Cabrera on new/old stats: You can use both

More than once, Miguel Cabrera suggested it would be cool if he and Mike Trout could split AL MVP honors, and he suggested Thursday the debate over who deserved the award was actually good for the game. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Cabrera would have nothing of the debate between traditional stats, specialized stats and sabermetrics.

“I think in the end, the game is going to be the same baseball,” he said. “You never know what’s going to happen, but I think that’s good for baseball that we have new stuff. But I always learn how to play old school. They always teach me to get RBIs, try to hit home runs, try to hit over .300. I was fine with that. …

“In the end, the game, it’s going to be the same. You have to play baseball. You have to do things to win games. You have to worry about getting better and working out and trying to play better baseball. I don’t worry about the new stuff and the old stuff, because all I try to do is help my team to win.”

Then he stated the obvious.

“You can use both, you know?”

That won’t quiet the debate, just as this year’s MVP voting won’t end it. I think there’s a very good chance you’ll hear some of the same arguments going on at some point in the next few seasons. Hopefully it won’t include the same tone that this year’s debate took on, because I believe that turned off some people (I know I got sick of it). Saying that any rational thinking person will pick A over B doesn’t win people over. Using an analogy to compare contrary thinkers to a group that’s classified as a terrorist organization kind of tarnishes the argument of supposedly rational thinkers.

It might be more a symptom of society at large, or the internet in general, than of sabermetrics and statistics. But it doesn’t move the debate forward much.

“Give a lot of credit to Trout,” Cabrera continued. “That’s great of baseball to come out and do the kind of season he do. It was exciting. I was like thank God to give me the opportunity to be here.”



Miggy is a very humble person. And extremely classy.

It’s funny until this year you never really heard him speak and get a true flavor of his personality all we had were a few public incidents that tarnished his personality. But I gotta tell you that doesn’t mesh with what I’m hearing and seeing now, I’m proud that he is a Tiger.

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