Lamont named bench coach, Brookens to 3rd

Remember that coaching staff shuffle that Jim Leyland hinted at after the World Series but wasn’t ready to announce? The question came back up Tuesday, and they announced it. Gene Lamont will move from third-base coach to bench coach for next season. Tom Brookens moves from first-base coach to third, and infield coach Rafael Belliard takes over first-base duties.

The shift, Leyland emphasized, was not a sign of Lamont’s decision-making, despite the second-guessing Lamont faced for a handful of calls this season. His decision to wave Prince Fielder home in Game 2 of the World Series, in particular, drew scrutiny. To Lamont’s credit, he took responsibility for it at the time, saying he was overly aggressive on the call.

“I can promise you it was not related to that,” Leyland said. “I think Gene Lamont is as good of a third-base coach as anybody in the American League. Terrific judgment. Terrific. But it might be time for him to come over to the bench with me and put Brookie out there.”

The decision, Leyland said, was about getting somebody younger in the role, which a look around the league suggests is increasingly becoming a younger coach’s job.

“This will be another mind for me to bounce something off of,” Leyland said. “But most of it’s because Brookie’s a little sprier right now.”

Lamont and Belliard were the two coaches who had been in the same roles for Leyland’s entire seven-year managerial tenure in Detroit. The other Tigers coach who dates back to Leyland’s first season in 2006, Lloyd McClendon, went from bullpen coach to hitting coach in 2007.

In none of those seasons did Leyland have a bench coach. Lamont essentially filled the role while still coaching at third. When Leyland was ejected from games in recent years, McClendon would take over as manager.


huge. huge offseason acquisition here. I don’t want it overlooked when people review what happened this offseason. why the fudge wasn’t he bench coach anyhow? I mean, lets be honest here – that is all is on this team to do. To play an advisory role to the Skipper. Am I wrong?

Jiim has never has a bench coach since coming to Detrot, to my knowledge. Not sure if he had one with with other teams he has managed. Gene is probably the only one he would even consider doing it. Now, he can be with Jim all the time, and we can watch Tom.

a big crock of bull this is: “I think Gene Lamont is as good of a third-base coach as anybody in the American League. Terrific judgment. Terrific”

Mr. D is doing an interview on MLB Network right now.

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I had as many complaints as the next guy regarding Gene’s decisions at 3rd, but above all else I was afraid he’d get killed over there. I’m glad he’s in the dugout now. And I think Jim can use the 2nd voice full time. This is a solid decision.

off topic, but an under the radar signing who could be interesting to follow in spring training is Matt Tuiasosopo. RH bat, multi-positional OF, hit 856 OPS vs lefties in AAA last season. a faded Seattle prospect, but he could fill a bench niche on this club. last got MLB ABs in 2010

King Felix are talking about an extension. That will be the benchmark for Verlander if as reasonable it surpasses Greinke ( hypothetical) and CC contracts

No surprise here. This move was posted and discussed weeks ago on this blog.This announcement only amounts to official confirmation of previously leaked information. Everyone wins with this coaching adjustment.

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The amount of money that is being thrown around this offseason is ridiculous and mind boggling. Average players are being offered and given huge contracts and big years. Heck Grienke is rumored to be up around 160 million for 7 years???? The guy had one great year but asnt been better than about a 3.5 era in any other year…okay numbers, but not great…certainly not good enough to be close to the top paid player/ pitcher in all of baseball. Victorinos contact ridiculous after coming off a horrible year and he isn’t a spring chicken. This money disgusts me!

Simple supply and demand. At least these guys have a skill, unlike some other highly paid people.

It is pretty mind-boggling and you have to wonder what it will be like in 10 years. The young guys make over 500,000 probably closer to 6 this year. The TV and media deals bring in millions for some teams unlike in the past. MLB is big business.

The average career of a MLB player: 4 years. For every Greinke there are 10 former players selling usedcars or managing a bar .
People pay because they like what they are receiving. When we buy memorabilia or go to the stadium or people buy the products advertised in this page we are paying that salaries

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