Cabrera wins AL MVP in runaway vote over Trout

After all the debate, all the rhetoric, all the statistical and historical analysis, the result is the same: The American League Most Valuable Player award is staying in Detroit.

Along the way, however, it’s probably taking a side trip through Venezuela.

In the long-anticipated battle of historic seasons, Miguel Cabrera put an exclamation point on his 2012 campaign with the AL MVP award, beating out Angels rookie sensation Mike Trout.

In the end, it wasn’t particularly. Cabrera took 22 of the 28 first-place votes from members of the Baseball Writers Association of America.

It marked the second straight MVP award for a Tiger, Cabrera following in the footsteps of vocally supportive teammate Justin Verlander, and the first MVP award for a Venezuelan-born player. It’s the first MVP award for a Tigers position player since Hank Greenberg in 1940.

Whether the vote reinforced the historic importance of the Triple Crown, or the emphasis of offensive explosiveness over speed and defense, or the relevance of traditional stats over more recent metrics, will be debated for quite a while. Regardless, the vote breakdown will likely be remembered for a long time as the agonizing balance of two amazing seasons and the catalyst for a statistical debate that’s unlikely to end.

Cabrera and Trout seemed reluctant to be drawn into that argument, complementing one another often since season’s end. Cabrera had hinted more than once that splitting the vote wouldn’t be bad.


As it should of been! Yes!

The baseball gods did something right.

ElTigre … Thanx for the post. Miller said it well. The right decision for MVP was made. Trout was great. Miggy was awesome.

There has not been a triple crown winner in how many years? Miguel got 22 of the 28 first place votes? The Angels did not make it to the post season? Who are these baseball writers? Anyway, Congrats to Miguel Cabrera! Welcome Torii Hunter. If someone (owner) wants to pay a player big money it is OK with me. I just watch the games and see what happens. Does Sanchez want to play for the Tigers? If not, adios amigo. Prince wants to play for the Tigers. Congrats to Jim Leyland for the honor of wearing the olde english D for another year. Although I an not a fan of his style of play, I know that his players respect him. Go Tigers 2013!

Thanks to the folks who voted – they got it right without a doubt – awesome!

glad to see ya DB! congrats to professor miguel! aren’t we all now glad we stuck by our tiger during his alcohol troubles? everyone has troubles sometimes.

So happy about this news! Miggy truly was the most valuable, as his team probably wouldn’t have got as far as they did without him, not to mention the Triple Crown!

in regards to the MVP interview by the MLB guys….. man i wish they had just done the interview in miguels native language – why did he have to answer in english. I don’t speak anything but english – but damn I’m not above reading the translation. This is the 1st triple crown winner in like 60 years and the AL MVP by a landslide….good job blowing it by not letting him express himself.
And for that matter – people who want Miguel to learn to how speak better english have some nerve (not referring to anyone on this site). Let the man do his thing – he’s got better stuff to do.

Unique talent this Miguel Cabrera. Nobody better!! Let’s see he moved from first base to third base so we could get one of the best lefthanded power hitters in the game on the Tigers. That worked out well. Encore for next season?? How about a gold glove and a World Series title??

AN incredible player, a joy to watch, an MVP. I really like Trout, think he will get the award sometime soon, but this year without a douby was Miggy’s year. Kudos.

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