Tigers non-tender Daniel Schlereth (updated)

Turns out the Tigers did have a non-tender decision to make Friday, but it wasn’t an arbitration-eligible player. Instead, it was Daniel Schlereth, who’s a year away from arbitration but also a year separated from his healthy pitching form.

The left-handed reliever, who was part of the Tigers’ return in the Edwin Jackson trade at the winter meetings three years ago, missed most of this past season with shoulder tendinitis. He spent most of the summer trying to rehab his way back to pitching health and avoid surgery, and he got back in time for a rehab assignment at Triple-A Toledo in August. He had some decent results, but his velocity was down, and he wasn’t activated from the DL when rosters expanded in September.

Team president/GM Dave Dombrowski said this afternoon that the health wasn’t an issue in the decision.

“I think he was fine at the end of the year,” Dombrowski said.

Indeed, Schlereth confirmed he’s in better shape now, and ready to start his offseason throwing program in preparation for Spring Training. Now he has to find a camp.

“Everything is good now,” Schlereth said in a phone interview Friday afternoon. “I actually have to start throwing this week or next week. If there was still something wrong by this time, I’d be having surgery, and I don’t plan to.”

So if it wasn’t a question of health, what was it?

“It’s just a situation where today you have to make final decisions,” Dombrowski said. “We just felt at this time the roster space was more appealing to us than having that spot tied up with his tender.”

The move caught Schlereth by surprise. He wasn’t angry, but he was definitely caught off-guard.

“I just never thought this would happen. This blindsided me,” he said.

At the same time, he had no hard feelings for the Tigers.

“I love the team,” he said. “It’s a great organization. Its’ going to hurt a little bit, but that’s life. They want to move on and I really can’t do that. I just have to go out and prove myself somewhere else.”

In the end, Schlereth does think the injury had something to do with it, at least the way it unfolded. He admits to trying to pitch through shoulder soreness in April, not saying anything about it until the Tigers tried to option him to Triple-A Toledo.

“At the end of the day, it’s my career, my doing. They did all they could do,” Schlereth said. “They recognized I was hurt in the big leagues and [the injury] didn’t happen in the minor leagues. And I’m actually thankful they did that, because being on the DL in the minor leagues would be brutal. I’m really thankful they did that. But there’s really nothing that could’ve changed. It was probably bound to happen.”

Dombrowski said the move doesn’t lead the Tigers into a search for another lefty reliever. Duane Below, Darin Downs, Matt Hoffman and Andy Oliver are currently on the roster with a chance to take the second lefty job in the bullpen (if Detroit carries a second lefty reliever). Casey Crosby also could end up being a factor, though he’s expected to work as a starter.

The Tigers tendered contracts to all their other players without long-term contracts. That includes outfielder Brennan Boesch, whom Dombrowski said last month they would tender a contract.

The Schlereth move brings the Tigers’ 40-man roster to 38 players and two open spots. They already had an open spot from releasing Ryan Raburn last week. It doesn’t necessarily mean they have multiple moves coming at next week’s Winter Meetings. It means Raburn and Schlereth weren’t going to be part of this team no matter what moves are coming this winter.


This is not a bad move at all. Schlereth always seemed doomed somehow. There was a brief time where he was getting that impressive curve over with regularity and brought to mind a former Tiger by the name of John Hiller. Too often he was more like Wil Ledezma.
Got wild, choked, seemed to be at odds with his manager, got mysterious injuries and forgot to report others. Writing was indelibly etched on the wall.

gotta agree with Dan on this one – good, and obvious, move by the organization.

by my count looking at the tigers.com 40 man roster, they sit at 38. they have 3 C on the 40 man, including Martinez. i’d imagine one of those 2 open spots would go to another C. with the departure of Laird, they seem rather vulnerable at that spot if Avila were to miss a long stretch of games.
Schlereth is blessed with being a lefty. he’ll continue to get opportunities as long as his arm’s ok and the desire is there. i would not be surprised to see another team offer him a 40 man spot.

absolutely! I believe Jamie Walker just got signed a minor league contract somewhere. jk, but seriously I miss his personality.

