Tigers remain in talks on Sanchez

Don’t count the Tigers out of the Anibal Sanchez negotiations just yet. Their chances, though, are up for debate.

The Tigers remain in talks with Sanchez’s agent on a long-term deal to keep the free-agent right-hander in Detroit. A source with knowledge of negotiations said a Monday morning report of a four-year, $48 million offer from Detroit that was supposedly an insult to Sanchez was not accurate.

That doesn’t mean the Tigers are much closer than that, but it means they’re still in dialogue.

The widespread belief is that if the bidding on Sanchez gets to the 7-year, $100 million offer stage that many expect it to go, the Tigers will be out. It won’t necessarily be a sign of how the Tigers value him as much as what it would do for future talks on Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer, both of whom are two years away from free agency.


Interesting. A case of dueling rumours by expert journalists and/or sources.

the signal to noise ratio will be very low this week

They need to be cautious with signing Sanchez. He may be a tad over-rated. I’d like to have him but we also need to move Smyly up. Sanchez is worth having but not if he is insulted by a 12 million a year 4 year contract.

5 /78.5 CJ Wilson ´contract could be the realistic base for an offer( a little less because Wilson is LH)
48/4 was the projected contract before the postseason
Smyly is a fixture in the rotation with or without Sanchez

Sign him, even 14 million a year is a good deal!! JV is going to be burned out in 3 to 4 years anyways as hard as he throws and the amount of innings the Tigers let him pitch. Tigers need Sanchez so they can trade Porcello for a shortstop with range!

Okay, it appears we have two Rich’s now. I would have never said the above.
Signed, the original Rich from ’06

LOL … I read that post and thought … that doesnt sound like Rich … I am glad you cleared that up. Sometime another Bob pops on here and says things opposite of my view too !!!.
— Bob (in Toronto)


Tigers don’t need Sanchez or anyone for that matter that says they get insulted by any offer made to them. They are playing a kids game and getting PAID. JV won’t be worn out in 3 or 4 years either he will turn into a finesse pitcher. When you pay long term for players you have to consider injury some were down the line.

Much better to lock up Verlander this off-season to an extension and declare victory (he is 2 years out). Use big money on big money players.

Porcello has a really good chance at outpitching Sanchez over the next 4 years…. at a 60% discount.

If you connect the dots, the Tigers did not provide an offer. The agent is trying to boosts Sanchez’s value by claiming that 4/$48M is “insulting”.

It would be better not to sign him. The bad blood in the Detroit media (from Price and Rod on)vs him will make that a bad signing.
I never saw that reaction when they signed a DH for 214.

it’s that time of year again – Time to curse the name of Boras! Dirty rotten snake – I mean – a real professional agent —- the best at what he does. YEA RIGHT – if you’re a paid slime bag you are still a slime bag even if that’s your job.

According to Knobler, the Royals may be in on Sanchez.

Good for them……to me he hasn’t proven himself

To each his own, but Sanchez had more quality starts last year than any Tiger rotation guy not named Verlander.

Not so sure about Porcello having a job in the rotation if Sanchez is signed.
Wonder how Rick would be as a late inning guy? Not that I think he is ready for that by any means. I think the kid is going to be good. He’s got a brain. Actually our rotation is a pretty intelligent one. JV has his moments of prehistoric type thought processes but generally has been getting pretty smart on the mound.

Pretty much agree with you. I think DOK(?) visited the relief idea a while back. The plus factor is it would give additional quality rotation depth.

Not me, Rick s/b given every opportunity to establish himself as a starter. When he starts using the 4seamer more than the 2seamer, he could really improve.

DOK, sorry…I know at least one of our regular posters floated the relief idea, maybe Evan? In any event, Porcello has potential, but he needs to be fixed. In a “win now” situation he is far too risky when someone like Sanchez can be had..

twas I twas I – albeit, the argument was made TO me before I made it in this place. Porcello just has many tendencies that suggests he might be better at a reliever – albeit one that could pitch a few innings if he needed to. but that’s all conditioning – he’ll need an offseason (and maybe a season too) to learn how to be an effective reliever. Sadly.

I still think if Sanchez was going to sign with Detroit, it would have happened already. Out of sight, out of mind. Forget him.
I have to wonder why Scott Hairston is being floated as a platoon partner for Dirks when Hairston’s numbers against LH pitching aren’t as good as Andy’s. That would probably hold true for about anyone the Tigers could realistically get. Other than giving Jim a chance to dazzle everyone with his matchups, what’s the point of a planned platoon at any position?

