Tigers pick up options on Peralta, Dotel

For the first time in four years, Octavio Dotel won’t be changing teams. Neither will Jhonny Peralta, whose future in Detroit looked like it was in serious question in September.

On the day the Tigers announced their contract extension with manager Jim Leyland, they also got their lingering contract options out of the way by picking up the option years on Dotel and Peralta.

Dotel had a $3.5 million option or $500,000 buyout on the one-year deal he signed last year. He just ended his best season in at least three years, allowing 50 hits over 58 innings with 62 strikeouts while giving the Tigers a proven arm for setup situations in the seventh and eighth innings. He tossed five hitless innings over six postseason appearances, walking five and striking out six.

Dotel made it clear Sunday night after the World Series closed that he wanted to return.

Dotel’s performance over the course of the season made it a pretty easy decision. The $6 million option on Peralta for next season, on the other hand, looked a lot more complicated until the postseason.

After an All-Star season in 2011, the 30-year-old Peralta played most of 2012 like he was an older shortstop, at the plate and in the field. He batted just .218 after the All-Star break, including .171 in September, resulting in a 60-point drop in his batting average from last year. His OPS plummeted from .825 to .689. Defensively, though he generally made the plays he got to, his range and his arm seemed to suffer. The range made sense a bit with the change of third basemen from Brandon Inge to Miguel Cabrera. The occasionally soft throws were more of a mystery.

Then came the postseason.

Not only did Peralta have a boost at the plate, going 13-for-50 with three home runs, five RBIs and five runs scored, he made one rangy play after another at short. Nobody, not even Peralta, seemed to have an answer why, though some speculated that Peralta’s family situation over the summer — his wife gave birth to twins in June — weighed on his mind.

Though Stephen Drew’s addition to the free-agent market and Yunel Escobar’s move to the trade market created more possibilities for alternatives, in the end, the Tigers liked what they saw from Peralta for the money. Some have speculated the Tigers could still add a shortstop and trade Peralta, but that’s an awful lot of trouble to go through when multiple alternatives are clearly attainable and moving Peralta wouldn’t be a sure bet.


Dotel and Coke are your new back-end of the BP guys. Closer will nearly surely come from FA.
Peralta – well it sounds like a good idea for this reason: last year was a down year for him….maybe next year will be an above average year. Maybe the family explanation holds water – who knows. Then after next year, you’ll probably have bigger decisions to make than JP.

Read the tweets. Could Rondon be ready?? Dotel will work in the bullpen, have some saves, and maybe mentor Rondon. Jhonny has been rock solid. 2013 will be his nInth full season in MLB. This year we will closely watch Suarez advance in the minors. In fact, he better get 30 abs early in spring training.

“Leyland confirms they’ll have one change of roles on #Tigers coaching staff” is the tweet I’m interested in.

very very interesting tidbits coming out of management today!

I am hoping VMart can provide the clubhouse leadership we need. With a couple of tweaks to the coaching staff, maybe a solid speedy corner outfielder (if you can find an upgrade to dirks (Hamilton for us dreamers). We could have a fun year next year.

Hamilton would be a disaster. We’re trying to keep Miggy clean. Taking on another project like the talented Hamilton would be way too much.

Greg…I totally agree with you. Plus, Hamilton has issues on the field. He had at least 2 documented incidents with his coaches this year alone.

not to mention a proven track record of ‘performance inconsistency’ ….. opposite of what I would be looking for.

Absolutely agree. No Hamilton. Actually we don’t need another “star” as much as we need a real ballplayer, a guy that hustles and can do multiple things. We’ve got enough sluggers on this team.

How about adding Manny Acta to the staff??? He really can manage a bullpen.

I have a high opinion of Manny Acta, always have. He’s never had any real talent to work with. I don’t see how he’d fit into a coaching staff here unless someone left, but I wouldn’t mind grooming him for the top job if that happened. In fact Acta is one of the guys I’ve mentioned in previous discussions of potential managers, back before I gave up on naming names.

I can’t even begin to imagine Manny Acta as an assistant on Jim Leland’s team. Anyone even sniffing Jim’s job is not gonna be on his “to do” list. The players would probably like him and identify with him a little bit. Plus, I can’t see Manny playing Leland ball. Nope! Very happy that Coke and Dotel will be back. Octavio can close out a game but I hope no one is thinking he’s gonna be our closer. He seems like an easy guy to get along with. Very outgoing, gracious, kinda smooth and a gentleman.

