World Series Game 4: Tigers vs. Giants

Same lineup from Game 3. Not a huge surprise, but kind of a surprise in the order.

Alex Avila was scratched from the lineup with right forearm soreness, almost like a bone bruise, suffered on a foul tip in Game 1. Gerald Laird takes his place.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Andy Dirks, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C Omar Infante, 2B
  9. Omar Infante, 2B Gerald Laird, C

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Angel Pagan, CF
  2. Marco Scutaro, 2B
  3. Pablo Sandoval, 3B
  4. Buster Posey, C
  5. Hunter Pence, RF
  6. Brandon Belt, 1B
  7. Gregor Blanco, LF
  8. Ryan Theriot, DH
  9. Brandon Crawford, SS

P: Matt Cain


Sports are so odd at times – who would think that fans of a team in the world series would have much to complain about – this team though is playing like it did all year – long droughts of non-hitting that it really is amazing we are in the WS at all, but our timing up until now has been impeccable. Delmon got it off his chest and he is right, I do wish some of the guys would own up to failing to do much. My family was talking about Miggy today, a few think he will go elsewhere after his contract all due to his lack of talking to the media – not sure if it is he is uncomfortable or doesn’t want to say the wrong thing on how he really feels about things (ie, the handling of the team). Guess we will wait and see. One last hurray for the boys tonight, come on guys, your pitchers have been carrying you like crazy, no wonder JV couldn’t do it the other night, but I surely bet if we give him another chance he will.

Infante_, 7 for 21 vs Ccain in the 9th spot.
Fielder: 5 for 18. it is now or never

I was just looking up those numbers myself. So again, Infante is better hitting 2nd. Whatever.
I haven’t given up on trying to make a series of it, but I’m not in that clubhouse or in the manager’s office. I’m forced to predict a sweep.

JL says ‘rah rah’ speeches don’t work because these guys are grown men and they know what they have to do.
To me this is just a cop out that he is after all a rather introverted person who would rather be in his office than out in front.
Wonder what his comments are to the Giants crediting their never say die attitude and energy to Pence coming on board the past three months.
They may be grown men but all said and done they are playing a kids game.
We have seen come from behinds all thru this post season so can’t give up, even if the lineup is same old same old.

Avila is injured. Laird will play

No big loss, he’s no better than Laird these days.

Laird WS: 0 for 3 . Postseason:.063/.118/.063/.180
Avila: 1 for 7 BB – 207/.233/.345/578
And Kelly would be catcher in case of injury

Well said Dave. I hope we don’t have a stubborn manager next year. Maybe we should blame the umps or maybe Selig for the all star game. Whoever you want to blame, my Tigers were in the WS and I will root them on to make it next year.

I’ve had trouble keeping up with your posts Dave (DB).
Sometimes wondered who was looking over whose shoulder though I am no where near Grand Rapids.🙂

“Future still unsure – #Tigers Leyland after praising Dombro’s ability to put together a team: “Hopefully he feels I’m the guy to manage it.”
Tom Gage

I understand QB at the 2 spot for speed, but I think this is just way too much for him and Omar belongs there as a veteran who is not as easily excitable. Not that it matters what I think…

come on boys, extend the season!!

We’re all big boys,” Leyland said. “You’ve got to face you guys whether you like it or not. You can’t just be there when everything is going well. That’s our responsibility. Nobody from the Detroit Tigers ducks that.” ? really.?
JL does not like to talk to the press. That is well known here( in Venezuela, he managed and quitted here). And his rude behavior is motivated by that

It’s like listening to a politican, to be perfectly honest with you.

Exacatamunde! Well,I work pt in a major grocery and talk to lots of Tiger fans on the weekend. Everyone I talked to today, is upset. Because one of my co-workers got lazy, I had to haul a very heavy cooler all across the store and nearly broke my back. Didn’t think I could do it and wanted to stop but then I told myself what if this was the WS and I had to tote this thing in order to win without resting. It was agony, but I did it. What kind of attitude does this team have. idk.

What Berry said after the game was refreshing to me. I can live with somebody who tells the truth. Berry said he basically choked. We know, we saw it. At least he can tell the truth and not make excuses. Everyone I spoke with today, thinks the Tigers play with no intensity. That’s how they look. No passion Please, surprise me.

