Delmon Young pleads guilty in New York

The legal case against former Tiger Delmon Young reached its expected settlement. Young pleaded guilty to aggravated harassment today and was ordered to 10 days of community service, including reportedly a program at New York City’s Museum of Tolerance.

If he completes the program, he’ll be able to plead down to a lesser charge.

The case, of course, stems from his April 27 incident outside the Tigers’ team hotel in the city, where Young reportedly started yelling at a homeless man and got into a resulting altercation with a group of visitors.

It was a national story, and the initial charges included a hate-crime accusation that made the potential penalties stronger. Young stayed away from the team during their entire series against the Yankees over the next few days, and was eventually suspended by Major League Baseball for seven days.

Young, whom a police report said was highly intoxicated when the incident happened — despite the team not arriving in New York until maybe four hours earlier — agreed to an alcohol counseling program and underwent a community service program.

Young eventually turned his season around on the field, including another strong postseason, and the off-field issues amazingly didn’t become a bigger story when the Tigers went back to New York to face the Yankees in the ALCS. Off the field, not surprisingly, the damage to his image was another issue.

He’s a free agent now, and for someone coming off back-to-back productive Octobers, he’s going to have to deal with the character question. His plea deal should help.


everyone makes mistakes. Best wishes to Delmon on his journey.

Heyman reported the Indians may make Choo, Perez, Masterson and Cabrera available. The Tigers were beleived to be in the mix on Choo.

interesting. because Choo against LHP .199BA/.318OBP/.441SLG/.605OPS in 242PA in the 2012 season. Albeit his career numbers against LHP have him at .249BA with a .695OPS.
All i know is I want any potential corner OFs to have these 3 qualities:
1) Can hit lefties
2) Is a consistent, as opposed to streaky, hitter
3) can play quality OF. Nothing special required but no glaring issues (e.g. arm, mobility) allowed
and if I can have a 4) Will sign a short term contract

The D’Backs are in “active dicussions” regarding Upton, according to Rosenthal. Not sure who is involved. How does Upton sound?

expensive, if you want my opinion.

Also, according to Cot’s Contracts, Detroit is on his no-trade list.

Upton has a a 4-team limited no- trade contract. His most recent teams were the Yanks, Red Sox, Indians and Cubs. That list has since changed. I don’t know Upton’s current no-trade teams, although the Tigers were one of his originals. If the Tigers are again on his list, he could waive his no-trade clause and use his waiver as leverage for more money. Nice bargaining position to be in.

Rosenthal has Peralta as a possible trade target for the Yankees

You can bet he would be at 3rd

He is speculating he could be a fit since they will need a SS beginning the season and a 3B backup

Okay then, what do you think of Asdrubel Cabrera for a couple of years?

By the numbers,Peralta is better than Asdrubal as fielder.

To truly match the 34-35 Tigers, we need another AL Championship. On previous posts, I’ve mentioned that Torii Hunter would be a great fit for RF for us in 2013. Will he want two years?? Does that work for us?? If not, Delmon minus thirty pounds could certainly be a backup plan in RF. He has done well in the playoffs and that is our intended destination. Could he play RF?? Sure he could. Oh, the 35 team won it all.

Gosh delman hates jews. He is just like adolf hitler…. Uh no. Fact is the banks and many industries are owned by jewish american individuals. Delman has a few sodas and gets in a tussle after making a semi true generalization comment. Thats mighty weak.

People are such petunias these days. Prosecuting a man on half true comments but totally ignoring when bank of america forges hundred thousand court documents. Flawed system ya got there flawed i say.

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