I like the Manny Acta thought but I wonder what kind of a role (e.g. position title?) he’d have and if he’d have better opportunities elsewhere.
Very interesting quotes from Dave Dombrowski today:
“People don’t believe this, but it is true,” Dombrowski said. “He averages 100 mph and tops off at 103 and throws his breaking stuff for consistent strikes. We really, really seriously thought of, before the first of September, if we should bring him up and let him join us for the postseason……Probably, if I would have known how things were going to go with Valverde at that point, would have done that.”
I remember people around here also thinking about Rondon for the postseason roster, at one point.

I saw Rondon in spring training. If he’s hitting the strike zone, good luck to hitters. This would be one intimidating closer. I can wait for that.

A CBS speculated about David Ross going to the to the Tigers. Is Laird not coming back?

Sorry…A CBS reporter speculated about David Ross going to the Tigers. Is Laird not coming back?

Just received an update. Laird “could” come back. Negative on Young and VV. BB will be tendered.

Kelly was removed from the 40-man roster. Raburn details unavailable as of yet.

And lots of trade interest in Rondon.

They had to. With the end of the season, Vmart and Schereth are back to the roster. So they needed to remove him

Raburn is back in the roster too.

The Tigers webpage still have Kelly in the 40 man roster.

They are in the process of remove him.They need space also for FA and to protect prospect in the rule 5 draft

You can add Soriano and Swisher to the Hamilton list.
The Acta discussion touching on succession planning is very valid. EL Tigre and Rich probably have examples but wonder how common it is for managers to be grooming someone capable of replacing them.
A 40-60 yo manager would rarely put up with the internal pressure, and probably a reason why we have so few new managers and a constant recycling of old ones.
I would have thought managers long past 60 would be well past those insecurities, however I just can’t see it ever happening on JL’s watch.
Assuming ownership stays on course for another year, the payroll cliff will have to rise again and be close to $150m in 2013.
2013 is going to be a make or break year in so many ways.

Torre and Mattingly?

The projections. 24 MM to avoid arbitration.( 2.1 for Boesch) 20 mm remaining keeping the current level of payroll. Various blogs as a source

You know, Nick Swisher might be just the guy for us. He’s hardwired to be eternally optimistic, he lightens the mood, he’s a genuinely good guy, he’s a lifelong American Leaguer, and he’s a switch hitting outfielder with some pop. I’d be real happy with that signing.

He’s also a backup firstbaseman.

But he want Werth´s money. His season numbers back him. His Fielder´s like postseason numbers hit him the wings.Anyway ,I like the idea too.

I must admit I rarely watched the yankees and get put off by his mannerisms. If he is a genuinely good guy, you might be right in being our Pence. We can’t afford any assholes.

Swisher will be 32 in a few weeks and wants Werth money. He has a lifetime .256 BA, but did have 24 HR and 93 RBI last year. Proceed with caution.

Richard, he is a great fit for Detroit. Would he be after another two year deal?? He plays for Atl and grew up in Ga. Both he and Gerald are FAs. When does that start?? Gerald is our next order of business.

No real details known on Ross other than the Braves are not a lock for him and he was speculated to be a good fit for the Tigers. He has some age. I believe Ross is 35.

That’s in reference to David Ross.

He made over 10 million last year. I’d rather pay Anibal if it comes down to dollars.

No surprise about Peralta. Every AB , every play, made it more clearer . They would go with him
Somehow , he is third in MLB for UZR. DRS:-1. Better than Reyes: -17 and Jeter: -18

That Jhonny is a great player. Hope he can work in a little time with a personal trainer to shed some weight. He needs to make that All-Star team this summer. Those twins probably have him busy now!!!!

@ajcbraves Braves have contacted catcher D. Ross’ agent to let him know they want to re-sign him. Ross has already made it clear he wants to return.

Ross 35 YO career: .238/.324/.444 1.625 MM his last salary.

You are a Sanchez fan. Peavy was extended 2 years for $29MM. Where does that now put the worth of Sanchez?

60 MM /4 years

Yeah… Rosenthal and Nichoson-Smith posted Ross is not a foregone conclusion to return to the Braves.

Ross is the real deal. Backup catcher with good power bat(84 career HRs.) Whole career in NL and Braves will get him resigned.

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