Don Kelly elects free agency after Tigers outright him

That didn’t take long. A day after Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said the club would remove Kelly from the 40-man roster, the team announced the move was complete. After being designated for assignment and clearing waivers, Kelly declined his minor-league assignment and immediately became a free agent, free to sign with any club he chooses.

That’s what Dombrowski expected. He said Tuesday they’d like to bring Kelly back on a minor-league deal with a Spring Training invite, but he expects Kelly to look for a better opportunity.

“We would have interest in signing him to a minor league contract and bringing him to camp to compete for a job,” Dombrowski said. “He knows how well thought of he is here. But I also know that other people are in a position where somebody may offer him a better opportunity. That’s what guys look for when they’re free agents.”

Kelly’s versatility gives him instant value to any club, especially in the National League or clubs that opt for an extra reliever and carry a shorter bench. Whether it’s enough to land him a Major League contract somewhere is the next question.

After back-to-back solid seasons in Detroit, Kelly became the forgotten man on the Tigers roster, batting .186 (21-for-113) with four extra-base hits and seven RBIs. He was designated for assignment in August, accepted a minor-league assignment, came back in September and became a playoff hero with his game-winning sacrifice fly to beat the A’s in Game 2 of the AL Division Series.

Keep in mind, Kelly was supposedly poised to compete for playing time with Brandon Inge at third base last Spring Training until the Tigers signed Prince Fielder and moved Miguel Cabrera to third base. That was one factor that marginalized him on Detroit’s roster. Another was Quintin Berry’s impact, putting another left-handed hitting outfielder on the roster. Most of Kelly’s playing time over the summer was late-inning defensive spots — 127 plate appearances over 75 games reflect that — so he rarely got more than an at-bat in a game. In fact, just 29 of his games featured multiple plate appearances.


2.1M $ to ramon santiago for his services in 2013 —- maybe ramon can learn to play a little OF, backup catcher and emergency pitcher…..and find himself some playing time.
He’d get fatigued you say? No, that’s a dirty lie created by management! :p

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I hope that Don Kelly gets picked up somewhere. He’s been a great asset to the organization and I can’t wait to hear what amazing accomplishments he has throughout his time in League.

What is Rayburn going to do? The Tigers aren’t going to sign him………..are they?

fact: you’ll need a RHB who can play corner outfield next year – in fact, you might want to get 2 because Garcia is very young and the tigers had a hard time hitting lefties this year.
fact: raburn hasn’t hit in 2 years
fact: raburn will cost ~2.1M$ in 2013 for the tigers

me hopes he gone – but not sold that he is.

Best of luck Don Kelly – I am a big fan of yours, you are a humble player who plays hard and would do anything to get some playing time. Here’s hoping you land in the bigs with someone.

When Kelly was DFA’d in August, I kind of thought he’d be back. Not so sure this time. There must be jobs for quality guys who can play multiple positions. If not, see ya in Lakeland, Don.

Sounds like the Royals will be bidders as they address their rotation. They just acquired Santana from the Angels today.

McClendon is a candidate for manager of the Marlins.

Nicholson-Smith reported he interviewed yesterday. Results not known.

Looks like the Marlins hired Mike Redmond.

The World Series resumes tonight with game 6 in San Francisco. The Tigers, quickly down 3 games to none in this year’s fall classic, have rallied on the strength of Jhonny Peralta’s walk off homer on Sunday night, followed by a gutty 3-1 win by Justin Verlander in a cold and blustery game 5. Tonight’s starters, Doug Fister and Madison Bumgarner, are a rematch of game 2. “I haven’t decided on my secondbaseman yet,” said Detroit skipper Jim Leyland, referring to a replacement for injured Omar Infante. “Someone will be out there, you can count on that.”

Yep – amazing how it was over before it started.
Like turning up to a party the next day.

How many games do you think Detroit-St Louis would have gone??? Better series?? Do you think any chance we beat St. Louis?? I sure do.

Hate to say it, but I think we would have lost to St. Louis. I couldn’t have handled that and was one of the reasons I prefered to play the Giants.

Can you believe Prince Fielder still hasn’t gotten a hit since game 1? Amazing!

“I know he’s looking for a little more playing time. He’s looking for a little more finances. That’s not going to come from us.”
He played in 61 games.He started 49.. Avila needed more rest . So more time was easy. Why he did not get it?

