Tigers spring schedule is out

Seems like every Tigers spring training schedule takes on a different theme, usually a lot of games against a particular club or two, sometimes a stretch of games at some point instead. This year, two themes stand out: They get started early, and they play the National League a lot.

The Nationals and Tigers will meet four times in a 13-day stretch of mid-March, including back-to-back Sundays in Lakeland March 10 and 17. The Braves and Tigers meet four times in the first 14 days of Grapefruit League play, and another time later on. The Phillies, who had been facing the Tigers just a couple times a year the last few years, have four games with the Tigers this spring. The Mets and Tigers, who have become more frequent opponents each spring, will meet five times.

Add in a March 2 visit from the Pirates to Lakeland, a March 16 visit to the Cardinals in Jupiter, a March 25 visit to the Marlins and four games against the Astros, and you have a heavy National League slate for the Tigers. By contrast, the American League portion of the schedule consists of four games with the Rays, Astros and Jays, and two with the Yankees. Detroit won’t face Baltimore, Boston or Minnesota at all.

The schedule starts off March 22 with the Braves at Disney World. Usually, the Tigers try to get in about 11 days of workouts, including days with just pitchers and catchers, before they start playing games. Do the math, and you can guess that the Tigers will report to camp as the second week in February gets underway.

Another note is that the Tigers have added an exhibition game, albeit with their minor-leaguers. Tigers farmhands will face Western Michigan University at Joker Marchant Stadium on March 5, which is one of two off-days on the Tigers’ spring schedule. The annual exhbition with the big club against Florida Southern College, which usually starts off the spring schedule, has been moved back to March 13, which worked out better for both sides.

Here’s the full schedule (home games in caps, all games at 1:05 unless otherwise noted):

  • Feb. 22: Braves at Disney World
  • Feb. 23: BLUE JAYS
  • Feb. 24: PHILLIES
  • Feb. 25: Phillies at Clearwater
  • Feb. 26: Astros at Kissimmee, time TBA
  • Feb. 27: BRAVES
  • Feb. 28: Rays at Port Charlotte
  • March 1: Mets at Port St. Lucie, 1:10
  • March 2 (split squad): PIRATES, Yankees at Tampa
  • March 3: Braves at Disney World
  • March 4: ASTROS
  • March 5: Off-day, minor-league squad plays WMU at Marchant Stadium
  • March 6: BLUE JAYS
  • March 7: Braves at Disney World, 6:05
  • March 8: METS
  • March 9: Blue Jays at Dunedin
  • March 10: NATIONALS
  • March 11: METS
  • March 12: Phillies at Clearwater
  • March 14: Mets at Port St. Lucie, 1:10
  • March 15: BLUE JAYS
  • March 16: Cardinals at Jupiter
  • March 17: NATIONALS
  • March 18: Nationals at Viera
  • March 19: RAYS
  • March 20: Off-day
  • March 21: ASTROS, 6:05
  • March 22: Nationals at Viera
  • March 23: YANKEES
  • March 24: Mets at Port St. Lucie, 1:10
  • March 25: Marlins at Jupiter
  • March 26: BRAVES
  • March 27: PHILLIES
  • March 28: Astros at Kissimmee, time TBA
  • March 29: RAYS
  • March 30: Rays at Tropicana Field


Santiago Casilla could be available.
Capp and Durbin are availble. Three good option for the bullpen

Aren’t the Astros an AL team this year?

Yes .. they are. AL West.
— Bob

And as we can see, that is going to take some getting used to.

Morosi commented about the Tigers’ interest in Drew on a short-term deal. AZ and the Yanks were listed as possible destinations for Peralta should that occur.

This was confirmation of Heyman’s earlier report.

Stephen Drew would be platooned in Detroit. Just look at his splits. Why would he come to Detroit??

I generally trust DD. He is one of the best, if not the best. That said, I hope this Drew deal falls through for all the reasons I have previously posted. And, if the deal comes to fruition, I hope I am proven wrong about him. I also then hope Peralta has a monster year in AZ, not NY.

The Rangers signed RHP Balester to a MiLB contract.

