Source: Tigers meeting with Torii Hunter in Detroit

Torii Hunter has been to Comerica Park and downtown Detroit several times as a visiting player. On Tuesday, he took a visit as a free agent, meeting with members of the Tigers front office as Detroit took its courtship to an in-person level.

A source confirmed what is being characterized as a meet-and-greet visit, first reported by The Tigers have an organizational policy of not commenting on free agents.

It is not necessarily a sign of an imminent deal for Hunter, who is weighing a visit with at least one other club and isn’t believed to have an offer from the Tigers yet. Nevertheless, it’s a sign that the courtship has grown serious. It also reinforces Hunter’s prediction on MLB Network Monday that his free-agent recruitment wouldn’t be drawn-out.

Hunter has played in Detroit on the visiting side for years, so long that he played at Tiger Stadium as a rookie for the Minnesota Twins in 1999. Tuesday’s visit allowed him a chance to meet with team officials in a different setting and get an idea about Hunter’s potential fit on the team.


I hope he has a nice visit. I’d stay away from the football players, Torii. Haha

Depending on what the other team may be offering, he may make a decision today.

and, I hope he does.

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the more i think about it – the more I want Torii playing LF for us this year

Probably right field i would think.

fair enough – yea i’ve seen the chatter but what is the logic behind him in RF? Isn’t that a smaller area to cover?

RF: the best arm. He is the best arm compared to any other but Garcia.
LF at CoPa is special , a fast players is nedeed there. But usually, LF is for the remaining OF

He said he knew who he wanted to play for. If he has to go to Texas for a visit, I guess we know where he wants to play.

Hunter would fit perfectly defensively in Left Field in Detroit, where you need pretty much 2 CF. He hits leftys well, could slide in very well in the 2 spot and get on bacse in front of Miggy/Biggy/Vmart. This makes sense.

Hunter can throw. Can Dirks match his arm in RF? BB can throw too, but will he hit? And will he even be on the roster? He sure was’t there for the playoffs and AG is not ready.

If TH signs here can you imagine how happy that will make Rod Allen? And we won’t have to get annoyed with the “gushing” since he will be talking about one of our own.
Torii Hunter really helps this team. He is due to show his age but I think not quite yet.
DD has some problems to solve and when you can address several areas with one player you are really doing your job as a GM. This is why I think they need to get a cracker-jack shortstop who can lead off. Austin Jackson can hit 5 or 6 (or 2) and create more damage. He should logically present himself as a middle of the order hitter if he doesn’t become a base-stealer, which he seems reluctant to do.
Torii Hunter AND Victor Martinez absolutely change the clubhouse next year.

According to CBS, he’s saying he wants to play in Detroit, and wants a “fair” contract. Carlos Beltran type $$$$…26,000, 2 yrs. Eee gads. Torii is still a great player, but he is 2 years older than Beltran.

Victorino:275/.341/.770. But a better defender
Swisher: he is not worth a draft pick

Beltran is an injury prone players with issues( he usually ply well in contract years). His contract is inflated so that contract is too expensive for Beltran himself.20 mm /2 years would be more reasonable for both

Reyes traded to Blue Jays?

Could we deal for Giancarlo Stanton?

Probably only if Miggy’s offspring were packaged in the deal.

The rest of the team was sold very cheap. Miguel himself was traded for nothing

Stanton is a major stud when healthy. Just find a way to get him to the Tigers.

Do we want Torii Hunter?? Absolutely!!! This man worked very hard in the minors to learn his craft. He spent over seven years getting to the majors and after a couple seasons with the Twins he was sent back to the minors. Since his return to the Bigs nine Gold Gloves have followed. Twelve straight years with 14 or more homers with ten of those seasons over 20 dingers. Alas, only one season with a .300 average and that was LAST season. Last two seasons as a RF, he has been one of the top ten in outfield assists. Very good role model for our young outfield group. Good leader. He’s looking for a championship. So are we. Let’s get the deal done!!!

Well one cracker-jack is gone. Reyes gone to the Jays in a deal that we probably could have swung. DD–are you asleep at the wheel?

Not sure about that .Nicolino was born in Orlando. Arencibio( some sources have him as part of the trade) is from Miami. Hechavarria and Escobar are cubans.Henderson Alvarez is venezuelan. They are trying to appeal to their fan base: cubans and venezuelans( the other Latinoamericans are soccer fans) .
“All people, all people everywhere, have but one last thing on their minds— Back to blood!” Tom Wolfe in his novel set in .. Miami.


As I have noted previously, Hunter is very serviceable and a nice fit. But not for $26M for 2 years. He is definitely a nice one year fit. Although Hunter had a productive 2012 season, he is in his declining years and presumably does not use PEDs to bolster his performance. And even the Dodgers only considered him a fourth outfielder, although they presumably drove his auction price up in pursuing him.

And if the Tigers do sign Hunter for his alleged asking amount, there better not be any excuses why they cannot afford a topnotch starter; which to me is possibly even a more glaring need.

This Miami business is just strange. Watching that HBO series about them gave me the impression that they don’t know what they’re doing, and this seems to bear that out. A fire sale after one season? And they wouldn’t have been better off trading these players one or two at a time to different teams?
It makes one glad to be a fan of……………..any other big league team.

Miguel Cabrera´s family , in spanish:
“Was not a big surprise when signed it because this looked come from small”, he told the AP Bertha Torres, the aunt ( mother line)of Cabrera.

“Since baby Miguel has been in baseball environment. All boy who was born here, the Torres family, comes with the little glove under his arm”, added the woman of 57 years, emphasizing that even the mother of Cabrera, Gregoria, played 12 years in the national softball team.

“Even us females, have been sportspeople and love of baseball from infancy. That field has been the cradle of many dreams,”said the proud aunt, pointing to David Torres Stadium, located in the working neighborhood of La Pedrera in Maracay, West of Caracas, just at the back of the humble family home where he lived Cabrera.

“Escaped from his mother to continue practicing every day, at any time”, he recalled.

The Players Union has DD comments about DY and JV as signal of collusion. Suposedly there are provision in the CBA against it. That is preposterous, if you dont want to sign a player, you tell him as soon as possible for his own good

Geez, you can’t even talk about it after already notifying the players? Loose lips sink ships, I guess.

I don’t see the harm in letting it be known that a player is available, but I can see the MLBPA’s point in public contract negotiations, or rumors of same.

so what will be the reprocussion here? Lose draft picks? money? get swept in the WS? jk on that last one.

They lost Gibson after a judge ruled collusion


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