“……………you can count on that.” Whew! That’s a relief. Wouldn’t want to play with an open position out there. OK Rich. Who played second in game 5? I would guess Worth since he was JL’s choice to replace Omar in game 4. In all seriousness, I’ll bet Don Kelly could play second adequately
El Tigre. Not following who you’re talking about in your 6:11 blog. Laird?

Yes. DD said that about Laird

Would you like open competition for the back up in spring training?? Or should we pursue David Ross of the Braves??

The Braves supposedly need Ross enough to overpay for him.

Worth played second and went 0-3 but started a nice DP which got JV out of a 3rd inning jam.

What was our highest paid player prince fielders final ba for post season? Last i saw it was below.100 Thats not going to get a ws win ever when you cleanup hitter cant perform. He shouldnt hit cleanup in my opinion, the triple crown winner should.

173 postseason/ WS .071 .VS RHP: 040 and 000

The Playoffs?? Our team for the playoffs matched Ryan Raburn’s regular season performance. Not good. Not going to win. On the flip side, the Giants pitched really, really well.

Oops, that should refer to our World Series effort as being RR like. At the end of championship series play, we had a fairly respectable batting average.

Best of luck in the job search, Don Kelly. Sure the NL has some teams that could be a good fit for you. Then again the Yankees may sign Delmon and want a solid defensive backup for him in rightfield. Wouldn’t that be ironic??

That scenario scares me. I have been on guard for too long.

Young could explode into a star.

I’ll take my chances that Young does not explode into a star.

Jeez…Where is the focus? Current events? Hypotheticals? Recent events?

JL hiring is not great news.
It’s OK but why bother doing the same thing over and over again?
This team can do better and JL will always hold it back with his archaic managing style. Regardless of personnel.
Still bummed about the series but the reality was that we were fortunate, and should be happy, about just being there.
Should be happy—but I’m not. The players did not perform but I do wonder if they might have under different leadership.

Still thinking about Fantasy camp. Anybody out there going?

I hate to bring gloom down on big people since im a big guy but prince may want to drop a few lbs. Would make him a better ball player i believe. I could stand to lose 50lbs myself so im not sure if he even could.

Yardbarker had 3 articles regarding Tigers rumours this morning. Concerning the corner OF spot, Pagan, Cabrera, Hamilton, Hunter and Swisher got play. As far as Sanchez is concerned, he is sounding less and less like a sure thing.

Beck has Cody Ross in the mix and Hamilton out.

I’ve been focused on NYC. My daughter lives in Queens and works in lower Manhatten. She is OK other than feeling guilty for that. Her company closed for the week. Water underground everywhere. We just visited her the weekend before last. Went to Jones Beach on the Atlantic side of Long Island. Nice beach. Wonder what that looks like now.
Some of my co-workers left to go down and pump water. Yesterday there was no food, water, heat, bathroom facilities, and obviously electricity where they were in Lower Manhatten. I guess they slept in their vehicles.
Richard, I know you like Delmon “a lot”. I wish him well. He came through for us in the end. He may indeed “explode into a star” but he will have to lose some substantial weight. And I don’t believe he will ever realize his potential until he is able to develop more plate discipline. He actually started watching more pitches at the end of the season and in the playoffs, and it paid off for him. Don’t know why he didn’t figure that out earlier in the year. Speaking of weight, what is it with these guys? Prince, Miguel, Victor, JP, Coke, (have I left anyone out?) You could get a whole nother player out of their extra poundage . Technically we were playing with a 26 man roster. Is that legal?

I agree with you on the weight issue.Those guys are pretty big, particularly DY since he is an outfielder. He needs to lose 40-60 pounds to play effectively in the field and to run well. My main concern about DY is he becomes what he was projected to be when drafted and what he showed in 2010, when he was only 24/25 and finished the season with MVP votes. And he does it in the AL against the Tigers.

There’s always that possibility that someone will come back to haunt. The thing is, I don’t see Delmon becoming The Man here in Detroit, as I think he may need more personal handling, which doesn’t happen here. “Treat them as professionals” and all that. The dude has a ton of potential. Bottom line, with Victor coming back (hopefully as he was before), there’s no room for DY.
Looking back, Minnesota putting him on waivers and allowing him to be claimed by a division rival says a lot.

Would be glad if Hamilton is out. I like Hunter. I like him a lot. There is a ballplayer.

