Tigers reaction to Torii Hunter signing

By now, the process is pretty familiar around these parts. When the Tigers add a piece that fits their needs this well and a player who is so well-known and well-respected by his peers, it’s going to get a reaction. Not surprisingly, the reaction among the Tigers to Torii Hunter’s signing has been extremely positive.

“It’s great news,” Alex Avila told MLB.com in a text message Wednesday evening. “I’m really excited to hear about it. He’s a great player, someone that I’ve really enjoyed watching and competing against. I’ve heard he not only is a great competitor but a great person as well and I’m happy someone of his caliber is joining our team.”

Then there’s the reaction on Twitter:

Smyly is a Little Rock native. Hunter grew up in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Both now spend their offseasons in the Dallas area.



Torii Hunter has 12.5 or so MLB seasons worth of stats….. and his OBP was highest in 2009(.366), 2nd highest at.365 in 2012, 3rd highest in 2010 (.354) and fourth highest in 2008 (.344).
He’s getting on base more with age! 136 days left.

According to Knobler, the Tigers are now focused on Sanchez. My fingers are crossed. I guess the Tigers have more money available than many of us speculated.

if they sign Sanchez, someone will be traded:Porcello, Scherzer, Peralta

signing hunter gives me the same feelings as when the pistons signed rasheed wallace

Evan, I did not blow you off on your relevance question concerning Smyly. I responded on the previous post. Thanx.

thanks for pointing that out – and upon reading it: wow, you make a strong case. You might say you’ve won me over on the issue. So next issue: Do you put Smyly in the pen as your longman / spot starter, then? I would.

I think the Tigers have the means to sign Sanchez to a fair market salary, but the guy has to want to stay here. He did get into a WS, after all, and was treated well. If another team blows us out of the water, so be it. There’s something distasteful about having to compete for the services of your own player, and some comments around the net reflect that by downplaying Sanchez’s worth.
I would bet that if Verlander hadn’t won the CY last year, he would have won this year. Price did deserve the award.

Been doing some thinking about Brennan Boesch lately. DD has to shop him around at the winter meetings – because there is nearly no role left for him. It’s almost certainly going to be Dirks and a righty (Garcia, Castenallos?, Raburn?, Cody Ross?) platooning in that open corner OF spot. Berry has speed and above average defense (and hopefully learns to bunt better) – but what does Boesch have? A chance to hit one out – gimme a break – trade the kid for a prospect.

Adios G-Money – thanks for a good year! (signed with braves just now)

Dang I was hoping they’d resign him. He’s a fantastic backup catcher and his offense was pretty good this year.

Me, too. G-Money is a good catcher and has good leadership skills behind the plate. I’ll miss him but am happy he found another team and a good deal.

Me three. Felt very comfortable with him behind the dish.

LOL. Smyly has another Arkansan to play with!

[takes a look at the FA’s out there for catcher] “yep looks like we should have resigned Gerald Laird”

Olivo and Stoppach are still available 1 mm . Why not Holaday or even MCann?

Well your FA options would then be: Russel Martin, Kelly Shoppach (too much money), Yorvit Torreabla, Ronny Paulino, Henry Blanco (who should probably retire), Miguel Olivo, Chris Snyder, Matt Treanor, Rod Barajas.
Many of these guys are still going to want 2M+ for a 1 year or multiple years.
And when you look at the stats of the guys who would like to come here (e.g. Treanor) it makes you wonder if Holaday couldn’t do much worse.
But I’ll be darned of Alex Avilia plays a whole season without some injury being the cause of weak offensive numbers. Alex’s defense hasn’t seemed as sharp in recent months either, mind you.

Treanor? no thanks, 4 games last time

hah yeah some bs that was

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