Tigers unlikely for Yunel Escobar

On the surface, it seems like a logical match. The Tigers, for better or worse, have been looking at a potential defensive upgrade at shortstop and could swap out Jhonny Peralta to do it. The Marlins have two shortstops, no third basemen and are entertaining offers for Yunel Escobar.

Logistically, it makes sense, but word from multiple sources is that the Tigers aren’t interested, or at least don’t see a fit for him in Detroit.

From a pure baseball standpoint, you can make a case that Escobar is a better buy than free agent Stephen Drew. Escobar has had a higher Wins Above Replacement total in five of his six Major League seasons, including each of the last two. His lowest game total in a season over the last five years is 133 in 2011. Offensively and defensively, you know what you’re getting, though this was his weakest season at the plate. He’s under contract for $5 million next year, and he has a pair of $5 million club options after that.

It’s off the field where the appeal really wanes. He was suspended by the Blue Jays late this past season for a homophobic slur written onto his eye black, and he’s going to have to live that down for quite a long time, wherever he is. The Tigers just parted ways with a player whose off-field issues made headlines, Delmon Young, so there’s reason to wonder whether they would want to go through that again.


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I was hesitant to bring this up myself, but I’ll have to agree. The Tigers, Mr. Ilitch, Dave Dombrowski, Jim Leyland, stand for something more than just winning ballgames.

Victorino 39/3 same as Napoli

Any chance we could grab Yunel, Stanton, Nolasco for Boesch, Porcello, Castellanos, Garcia, Crosby??? Seems like a good win now deal to me.

I’m sure the Marlins would jump all over that one.

I don’t know what was written on his cap, but the guy grew up in Cuba. Somebody needs to sit him down and have a talk. He is a good SS.

DKnobler ‏@DKnobler
Tigers announce switches on coaching staff. Lamont now bench coach, Brookens 3B, Belliard 1B

Thank god.

Too bad he a good ss that has a bat.

I don’t understand why his teammates didn’t get torn a new one for allowing Yunel to go out on the field with that written on his eye black. They saw it and read it. Several probably even laughed and some who don’t speak spanish probably asked what it meant. I think with our Latino leadership (vmart, Benoit, miggy ), Yunel could flourish here.

Your right when he hits 275 and plays good D everyone is going forget about his faceware.
What was his take on this matter?

Gone to the Rays

Hiroyuki Nakajima
Are Tigers looking at Japanese free agent, Hiroyuki Nakajima as a shortstop option. He was posted by the Yankees last season but never reached an agreement with them. You probably know his defensive capabilities much better than I, however, he seems like an upgrade defensively can provide some offense and is available.

Problem child that may realize someday, and then maybe not, that he’s died and gone to heaven here and act accordingly. They moved him in Atlanta and they want him out in Toronto. No doubt he has the ability, but who needs his childish behavior. PASS…

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