World Series Game 4: Tigers vs. Giants

The designated hitter is back, and so are Quintin Berry and Andy Dirks. In Dirks’ case, he returns to the sixth spot, lining up the batting order so that the Tigers alternate left- and right-handed hitters and the Giants have to play matchups a batter at a time rather than through a stretch.

When you think about the Giants’ three left-handed relievers, you think this is why Jim Leyland was excited as far back as the Prince Fielder press conference in January about the ability to go lefty-righty through the order.

Not a whole lot of history between the Tigers and Ryan Vogelsong, but Omar Infante’s numbers are impressive. Most of that comes from this season, when Infante was 6-for-8 off of him. All those hits were singles, but I imagine the Tigers will take that at this point to set up a baserunner for Austin Jackson.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (1-for-5 off Vogelsong)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (0-for-3 off Vogelsong)
  5. Delmon Young, DH (1-for-3 off Vogelsong)
  6. Andy Dirks, RF (0-for-3, 2 K’s off Vogelsong)
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS (1-for-2, 1 walk off Vogelsong)
  8. Alex Avila, C (0-for-1, 2 walks off Vogelsong)
  9. Omar Infante, 2B (7-for-11 off Vogelsong)

P: Anibal Sanchez


Maybe we could get the Game 3 lineup first?

Fielder vs RHP during postseason;.056/.150/.222/.372. 1 for 18. HR

Olney reported Sanchez may be looking at a $30-60M contract as a free agent.

A breeze blowing out to RF tonight, but the next two days will have winds ripping out in that direction. I’d think the Giants would have to change their hitting approach to take advantage of it, while our guys lift balls out that way on a regular basis. Good weekend to win two and push it to Monday.

DB, I am here!!! Actually, I was travelling with work all of last week. Was able to watch both games from hotels. I got caught up on all the posts today.
I was surprised to see venon sent to JV. We ain’t here without him, folks. Did he lay an egg in Game One? Yes. But if JV does not have an umpire with a large zone, he becomes normal and very hittable. Gerry Davis has a very small zone and they even commented on it during the game.
I think Rich said it best. This is the World Series and we are in it. Do I wish we were playing better? Of course. The way I look at it is that for most of the season, this is what we saw and I would never have expected them to get this far. To me, this is like “extended time” in a video game. There are fans of 28 other teams who would switch spots with us in a second. Remember that. Winning a championship in any sport is not easy. I live in a hockey crazed city that has been waiting 45 years (and counting) for a Stanley Cup.
But we need a better effort from everyone, top to bottom. That includes JL and Mr Magoo. We can do it. This is the biggest game of the season. Let’s score early and feed off the crowd.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

We have 10 hits I believe in two games…….not even close to good, in fact down right aweful. Not going to win many games like that, and to then have your best pitcher go out and lay a turd on the field. ….plain and simple they have to do way better.

Point made. Thanks for the visual.

How is the weather in the “D”? Will they play tonight? It has been raining in the Toronto area pretty much the whole day.
Evan, our meteorologist, what say you?

— Bob

the chance of rain during the game tonight would to be in the single-digits

Sunny but cold…they will play.

Thanks GK. Let’s hope they “play” with urgency … and not just participate. It is urgency time. We are at DEFCON 3 … with a loss we will be at DEFCON 1.
Of course, this is just an analogy. I would never compare the US defense to be the same as a baseball game. All the more reason to enjoy the experience the moment.
— Bob

I’m so excited, but a nervous wreck. Good luck, Aniabal, and swing those bats, boys. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

On my way home from work this quaint phrase ran through my brain: tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Mr. Tennyson got it right with that phrase. Hopefully, we can all enjoy this game. Hopefully, we can remind the Giants of that phrase when we win the World Series. A girl can dream. Go Tigers!!!!!!

tonight a win is imperative to keep hope alive – come on boys, bring the D a W! Looking forward to what I think will be a fantastic game tonight – stay warm any of you lucky enough to be there!

