It’s official: Raburn released, Rondon’s contract purchased

The Tigers didn’t wait until next week’s non-tender deadline, knowing it would eventually come to this. They released Ryan Raburn on Tuesday, parting ways with the enigmatic right-handed hitter after more than a decade in the organization.

The release was one of a handful of moves to set up the 40-man roster ahead of next month’s Rule 5 Draft. Detroit also outrighted Tyler Stohr to Triple-A Toledo and purchased the contracts of prospects Bruce Rondon, Melvin Mercedes and Dixon Machado.

Of those, Rondon is the one with a real chance (likelihood) to spend time in the big leagues next year. As a talented, hard-throwing reliever playing at a level below his age, however, Mercedes had a chance to get snagged in the Rule 5 had Detroit not protected him.


There were 38 player on the roster. 2 were subtracted and three added. So there is only one place for free agent.

Let’s sign free agent Jonny Gomes for duty in LFand at DH.

I know Gomes elected free agency, but am uncertain of his current status. He might be a very nice fit.

MLB posted today that Gomes has been linked to the BoSox in a 2 year deal.

Gomes did sign with the Red Sox.

Raburn as a Tiger:.256/.311/.430/.740
Boesch as a Tiger:259/.315/.414/.729

Knobler:Diamondbacks have shown interest in Jhonny Peralta. But Tigers won’t trade him unless/until they get someone better at shortstop

Music to my ears.

sure do seem to be a lot of pitchers on that 40 man roster that I don’t see as having significant roles on the big league club. Crosby, Oliver, Below, Ortega….and then of course Daniel Schlereth. Is there a chance we trade some of these arms?

Believe we used 23 pitchers last season. We need to keep a good inventory of pitchers.

There’s the Rule 5 draft to consider when protecting guys on the 40-man.

I think a pretty good chance.
As to short, I know the guy hit horribly last year but a guy like Brendan Ryan would not hurt this team. He did hit over .280 for the Cards once. He is without question, one of the very best fielders in baseball.

What did he hit last season??

194 .277 .278 .555 but he is a Golden Glove caliber SS

If Peralta were included in a package for Justin Upton, Worth could be the frontrunner at shortstop. How many bats would you need anyway?

Ryan was Oyleresque. Hit under the Mendoza line. But the guy takes away a lot of hits and saves his pitchers runs. Runs pretty well.
Good point about Worth. He may be ready and would probably hit .230 anyway.
Kudos to JP but we need some range there at short. We really do—and quite badly.

Are the numbers really that different on Stephen Drew vs Danny Worth? Re: rumor of sign Drew and trade Peralta.

DD has been after Drew for a while. Worth for some reason( like many other not called Ryan, Don and Brandon) has been denied his day at the field
“Most games played for Tigers, 2007-2012: Cabrera 792, Inge 680, Ordonez 610, Raburn 554

265 .328 .433 .762 and Boras is his client


Danny Worth has one season in organized ball with over 400 ABs and he produced 0 HR 28 RBI .229. That was in 2009 and split between AA and AAA. In 2010, he started his three year advanced study of the roadways between Detroit and Toledo. He has been trained to compete with Ramon Santiago as the SS-2B-3B backup. No hit good glove. Just another #2 draft pick that reached Detroit at least one season too soon. We can’t go back and give him all of 2010 at Toledo.

But we could let Danny get 400 ABs at Toledo this year and see how he does.

Looks like my above off-the-cuff remark about Peralta and Upton is actually a subject that is picking up steam with the rumor-media. I get the scoop according to my time stamp. 🙂

Polishuk reporting the tigers are interested in Stephen Drew

I don’t think Drew is enough. Atlanta has a kid named Simmons and DD should at least talk about a trade of Peralta and an outfielder (Boesch?) for the kid.

Drew is on the decline.

Yeah…Drew was .223 with 7 HR and 28 RBI in 327PA last year. His Rtot was -11.

-11Rtot with Oakland and -3 Rtot with Arizona.

All the best to Rayburn. Not one of my favorites, but he showed up to the ballpark everyday and did his best. It was time for his release, and the Tigers did the right thing. I’m glad to see former Whitecaps Rondon, Mercedes, and Machado make the 40 man, too.

wait why do we want to trade Peralta to the diamondbacks, again? There is no “need” for Upton since we signed Torii and have a good competition for LF. If you do trade for upton, DD better send some of those OFs out of town (Garcia and Boesch, probably), or they’ll never see any playing time and well not get anything from them.

Latest rumour on Boesch is he could be headed to the Mets, per Yardbarker.

Do they have a catcher on their 40 man roster who could compete with Holaday??

I’m not sure about the validity of this report. I haven’t seen any other posts to support it.

Daniel Murphy has infield( but for SS) and OF and was mentioned as trade target before Infante is the only Mets player beside Dickey of interest for the Tigers.

So, ElTigre, did you find something to support the Yardbarker article concerning Boesch?