I’m wary of Hunter’s age, but he certainly fills the need, both on the field and in the clubhouse. I like Swisher too. Cody Ross I’m not so sure of. There have been a number of RH hitters who have a big year in Boston.
I read the articles on Leyland’s press conference after his re-signing, and I wish I hadn’t. I didn’t see the need for Jim to be so cocky about it, going so far as calling out talk radio call-in people. He’s not the worst manager in baseball, but he has to be the most overrated. But I guess the job is his until he doesn’t want it, which may never happen.

Dierkes has posted on Sanchez. Hopefully, DD locks him up asap. Sanchez has been linked to the Angels, Yankees, Rangers and Dodgers, among others. The Angels seem to be the favorite on Greinke.

Detroit will have to match those offers, since this is Sanchez’s chance for the big payday. I think they should match the offers and get him signed. If that happens, I can see us becoming a perennial postseason team.

{spits food out of mouth} 22 MILLION A YEAR!?! is that really the amount needed to keep Sanchez? Lets not forget our OFFENSE is what needs fixing here —- not starting pitching. JV, DF, MS, RP and DS aren’t too bad guys…..

Most expert have him around 4 years /60 MM. Or around CJ Wilson.5/ 75. Peavy, an injury prone starter. 14.5 each year /two years. 20 plus? with Boras as agent nothing is impossible

Sanchez looks to cost about as much as Hamels would have last year, if you are right on that $22MM figure, Evan. He is set to make $20,5 in 2013.

ugh i’m sorry but how many 20 million dollar guys can you have on your team and not feel like the yankees?

with that said, I can see signing AS and turning around and trading RP (possibly along with BB and/or JPeralta) to address another need (e.g. RHB corner OF, backup catcher, bullpen LHP, etc.)

Evan, where did you get that $22M number?

Wow. Thank you. I hope that estimation does not come to pass.

” if it’s a four year deal that he’s going to get, then something in the $60-$70 million range seems like a fair bet.” last paragraph of the linked article

Supposedly Boras is looking for 16/4 years for Sorinano. A reliever

I’m curious too. I have found various reports for $30-60MM for 4 years. And, if I recall correctly, ElTigre came up with $60MM for 4 years. I couldn’t find anything with a higher projected pricetag.

I’m not buying it. That fella just put some numbers together, including those “advanced metrics” which people either love or hate, and they don’t appear to be based in any kind of reality. Sure, some GM could go all Jayson Werth and pay Sanchez an insane amount, but that could happen with anybody out there. The author said “Any estimate by me regarding how much money he’ll fetch is just guesswork, but we can try to look back at Cole Hamels’ market-setting deal that was signed in late July in an attempt to gage Sanchez’s value.” I don’t know why we’d do that. Why Hamels?

you know how it is these days – once somebody sets a precedent the next person tries to match it or improve on that

Nicholson-Smith reported Redmond got the Marlins job instead of McClendon.

that is so sad – I want him to be a headcoach somewhere….asap

I do not see Sanchez returning, he is going to get some big money. DD may go after a mid-priced veteran to push Porcello, but I do like Porcello and Smyly in the starting rotation next year (I really like Smyly).

I like Smyly, but poor Rick is going to have the same infield next year.

aside from the everyday 2Bman being there in ST and Cabby having a year of 3B under his belt…..

That will help. The biggest problem was the doubleplays not turned for some reason. One can only hope that Peralta starts fielding his position with a little more urgency. Those agility drills seemed to help.

He has a good point.( He made it before the trade) since they will be playing together from ST they will be in synch. Having 5 or 6 different 2B did not help Peralta

Another point to consider is that Infante just completed his second full season as a second sacker. That’s it. Before the past two years he spent many seasons as a man of many gloves.
ST Jhonny and Omar should improve on the DP.

The 5 or 6 different 2ndbasemen didn’t do much for Prince either. No surprise that he also improved after the Infante trade. Not Gold Glove by any means, but he got better.

On that Sanchez thing, there’s a difference between rumors and wild conjecture. Hopefully we can stay away from the latter.

fair enough

Of course, when he signs for $22M per year you can slap me around. 🙂

There is a good alternative to Sanchez: Edwin Jackson

I got to see Edwin this year in Washington. As usual, when he has his slider working he’s a beast. He was more consistent with that this year. One can’t help but like him because he’ll go out there and pitch until you tell him not to pitch anymore. He wants to stay in one place. Even with him growing up as a military brat, I can’t blame him for wanting that. Somebody needs to offer him a multi-year deal.