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Garcia. last night 2 for 6 2 R 1 RBI. 250/.333/.313 so far.
Magglio´s team lineup last night:Niumar Romero, Gorkys Hernandez, Matt Young. pitching for the other tam Jose Ortega.
In another game: Bonine.
Toledo was active last night

Justin Henry:267/.391/.349/.740. He is not in the current roster( every week the roster is changed)

Avila was not platooned last year. Resting the catcher does not fit the definition. In fact he had 85 AB in 63 G vs LHP. His babip was really low, so he was mostly unlucky vs LHP( relievers) His babip vs LH starters was unusually high
His OBP was good 352.

If he hits some lefty starters, then we sure don’t want to set up any platoon. Against LH relievers maybe we need to think about pinchhitting for him more often. Right??

I was sure the consensus was he was overworked and he needed rest to recover his form.
Laird hits better against RHP than LHP .So there was not big difference between using Avila or Laird vs a LHR. And his Babip was too low against them. He was simply unlucky.
I hope to see Holaday or Olivo in every day game after a night game. And at least once every week. Of course , any manager would matchup the backup catcher against a LHP not because of Avila but for the weak bat of the backup

Unless I’m forgetting someone, Schlereth is the only player from that mega-trade that hasn’t panned out. And all three clubs have made postseason appearances since it was made.

Avila/Laird looked like a platoon to me. Avila was “rested” agaist lefties because he was 15-85 against them, a .176 BA with a .304 OBP and .539 OPS; whereas Laird had 98 of his 174 AB against lefthanders. His production was none too good, but better than Avila’s.

Here’s a positive for Alex against LH starters. In April and May, we faced 14 LH starters and Alex started against 6 of them. He was 6 for 19 .316 with a double and homer. Not bad. We seemed to have a plan. Then he went to the DL in June. From 6/1 to the end of the season, we faced 35 LH starters and Alex maybe?? started against 8 of them. Did not check out what he hit in these starts. He must have done horrible against LH relievers.

Daniel Schlereth did some great work for us in 2011 when we won our very first AL Central title. He could end up in our division.

Out of the Blue: We are pretty fortunate to have Austin Jackson on our club. The guy plays pretty much everyday. I actually think his defense was not as impressive this year than it was last year. But I wouldn’t take anyone over him defensively.
Even if he won’t dive for a ball.
What really impressed me this year were his plate appearances. In batting .300 he eliminated that leg kick but almost as importantly, he has made a tonne of progress in laying off the high fastball. I think that was key for him and certainly cut his Ks down significantly.

good point about AJ. and to think so many doubted him last offseason.
eltigre mentioned recently that strikeouts drive up pitch counts. On august 15th Leyland said he thinks people get too caught up on strikeouts; because they create high pitch counts. He doesn’t really worry about stikeouts, and would like more quick outs. Which is why a good defense does more than get you outs (it keeps your starters in game).

he said that during the pregame show with mr price

Verlander and/or Scherzer versus Porcello…Do you go with the strength of a power pitcher who can K people or do you turn your ace(s) into a grounder guy(s)? Or do you just allow pitchers to play out their strengths?

this is random but does anyone have a favorite cabrera homerun this year?

I looked into the Avila rest theory a little bit. If that is true to the extent manifested, he needs to be a backup. Avila is only 25 and started 107 games last year, of which he completed only 99. And his history is not very good. By comparison, Posey (148), Monero 141), Mauer(138), Molina(138) etc. played much more regardless of age and the list goes on. How much rest does Avila need?

Heck…Throw in Pierzynski, a senior citizen, into the mix, not to mention Wieters, and it gets embarrassing.

The bottom line is, Avila has yet to define himself, my original position.

2011. He had no backup . He played 141 games. But especially too many consecutive games.
Beck, august 24 /2011,:”He’s( Santos) headed up, which would allow him to start here Thursday and give Alex Avila his first game out of the starting lineup in three weeks. ”
In 2011, he was the second in games played behind Carlos Santana,155. Last year he was recovering from injury
Mauer was injured in 2011 and played only 82 games after 137 in 2010. He played 109 in 2007 after 140 in 2006.Two season reduced after being overplayed
Posey was coming from injury too last year.He played only 45 games in 2011 after the collision at home( he was luckier than Ray Fosse)
AJ 129 and 132 2010/2011 avg for his career around 135
He is a regular. His OBP was good and his defense was extremely good. But you dont play a catcher 3 weeks in a road.
Era for the starters are far better with him than Laird as soon as they trust him and he keeps his 30% plus CS his 352 OBP is good enough.I would like to see him blocking home better, throwing his body and not the mitt to keep the ball in front of him but only the Molinas do it the right way . He really need to work with that with the wild pitchers of the staff

You better check Mauer out. He plays first and DHs a lot. He started 72 games at catcher. Posey started 111 games at C. He plays some games at first. Alex will be glad to catch 130 games this season.

