Tigers reach two-year deal with Torii Hunter

That didn’t take long. A day after Torii Hunter visited Detroit, the free-agent outfielder and the Tigers reached an agreement on a two-year, $26 million contract, pending a physical. Sources confirmed the deal, first reported by Ken Rosenthal of FOXSports.com.

Hunter left Detroit Tuesday night and reportedly did not have an offer. The deal came together quickly Wednesday morning.

Hunter not only fills the corner outfield spot that stood as the lone void in the Tigers lineup, he provides Detroit with the right-handed bat it conspicuously lacked throughout the 2012 season in its struggles against left-handed pitching.

Add in Hunter’s proven tablesetting abilities in the second spot — he goes from batting between Mike Trout and Albert Pujols to slotting between Austin Jackson and Miguel Cabrera — along with his smart baserunning and still-standout defense, and there’s plenty to like for the Tigers in the deal.

While Hunter gets a multi-year contract that will take him just shy of his 40th birthday, the Tigers get the future flexibility to mix top prospects Avisail Garcia and Nick Castellanos into their outfield. Garcia was a postseason hero for Detroit at age 21, while Castellanos knocked on the door of a September call-up at age 20.

Both could benefit greatly from working with Hunter, whose impact was credited by AL Rookie of the Year and MVP candidate Mike Trout for helping him adjust so quickly to the big leagues with the Angels.


OH sweet jesus please let the next 137 days pass with haste!

Torii Hunter in the Tiger OF. Torii’s a Tiger! Wow, just wow!

*jumps up and down*

whew, that’s alot of $$$$$$$$$$

well shoot we have the attendance to back up the payroll…..but yeah I hear yea

Rod Allen is salivating right now……I like this, I think, but Rod Allen and the two year Tori lovefest, everyday might be more than I can handle!


YAY! So excited! What a power lineup the team has now! We should all go to Torii’s TWITTER page and welcome him!

Great deal for Tigers, and what Torii can teach our young Outfielders priceless!!!

that is the best part is he’s really a player and a coach

anyone remember “you can get a Dominican guy for a bag of chips?” by Torii Hunter? lol priceless.

I wonder what this does to the Tigers’ interest in Anibal Sanchez…

Not that i think Anibal isn’t worth the money – but I just don’t see the NEED unless the actual NEED is to get Porcello off the roster (our defense isn’t right for him) or maximum return for Maxx (eventually his arm will fall off).

Thank-you, Thank-you and Thank-you. Knew it !!!

We deserve each other, a first class ball player like Tori Hunter deserves a first class organization like the Tigers! Thank you Mr. Illitch.

Really pleased about the Hunter signing. Not so much about the amount of the deal out of concern for the money remaining to fill out the roster through extensions and arbitration settlements. The Tigers still need a quality starter the calibre of Sanchez. if he cannot be re-signed. Last season proved the need for a starter of his ilk.

did it? I thought we ended the season with pretty good pitching numbers.

Evan, I am not sure I understand what you mean. The Tigers got Sanchez last year because a hole needed to be filled. The Tiger brass realizes that hole needs to remain filled. If Sanchez cannot be re-signed, then someone of his ilk needs to be acquired. No one else on the Tigers can do what Sanchez can do and virtually every other organization out there realizes his value. No one is beating down the door for Porcello, Smylyand/ or the other guys who were bottom-of -th- rotation guys.

I meant other than our top 3 starters, no other rotation guy can fill his shoes. Sanchez is top shelf as far as providing quality starts is concerned. Sorry for the typos.

sanchez statistics in the 2012 season: 3.86 ERA (19 vs 12 in NL), 1.27WHIP, 7.7 K/9……
Maybe you see something I don’t. If you resign Sanchez – then what do you do with Porcello or Smyly? Are you assuming you trade them and get something valuable in return? I agree with you that Sanchez is a good young pitcher but when you think about it —– only how better he is than Smyly is relevant (again unless you include what you’d get back for Smyly). Don’t forget Smyly is a lefty – something this rotation lacks.