Anibal Sanchez had a tremendous playoff. He has at least four quality pitches, very good control, and strikes out his fair share. His career record is 48-51 with a 9-13 overall this year which included 4-6 with us. In twelve starts with us, he allowed fourteen stolen bases. That’s alarming. He was eighth in MLB this year in stolen bases allowed and could challenge for #1 next year with us. Early in his career he had injury problems. The last three seasons he has pitched solid with 195 innings each year. Lots of talent with some questions. Be cautious. Let him get some offers.


OF: Shane Victorino. The hitter to the gap with speed they need.
Tori Hunter is a great player but Beck mentioned this:
262 .326 .410 .736 7 HR career at CoPa 81 games
277 .335 .466 .801 career.

Where is the lineup?

yea what’s the score, Rich? Is it the 7th inning stretch yet or what?

DD likes to strike early to settle what he sees as his most pressing need, then take his time on final additions.
Would not be surprised to see a new OF’er sown up quickly which will rule out Boras clients.

From the Rangers’ site:
“After Greinke, the next best free-agent starters come from a group that includes Kyle Lohse, Edwin Jackson, Brandon McCarthy, Hiroki Kuroda, Joe Blanton and Dempster. But if the Rangers can’t land Greinke, they could focus their efforts and resources toward the bullpen and their catching situation.”
No mention of Sanchez?
“Three years ago, the Rangers outrighted Jason Grilli off their 40-man roster and made him a free agent. He missed the entire 2010 season with a knee injury. But the 35-year-old right-hander had a 2.91 ERA in 64 games for the Pirates this past season and struck out 13.8 batters per nine innings. Now he is being considered as one of the more attractive free-agent relievers on the market this winter.”

Grilli had some issues with the skipper. Surprise for the fans that used to see him as one of JL ´s favorites.

Dierkes of MLB specuated a couple of days ago about the Rangers and several other teams going after Sanchez. He reported MLB’s seventh annual list of the Top 50 Free Agents of 2013. Sanchez was considered the fourth best FA available and the best pitcher besides Greinke, if he hits the open market without being lcked up first by the Tigers.

lcked(sic). It should read”locked.”

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Ok, Rondo is the closer with Coke and Dotel as backups. Great, I can see that. Where is Benoit going? I can see Smyly instead of Sanchez but Porcello needs a nasty curveball or swingback fastball. Also, who are the current starters in the minors who might be able to help next year?

On another note. Why haven’t I heard of any criticism of Verlander pitching to Panda man? It seems to me the ego of believing he can outpitch someone who is really hot is a problem. It certainly doomed our chances of him pitching more than once in the series.

Just sayin’, someone needs to school our Cy on how to win the big one. Morris?

Could anyone tell him how important that All-Star game would have meant to his team come October? Guess not. First game of the WS? Nope. Jeff Jones? Nope.

Verlander later said he treated his ASG start as if he was coming in from the bullpen with all guns blazing. Earlier he referred to giving the fans what they wanted to see. I have to wonder why we’re on him. Did anyone know that Sandoval was going to hit 3 homers in one game?

I see the papers beat me to it but the Freep has a column on Melky Cabrera. He could probably be had for cheap. Probably can’t hit anymore, either.

Yea, I know he cheated and I hope Mr. D & Mr. L realize this isn’t the old days when guys were taking HGH & probably Testosterone to hit so many HR’s and extra base hits. It probably still goes on, but maybe not on the scale that is used to.

off the juice, melky is a .280 hitter….not a .300+ hitter. don’t forget that.

Rich, did we win game 7 or what? I need to know whether to drink this champagne or not

It was rained out.

so the game is tonight at 8:07?

Nah, it’s a weeklong weather event, just they had out there in the 1962 Series (true).

Not that I want Melky but .280 ain’t bad. Compared to Raburn, Boesch, and even Young.

fair enough. just make sure you give him what he is worth pre-steroid enhanced statistics. In fact I checked it out from 2006-2010: 2638PA, 213 BB, 308K, .267BA, .329OBP, .380SLG, .709OPS.
gosh he gets on base alot!

57 GDP (72 by DY in same time span, albeit ~170 less PAs)

slowbyrne…I checked on your comment about DY because I thought it an inaccurate comparison . DY has a lifetime .284BA/.317OBP/425SLG/.742OPS. And he is younger than Melky and can pass PED tests.

We don’t know when Melky started with the t-rone, do we?