How about our Detroit Tigers!! We battled for four or five months to finally overtake the White Sox. No quit in our team. We faced the brash A’s in the Divison series and won an elimination game in one hostile environment. Next we played the mighty Yankees and swept them!!! Oops that means we have to wait to play the World Series. Oh darn we have the Giants. The Cardinals decimated pitching staff would have been a much better match for us. The Giants catch us in a Panda trap in game 1. Games 2 and 3 we string together 18 zeroes on offense. Very bad. We now face our second elimination game of the season. Backs to the wall. Let’s come out fighting. No other way to do it. All we want now is to play one more elimination game. That’s how it works now. Win and we get to play another home game!!! Go Tigers!!!!!

Hey… Thanx for that. You may be our Moses to lead us fans out of this morass.

That comes from the “Not too high, not too low” philosophy. In the middle of June, that is fine and dandy. But this is the World Series. It is time to be high and to be pissed off when you are low and do something about it.
If they are swept tonight and it is JL’s last game, his legacy as the Tigers manager will be bookened with two season in which his team was not ready to play in the World Series. And that is a shame.
Go Tigers. Please. I am not ready for baseball season to be over.
— Bob

I told you yesterday that JL would be trotting out QB and bat him 2nd.
I don’t care if they do win–that act in itself is grounds to fire him.

I agree with you 100 percent that that is a stupid, stubborn decision. You could see how it would develop yesterday with Omar getting on base and the rally not getting to Cabrera. We need someone who has patience and has good at-bats in the 2 spot.

Omar can hit the ball. And has hit Cain.
QB is a direct slap in the face of every Tiger fan who has questioned JL’s use of him. He is giving this guy 4 at bats?
Hard to believe.

So much for creativity.

Who are the idiots that chose some of these singers. Godawful.

That was the worst singing of our National Anthem I think I’ve ever heard. It’s the “all about me” syndrome. But I digress. That will be my last negative comment on the night. Let’s go Tigers!!!!!

I used those exact words, Marty. All About Me.

I didn’t think anyone could sing a worse national anthem than that girl last night, but tonight’s girl pulled it off! After enduring that, I couldn’t hit either.

Hey, this is a good start Rich. You, Kathy, and I are on the same page and a pitch hasn’t been thrown yet:-)

If that 1st inning by Max does not fire up the offense …. then they have no pulse.
— Bob

Max!! Now feed off him Tigers.

Who carried this team for the greater part of the season? It was Max not JV.

Berry is due to have a good night…

Nice first at-bat for him.

Cabby looks relaxed… Thats a good sign…

Prince: “It is what it is, we’ll come out tomorrow and it is what it is”.
Didn’t realize we were getting a philospher for that 200 mil instead of a 40 HR guy.

And we are trailing … …… again.
— Bob

Uh-Oh. I love Max but I have a feeling Drew Smyly will be making an important appearance this game..
Can Boesch play 1st?

Fielder 1 for 23 vs RHP

20 and counting.
— Bob

Slow attack on that grounder.

They will pick the option. I dont see them going for a SS

And there goes the season

Why cant we hit he ball hard like that…

Because we swing at pitcher’s pitches and let hangers go by. We have no professional approach at the plate. Sometimes we look like a “Beer League Softball Team”.
— Bob

Maybe we still can.

They better. JP will be one step closer and his hitting doesn’t justify his range.
He is having guys almost beat out routine ground balls. Thy guys is great and dependable but we need a number of qualities to make our team work and many of them can be answered by a youthful, speedy shortstop.
A few ways to go but to keep Jhonny he should be playing 3rd. I don’t think his bat warrants that though and it would mean displacing Fielder and moving Cabby.
Face it. Re-signing Jhonny is a capitulation on next year and hope & dream personified. It’s time for a change and realizing what he has to offer is not going to get any better with age.

3 bb in two games. 13 consecutive games on base


He talks with his bat not his mouth

Finally !!!!!!!! We lead … We lead … We lead.
— Bob

Buck is not impressed by QB…

He’s right. I never heard of a hit and run bunt. If he had popped it up, Ajax would have been doubled off and then no Miggy homer. QB picked the wrong time to bunt.
— Bob

At least he didnt strike out.

So according to the Fox “team” there is some kind of wind conspiracy they’re trying to get to the bottom of. A perfectly timed gust I think they are saying.

Hello. You’re out. And so are you.

We score two. Put a zero on the board. Now let’s go add on

I turned the sound off and suddenly good things begin to happen.

McCarver’s just horrendous…

66 pitches

Omar, Gerald and Austin looks like a good combination.

Time to bunt

Must have been angels in the outfield. I turned the sound off on Thursday. Now that I heard JV talk, I think i will turn the sound off again. Go Tigers!

