Torii Hunter contract slightly backloaded

Really minor note, but worth noting for payroll purposes as the Tigers continue their offseason shopping: Torii Hunter’s two-year, $26 million contract is actually slightly backloaded. He’ll make $12 million in 2013, then $14 million in 2014. He’ll get a $100,000 bonus each for an All-Star selection, Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, LCS or World Series MVP.

Again, not a big deal, but it gives them a little bit more money to work with this year as they try to fill a couple short-term needs — definitely a right-handed hitting outfield to throw into the mix, possibly a closer.


Morosi reported that Boesch has garnered trade interest from several teams. He said Boesch is expendable and had a source who said to look for Boesch to be dealt during the winter meetings.

BB still has value to us if V-Mart can’t play on 4/1. Several other teams interested in him may see that he could become another Jose Bautista. BB with a closed stance and moved closer to the plate may become a solid home run hitter.

Hairston was a trade target. He or Reed Jonhson are the most probable signing for little money and backup role

Based on what Gomes rec’d from Bosox, what should Hairston get??

He comes from a 1.1 MM contract

Boesch career numbers are the same Raburn has.

DY had ankle surgery

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