Bonderman still watching market for comeback

If the Tigers have offered a formal contract to Jeremy Bonderman, it seems to be a new development to Bonderman. He told in a phone conversation Friday that he has left contract matters to his agent.

“I’m just seeing what all is out there right now,” Bonderman said. “But I have talked to Detroit.”’s Jon Paul Morosi cited sources Friday saying the Tigers have offered Bonderman a contract. It wouldn’t be a complete surprise if they did. When Bonderman became a free agent two offseasons ago, president/GM Dave Dombrowski had a standing offer on the table for a minor-league contract with a Spring Training invite. Bonderman was looking for a Major League contract at that time, and ended up simply staying home.

Bonderman admitted this past spring that he blew out his elbow while working out that offseason. He underwent Tommy John surgery this spring and has worked out ever since then in preparation for a comeback attempt. He said Friday he’s on schedule to be ready for full workouts for Spring Training.

He’s willing to accept a minor-league deal with a camp invite now, which could pave the way for a reunion with the Tigers. At this point however, it would make sense for him to watch the market and see what develops. If he can find a team with a rotation opening, it would give him a better shot at making the team than he might have in Detroit, where the Tigers already have enough established starters to fill out a rotation regardless whether they re-sign Anibal Sanchez.

Team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said in an email Friday that he can’t comment on specific free agents, citing current Major League rules.

Dombrowski said last week that the Tigers could look for a starter to compete for the fifth spot if they don’t re-sign Sanchez. Most likely, though, that signing would be an insurance option in case Drew Smyly struggles or somebody gets hurt. The Tigers don’t have the same starter depth in the upper levels of their farm system that they had the past couple years, having traded Jacob Turner and watched Andy Oliver struggle mightily this past season. Duane Below and Adam Wilk are among the depth options they have right now.


Not sure what to expect until he can actually begin throwing. TJ surgery can be tricky for some guys as far as recovery time. Hope he’s healthy and can contribute to the Tigers or any team for that matter.
Still, I dread losing Anibal. What a pitcher with great heart (whatever that means) and he’s got it.

Bonderman needs to be re-invented. Relief? Possibly. It could work handsomely. We have witnessed these transformations before. His slider and his fastball might work.
Stater? No way.
Quinton Berry as a solution? No way. As a Don Kelly type of bench player (minus the ability to play infield) Yes.
Ramon is finished as a Tiger as is Laird. Not sure what kind of money Napoli will command but he is a good alternative. He is better than he seems defensively. and hits the snot out of the ball.
I don’t see Worth being 25% better than Everett, which would justify carrying him..
We need an impact player at short. That would be the biggest achievement DD could give us.

Age matters more today than in recent decades. Less PEDs means less guys in their mid to late thirtys who hit 50-70 HR. Hunter makes sense for a year, but will he settle for that? Garcia could make the squad next year, but he needs more ABs than he should get with the Varsity (where he is apt to be platooned and/or used for defensive purposes). Garcia can field, throw and run, but has little plate discipline and lacks power. Garcia needs to play regularly to develop into what he can be. Peralta is no surprise. He is only 30 and has had four 20 plus HR and six 70 plus RBI seasons, with excellent defense (see Brinkman and UZR measurements). The reason JP has trade value is because he has value. Sanchez is okay and better than his stats. I like him lots as a mid-rotation guy, but he is not Hamels and he darn near wants what my fantasy pitcher from last year ended up getting.

Each offseason stands alone in regard to FA offers, and Sanchez is in a good position this particular winter. He’ll probably be paid more than he’s worth but that’s how the market turns. Jason Bay and Jayson Werth come to mind.
Garcia hit in a lot luck this September/October. Many of his hits weren’t very well struck but he was getting his bat on the ball, which led to his good fortune. I’d plan for him in 2014 and if he gets here earlier, that’s gravy.
I agreed with picking up Peralta’s option for 2013, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I like him as our shortstop. I don’t want them thinking the position is set. This kind of turns on what we obtain for corner outfielder(s). I don’t believe there are any real impact shortstops available unless someone gets very creative in a trade.
If they aren’t planning to go with a younger backup catcher like Holaday, I’d just as soon re-sign Laird. I don’t see Napoli coming here unless they think that Avila isn’t a fulltime catcher, and I don’t see that as being the case in the organization’s eyes.