I am also not a platoon guy and think the Tigers fret too much about doing so. Although sometimes it has value with defective skills or in certain situations. I hope the platooning on JL’s part is not about trying to dazzle others, as you inferred.

Oh, oh…Heyman reported The Angels now look to be in on Sanchez. Knobler noted Sanchez did receive an offer from the Tigers, but it was considered “insulting.”

Hairston offered two years

by the Tigers , Morosi tweets.
Dirks like Santiago is believed not strong enough to support the wear and tear of a full season by DD

11 homers 30 rbis .286 against LHP will work. How is he in the field?? Can he play in the infield?? Emergency C material?? If Dirks is healthy, he will get close to 400 ABs against lefties.

Dombrowski was on the fence on whether Dirks has a full-time starting role for next year: ”Dirks is a good player. Is he an every-day player at this point? I don’t know. He might be. I know he’s a real good player. Can he combine with somebody? So I think we’ll just kind of look at that.”

Oops, Dirks against righties.

We knew what you meant.

Holaday will be the backup: Napoli 39/3. Even Flores and Olivo will command a lot of money

Here are the Tiger All-time win rankings and won-loss records of our five potential starters: Verlander (10) 124-65, Porcello (53) 48-42, Scherzer (59) 43-27, Fister (114) 18-11, and rookie Drew Smyly 4-3 in roughly half a season. These first four pitchers have won ten or more games in each full season they have pitched for Detroit. Do these five have the potential to be a dominant starting rotation??? They certainly do. Let’s give them a chance. Do we have to be careful with Drew this season?? Yes, we need to maybe keep him under 160 innings. Our manager did a superb job of limiting the innings for Rick and he can do it for Drew, too. As long as Rick wins 10 games each season that by definition makes him a quality fifth starter. Injuries hit these guys last year and might again this year. Behind them we have Casey Crosby, Adam Wilk, Andy Oliver, and Luke Putkonen as possible call-ups. Now Anibal battled hard in the regular season and pitched fantastic in the playoffs.
Good job Anibal and best of luck anywhere but with the Royals or Hawk Sox!!! My grandson loves Little Caesars and we must control the cost!!!!!!!!

Hairston vs LHP:.825 / Dirks very little sample: 794

Sanchez ( Scherzer) career:ERA: 3.75 (3.88) IP: 869.0(804.2) ERA plus:110(110) Whip:1.346(1.297) H/9: 8.8(8.7) HR/9 0.8(1.1) BB/9 3.3(3.0) SO/9 :7.6(9.3) QS : 58% ( 53%) RS:3.7(4.7)

The game of baseball is a true blessing from God. The business of baseball is nauseating. This national past time that we all love so much, doesn’t even resemble the game that the Tigers played even as late as 1984. Curses to Curt Flood, Catfish Hunter, and if Miller hadn’t died, I would say the same thing to him. We are getting so close to never developing our own talent anymore. It’s buy and trade. I can’t help that I am a true traditionalist; I miss Bonderman, Maroth, and Cornejo. Not much talent, but they wore the old English D. This is the part of the off season that I hate the most. And I do concede that Miggy was probably the best pickup ever. Enough of my obnoxious sobbing.

Rich from 06 :
“Miami will also host the Venezuelan WBC team on March 5 in Jupiter.”

Hairston and the 2 year offer. Accepted pending physical? Or is it just up in the air?

Rubin of ESPN indicated Hairston will not sign with the Tigers because he has better offers elsewhere.

Darn, can’t make that one either. Thanks for the info anyway, El Tigre. Appreciate it. Maybe in 2017!

2 year deals on Hairston and Hunter, coupled with Jackson and Dirks in the outfield, could mean NC and AG will be a couple of years away from being starters, but will give them opportunity to mature as well as work on their weaknesses. It also probably means either or both of them could be trade fodder for a starter.

As a minor leaguer, Dirks showed the ability to play regularly (120 games plus) over the shortened MiLB season. with decent albeit not outstanding production.

Beck:”Dombrowski: #Tigers have not made a multi-year offer to a free agent outfielder.”

Woody… I am obviously hopped up about trade rumours and the Winter Meetings, particularly as they impact the Tigers. But, I think your earlier comment was balanced and really summed up this circus very succintly.