T-Rone sounds like a nickname, kind of like that RGIII playing QB for Washington. They don’t have names anymore, they’ve got code names. But then again, I thought they were saying “Archie III” and assumed he was the third Manning brother to be an NFL QB. 😉

Just like we don’t know when L. Armstrong started it, and how many tests did he pass?

Swisher out of the shopping list: he received a qualifying offer. The Tigers would need to surrender a draft pick for him.

David cameron at Fangraphs has Anibal at 4/52 and the fourth best FA
Swisher as number 1 ( I guess before the QO) 4/56
And DY as the worst FA:It’s not clear that Delmon Young should even get a Major League contract this winter” 2/8. Not surprising the sabermetrics crowd hates him (supposedly for his OBP)

Yeah… Ridiculous. Saw that. Read that. Therein lies the problem with sabermetrics and why it comes off as so absurd so often. The other 4 worst FA were Napoli, Bourn, Lohse and DK. Some of the best FA included utility guys like Izturis as well as Oswalt and Hafner, among other deadbeats. The “sabermetrics crowd” has also historically had guys like Zobrist as MVP.

Once again, I don’t want to sign Melky………but he is a better alternative to Delmon. He can run, he can field and he can throw.

I assume you are responding to me. My previous comment was solely in reference to the issue of an offensive stats comparison of Melky vs DY On the subject of defense, there is no comparison unless DY loses 40-60 pounds and turns back into the guy who played RF/CF for Tampa and/or the person who stole 14 bases for the Twins in 2008 as a LF. Then again, you really do not know what you have with Melky without PED and there is always the possiblity of another lengthy suspension. Also, the age factor is on DY’s side.

Melky is not a better alternative. He is a viable alternative if other better alternatives fail.

I don’t think people get it. Where Obama penned a book called the Audacity of Hope and has since proven to be a vapid or lightweight leadership document, I am hoping against hope that the Tigers learned something during the playoffs. If the Tigers and fanbase really want a title leadership and players need to start being a little more deliberate about what they say. How about this from an honest Leyland and Verlander. ‘We realize now we partied too much after the ALCS, again. Hopefully, we will be in good position for a run in 2013. If there is a next time we won’t touch a drop of booze in any fashion and fast anything that saps our attention from our duty to the team.”
Maybe I’m wrong about the leadership and commitment, but before I go to another game next year it will weigh on my decision to bother attending one again. I have no intention of supporting a team that wants to spend more money on FA without the underlying commitment to doing the job right.
We can be distracted now about trying to fill FA needs and we should fill needs, I just don’t believe there has been enough time for full reflection on how rare and special the opportunity for a Title really is. I know you-all don’t know me well enough what I’m trying to really say here but if you did you would understand that an unrelenting attention to detail and attitud (approach) can lead to unqualified success.
I don’t want just hope from Leadership, I want a serious and planned focus on the goal. A World Series Title.

I am trying to follow you, but with difficulty. One point that definitely caught my attention was about the Tigers patying with booze too much after the ALCS. Where did you get that information? It is the first I have heard of it.

Richard I think the point he is making is, why the champagne before you win the World Series. Baseball is the only sport that has “champagne celebrations” before the team actually wins the prize.

Mayo…Makes sense. Thanx.

I like that last sentence!

The Angels did not make a qualifying offer to Hunter according to the LA Times. They also reportedly declined Haren’s option.

I definitely like Hunter and think he would be serviceable for the Tigers. Haren has lost some stuff, although Law has him as the fourth best rotation guy available.

Wow. Shaikin of the LA Times reported Wells, with his nearly $25MM/year contract thru 2014, will be used as a reserve for the Angels. Bourjos will take over CF and Trout and Trumbo will man the corners. This makes Inge’s contract situation of last year pale in comparison.

He was a reserve prior to Bourjos injury. Wells, Rios, Zito , Soriano have been known as the biggest albatrosses for a while .

Boy, that is some pricey list. In fairness to Wells though, he was injured and spent substantial time on the DL in 2012..Because of the physical problems Wells and Boujos had as well as Abreu’s decline and release, Trout was brought up and given an opportunity to stay up. And we know how that turned out.

In fact, Bourjos had only 48 starts last year. That stat and his hip surgery are reasons why I was startled to hear the Angels were ready to make Wells a reserve at such an early date, particularly given how much money the Angels are paying him.