Okay, and Molina?

Richard, you are right about Molina, Montero, and AJ. Those guys are workhorses!!!

About SO, you put the best defense behind your starters and they dont have to go out there on a mission. Nobody can SO 27.
Scherzer will broke his arm son or later. I dont see the point in 11 SO if he goes 6 innings.
And the infatuation with SO caused more than one headache to JV. Those 10 pitches SO will come to haunt him

More DP will allow them to go deeper. Not only Porcello and Fister but Scherzer and JV too

2012 was a record setting season for our team as we struckout 1318 batters . That was an increase of 203 K’s from the previous season. Also in 2012, we walked only 438 batters which was the lowest total since Dave Dombrowski took over the helm. We had a perfect storm more K’s and fewer walks. Kudos to Jeff Jones too. So how about the total pitches thrown to get all these extra K’s.??? Well, actually in 2012 we threw FEWER pitches than we did in 2011. Now setting an all-time K record is not new for us as we just did it in 2011 and 2009. Those are the two years we won our division and the game 163 season that we had our highest strikeout totals.

2006 is a season that you must have enjoyed as we struckout 1003, turned more DPs, and threw 700 or 800 FEWER pitches than we did this year.. Remember that in 2006 JV was a contact pitcher. His increased totals since then are part of our growth as a power pitching team.

2008 was a great year for us for turning DPs(5th in MLB), we struckout over 300 fewer batters than we did this year, but we also walked over 200 more batters than this past season. We finished last in our division. This was the highest walk total and was also a very high pitch count for the pitchers. Yes, 2008 was stressful for our pitchers and manager.

Agree with you that Max needs to reduce the K’s some next year. If he could get 200 innings and 185 K’s I would be happy. I’m sure along the way he would get some more DPs turned behind him. But the outs I like to see our pitchers get are those foul pop ups to Miguel and Prince!!! Just keep away from Prince, Alex!!! Love those outs in foul territory!!! Oh, let them hit more to AJ, Torri, and Andy, too.

That was well researched.

Look, a lot of these guys like Mauer and Santana who can hit will get ABs as a DH or whatever. Avila, not so much. He started 130 games at C in 2011, the only time he was over 107 since his MLB career started in 2009. My point is he needs to define himself. That could well be nothing more than a backup or a platoon guy. Hopefully, it is as top tier catcher.

And as far as pitching goes, I want K guys out there who can dominate in critical situations. Grounder guys are unpredictable because they are subject to fate. Think about it.

Spot on Richard. We could summarize that, “Double plays are a pitcher’s best friend. Likewise, seeing eye grounders to the outfield can end their game.” Awful thin line between the two.

I love to watch a flashy defense, myself.

Could we get Brian Wilson on a one year deal???? He knows this World Series thing.

Atlanta needs a left-fielder who can lead off. How about Berry and Peralta for the kid Simmons?

The D-backs offered Justin Upton for Simmons and the Braves said no.

DOK, nice post. Richard, you beat me to it, a SO with a man on 3rd and less than 2 outs is when you need it. Kathy, I, too, love the flash of leather! Alex is a gamer but he does need a breather. It will be above 50 degrees in GR this weekend. Is it the 1st of December or is Spring here and my Tigers will be on TV soon? I am soooo excited for the 2013 season. Go Tigers! –Dave

Double plays??? 2012 our Detroit Tigers won the ALCS and we finshed last in the AL in turning DPs. The NYY and Oakland won their divisions and finished next to us in turning DPs. The two wild card teams (Texas and Balt) finished 9th and 11th in DPs. The Leaders in DPs?? MN, KC, and TOR. They have pitchers who give up lots of hits and walks. Opportunities for DPs!!!!!!!Check out where they are in strikeouts. In 2003, we led the league in DPs and we lost 119 games. Remember that?? In 2005, we again lead the league in DPs but did not fair too well in the loss column. Alan Trammell lost his job. In 2008, we did not do too badly in the DPs (3rd) but alas we finished last in our division. No, no, no!!!!!! We do not want to go back to lots of DPs and lots of losses.