Again Jl ´choice for the second post kills a rally

To be fair… Laird and AJ already had it pretty dead…

GMoney failed badly bunting

I have to tell you … I really like how this Crawford kid plays short. If his hitting develops, he is definitely a keeper for the Giants. Where is our home grown shortstop? Nothing since Tramell.
— Bob

We have Danny Worth… I guess I wonder if he could hit if given a chance

He has range.His defense is good. And he would bat more than Crawford. Crawford is an Everett type of SS

2nd day in a row. What earth is a guy like Quinton Berry doing swinging at a 1st pitch?
I just do NOT get it..
To think we are depending on him to provide another at bat in front of Miggy is absurd.
I despise Leyland for this lineup tonight.

“He’s now 5-for-14 in World Series and hasn’t been plated once”
Back about Infante

The NL MVP just killed us

Like I posted earlier, Posey is the most dangerous Giant.

Sandoval was injured half season. He is 300 career hitter

Sandoval had nearly 500 AB.

And Berry slides head first into first! Posey knew the change up was coming.

Well we all knew that Posey would not be contained forever. Bad timing and bad pitch.
Do we have the kind of team that can come back from this?
Personally, I doubt it. We have more of a team that seems to expect the worst to happen but hopes it happens to somebody else.

Delmon YOUNG. Doing what Fielder cant do

first pitch

I forget. Why exactly are we jettisonining Young?

because there is only space for 3 DH in a team

Now the wind killed us. The conspiracy switched allegiances

Maybe, just maybe, the bats are starting to come to life.

It only took 3 straight breaking balls in the middle of the plate for JP to just miss a HR

One more on base and out

Well that was nice, and that was a great but unfortunate at bat for Peralta.

Time to drill him for the timeouts

Dotel time

Tough part of the order for Max here.
He needs to come ojut.

A hit and run. Something so simple and effective. Yet to see the Tigers try to execute it this series.

They tried but Berry missed the sign

Smyly earning his spot in the rotation next year

Taking Smyly out is a huge gamble by JL. He’s just burned up a pitcher in a tie game.

and two pitchers short

A very risky gamble by JL. And he wasted a spot with Valverde on the roster.

And Pagan is better vs RHP.He walked on 4 pitches last time

It worked, still bad move

Dotel can lose the plate at time is pressure cooker situations. I like him but I have fingers crossed with him.

I hope we have a better inning than the Knights in Blue

Matthew Stafford seems to be enjoying himself. Dan & Jim said Magglio was there and is in game-ready shape. Own a franchise in Venezuela. Travels back & forth from his homes in both countries. Oh, Maggs, I miss ‘ya.

Caribes de Anzoategui. Infante and Avisail are in the roster of the team

Sandoval is good, but not great. He has been in MLB since 2008 and has had two 20 HR and one 80 RBI season(s). By comparison, Peralta has had four 80 RBI and four 20HR plus seasons. And he can play defense like Brinkman.

And a 330 season. Second in NL

Sandoval is good and has been Ruthian in the payoffs. He is good, not great.

Okk only Young is great

Twice AS and 7 for MVP


Brinkman had range.

And Peralta can produce.

And is solid with his glove.

Well, you can’t accuse the Air Force singers of being over paid primadonnas. A little struggle there trying to find the harmony and mix, still better than the opener by a long shot.

Woohoo Garcia

7 pitches. good AB. No matter how it ends

A rookie doing the job

And only him so far


Why is Garcia still on first? He should be running…

Doesnt matter.. ;(

LHP? or not taking risk with the horses there

We are in walk off territory now. Gotta hold at least one more time.

I woulda left Dotel in for one more hitter…

Well, that worked out…

Leylan has used his creativity in making out the lineup today. Why woul you expect him to try to do somehting with the leadoff hitter getting on in the bottom of the 8th?
JL doesn’t have a creative bone in his body and that includes the 26 bones in his skull.
The 3-4-5 hitters defined our World series that inning. Hard to fathom.

Need to grind out some big at bats

Whatever happens …. Phil Coke has re-defined himself this post season. He has been truly amazing. And am the first to admit that I could have taken or left him even being on the playoff roster.
Let’s Walk Off a Hero !!!!!!
— Bob

It is so ironic to see a guy like Phil Coke become so dominant when almost everyone else on the club is underperforming. if that doesn’t fire up the troops nothing will.
And JL lovers, will say that JL didn’t run Garcia because he knew his 3-4-5 hitters wouldn’t get a BASE HIT?

We gotta think posititive thoughts here. Will them to a win.

because a loss is not an option!!!

The wasted spot with Valverde is indefensible.

