Castellanos singles twice in AFL Rising Stars game

It has been a learning experience for Nick Castellanos in the Arizona Fall League, but the Tigers top prospect represented himself well in the league’s annual Rising Stars game, singling in each of his first two at-bats in a 2-for-5 effort Saturday night in Scottsdale.

Castellanos, batting cleanup as the East team’s DH, had an opposite-field single in the opening inning before hitting a hard ground ball to left in the third. He grounded out to third base a couple times the rest of the night, including a double play later.

Castellanos, who shifted from right field to left in Arizona as the Tigers try to find another position where he could compete for a job in the near future, is batting 17-for-71 (.239) in Arizona with four doubles, a home run and three RBIs, walking eight times with 24 strikeouts.


NC needs to cut down on the Ks. He also needs to develop some upper body strength. His shoulders look like they belong on a gawky 16 year old. When he grows into his body he could be a big plus for us. Right now (and as I have felt all along) it is Avisail that will provide some solutions.
Further to El Tigre’s discussion: I had a a great time today just stopping by and watching a true “sandlot” game being played in the heat and dust of the the Baja today. Exquiste. Priceless. Right down to their big hitter sitting on a 2-0 80 MPH fastball.
Two teams, no grass anywhere, at least 7 or 8 different uniform tops. Catcher’s sharing their gear. Ump behind the pitcher. Carved bodies and fat bellies. Young and old——baseball. Wow! Love it. And ain’t nobody getting paid 100K a game.

Money Ball. Boesch has a mind boggling lousy season. Can’t make the roster for post-season. Doesn’t seem to accept criticism (constructive or otherwise), unwilling to adjust. Humiliating at bats. Hurting his own team and he stands to to quadruple his salary this year. Go figure that one out.

I don’t get it either. Another one of Jim’s favorites?

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