Interesting take and, again, well researched.

DOK, what point are you trying to make?

Three points. First our pitchers jumped from 19th to 5th as a team in strikeouts. This is the first year we have been above 19th in a long time. We are developing a staff of mostly power pitchers. Secondly, our pitchers also reduced their walks by over 50 this season and actually had done the same thing last season. . The combination of high strikeouts and a low number of walks leads to fewer opportuities for double plays. Third point is that double plays is not a stat you want to be the league leader. Teams that lead in that stat more often than not are losing a lot of games. Believe that 1-2-3 innings are truly pitcher’s best friend. K, PO, GO. GO, K, FO. K, K, GO. Oops, I might put a bad combo up there!!! And of course, we could just keep our shortstop. He is a perfect fit for our staff.

Teams with bad pitching tend to turn more DPs while teams with good hitting tend to hit into more of them. Just a baseball fact, and not much to read into. The bottom line is the ability to turn the DP when you need to. I think the Tigers failed miserably in this regard in 2012. As an example, go back and view the September 16 game in Cleveland. That was a microcosm of our infield struggles this past season. Now if someone can give me a number on how often one failed DP costs an entire ballgame, I’ll be impressed.
I’m not seeing the K/DP ratio, if that’s what it would be called, as useful.
Anyway, Jason wrote the below……
“They really don’t need a shortstop, and the guy they have (Jhonny Peralta) was among the American League leaders at his position in Ultimate Zone Rating. But what the Tigers saw with their own eyes concerned them. They’re looking at potential defensive upgrades, and it wouldn’t be a shock if they got something done at the Winter Meetings. It could be Stephen Drew if they could sign him on their terms (short term), or it could be a trade somewhere. If not, they still have Peralta, though they might have to smooth things over with him a bit.”
……and I agree with every word of that. Peralta is calm and steady, perhaps too much so. He doesn’t pass the eye test. I like him a lot, good and quiet guy, but there IS room for improvement. If he comes back in 2013, that’s not terrible either.
Jim Bowden, probably matching needs in lieu of rumor, mentions Asdrubal Cabrera as a target. There’s some meat for discussion, hey?

Detroit was dead last in PO’s in AL. And, wouldn’t lousy pitching have some type of affect on DP’s turned? I mean, if you have a good infield, they will get you an increase in DP’s and PO’s regardless of pitching unless they’re throwing BP and the other team is hitting HR’s. Math was never my forte, so you guys can haggle it out.

Only 5 teams wore defensive teams than the Tigers made the postseason since 2003:
1.2005 Yankees: -115 runs
2. 2004 Yankees: -80 runs
3. 2011 Phillies: -59 runs
4. 2005 Padres: -51 runs
5. 2009 Twins: -48 runs

Tigers: -32
The average for team making postseason: 8.9 plus
As Kathy mentioned FB are easy to catch and you dont need great defense but certainly it must be better than Boesch, Raburn and Young ( that was solved but for Boesch and his no range ). And also ,as she said too, sometimes fly balls keep flying enough to go over the wall.
JV, MS and DS have positive FB/GB rates . It is not the same for Fister and Porcello

Tom Gorzelanny
LHP.Can work out of bullpen/fifth starter better option than Wilks, Crosby or Oliver when injuries or weather hit

I think DOK made some acute observations that led to interesting takes, which may well be valid. Aside from that, Peralta obviously does not present athletically to the eye as well as Asdrubal, but is steady and had a dramatically better comparative UZR last season. UZR has its flaws, but it is not fielding %. UZR takes zone coverage into account.

Asdrubal as a target per Bowden? I mentioned that as a possibility several posts back as part of a deal for Choo. ElTigre dismissed that idea given his belief Cleveland will not trade within the Central to the Tigers. I know ElTigre is a prolific and respected poster, but the Tigers did manage to snag Peralta from the Indians a few years ago. So, I think that door could open.

Sorry, Masterson was worked ino that potential theoretical transaction as well.

None of this changes how many balls ended up being singles last year that could have been converted into at least ONE out.
We don’t have to lead the league in DPs we just have to be able to make them and to help out our pitchers when they are setting up batters with their stuff. You make a good 1-2 pitch with a guy or two on, that the batter gets a piece of you don’t want to see it bleed through your infield..
I love Jhonny Peralta. But his lack of range is only getting more and more limited. You have to face facts.