He was lost there

If this game goes 12 or 13, the Tigers are in deep fecal matter after wasting Smyly for one batter.

Hit in the hand. He was already injured in the same hand. He lost months

That did not look good at all

people with knowledge here is really worried about that

They are part of the crew of his team in Venezuela

If it wasn’t a tie game in the tenth inning of the world series, one of the batters for the Giants should be receiving some payback.

Last nite, JL wasted an inning with Coke.

Fundamentals. Some teams still have them.
— Bob

And Laird hit too

Well, this could be over

Idiot Leyland wastes a spot on the roster with Valverde, wastes Coke for an inning last nite and then wastes Smyly.

Feels kinda like game #163.

Well, Mr. Creativity forgot the numnbers Coke has had against RHB, He forgot that Scutaro was up, he forgot Coke was o verpitched tonight and due to give one up and he forgot to use Benoit.
Coke pitched hi heart out. And I must say he is one of the players who played with heart IMO.

Coke sure did pitch his heart out. I am proud of him.

DK for Garcia

This is just awful.

It was not only losing but the ugly way to lose

Nice shot of JL running down the runway as soon as the strike was called. Doesnt even wait to give his MVP and Triple Crown Winner a slap on the back. What a great leader. I hope that is the last time we see that SOC in a Tiger uniform.
— Bob

Jim Leyland cannot handle expectations. If he sticks around and the Tigers ever get to the World Series, I hope they are heavy underdogs. And if he does stick around, he needs to make some changes to the coaching staff. He talks about loyalty, but he doesn’t show loyalty to either the fans or his players by being stubborn and getting outmanaged. He seems like a very good man, but is just not cut out for managing pressure baseball at this point in his life.

I should say Jim Leyland teams cannot handle expectations. But I attribute that in large part to the tone set by Leyland.

Phil Coke, you have heart. Jose Valverde, get the hell out of town as soon as you can.

Hats off to the Giants… Outplayed us evry step of the way…

I agree with that .. Dont forget outmanaged too.
— Bob

I’m cold, and I’m mad and I’m disappointed. And I’m frozen and did I say I was mad.

You can take consolation that the game you spent your money on was at least their best effort. Not good enough.
— Bob

Prince Fielder is a waste. He didn’t do crap to help this team the last month. Big loser. So glad we are stuck with him for 9 years.

Leyland should not come back. And Gene Lamont’s idiotic decision with no outs to attempt to score Fielder, was the most important play of this series.

I just commented to a friend that this was the least enjoyable season to watch the Tigers in years and he couldn’t believe I would say that about a pennant winner. But I think most on this board know what I mean. Here’s hoping the return of Victor Martinez and his attitude will make 2013 a more fun ride, regardless of how far we go.

Prince fielder can go tip his cap somehwere else. Pylon.

For the big man to go down looking like that summed up the whole damn season.
This was not a successful season. that is not being said in bitterness. We were barely a .500 team and only for the graces of the WhiteSox did we even make it to the post season.
We hit like crap all year. We had one of the worst defenses in the game. we can’t run the bases. we had an unreliable bullpen.
We got out managed time and time again.
Am I happy about getting to the Series? Yes, of course.
Do we have a team wortyh of being World Champions?
Absolutely not.
Thanks to all here for putting up with my cynicisim. I do appreciate that as I do find it hard to help myself when it comes to expressing my feelings and opinions.
If nothing else maybe this team has finally realized that a team consists of more than Miguel Cabrera.
In fact it was our high profile guys that let us down. Verlander, Cabby, Fielder and Leyland are all ‘Superstars”. In the Series they were not. In fact they pretty much (except for JV) were wanting the whole post-season.
Hard to imagine that a team that made it to the World Series has so many problem areas to “fix”. There are a lot of them.
Getting “close” does not equate to this being a good team..
In fact, if this team were to remain unchanged next year, I could see them ending up in last place in the Central Division DD has a lot of work to do.
Anyway, I wish you all the best, well most of you, and I feel your pain. That is something I regret sharing with you.

And it is possible that 2 of our best postseason hitters, and very likely at least 1, will be gone next year, along with one of our best postseason pitchers. I’m speaking of Delmon Young, Jhonny Peralta and Anibal Sanchez. Young’s defense would not be missed, and Peralta’s maybe not either, seeing as though he struggled all season with arm strength to first. You are right, this team has a lot of areas to improve. Oh, and our one speed demon, Berry, looks like he is running on coffee grounds, so we will be slower as well, with the addition of Martinez as yet another plodding baserunner.