This is what you call a win-win-win-win-win. It rivals the Victor Martinez acquisition in terms of fulling multiple needs. It’s a fair market salary for Torii and, with his age in mind, only two years. I like the way the Detroit front office identifies needs then moves quickly to fill them before the offseason gets too crazy. It helps for Detroit to be a nice place to play, and to have a field manager the players like. That’s another nod to Jim, if you’re keeping score at home.
A job well done by all concerned. I don’t know if we’ll win anything next year, but it should at least be more fun.

“Fulling multiple needs.” And I did proof read.

[tally’s up nods to jim] “I see ya, Rich – I see ya”

well, there is one rumor we can now put to bed! Fun when all this stuff happens, keeps the offseason interesting! I think us not re-signing Delmon and getting Hunter is a good deal for us, he isn’t exactly young but we don’t need a career player for that spot right now. Well done, Ilitch and DD keep trying to find the right formula, I sure hope they can get a Ring for Mr. I while he is still around.

I can’t wait for a John Keating-Torii Hunter interview.

OK. I dislike the money talk, so I’ve been silent for a while. Money aside, this is a very good signing. Like I said a while back, and in the almost immortal words of Jim Leyland, “I like him (Torii). I like him a lot.” With athletic players, age is not so much a factor. Torii still has lots left in the tank. More of a reality than a hope anyway. He’ll be fun to watch. His enthusiasm and energy is just what the Tiger clubhouse needs. He is a winner with a winner’s attitude. He’s smart and positive. Have I left anything out?……….oh yeah, he’s been a perennial Tiger killer over the years. Not playing against us actually raises his average about 50 points (addition by subtraction). How many times did he break our hearts? Now he can make up for it. I’m very happy with this one.

Absolutely love this signing, makes sense, and is reasonable length and cost. Plug him in the 2nd spot and our lineup just got better.
As far as Anibel Sanchez, I think he is looking for a #1 or #2 starter salary, and he will probably get it. Probably not from Detroit.

I’m not about to put Sanchez up there with Verlander, Halladay, Felix, CC, and the others. You’re right, Portwine, he’ll probably get it though.

Price wins, I still think Verlander deserved it

I would of liked to see him win….but honestly I thought Rodney deserved it, so I’m ok with it. Now I’ll be pissed if Miggy doesn’t win MVP.

Price deserves it too. Sure glad it wasn’t that Weaver character!!!
Hunter is a good signing. Please–no comparisons to Delmon. Hunter will hit LHP and won’t hit into critical DPs. He probably won’t hit the long ball but will score and drive in runs and actually play defense.
If Garcia makes the squad as a LFer next year you will have one hell of an outfield.

Nearly 4 hours after announcing Hunter was to be signed by the Tigers, MLB posted the Tigers are interested in Ross. Time error or breaking news?

The source is Bowden . He tweeted it at 9:55 PM – 13 Nov 12 ·

Thanx for clearing it up as a time error.

Torii Hunter a Detroit Tiger!!! Just a great fit for both sides. We have an extremely young group of outfielders. Torii brings veteran leadership to the group plus a big bat and an even bigger glove. Much to be sorted out during spring training but with Torii as our leader we will develop a solid outfield unit. Great job Dave Dombrowski! Go Broncos!

We have one of the most generous owners. So, thank you, Mr. Ilitch. Have always loved watching Torii play. He’s so good, he looks graceful out there and he just seems like he’s got a magnet in his glove. Plus, what the numbers DON’T tell……those intangibles that only Torii posesses.

Evan, I compared quality starts for the Tigers’ most used starters in order to respond to your earlier question concerning “relevance” to Smyly. So I compared quality starts because they mean innings eaten as well as resultant win opportunities. In 2012, the Tigers pitchers posted the following overall quality start percentages: 1. Verlander 76%; 2. Sanchez 71%; 3. Fister 65% ; 4. Scherzer 63%; 5. Porcello 42%; 6. Smyly 39%.In my opinion, Sanchez is a quality starter. He is heads and shoulders over both Smyly and Porcello. We need him or ssomeone like him.

Sorry for the typos, again. I seem unable to edit and I cannot proof my material adequately. Bad combo.

Ace material for some team out there. I wish we could keep him.

Torii the Tiger…I like it! Castellanos is still a couple of years away anyway, so this will give him a chance to develop more in the minors. Hunter is a good guy in the clubhouse, too, the kind that can get in team mates faces if they’re not producing or slacking. I think it’s a pretty good deal.

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