Just read an articl on MLive.com about ACab simply being a younger version of Peralta.
Hmmmm, I have never noticed JP stepping up to bat from the 1st base side of the plate.
I also have noticed that he has stolen 1 base in the last 3 years while Asdrubal has over 30.
Now I will say I don’t like Asdrubal any better than Drew but to try to compare JP and Asdrubal are comparing apples and oranges. ACab can get the big hit, he can can also take away a big hit. The best thing about him are his Vnz roots and it might just make for a real nice infield. But, to me, a shortstop needs to be a big time game changer. This club would benefit from a game-changing shortstop more than from any other single position.

Let me reiterate, I say “no” to Asdrubal. The guy is not defensively gifted enough. His offense is more well rounded than JP’s-certainly more consistent. I don’t like the guy much personally-seems to be a whiner and a moody sort from what I’ve seen.

Granted I don’t know much about him, but I’ve always thought of Asdrubal as somewhat of a punk. His behavior during that Sheffield fight in 2008 was not cool, and led to the uncomplimentary nickname I’ve hung on him. He was much younger then, I will say. He could stand to be around Victor, Miggy, and Torii. Just talking here, I don’t see any way we trade for him. And I also thought terming him a younger version of Peralta was odd.

I can imagine. Funny.

Read some updates on Wilson after DOK posted. Sounds like he will not remain a Giant. Good and experienced. Probably not expensive because he is a health/performance risk. And could be a short-term solution, at minimum. Other options cold then play out.

And he wants to play for the Dodgers. That could be spite, though. He’s not happy with what the Giants did.

Brian Wilson? …………………….Go Granny, go Granny, go Granny go.

A couple of interesting notes. The Rockies look to be ready to put a rush on Schlereth. Also, the Jays overload of catchers (4) has led to Wilson, the former Angels receiver, becoming available. He is very decent defensively, but struggles with the bat.

Rosenthal said he thinks the Jays might move Arincibia for a pitcher of the Niese or Davis variety.

Worth watching for those who miss baseball. MLB.com put together a 5 minute video of all of Miggy’s RBIs and HRs from his MVP season. It is available through Big League Stew of MLB at Yahoo Sports and is prefaced by a few comments from Tom Selleck.

The Indians had an option for Peralta that was sure to be declined. in fact the Tigers did because he was not worth 9 mm. Instead of nothing the Indians got cash and a prospect.
The Tigers gave a former 26 round draft pick so the chances of him haunting them in the future are nil
The same with Delmon Young. He was a sure non tender .
The reason to not make intra- division trades is that you dont want to aid your direct rival.
AC would cost Porcello and many more. No matter what you give , they will hurt you 18 games a year.
A swap Porcello- Cabrera is unrealistic. The SS supply is thin , pitchers with two pitches unable to go farther than 5 innings are common

I understand your point about trading within the division, that’s a given. However, my point is deals do nonetheless happen, as you just reconted with your Peralta and Young examples.

It happens whit non tender candidates or almost free agents with no value traded for low ceiling prospect. Not with long term controlled players for good prospects.

By the way, your recounting of the background on the Peralta deal was interesting.

Tks. Im not sure about the amount of the option but it was around that

Bowden : Tigers are in with Drew.
The title of his article about Cabrera: ” Bold predictions”.

In another topic. Bruce Rondon reached his 6th save in seven opportunities

Scouts who were in Venezuela were impressed by Bruce Rondon, 21-year-old who Tigers may use as closer in 2013. Rondon hit 103 mph on the gun

Tigers in the no trade clause of Asdrubal Cabrera

I read an article about the no trade clause and how the designated teams often change from year to year. The upshot was players and their agents may actually list teams that potentially want them so they can use a waiver as a negotiating tool, usually for more money.

Rosenthal and Morosi believe the acquisition of a SS by the Tigers may be an overblown proposition. They have cooled on Drew and have not discussed Asdrubal. The Tigers are interested in a LH reliever amd a RH platoon partner for Dirks, someone like Hairston. No mention of Sanchez.

MLBTR posted that the Tigers previously offered Sanchez $48M over 4 years, a figure his agent deemed potentially insulting to the pitcher. The Tigers are reportedly willing to up the offer.

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