Tigers get $284,274.50 for each postseason share

As consolation prizes go, this isn’t bad. It’s not all about the money, but they’ll take it.

Major League Baseball released the numbers on postseason shares Monday, from the World Series champion San Francisco Giants to the teams that lost in the Wild Card round. For the American League champion Tigers, the numbers work out to $284,275.50 for each full postseason share.

How does that number work out? It takes a lot of calculation.

The players get a pool of money from postseason gate receipts: 50 percent of the gate from the Wild Card games, then 60 percent of the gate from the first three games of each Division Series, the first four games of each LCS, and the four games of the World Series. That total, according to MLB’s release, worked out to $65,363,469.22.

The Tigers’ share of the players pool works out to 24 percent, totaling $15,687,232.61.

How teams divide up their share comes down to players’ vote. Each team’s players decide how many shares to give, both full and partial depending on how many players were around and for how long. They’ll also give out cash awards to some non-playing personnel.

The Tigers voted to give out 48 full shares, 7.06 partials and seven cash awards. The world champion Giants awarded 50 full shares, 11.10 partial shares and 12 cash awards. Each Giants share was worth $377,002.64, a new record.

For comparison, each Tigers share is actually worth less than they were when Detroit made it to the World Series in 2006. Those were worth $291,667.68, but that team gave out far fewer shares: 39 full ones and 6.67 partials. The total money the Tigers receive from this year’s pool is actually well more than they received in 2006 ($13,344,490.54).


Who received the 48 full shares?? Seven partials? Seven cash awards??

The seven cash awards are for non uniformed personnel .
The partial awards are for players that joined the team after june 1rst unless the players voted to give them full shares.

Would Collin Balester and Daniel Schlereth get full shares then??

Hey, did Inge get two full shares??? One with us and one with Oakland. Or was he one of our partials??

The rich get richer!

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