Hey…Your cynicism worked out for me. My wife complained about my whining so I showed her a few of your diatribes. She now thinks I am absolutely chipper.

I wish you the best. I hope you enjoyed the season more than it upset you.


I am so tired of hearing this tired BS from the Giants about “everybody counting us out”. Save that crap for someone who believes it.

Leyland was indeed outmanaged several times as slowbyrne said. We need a new manager. Thank goodness for Mr. Ilitich’s willingness to spend the money. I like Coke, but we need to get a closer.

Well, the best team definitely won. Tonight’s game and game 2 were entertaining. The Giants play great defense and pitch. That’s about it for this WS
Why would you even pitch to Scutaro there in the 10th, especially after he got the 3-1 count. I wanted Coke go after Sandoval hitting right handed.
We played .543 ball in the regular season and .538 ball in the postseason. Very consistently mediocre.
There are a number of things to be addressed in the coming days and over the next 14 weeks until spring training.
And I’ll have to agree; it’s hard to fathom how a season in which the Tigers won the AL pennant could be so darned frustrating. I wouldn’t have thought that possible.
Appropriately, there is going to be snow in the mountains west of here.

Pitching, defense, speed, quickness, and scrappiness are a winning combination. SF has all of those. Our team cannot compete at this level of intensity. The way I see it is that we simply wound up on the easy path to the WS (dare I say undeserving), but, once given the chance, were not up to the task. Poetic justice….Prince left on deck, did not deserve another AB. Justin, left on pitching “deck”, didn’t really deserve another start either. I’m not angry. I feel very badly that our boys got swept. They played rings around our guys. Can’t endure another season like this one. This World Series was simply a microcosm of the entire season. Time to rebuild and it might be painful. If they don’t it will be more of the same. You look at the Giant team and that’s the way a team should be put together.

Storm is supposed to track up to where I live too Rich.

It was obvious from the very start of the series that our Tigers were in for a rough time. Your Ace gets shelled, a big fat guy hits 3 HR’s, and looks like Brooks Robinson at third, and the San Frans get kooky base hits, off the bag, down the third base line, and everything we hit hard is caught. The tone for the series was set from that moment. The Giants believed they could beat anyone, and they did. It’s the game of baseball, and it really can drive one insane, especially Tiger fans. Amy I happy about the outcome? NO! Am i surprised at the outcome? NO! It wasn’t meant to be this time. We’ll regroup, drop and add players, and start out as the prohibitive favorite for the Central Division in 2013. Will JL be back? For Dan’s sake, I hope not. And I bashed the QB at the 2 spot decision on a daily basis. But I repeat once again like a broken record; we didn’t lose the series because of Leyland. We lost because we didn’t hit the ball. No rocket science! Tonight, Affeldt struck out 3,4, 5, and Sergio struck out 1,2,3 in the last three innings. Either tied at that time, or down by one, that was the track record. You only win a game if you score at least one ore run than your opponent. We could not do that for 4 games. The year is over:
1. Delmon put his bat where is mouth was. But do you really want a guy back, whose obp is barely .300 if that.?
2. Max gave a great effort, but the velocity is certainly down by 3-4 MPH on the fastball. Still, he did what a starter should do – give you a chance to win.
3. Even though Coke lost the game, he still pitched well, and that bodes well for next year.

Three major disappointments in the series:
1. Fielder gave us nothing; he gets a pass this year, but the time is coming(2014) where he becomes a full time DH.
2. Valverde – I’ve never seen a pitcher fall so fast in such a short time span. I feel for him, but you’ve seen the last of the “Potato” in Detroit.
3. Verlander’s start. Again, he’s the best in the game, but an Ace shoudn’t lay such a big egg on the bis stage. I wouldn’t trade him for anyone.

Good by! It’s been, well it’s been something:
Ryan Rayburn, Valverde, Don Kelly, Quentin Berry, Delmon Young, Santiago(a class act), Porcello? Don’t want to give up on him. Can we afford Sanchez? Probably not.
Would really like to pass on Peralta’s option, but the business side says keep him. That’s why I still hate Curt Flood. Good morning all!

