30/3 last year and rejected it under his advice

Mauricio Robles DFA. He was traded for Washburn

Ramon Santiago had yesterday the GWRBI with a HR in the 8th.
So far: 11 Games 46 AB 15 H 8 R 8 RBI HR 4 SB Avg: .326 OBP:.380

With Greinke signed. Sanchez is next

What’s the story on Brian Wilson? I heard a while ago that he was seeking a one year small (like a mil or two) base contract heavy on the incentives. Wouldn’t he make a good acquisition for the Tigers? Insurance for Rondon. Also, if Rondon does well, they can either transition Wilson to set up or trade before the deadline for whatever they may need. If Wilson doesn’t pan out or isn’t fully recovered, we aren’t really out a ton of money. Any thoughts?

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