Not at all. The only mention is that

I like Boesch. But he might benefit from a change of scenery. He may have strained the relationship he had with the coaching staff.
He’s a good kid with talent and edge. I’d like to see him make it with us. Who can forget that time when seemingly every at bat he was hitting screaming meanies?
It was darn near Shelton”esque”

Jason referred to Raburn as “the enigmatic right-handed hitter.”
Schmehl called him “the beleaguered utilityman.”
Both very nice descriptions. I don’t know…….I do kind of like that term “beleaguered” so I’ll give the nod to James with my non-sabermetric vote.

Life is good as LHP: David Purcey signed with the CWS

Ben Nicholson-Smith has Porcello as a trade target for Colorado

His opinion non a fact

Signing Drew would raise the payroll around 16 MM over 2011. It is already 6 MM over with the projected salaries

My feeling all along was DD had a $150m budget, pretty much confirmed with the way Torii was acquired. Wouldn’t be surprised if that is then exceeded by opening day.

You make me chuckle Rich. Good one.
I did mention before that I don’t think Drew is an answer. He has more range than Jhonny. He can run better. But he is a single didgit HR guy with a 2.60 average if we’re lucky. Not worth that dough. Speaking of Worth,; he is an option.
Not what I want but if you are going to go the way of a guy like Drew, why not? Save yourself a good chunk of salary. Me? I like a young guy with promise like Escobar (from KC) or Simmons from Atlanta.. Jose Reyes would have been nice but like it or not, there is only so much money to dole out.
We still could use an impact defensive player at short who could lead off and put some fear in the heads of pitchers while pitching to 3-4-5. Not many people have to worry about AJ. He gets on, he gets good leads, he can run–but he doesn’t steal.

Somebody mentioned the 40 man roster and some of the names (particularly pitchers) that are on it. Well, I agree, Melvin Mercedes? Hoffman?
And there are others that are debatable.

yea it seems like lots of starters and right handed relievers that won’t do much this season at the MLB level.

They are protecting them from rule 5 draft. Machado needs to gain weight but some bloggers see him as better than Suarez , the Golden Glove winner.
Mercedes have been with the Tigers for a while so no reason to risk him. They ate the greens , they wont throw the ripped
And Rondon is ready.
The Tigers are thin at pitching so better keep all the pitchers they have

I wouldnt trade peralta. He is a serviceable ss who does decent in the would take a heck of a trade to do better.

He’s a gentleman. A dependable solid guy. Catches everything hit to him. but, he misses probably 60-80 ground balls a year that a good percentage could be converted to outs. His arm. though accurate, does not have a quick release and he is beginning to make routine grounders turn into infield hits.
We need an impact defender at short.

If Peralta will be traded to DBacks, could be Kubel the target?

I wouldn’t think so. No necesitamos un bateador zurdo.

Upton? If Omar could play short (and I don’t think he can), Aaron Hill would be a great addition

Well, Drew doesn’t turn my crank–especially coming off a serious injury. The Tigers should try to go after Elvis Andrus. He would fit in really nicely with the Venezuelans we have on our team. Not sure what the Rangers would want as they seem to have it all but perhaps a 3-way deal could be struck that would allow us to move Peralta and an outfielder and still permit us to kep our prospects. Though I must say, I would be willing to let Castellanos at least be discussed. Not Garcia though.
Elvis Andrus, Cabby and Omar would give us a pretty decent infield and Elvis could compensate for some of the range that Cabby lacks. He’s a great player, he’s young, good attitude, and could lead-off.

Texas is not going to trade Elvis. They would have traded for Upton, if they would part with him. The Tigers are not going to trade anyone Texas would want more than Upton. Atlanta is not going to part with Simmons and KC would not trade Escobar. Drew is a bit of a risk with his injury history, but if the ankle is fully healed he would be an upgrade and cheaper now than he would have been before the injury.

The Drew of a few years back was pretty good. The Tigers have already had the Drew of today. His name was Adam Everett. How did that work out?

I remember. The Tigers picked up a guy named Peralta to play SS in his stead

Did you see the deal that Gomes signed with Boston??

Very sweet for him. Thought your idea about his acquisition was a good one, but in retrospect, not an affordable one.

I liked Everett. The Tigers need another one.SS are paid for their defense. Trammells, Larkins, and Arods dont grow on trees

Those guys hit.

So, no, that kind does not grow in trees.

You mentioned Colorado could be interested in Porcello. Throw in Peralta and get back Tulo and I am on board.

I’d be ALL over that one! I think it would take a mega deal to ever pry Tulo out of Colorado.I doubt Porecello and Peralta wouldn’t even open a discussion.

I dunno…Tender Boesch and throw him in, too. Maybe.

Under those circs, Sanchez seems more doable, too.

Not too much discussion about Dirks. If he had not been hurt, what would his stats be? He can field, run, throw, hit, has emotion, young. Torri could have a big impact on Andy. With a few pitchers, the Tigers are the best team. I like Jhonny but everyone thinks we need a superman fielder. Someone said he could have made a play on 60-80 balls? He did have an off year at the plate. Look forward to a anew thread and some ore comments.