Marty, It most certainly was a microcosm of the season. If you analyze this series you will not have any trouble spotting the deficiencies.
We need a shortstop that can change the game at bat, in the field and on the bases.
We need a premier RHB outfielder.
We need a closer.
We need a LHP starter.
We need a leadoff hitter willing and able to steal bases (maybe the above mentioned shortstop?)
We need a manager who can win a game, during the game, with his intellect and strategum.
Other details are what to do with and expect from their $200 million. dollar man at 1B
Cabby has shown he can handle 3rd. He does need to shed some weight though.. Prince does not handle 1st very well at all.
Boesch is trade fodder. Avila has become a very ordinary MLB catcher with limited offensive potential.. Dirks is a utility player, Berry is a minor leaguer, Kelly is finished. As is Santiago and Laird. Thank goodness Valverde is a feee agent.
Jackson has to (and I know I will take heat for this) play with more intensity and be willing to sacrifice his body.
JV has to pay attention to Fister and Sherzer and how they get things done.
Leyland has to go. Oh, I already said that.

I think you absolutely pick up Peralta’s option then trade him for a return. We’ve got to add some speed and athleticism, and shortstop is a good position to do it. If they come back with the same cast next year, citing Victor as the sole improvement, we’ll have a repeat of this year. I’d like to improve the club rather than repeat history.
Any talk of player personnel changes takes a backseat to how the manager/coaches thing plays out first.

I can’t believe that they won’t make changes in the offseason, especially after the way this ended.

Outside of Cabrera, Jackson and Scherzer, who really had truly good years? I’d be happy with essentially the same cast plus a corner outfielder and a closer to go with the return of VMart. Heck, I’d even be happy with DY’s return minus 40 to 60 pounds. As a former CF/RF who once stole 14 bases, he could do the job. Afterall, he just turned 27 and has proven productive in the playoffs.

I know that it’s hard to be positive right now, but we need to realize how fortunate we are as a fanbase.

Just as the club needs to realize how fortunate they are to have us as a fanbase. That money comes from somewhere, and that’s us.

Forgot all about Boesch; good by to him also. Above remarks:bis stage should be big stage.

He is a non tender candidate. His agent is Boras and once avoided arbitration he will be non tradable

New coaching staff. Full.
Backup catcher that can hit enough to play 50 games. Last year Doumit was available and was able to play RF. They passed on him. There is no one like him in the FA list.
I guess Avila will remain the regular catcher.
1B I have already said Cabrera but for Victor , one more year for Fielder at first.
2b , set.
3b set
SS? Out of loyalty, They will keep Peralta. I expect to trade him later but I dont see them going for a premier SS.
Worth deserves a chance to be at least the utility backup
OF . Jackson and Dirks are the only sure thing. An outfielder wont come cheap and I expect the next one not to be another overhyped Boras client.
Avisail is on deck. Well before Castellanos
Young, Kelly, Raburn, Santiago, Laird ,gone.
A bench hitter.
Pitching staff: JV, Fister, Smyly,. Trade Scherzer before his arm fall apart. Try to resign Sanchez ,60 mm. And Porcello with a new SS and Infante all the season could deliver.
Bullpen: Soriano another Boras client is being sold to the Tigers. Way too expensive.. Pass
Probably Coke, Benoit, Al Al as closers by committee.
Dotel ´s option picked. And adding another reliever
Valverde , gracias y adios.

They deserved to win. Mismanaged all year long and one misfit piece that unraveled it all.
1968, 1984 , 2006, 2012.In my lifetime: 2-2. I have seen them win only once:1-2
“Winning is not everything. It is the only thing”

Same story for me. 2-2in my lifetime, but I was too young to remember 1968.

Is Santiago signed for 2013 at 2 million? Believe V-Mart is here through 2014.

Both true

Santiago contract could be eaten easily. And VMart could be traded when having both Fielder and Miguel in the field became unsustainable for the defense

Interesting changes you all want to make……I don’t know what backup catcher you watched all year, but Laird was very good and even handed the bat very well. To be he’s just the kind of back up catcher you want.

I like Laird staying as our backup, good veteran and smart as a catcher

Well, I have a heavy heart this morning, but I did not expect a miracle after Saturday’s loss. We were out played in all facets of the game the last 4 games. I loved Coke all year, had a hard time defending him most of the time, but I think he proved alot the end of the season. Watching a called third strike to end the season was just the right way to end a very frustrating season. I wish I knew what really happens in the clubhouse, how the guys really feel. Omar, I like you, and I hope you can heal and get back right, I think he will be good for us next year, his defense will be better and he has a decent bat. Can’t imagine how much that hurt last night especially in that cold. Saving grace is for those with tickets for what would have been tonight’s game is they won’t be subjected to the tropical storm that seemed to start blowing in last night. I turned it off immediately, can’t stand the thought of others celebrating on our home field. Enjoy the offseason folks, before we know it we will be excited for spring training.