Napoli’s not coming to Detroit. Tigers aren’t looking for more than a backup catcher. And the other positions you can play Napoli are positions where the Tigers have no playing time to give.

I commented on Bonderman in the previous thread, so I’ll just repeat that I’d love to see him in Lakeland in a few weeks.

“I think that he was a perfect case of a guy that doesn’t play all the time,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said, “that’s getting a little older, that didn’t play winter ball for the first time, and I think he paid a price for it” brought to you my the same man that said Santiago could play sleeping and did not give him enough work during spring training

talking about santiago. what the heck happened to him? what is his role in 2013 going to be?

Ross signed by BoSox

2 years/6.2.

I think DOK was right on Ross. If Avila is really the guy, Ross would be a nice backup piece. Of course, this year will likely determine if Avila is actually the guy. To me, the jury is still out on him.

My favorites for the Awards: Trout. Frazier. Showalter. Bochy. Verlander . Dickey. Cabrera. Posey

Verlander battery with AA: 2.46 SO/BB:4.46 With Laird:3.00 /3.59

Fister:3.13/4.74 Laird: 4.07/2.61

Scherzer:3.68 but 5.06 Laird:/3.38/ 2.58

Sanchez: 3.00/ 3.70. Laird:6.11/4.00

Porcello:4.65/2.64 Laird.4.78/2.30
Avila is a better framer than Laird .

Laird cannot hit LHP making him a bad fit for platooning with a LHB. It was not this year, it is a long term trend
Avila had an OBP of 352. And that is well above average. 4th among AL catchers.
Well rested, he is there to stay. But they need a catcher able to hit against LHP to allow him enough rest. And Laird is not the right player

Laird is a good guy to have on the team but you are absolutely right about the offset he fails to provide when a LHP is on the mound. It is almost counter-intuitive. When you platoon the idea is to be more productive, not less.

All true, eltigre. But, I loved his leadership behind the plate. Maybe it’s just his personality.
Now, for all this this talk about Torii Hunter. He has another huge personality. The pundits are saying he would work with a team of young guys & rookies. I still love him as a player, but he said before leaving Minnesota, he wanted his career to end there. Now, he says the same about Anaheim/LosAngeles. I suppose if the money was right, he’d consider coming to Detroit, but I just don’t see it. Very expensive, also.

Sorry, slowbyrne, that response was directed to you. :>)

Castellanos had a very poor end to his season and is experiencing another drought in the Fall league. I hope he can become more consistent.

Addressing the previous post re Santiago and JL’s quote
“I think that he was a perfect case of a guy that doesn’t play all the time,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said, “that’s getting a little older, that didn’t play winter ball for the first time, and I think he paid a price for it”. When asked if that meant he thought Santiago should play winter ball this offseason, Leyland was quick to respond. “If he’s smart, he would,” he said.
Why should Ramon, at his age, be expected by Jim to play winter ball when everyone knows he will get very little playing time? I was at spring training this year and witnessed a never ending competition of infield tryouts at 2ndbase among Inge and Raburn. Santiago got very little time while Jim said he could play “in his sleep” so there was no need to get him reps. He had no spring training to speak of. When the season began, Leyland continued to rotate three different 2ndbasemen to the detriment of the entire infield. After August 9, Santiago appeared in 10 games and had 18 plate appearances. That’s nearly two months, folks. He should play winter ball after that?
Ramon Santiago is one of the most mismanaged players over a long period that I’ve ever seen. There are the kinds of things that Leyland-lovers tend to ignore.

there are things Ramon Santiago lovers tend to ignore as well… his stamina issues. which have been mentioned in the past.

Nail on the head Rich. And oddly enough, JL who has the reputation for rewarding loyalty to a fault, has pretty much overlooked one of the most loyal Tigers to ever wear the D.