Vernon Wells is the reason the Jays dont sign contracts over five years.He was signed to 7/ 126 and since then he is batting 249 with an OPS of .736. The Jays paid 5 mm of his contract in 2011 after trading him for Napoli and Juan Rivera.He never was any good:

Bourjos is an extremely good outfielder. He is there for his glove. They have hitting enough by the rest of the team Lynn Henning had him as a Tigers target last Hot Stove. Unlike the Tigers other teams value defense.

Yeah…I remember you said Henning had him as a target. Tough fit in my mind. On the other hand, DiGiovanna reported the Tigers have “shown serious interest in Hunter,” which makes much better sense to me. They are joined in their quest by the Yankees and Rangers.

And about Wells, it has been reported the former Angel GM’s loss of his job was due largely to that transaction, among other things.

I can appreciate what Tom is saying. FA talk doesn’t do much for me. Not that I can’t appreciate the technicality of it all. I just don’t happen to like this greedy part of baseball.

I don’t have a problem with the money side of baseball. Just hope the players are smart enough to ensure a fixed % of their salary goes into a retirement fund as far too many seem to lose everything by the time they are 50 surrounded by hangers on and swindlers.
The one thing I don’t get in baseball is how teams never acknowledge each other with the losers slinking off and the winners doing their own thing out on the field. Few if any sports worldwide show such total disregard towards the opponent.
That and the constant spitting.

Sports worldwide show such total disregard towards the opponent.? Baseball is the only sport where you will find retaliation for celebrating. Soccer and football? there is total disrespect for the opponent. Racial and homophobic slurs are common in soccer among players and from the publics. Soccer fields need wall to preserve players from the public. 39 people where killed in a stadium and the game was played one hour later. Umpires? People have broken into the field to attack referees during soccer matches. In 1970, there was a war justified by a soccer match. Soccer fans hooligans are something almost unknown in the USA. Philadelphia or even Yankees fans are kids playing. Our canadians friends know about hooliganism during soccer games in Toronto
Americans dont realize how exceptional the USA are. Baseball in the USA is one of the most civilized games you will ever watch. I was in games in Venezuela ended by a shooting. I dont go to the stadium anymore, I cant take my wife and daughter there, even in the highest paid seat you are showered with beer and who knows what else..When I was a child my father and I watched the game standing the 3 hours in the highest part of the stadium, the only part where there is no beer rain.

Retirement.? in the 80´s Minnie Miñoso then 55 years old played one game to be eligible for pension. There is no need for that today, pre 1980 retired players receive a 10 k pension a year if they were not qualified to receive the pension
A player need to be in the active roster for 43 days for the minimum benefit of $34,000 per year and 10 years of service earn them $100,000 annually.
1 day as player give s them lifetime healthcare.
FA? before that players were simply pawns in the hands of owners. Shameful situation like the the Carlton trade to Philadelphia to punish him are mostly a past thing.
Franchise players? they were so because they were forced to remain with the same team not because they wanted to.
The compensation pick is a bad idea too. The players were under control of the team for 6 years compensating the team for the investment made in preparing them t. (NFL and NBA are subsidized by the Universities with the unpaid work of the “students”). But why a team must be compensated for losing a players after a trade or after a dozen of years. Remember how the Boston catcher was forced to play for Boston because he was offered arbitration making him to costly. Kudos to DD who out of loyalty did not offer arbitration to Polanco.
The average career of a baseball player last 4 years. They must made money for the rest of their life in that little time span. We will be able to work long after every player in the team is only a a memory.
There are only 800 hundreds MLB players while there are Ks doing our jobs and people value more their work than ours

I think I got much of what you said . And I think I understand and mostly agree with your points. Also, love your passion.

When it comes to baseball, eltigre, you are an encyclopedia. I am in awe of your knowledge and memory. It is sad to hear about how rowdy and dangerous attending a game in Venezuela is. Is it that way for all the franchises? Even the one Magglio owns? While there are the occasional fights, drinking to excess and loudmouths at our games in USA, I’d have to say I miss the brand of baseball played in past decades. The players are held “in check” a little bit too much, in my opinion. So, Al kissed the ball and Miggy says they can’t do that. Well, he used to lick the bat and kiss it and no one said a word. Maybe he need to kiss it a little more in the playoffs and Prince sure needed to. Kids used to ba able to take a bus and go downtown and take in games, but attending games here is expensive now for many people. Still, the security is pretty good and I’ve never felt in danger at any game I’ve attended. The occasional fan running across the field and beach balls being tossed around still gives me a laugh although it is highly frowned upon.
“The Tigers played with about as much fire as an employee at the driver’s bureau. Their hitting approach as a team was a joke.” Someone’s comment written on a blog a few days ago.