I left last night before the final strikeout…couldn’t bear to watch the celebration.

Well, Coke reverted to form at the worst possible moment.

So Penny gets a ring?

I shut the TV o ff immediately. Couldn’t watch the celebration and certainly didn’t want to listen to interviews. Feel like I have a hangover this morning and didn’t have a drop to drink. Almost 30 years since we were World Series champions.

geez Kathy, you just aged me! Hard to believe it is almost that long since that magical season…

Well everyone I just wanted to say thankyou for you comments this season – I had a lot of good times this season and your comments were no small part of the equation. I’m not mad we didn’t win it all but I sure will miss watching, listening and talking detroit tigers baseball on a daily basis.
God bless the entire Tiger’s nation – and I hope to see everyone back in March. Especially Mr. I.

You too Evan……..this weather pattern the US is in right now must be a weathermans dream. Not because of destruction but because its interesting.

yea I’ve been following it’s development for now nearly a week. Hope everyone is OK tho.

Just saw this tweet from JV
Justin Verlander ‏@JustinVerlanderY ou guys deserved better from us & our pledge is to get right to work to make sure we’re back again in ’13. Thank you

What else can he say? Thanks for the 20 million, MVP-CY, and all the other awards? He also said he doesn’t want to experience WS loss a third time. Does that mean he will play somewhere else so he does win or does he mean 3rd time’s the charm. Just wondering.

Avila 4 th in E.
First CS
Fist in PB
Fouth in WP
Fith in % PCT( difference in the 0.0001 from first)
First in Range Factor
Third in DP
Candidate for the Golden Glove
His 243/.352/.384/.736 makes him 5th in OBP for the Tigers and puts him over Andrus and Pujols among others in OBP
The Award will go to Wieters but he is being considered

I suppose we could discuss any number of topics over the next few days, or at least until there is a news item. Interesting to me are the good postseason performances of Phil Coke and Delmon Young.
Coke became the kind of pitcher I always thought he could be if he ever channeled his energy into steely concentration. I’m not calling for him to be closer, mind you, but he may have found a turning point in his career. I’d like to keep him and see what direction he goes in. And as I’ve said before, he’s a family favorite here so there’s my disclaimer.
Delmon’s improved performance in the postseason is not an entirely positive thing. This is the second year in a row that he’s turned it on very late in the season which might lead one to wonder if he’s not putting forth max effort the rest of the year. I realize we’re not bringing him back, but it’s striking that all the negative comments I’ve heard about him from other fans around the country now seem to have a basis. No one could put their finger on it exactly, but no one ever wanted to see him on their team again. I find myself in the same group now.

“World Series loss isn’t the end for these Tigers, but what about for Jim Leyland?”

And McClendon is said to be replaced by Harrah.A move feared by Mr Biased

Beck has Dotel as uncertain . Odoardi as too expensive for a 7th inning pitcher.
Odardi quotes Heymann saying they will pick Peralta option for his playoff performance( it was easy to predict after each game with him delivering)
Young and Valverde according to Odardi already were told thanks and farewell
(Sharp reports Young and Kelly )
MLBtraderumors project Boesch at 2.1 mm ( He is mentioned in another blog as I expected as non tender candidate)and Raburn at 2,1. Max 7.5 and Jackson 3.1( no way he is worth less than 5 mm)
Olney has Aníbal around 60 mm and 4 years

The WS again showed complete baseball will crush ‘lazy’ baseball every time. which the Tigers have been. Even two homers with a man on couldn’t get it done.
We led MLB in double plays. Add Victor for the next two years after Prince and we could have a shot at the all time record.
My feeling has been DD was making it conditional JL was welcome back minus one or two drones.
Was surprised how strongly Justin came out in support of JL, but then again not given how he attempts to control what he knows. Learning to adjust is probably his achilles heel.
Obviously no real evidence but I felt something had changed with Miggy the past month.
Our dugout was rarely animated and one things for sure, the better lineup will not prevail without passion and energy against a committed opponent. I played in a fun corporate team golf day yesterday and our team of 50+ guys had more energy than shown by the Tig dugout the past week.

Dotel is probably gone because he spoke out. That’s a no-no. 2006 and the only coach to get the axe was VanSlyke. There’s one I woulda never let get away.

Vanslyke didn’t get the axe did he? He eft to spend more time with his family….

“Van Slyke would not get into how the decision came about or who decided, calling it “irrelevant.” However, he complimented the team for his four years there.”

Tigers Confidential: The Untold Inside Story of the 2008 Season By Any Van Slyke?