Can someone please explain to me why JL has too plotoon? Either in the outfield or infield?

a player has either stamina issues or hitting certain pitchers (e.g. splits are lopsided). Like alex avila in there against a lefty or delmon young facing a righty.

If you consider yourself a ballplayer left/right handed. You should be able to hit any kind of pitching or BUNT. That is why you are paid the BIG MONEY.

Dirks is making the big money?

Is DD who thinks Dirks is not an everyday player.
If you dont have a full time player you platoon.
When a player has a wide gap in his splits you platoon
You need to give rest to your regulars and play the bench to keep them ready and platooning is an effective way to do it
Earl Weaver did it and it worked.

Knobler reported BB and Oliver are available in a trade or trades by the Tigers.


Oliver was also available this past season and offseason.

The Annual Winter Circus used to bother me, but not so much anymore. That’s mainly because I ignore rumors and wait for solid news. It is kind of fun to watch and it beats having no baseball news at all. There was a great interview with Joe Maddon. I still hate the July 31 deadline.
Speaking of solid news, doesn’t 3 yrs @ $13M each seem like a lot for Napoli?

Way too much especially for a guy who barely batted his weight……same for Upton last week.

Pretty good power guy, but lost lots of time to Wilson at catcher when with the Angels because of his defensive issues. Looks like a 1B and backup catcher now. Fenway might be a very nice fit for his skill set. And when Ortiz is gone, Napoli could well fit into the DH slot.

Not Wilson, my bad. It was Mathis. Wilson pretty much subbed in for Iannetta when he was out last year.

Andy Dirks is a good ballplayer. He probably could play everyday. There is a mindset on our club right now that we need to power up against LHP. Not so sure that is what is needed. A good AB is what is needed and Andy does seem to give that against southpaws.
Actually so does Boesch. One of the main reasons that I’d hate to give up on him is that he does hang in there against lefties (when he’s hitting).
With the addition of Torii Hunter the necessity for another RHB is reduced somewhat. Dirks is real close to figuring “it out”. Is there room for Boesch, Dirks and Berry on the 25 man? No.
I’d say go with Dirks unless you can grab a guy like Willingham. I’d love Butler on our team if he could play left. But, he can’t. And we need some “D” out there for sure.
Back to Dirks, as odd as it sounds, I think he needs to crank it up a notch. He is a gamer but he is not super energized and I think his game would benefit from not being so calm and dependable but amping it up.
I too, would rather not see a platoon.

DD about Castellanos:
“This is just not our reports,” he said. “We’re talking about a bureau report that you can read that we get. Some people think the guy’s going to be an impact bat almost immediately. Those were their words: ‘impact bat.’ … And quickly.”
He’s not (Avisail) Garcia in the outfield right now by any means,” Dombrowski said. “But he has made strides.”
Will they take over? or is he selling them?

Good questions. Hard to tell with DD. He is sharp and hides his cards pretty well.

mlbtraderumors: “The Yankees are open to trade scenarios involving Curtis Granderson, according to ESPN’s Buster Olney (Twitter link). Olney notes that moving Granderson’s $15MM salary would give general manager Brian Cashman more flexibility this offseason.”

Now, there’s the trade that hit me like a freight-train. I really believed Grandy would remain a Tiger. Even Rod & Mario screw up and say “Curtis” occasionally when Austin makes a play.
The Yankees are looking for someone who can play SS and 3rd and probably an OFer.
Mr. D said he’d be happy if Torii Hunter was the only acquisition the Tigers made during the off-season. He’d probably like to make a trade, but the stars might not line up for that to happen.

6 teams are in on the Anibal Sanchez auction according to MLBTR. Bidders include some teams with bucks such as the Angels, Dodgers and Red Sox.

And then there is the “mystery team,” wih as yet unknown financial status.

The Nats agreed to sign Haren to a 1year deal, which means the Tigers cannot acquire him as a backup option to Sanchez. Haren could be a steal if he proves healthy.

if if’s and but’s were candies and nuts….

any chance the tigers could trade brennan boesch (i heard the mariners were looking at him if they can’t get hamilton) for casper wells? you could platoon him with dirks.

You win a prize for original thinking there, Evan. Just step into the booth and choose one.
Seriously, that could actually happen.

I mean at the time I would have flipped out if we gave BB to them in that deal. But now I just wanna get rid of BB and get a RHB who can play above average OF and does the little things right.

Casper Wells , 2012: 228/.302/.698. But better defense.
It would be almost like trading BB for his mirror image

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