Sure has been a long winter already….I miss baseball

every day buddy boy. every day.

the Tigers will report to camp as the second week in February but l the Caribbean Series, and a few Tigers could be involved ,ends by february the 10th . Under the agreement between the League they are banned from playing after Feb 10th but have the right to play until the 9th

Drew 784 vs RHP/699 vs LHP. Anyway he wont be hired to bat

i can’t stop thinking that if our starters lead the league in KOs….then why do we need a defensive upgrade? We BETTER get a piece that can help us in 2013.

in return for Peralta, that is.

The Tigers were last in DP and too many “hits” were easy outs for an average fielder. The pitchers overworked because of that.
Defense in the middle , power in the corners.

Agreed. Makes sense to me.

yea that makes sense to me as well —– i’m just double checking we get something back for peralta because trading Peralta for Worth/Drew is going to subtract from our offense.

We already have a defensive upgrade. Whether Dirks or Garcia wins the LF job, it’s an upgrade. Torii Hunter in RF?? Enough said. Omar all year at second?? Upgrade. To further upgrade the defense, the best areas to attack are the pitching and catching positions. It’s not just the starters, our pitching staff as a unit was tied for fifth in MLB. We have three starting pitchers who should increase their K’s next year (Fister, Smyly, and Porcello). This past season Benoit, Dotel, Downs, Villarreal, and Alburquerque all average over a K/inning. Below, Coke and Marte came close.

The Tigers have a good defensive SS: Worth

when you say good – you mean what? because he is certainly no “sure bet” since he has less than 250 MLB ABs….

He has range. For what I have read, he is pretty sure handed (Showed in the Minors).

And he was good in the few opportunities he received this year

and where the heck is Santiago in all the discussion? He really must have fallen off as we are talking about Worth (26 games started at SS as opposed to 367)! Last winter people talked about Ramon like he was a prize! lmao!

Evan…Just to make sure, because the time imprints are sometimes confusing, at least to me. I agree with you on your defensive upgrade/Peralta takes/starter KO stats et al comments.

DOK… Good points about the catching and pitching positions.

Re: your upgrade comments.

Actually, all of your input was interesting.

I mean someone could really dig into it but the defensive upgrade vs. offensive downgrade might nearly offset unless we can get someone for peralta that can help us out this year. Like a bullpen piece or AAA pitcher who can make an appearance at the MLB level if needed. Don’t forget JP has a reasonable contract in 2013.

BJ Upton signs for $75m@5 yrs. These salaries seem somewhat excessive this winter.

It’s difficult to argue for Peralta. Offensively he had a very poor year. Defensively, he allowed too many base hits to elude him. The argument seems to be giving up too much offensively. Well it’s more than that (and again, that point is highly debatable). It is also his hitting into DPs (as well as not turning them) and the fact that he clogs up the bases as much as the 3 (or 4) hitters in front of him will.
Quickness and speed are as essential to this team as much as bat and glove.
I am not thinking that Drew is a good enough answer but I do believe he would improve this team over JP.
Boesch being considered for trade opens some possibilities. He might be dynamite in the Texas ballpark in providing that LHB they appear to be losing in Hamilton. Throw in Porcello and Peralta and you might be able to swing a 3 team deal that could deliver a guy like Andrus.
A slick shortstop who can leadoff also gives us a guy who can slot in to the #6 spot (AJ). To me the priority is here and not in LF.
I also would not ignore looking into a guy like Uehara.

Texas Andrus SS Profar 2B Kinsler OF 2013?? 2014!!!!!

Why did I state that the pitching and catching positions would be places to improve our defense in 2013 ?? Well, because our pitchers made four more errors in 2012 than they did in 2011. Our pitchers made twenty errors this year and that was the most of any AL team!!! Cleveland pitchers had the fewest with five. C’mon Mr. Leyland get these men working down in Lakeland!!!The catchers meanwhile had five more errors in 2012 than they did the previous season. Boston and Kansas City catchers had 13 errors while Oakland and Detroit had the second most errors in the AL with 12. We aren’t the worst but we have some room for improvement.

