Winter Meetings: Anything going on shortstop front?

Remember when the Tigers came to Nashville looking for a shortstop? It’s still on their list, but right now, it doesn’t sound like there’s much going.

The word around the lobby here at the Gaylord Opryland hotel is that Stephen Drew is going for at least a two-year deal, and the Tigers are looking short term. Given the state of the shortstop market (there is none), the alternative would probably have to be a trade. Cleveland seems more likely to deal Asdrubal Cabrera out of the AL Central, possibly in a reported three- or four-team trade that would include Arizona, than do something with a team the Indians are trying to beat in the division. As appealing as Dodgers speedster Dee Gordon might be, it’s difficult to see the Tigers giving up the kind of prospect package the Dodgers supposedly want for him, especially when he’s not a proven commodity yet.

If Asdrubal Cabrera does go to Arizona, it would be interesting to see how that might affect the Tigers’ plans, not just from the Cabrera trade. Through all the rumors about the Tigers looking at alternatives to Peralta at shortstop, one assumption has been that the Diamondbacks would be a potential destination for Peralta if it got to that point. Take Arizona off the list, and then you’re generally looking at teams seeking something other than everyday shortstops.

At this point, the Tigers might have a better chance of trading a shortstop by the time they leave town than adding one. Detroit has been checking with teams about Ramon Santiago and finding some potential interest, depending on how much money the Tigers would be willing to pick up. The Tigers have also checked around on Brennan Boesch, and a report yesterday suggests the Mariners could be interested.


re: Santiago, what can you get for him? prospects at best I’m sure. Does anyone else remember when we got carlos guillen for ramon? what a deal!

regarding Peralta, is there any rumor about him being looked at as a 3b by other teams? he did play quite a bit there in 09-10 with Asdrubal Cabrera taking over at SS.
definitely not a plus offensive player at 3b, but it seems to me he’d be a solid average major league 3b both offensively and defensively. expands the trade possibilities for him.
also read a tweet that Tigers are looking for starting pitcher depth. with Turner gone, and Sanchez possibly signing elsewhere…who is the 6th or 7th starter option should injury affect the top 5? Below and Wilk next in line?

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Ryan from Seattle. Best glove in the league. The Tigers can afford his lack of hitting
Jackson who is looking a multi year deal is a great option

What would a S Marcum or Carlos V cost for a pitcher to compete for the 4/5 spots considering 3/5 of the starting staff ended up on the DL. Can we get B Ryan for Boesch straight up? Ryan can’t hit but is one of the best ss defensively in the game.
I think I would stay away from Dee because looks like he has a hole in his glove.

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This article indicates the Tigers are looking for a one-year deal on a shortstop. What’s the reason for that? They’re not expecting the Suarez kid that soon, are they? Am I leaving someone out?

I was referring to Jason’s article, but the pingback above my post says the same thing.

Ramon? Good riddance. I was over that guy early this year, when he forgot how to bunt-this lasted all season. Bye Bye.

and don’t forget his defense wasn’t really that good this year either.

Yes, Avila said during a game that they are expecting Suarez soon.

Really. That would be great to have a homegrown infielder and also provide salary relief.

Why would the Tigers presumably be on a mission to revisit the good range-no hit SS idea? They tried that with Everett and soon tired of his weak offense, leading to his being dumped to fill his black hole in the lineup.

And as far as pitching goes, if the Tigers sign Sanchez or acquire someone like him, how is that not better than Porcello or Smyly filling his slot? Both of those guys have potential, but neither has proven adequate enough to fill in.

If changes are to be made then upgrades need to occur, not the opposite.

naw our starting pitching was too good last year. so good we couldn’t motivate our positional players to score runs. :p

I think the fans tired of Everett much more so than management, but the 2009 team didn’t have the hitters that the 2013 club will have. It’s easier to absorb a lesser bat now, if the differential in runs allowed is acceptable. It’s kind of like the opposite of Dave talking on MLB Network and explaining how Cabrera and Fielder’s bats make up for some defensive shortcomings.
Myself, I think we end up with Peralta for 2013.
One way that Porcello and Smyly are better than a high priced pitcher is in the payroll.

Agreed on the 2009 comparison. Not only that. But the pitching on this team will be better than the 2009 team with or without Sanchez. Game 161 … I rest my case. If we do not sign Sanchez (and I dont think we will), I am comfortable with our 5 as is to start next season. I would try and find a veteran swing man maybe as insurance. Remember, DD addressed our 5th man in July in each of last two season with great success. The market will be there again if the need arises. I would rather he do that.
I am more concerned with a 22 year old rookie closer. That scares me.
— Bob

Don’t know who was most tired, but do know management let him go and not the fans.

I don’t think it’s ok to assume our offense is going to be any better than last year. Cabby and Prince played all year – escaping any serious injuries. AJ hit well above his career numbers, and Dirks likely had an above average year. On the flip side, I think Peralta will have a better year. I don’t see a good year from Alex – IMO he’ll be injury plagued and offensively none existent moving forward.

I will very disappointed if they dont have a better offensive year. VMart and Hunter are upgrades. Omar for a full season is an upgrade. I have always been very bullish on Dirks. I think the surface is just being scratched with this guy. He battles, he does not give away at bats and that slide in the final week of the season in the 8th inning to break a tie game was one of my most favourite plays of the year. Also, they cannot possibly be as bad with the bases loaded as they were last year. That was just too freaky. That is why I could live with a glove first player at short if necessary.
— Bob

you make good points. don’t forget we got pretty lucky last year with the injury bug and positional players.

Dirks is a baseball player – does the little stuff right.

The pitching market this year is just crazy with even guys returning from major injury expecting to see the money.
I agree that if Sanchez is too pricey, go with what you have. Apart from the Rondon as closer, what scares me is Toledo and the apparent bare cupboard of starting pitchers. We have had a lucky run on the injury front, particularly involving our starting pitchers and it would be prudent to attempt a trade involving our top prospect being Castellanos for starting pitching prospects. Can’t see the OF move working real fast and a good time to strike given the market is currently likely to overpay for infield prospects.

Evan, for the most part you are correct with the injury bug. We took our blow in January with Vmart. But we had our issues through the season also. Fister, Dirks, Ajax, Sherzer (at the end), Avila still paying for the workload of 2011. I am also not convinced that something was not wrong with Papa.
— Bob

good points – especially Papa and Vmart, easy to forget those.
hey hopefully clubhouse leadership has more of an effect on the bats than I assumed it did. Many teams hit well with half the talent (read: payroll) we have.

Hiroyuki Nakajima
Are Tigers looking at Japanese free agent, Hiroyuki Nakajima as a shortstop option. He was posted by the Yankees last season but never reached an agreement with them. He seems like an upgrade defensively (last 2 JN Gold Gloves) can provide some offense (,320) and is available.

One year fill in short stop with a good glove….hmm Everett revisited but why? Hmm…seems to me Castenellos used to be a shortstop…is it possible his range and glove would still fit that role?

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Deja Vu, We’re back talking about Drew. Seems like the last 3 years we’ve had him on the radar and then he disappears. It’s not an upgrade, in my mind, to move Peralta and replace him with Drew at this stage of their respective careers. If Trammel and the D’backs let him go, you have to take a step back and wonder..

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