Cabrera wins two Players Choice awards

Whether Miguel Cabrera won the nod from BBWAA members for AL MVP is still more than a week away from being revealed. Players, though, gave him the nod for two honors, voting him both the Major League Player of the Year and the AL’s Outstanding Player as part of the Players Choice Awards, announced Monday night on MLB Network.

Cabrera is the second Tiger in as many years to win Player of the Year honors, following in Justin Verlander’s footsteps. Like Verlander, Cabrera also pulled off the double awards.

Cabrera and Angels rookie phenom Mike Trout were up for both awards. Trout settled for AL Outstanding Rookie honors.


Wow, he’s hauling in some hardware! They just did an interview with him on MLB Network. Well-deserved!!

congrats miggy.

Well deserved, Miggy. The best part of the MLB Network interview is when he talks about his grandfather, Jim Leyland.

Enough about Raburn. Half of Detroit fans don’t even know how to spell his name. That is a pretty telling statistic.
I may have mis-posted but I don’t see my post about my feelings about Leyland.
We are 1-8 in World Series play with JL. He has good teams but can’t take them to the promised land. Whose fault is that?
The guy is a character but he is not a manager that can accomplish what needs to be done in baseball today.

I am with you on this. Will never forgive him for QB in the two-spot in the last two games. What was he thinking? On second thought, don’t tell me–I don’t want to know. I heard that JL likes to gamble. I bet he leaves a lot of his paycheck at the casino, because he makes too many sucker bets.

he was spotted last week at the Toledo casino!

Hopefully, this will go through so I’ll try and respond to both slow & todd. My comments have been restricted once or twice. Don’t know why, but it has just happened. The most recent was re JL, playing golf, and buying more horses to race in the Kentucky Derby. I called it his last chance, last dance. So much for that. Mr. D’s contract goes through 2015 so we’ll probably see Jim at the helm until then unless his health fails. Clubhouse Confidential had a great piece last night breaking down the strategy of SF managing style vs Tigers. Interesting! The word “flexible” comes to mind.

He’s been seen at the casino since his tenure here in Detroit. Often just stopping in when he still walked from his hotel room to the park. The customers loved it as well as folks on the street. When he bought those thoroughbreds (after ’08 or ’09, I think) that just floored me.

JL bashing has no offseason, i see.

Doesnt matter where qb batted when we had a mid .100s hitter at cleanup. Thats stubburn. Move mr fielder to 8th or 9th when he cant touch the ball. Nobody gets a free ride.

pssh you ride your horses and if they don’t come through you don’t win. Fools put the players who got your where you are – after 180 games or so – and then bat them 8th or 9th.

Miguel will win the MVP.
Verlander could win the Cy Young.
88 wins? Only 88

Congratulations Miguel – well deserved, you are in a class by yourself and am glad you are a part of our team.

Willie Mays was suspended from baseball because he was a greeter in a casino .
Mickey Mantle was suspended for his work as Director of Promotions for a casino
Denny McLain was banned for alleged gambling
Alex Rodriguez was investigated for his participation in poker games with Hollywood celebrities.
If they above allegations were true,someone must be banned from baseball

They used to call Reagan the “teflon president” because nothing negative ever stuck to him. Do we have the teflon manager? 😉

Was there ever any word on what the coaching shuffle would be?

There was speculation Brookens would go to third, Belliard to first and Lamont to the bench.

Oh yeah… I did not blow off your query regarding my playoff comment from the Kelly blog. My response was noted there. I did not recite it again here so as not to bore others.

Brookens would be great at 3rd. He’s actually make a good manager.
JL bashing will continue as long as he is here. There is good reason for it. It is not illogical.

second guessing is natural – but bashing comes off as spiteful. And it gets old. [sound of dead horse being struck, repeatedly]

How do you know? I swear people acting like we lost an endless amout of games because of Lamont! We lost because Justin Verlander sucked…..Fielder sucked Miggy stunk! Verlander and his explosion set the tone for the whole series, you shell Mr Cy Verlander that breeds a who,e lot of confidence!

The Tigers have a SS for 2014: Eugenio Suarez.. There is no need to trade o sign beyond 2013

Big Mouth Billy Bass is sitting on the table next to me and he says: “don’t worry, be happy.”

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