Once ,after he SO 10 in a game, a venezuelan journalist said to Jim Palmer. ” you must de satisfied with your game.” He answered: “Not at all, too many SO mean a lot of work”
The key to go deep in a game , is pitching for contact. A SO needs usually 4 pitches. Pitchers wont throw a strike in 0-2 and umps will give the batter the advantage. More SO , more pitches.
A good defense behind your pitchers and especially carrying the pitcher´s best friend,the DP, and your starters last more, your bullpen is rested and the arms remain fresh
Look at Scherzer, 100 pitches by the 6th with his arm approaching the breaking point

Uehara would be a good addition.

No Florida spring training games for Venezuela’s WBC team this year? I saw them a couple times in 2009. I’d been hoping to do it again.

Yes. They will workout in Florida and will play against two MLB teams before the travel to Puerto Rico. The only confirmed game : March the 6th vs Mets. 1.10 pm. Port Saint Lucie.
Sandoval and Zambrano are announced to debut here today to be ready

Thanks El Tigre. Port St. Lucie is a little out of my usual Florida range when I’m down there. I’d appreciate a heads up if you find out where the other game is.

“The Tigers have let other teams know they’re willing to discuss Rick Porcello in trades.”

what does that say about sanchez?

that we might resign him? And what kind of return do you see for porcello?

I was making myself that question.They would sign Sanchez or another pitcher

Not to change to the subject but now that the Spring Training schedule is out (oh, boy) one of the best investments (besides Anibal) is subscribing to the MLB audio for $19.99. A great bargain because you can hear most of the Spring Training games with Dan & Jim and the rest of the games throughout the season. Go Tigers!!!!!!!

Better still, you should all come join me AT spring training. Would that be fun or what?

If you pick up the travel expenses, sure! :>}

Question: why does it seem to be accepted knowledge that the Tigers need a platoon-mate for Andy Dirks? Look at his career splits (a full season’s worth of ABs) here:

Excellent point Rich. Our manager is just trying to keep a chance for his philosophy of six regulars and three platoons. Dirks needs to prove that he can avoid the DL. Was last year a fluke for him injurywise??? But he certainly has battled lefthanded pitching.

I have posted before about teams stacking as opposed to the Tigers who are lefty, righty. The LHB/RHB fretting is nonsense to me. The Angels have 6 RHB and 3 SW. All four OF are RHB and Torii would have been 5, if he had gone back. I am obviously not a platoon guy.

Platooning works sometimes. But in the case of young players with an ability to play both sides of the ball, it is generally not a good idea? When you get old and slow and unable to hit your same side then it can work.. I do agree with DD & JL on NC and Avisail. If they don’t make it against all kinds of pitching then they need to be seasoned once again. You will only curtail their development otherwise.
Hunter gives us 67% of an effective outfield. \Give Dirks the chance and if he fails then give the chance to to AG. We won’t get hurt too badly in either scenario. Not like Raburn or Boesch. Those situations impacted on the team record.

Agree with you. Believe Dirks is the best option in LF but if Garcia beats him out so be it. Will the catching position be a platoon this season?? Or should Alex face some lefties??

Your question about Avila is really a question about who Avila is as a player. Is he an elite catcher, an every-other-year player or nothing more than a platoon guy? Avila certainly was poor against lefties in 2012, forcing Laird into the smaller half of a platoon role.

Alex needs to be the man and do most of the catching. In 2010, Alex and Gerald shared the position and that was a total disaster. 2011 was Alex’s breakout season. He got the ABs and hit well. Last year Gerald came back and Alex had a reduced role and a trip to the DL and that combination cost him about 80 ABs. He did not hit well. But the months he got the most ABs he hit the best. We need him to get the ABs and see how he does.

It is not unusual for a young player to have a break out year and then struggle the next year. When Alex came up his first year, he hit and was still learning to catch. He worked hard in the off season and came back the next year with much improved defense, but struggled hitting. He put it all together the next year and spent the off season rehabbing his body. How much did that effect his 2012 season? So there are certainly questions with Alex on the level of player he will be this year. I do know JV respects his work behind the plate and it helps a catcher to have the ace’s support.

Got my seven game home spring training order in yesterday and am ready for March.

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