Thanks to Jason and all the bloggers. Not much I can add about the boring season but we won the division and made it to the World Series. I said to the TV to put in Benoit for Coke. Are we the only ones that know Scutaro is a Tiger killer? Prince had a good season. As I said before, do you think he was not trying? Dirks also had a good season. He was hurt and still came back strong. He should have been batting second. Mr. Leyland, it is time to retire. Yes I noticed you running into the tunnel. With a FEW changes, The Tigers will be back. Looking forward to the hot stove. And yes, it was 29 degrees in GR this morning!

Bruce Bochy has won 2 WS in 3 years with an enormous roster turnover in between. Is that good managing?

Yes…Coupled with a very nice pitching staff.

The Tigers have a great pitching staff

As expected Drew option declined

I have that Van Slyke book. It was supposed to be a day by day account of the 2008 Tigers’ run to the WS but it didn’t turn out that way, as you all recall. There was nothing bad in the book, but Andy probably broke some code of privacy or something. That’s my guess, anyway. I thought he was a good coach, worked the outfielders hard and Monroe and Thames improved.

I bought and read the book as well, he left well ahead of the book in my recollection. In my recollection he had teenage kids who lived across the country and he wanted to be able raise his family, and you can’t do it from across the country.

Let go by the organization.

Dotel confirmed what many of have thought for some time. All the stoic rhetoric from JL means less than this very honest opinion from a gutsy teammate:
“Tigers’ reliever Octavio Dotel joined MLB Network Radio prior to tonight’s Game 4 at Comerica Park and said that, among other things, he didn’t see the same kind of fight in this team as he did in last year’s World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals.

“I’ll be honest,” Dotel told Casey Stern, Jim Duquette and Jim Bowden. “I haven’t seen that here.

“I’ve seen the guys kind of down and I hate to say this but we have to do some crazy thing, like something not normal and as a player, we just gotta do something crazy like what they doing.”

By they, he meant the Giants, and followed that up by saying:

“They just make jokes, some things and we just gotta do something like that.”

The veteran right-hander said that he would do it, that he wasn’t afraid to do it but also that it wasn’t his job.

“I will do it,” Dotel said. “I’m not afraid to do it, but it’s not about me. It’s gotta be like Prince (Fielder), (Alex) Avila, Miggy (Cabrera), Jhonny (Peralta), (Omar) Infante, someone. Just make something happen, just do something crazy so make everybody waking up. I want to see that.

“Something,” he said. “Just make something happen.”

Dotel won last year’s World Series with the Cardinals, and posted a 3.57 ERA for the Tigers this season.

“When the team doesn’t go right, nobody can do anything,” he said about the Tigers’ recent struggles. “It is what it is.”

Dotel hasn’t allowed a run in 3 2/3 innings this postseason.”

Well interesting, but I don’t think that the dynamics with each team can be the same and it doesn’t make this way wrong either? Prince needed to hit the baseball, zjustin Verlander needed to not throw his game away……. They needed to lead by example and the big boys fell flat on their faces. I keep on hearing how the layoff ruined their timing at the plate. Well that delay didn’t hurt AJ, Young, Peralta or Infante.

Compared to other teams, the Tigers look like a team of CEOs. Playing a kid’s game, but acting like businessmen. This comes from Leyland. Ask anyone, and they will tell you that a team takes its cue from the manager. This is the reason Quintin Berry made such a hit with the fans, because he actually let his emotions show through and it stood out in sharp contrast.
Everyone has their own opinion on this, but I prefer a little more child-like glee when playing a game as fun as baseball.

Remember Gum Time?

Ya but that was a different group of guys. Hell even after 2006 in 2007 and beyond you never saw that again.

Baseball is just a very long season. One hundred sixty-two games scheduled to be played in one hundred eighty days. It’s a grind. Our Tigers went 88-74 to win their second consecutive AL Central Division title. That put us in the playoffs where we took three of five from the A’s. So then we played the all powerful New York Yankees for the American League championship. So what happened?? We swept them right out of the playoffs. That gave us ninety-five wins. We marched on to the Fall Classic, the World Series, where we meet another hot team from the National League, the San Francisco Giants. The Giants remained hot while our bats cooled off quickly. No wins for us in the World Series. Just a great season overall. Now that we have been there we need to figure out how to get back and win it!!! Can we do it?? Absolutely!!!! Will it be easy?? Absolutely not!!! This is MLB. Tough battle for one hundred and eighty days plus the postseason. During the offseason, we need our players to do the work to be ready for spring training. Go Tigers!!!!!

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