Sorry if I don’t jump on the pity party for Ramone….he had only a few less Ab’s this year than he has had in most years….he when he got his chances ths year didn’t come through…he didn’t even earn the time he got. Should he maybe gotten more of an opportunity to play earlier maybe, but the guys making more are going to get more of an opportunity….it’s a business. And by the way Ramone made more than two million dollars last year for literally doing almost nothing. But is it a coincidence that he didn’t play winter ball and his hitting suffered or could possibly there be something to it? I don’t know?

I was speaking about the manager and his methods, not so much the player involved. It wasn’t intended to be a “who’s at fault” question.

“Leyland lovers tend to ignore”. Sure sounds like a blame game, and Leyland tends to get the bulk of it on here.

Gk…I agree with your opinion that JL tends to get an awful lot of blame, much of it unwarranted. And it seems when the Tigers are successful, it is often percceved to be despite him. In Rich’s case, although obviously not a Leyland- lover, he seems fairly balanced when it comes to posting about him.

fair enough about Leyland getting blame —- but it’s not like Leyland and DD haven’t tried to tell the fans that Ramon has no stamina. Which was then looked at as a dirty rumor management was spreading.

It was a simple criticism of Jim’s quote regarding one of his players.

Thank you, Richard. I do try to keep things balanced as much as possible.

You either agree with the way JL does things or you don’t. Most do. i don’t. I think Ramon was treated differently than a lot of JL’s self labled “favourites”.
Do I think he should have played more this year—-no.
Do I think he should be retained next year? —–no.
Would it matter if he plays winter ball?—no.
I’m only saying that his loyalty was not rewarded as much as others.
He was a good employee.

Ahhhhh some Ramon talk! I’ve been really curious to what others think – he truly disappeared this year.
Mismanaged – yea probably
should have gotten more time – probably not
moving forward is interesting……is he going to be cut? is he worth anything in a trade? …..i’d go with the former, but hope for the later.
Worth, with some bunting practice, more than replaces Ramon on the 2013 roster. IMO.

Not sure how this plays out. A lot depends on who we acquire, even if they are outfielders. Santiago could be traded. Worth could be traded. We may know more a month from now.
I’ll have to address the “wearing down” business because it’s a contradiction to claim this is a fact then also expect him to play winter ball. You know? I’m just sayin’.

yea good point- is more work in the offseason what cures in-season fatigue? At least he never complained as far as we know. A shame we resigned him and he didn’t go somewhere else and have an opportunity. albeit even if that ment he was going to break down there on his new team.

When Danny Knobler says the Tigers are interested in Torii Hunter, that tends to perk my ears up a little.

Jason quotes Torii on the Tiger website as saying: I know who I want to play for. He says he wants a ring. It’s just hard for me to picture Hunter in our outfield.

DD always acts quickly on his biggest need. If the two years is accurate, Hunter is huge.
As a side issue to JL talk, assuming Victor comes back to his 2011 level, would anyone change the 3-4-5 line up? Prince sure let his emotions get the better of him in the playoffs swinging hard and rarely trying to just put the ball in play unlike the regular season.

Do you mean 3-4-5 change with Miggy, Prince and VMart as the involved parties? If so, what do you recommend to increase production? Any combination involving those guys remains a DP waiting to happen. They all hit the ball hard and do not run well. It’s just he nature of the beast.

One could not be too upset with a guy like Hunter signing with us. He brings a lot more than a bat–a glove, legs, smarts, character, experience.
It also gives DD a little more latitude with Castellanos. I do have a feeling Castellanos might be traded. I would certainly not trade Garcia.
Manager of the year being voted tomorrow. JL not in the running. No comment other than his players like to play for him and that counts for something.

I know from your previous comments you really like NC and AG. There is much too like and I too think they are potentially the core of the Tigers. I would not like to see either guy dealt unless DD is just swept away. I don’t often feel that way about prospects because they are unproven and many eventually prove to be just flashes in the pan.

And many are overhyped to boot.

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