Yes. Beer showers are part of every game. Fights are common. Games suspended by violence occurs once in a while but it happens
Rob Deer was once attacked after going 5 for 50 with bottles.
Again, it is even worse in soccer and basketball. Last week a soccer game in San Cristobal was suspended when the “Barras” got angered by the pink jerseys used by the players to support cancer fight

Thanks for your kind words

I am not talking about the socio-economics of either the country or the spectators. l
Sure baseballers don’t like being shown up by the opponent on the field, but this again is about ‘me’ feelings and being shown up.
Name me a sport, regardless of how neanderthal, where the opponents don’t at least shake hands and acknowledge their opponent after the game.

You noted something about baseball that is mostly absent in the pro ranks. The amateur ranks are a different deal from T-ball to HS ball, where there is a greater manifestation of sportsmanship at those levels. However, in defense of the pros, Miggy and at least one other Tiger saluted the A’s after their game 5 this year.

Well since you asked, hockey. They line up and shake hands only at the conclusion of Stanley Cup series.

MLB would be close to, if not the richest sport on the planet with everyone involved well rewarded. If it can’t set the highest possible standards in a relatively non contact sport, we are all in trouble.

Soccer. They interchange shirts after the game but they do thins like:
Zidane headbutts Materassi
Agresion de pepe a casquero/ navarro-arango
John Terry
Goal Celebrations
Messi patea el balón hacia la grada — Messi kicked the ball into the audience

Considering our international participation on this blog, this is a good discussion.

The payroll of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United are twice that of the Yankees .Of the top ten payrol in sportsl: 3 are american teams:Yankees, Lakers and Phillies. The remaining seven: european soccer teams
The rescission clause of Messi and Ronaldo are more than 100 mm euros. That is the quantity a team must pay the other to sign them.
The best paid soccer players earns 20 mm euros. The teams earn a lot and the players little. And there is no competition. In every league there are two to four team with the chance of being champion. And there is lot of financial engineering
I see baseball in a better situation.

I am sorry. Maybe I mistook the degree of your emphasis on economics. I was looking at this from more of a sportsmaship perspective, with consideration for economics. I shall now bail.

Below, more on the reasons for players behavior.

Yes, you are absolutely right about soccer incidents and fans/players. A positively deadly outcome from sport contests has proven possible. I hope that never comes to regularly pass here, but our MLB playoffs were unfortunately and significantly marred this year. And there also certainly have been regular season individualized episodes.

Did I forget something? How was it marred?

My bad. A failure to make the appropriate typing correction. I was thinking about the Bartman incident in the past and intended to segui into a comparison with this year.

This year Bryan Stow, the beating victim at last year’s Dodger game, was a guest of the Giants at one of their playoff games against the Tigers

When McGwire hit the HR 62 Sosa congratulated him. Under MLB regulation, Juan Vene ( historian with a vote for the HoF) said, he deserved to be fined. MLB forbids fraternization to avoid the appearance of impropriety or lack of competitiveness It was part of the effort to recover from the Black Sox. ( They were not the only one, there is evidence of a sold series in 1918 by the Cubs )
Boxers shake hand after almost killing the other( when boxing was for real anyway). My mother always found that amusing

Glad you call it soccer also. European soccer is not financially sustainable with a lot of elite clubs technically bankrupt without receiving huge annual payments from benefactors with shady backgrounds.
Forgot ice hockey but when was that classified as a sport?🙂

As of right now, NHL hockey isn’t a sport with them on strike. Like El Tigre’s mother and boxing, I always find it amusing during the NHL playoffs when these guys use every dirty trick in the book for 4 to 7 games then line up when it’s over to shake hands. In both hockey and boxing, it must come from mutual respect for having the courage to even compete.
I hadn’t heard about implications of fixing the 1918 WS (Cubs-Red Sox), that’s interesting. Losing for money was a result of the owners keeping all the cash and paying players little. There’s an obscene amount of money made in baseball and I have no problem with the players receiving their share of it. The old reserve clause is what made the game what it used to be, but it kept players in bondage. MLB has actually done a good job over the years of attempting to keep it all under control. Much better than hockey is doing!

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