Torri’s first huge impact on Andy will be allowing him to concentrate on playing left field which is his natural position. He will impact Austin, Avisail, Brennan, Nick and Quintin too. Several of us like Jhonny and think he is the answer for 2013. Now what do you mean by with a few pitchers, we are the best team???

Rosenthal posted that the Tigers are willing to trade Peralta if a more athletic SS can be found. He noted the Yankees may target him to fill in for Jeter and then take over at 3B, when ARod is moved to DH next year.

Nunez looked pretty awesome against us in the playoffs. Has defensive potential too. His numbers don’t reflect that but he has range.

Peralta being a fit for NY was mentioned here before Rosenthal. But he also says that the Yankees and the Tigers have not talked about trades

Why on earth would we potentially help the Yanks?? Jhonny is just a great fit for us in Detroit. He has eight full seasons in the bigs with double digit homers and over 60 rbis every season. Defensively he is a sure handed shortstop who made a total of 14 errors the last two seasons. Last season our pitchers K’d 1318 batters which tied us with NYY as fifth best in MLB. The best shortstops to compare Jhonny with are Jeter, Rollins and Desmond because all their pitching staffs strikeout over 1300 batters. If you check the defensive stats, he holds his own with these three shortstops. Is there another SS who has played over 140 games in each of the last eight seasons.?? Of course, some of his games were played at 3B but he was almost always playing. Jhonny Peralta. Good two way player at the shortstop position. Is Jhonny a perfect SS?? No, but he sure must be in the top ten in MLB.

Waaah!!!!!!! I want baseball!

If Anibal Sanchez was going to sign with Detroit, he probably would have done so already. Not bringing him back puts the value of that mid-summer trade up for individual interpretation.
Anyone who watched the Lions on Thanksgiving can see how not to use replay. The NFL has bogged itself down with a multitude of idiotic rules and is certainly NOT a good model for other sports.
Watch any 2012 Highlight Countdown on MLB Network and those homer-robbing catches by Mike Trout are everywhere. It isn’t that they’re not good catches, but the sheer number of opportunites he had to make that kind of catch is mind boggling. All that in five months of baseball? Many big league outfielders make catches similar to Trout’s (Ryan Raburn has even done it) but not many receive that many opportunities to make one in such a short time period.
I expect Dave Dombrowski to either make or come close to making a multiple team deal this winter.

MLB posted that although Porcello’s future with the Tigers is uncertain, Cameron of FanGraphs thinks he could have a breakout year in 2013.

The next step for Rick Porcello should be to use his four seam fastball and add a curveball or improve his slider. Still mix in two seamers and changeups but have it so hitters have to look for one of four pitches. He is tall and should become more of a power pitcher. Doesn’t that fit in better with our team anyway?? What % of each of his pitches did he throw last season?

If Porcello is able to command his curveball and throws his four seamer effectively, he will have enough separation to actually K some people. Throw in command of his other pitches, particularly the slider, and Porcello will have a pretty nice arsenal. The guy has the potential to be a solid piece in the rotation. I agree that power pitchers seem to be a better fit for the Tigers, for obvious reasons. Not sure about Porcello’s pitch %, but I bet ElTigre could find out.

Actually I think Porcello should ditch his slider and stick with the curveball. Not many pitchers use both pitches. Four pitches is all he needs if he can command them.

I think a good slider is a nasty pitch. Hitters see fastball rotation and then the ball moves like a “nickle curve.” Porcello’s problem with the slider is he doesn’t command it anywhere but in the bullpen, or so I’ve heard. You can recognize a curve early and there is more time to react to it than a slider. I dunno, maybe Porcello’s ditching the slider as you suggested would be preferable to what he has going on.

Rich, do you think he should throw two fastballs, a curve and the changeup?

DOK…I like Peralta too and have posted many times in his defense. Nevertheless, the Tigers are reportedly willing to trade him. I don’t see where we can reasonably expect an upgrade at SS unless DD pulls off a blockbuster for someone like Tulo. To borrow slowbyrne’s phrase, the present day Drew and/or his ilk don’t turn my crank.

Check out Cot’s. Next year the Rockies have to decide if they will pick up a 7 year option on Tulo for $134 M. If they have a poor season or Tulo does not bounce back, what happens next year??

Also, remember sometimes it’s the trades you don’t make that work out best.

Well, Cot’s does serve food for tought. However, Tulo just turned 28 in October and averages .292 with 28 HR and 102 RBI over a 162 game season. That 7 year deal starting in 2014 is nonetheless a dicey proposition. If healthy, the guy might be worth it, depending on what $ means down the road. For sure, he is worth the $10M risk in 2013. After all, that is Drew money in today’s market.

Oh, and ElTigre posted Porcello’s pitch % for you on one of Beck’s more recent posts.

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