Jim is doing the radio interview with Dan & Jim defending his choice to not play the infield n in the last game. Absolutely insists he made the right decision. He also chipped his tooth and ate something that made him ill.

yea just listened to that! Bad luck for the skipper on all accounts.

I should say that mondays game very well might have rain …. and possibly, snow.

Good start for Anibal

214 mm rally killer

And once again the pylon at first grounds into a double play and again waste 24 million. Useless this post season.

Giving them away………….

Meanwhile the overpaid dude at first grounds into his billionth rally killing double play.

Sanchez saw our offense in the first … and now is over throwing this inning. Can anything go our way?
— Bob

They are playing so tight right now. Somebody needs to tell them to start having fun.
— Bob

It’s becoming ubundently clear…….isn’t it. Really sorry I wasted a ton of money to go watch this pitiful bunch.

The late time call took him out. Bad call of that pitch, he was sitting on it
Austin playing to deep

Avila had to catch that wild pitch

Well I know the game wasn’t obviously on the line but every other CFer in baseball dives for Sandoval’s base hit. 2nd inning too.
This one is feeling and lookong like we have players who don’t believe in themselves.
I am thoroughly disgusted with Fielder.
And before I forget, we can all sing the praises of Peralta but if this guy is 1 one millisecond later with his throw we have the Giants with three more base hits this series.
This is the area of prime importance next year and if they don’t do something about this I will write the year off in ST..
So far this game I can’t believe how resigned and disgusted I am with this team.
It’s like they have forgotten how to play baseball.

Willi Horton gave an interview today. Il’m not quoting but he did mention what can happen when you have good players like the Tigers have and good “chemistry.”

Your statement about Jackson is of worth. I agree, but we are subject to the second-guess in that situation, kinda like JL in virtually everything he does.

CAN ANYBODY ON THIS TEAM HIT THE DANG BALL WHERE SOMEBODY ISN’T? Its ridiculous. I know they must care but it sure as hell doesn’t look like it?

Another damn double play…..jeez!

Wow … That’s all I’ve got. If Q cant beat out a grounder, I am not sure what his worth is.
— Bob

I said bat him 9th. Infante 8 for 12 second but he is stubborn

So brutal….

That’s why you don’t bat Berry 2nd. The guy’s in trouble and Cabby is up and Berry swings at the 1st pitch.
JL deserves this, the fans don’t,
The very fact Berry is on this team at this time of the year points out a very serious problem that was not addressed by management in the pre season.
I am afraid we are gonna sit back and take this. Avila strikes out and walks back to his seat completely unphased.. We need to see some emotion from him and others.
What we are seeing is just night right.

Berry does not belong in the 2 hole. 9 is best. Why does everyone but JL know it???

But hey, JL is so brilliant for alternating left and right-handed hitters.

Miguell was mad at the pitch selection: breaking ball vs Blanco.JL is calling the game by himself.
Your best players dont like the coaching staff

Fielder 1 for 19 vs RHP. Dump him to 6th

1 for 20

Talk about a waste of 24 million…….

What a wasted trip to the WS. To not even show up for even one game in the series is a shame. If they were playing quality baseball and getting beat by a better team, that would be different. But to lose to this team is just…ugg…

Why does berry swing at the first pitch? If I was the manager I would give him the take sign. GK, what would you do?

I just don’t know anymore. I’m dumbfounded, by these hitters. They are embaressing themselves, their manager and their owner.

“Quintin Berry grounded into 4 DPs in regular season, only 1 with RISP. First of postseason. Ouch.”

A Mr October grinds the walk

1st & 2nd asnd you swing first pitch ahead of Miggy? Leyland deserves this for putting up a inexperienced player in a critical spot. Berry is a 9th place hitter. At best. You wan’t him up with Miggy on Deck and 2 out in the 9th?

There’s that red malibu.

13 hits, 6 walks, 1 hit batsman and three runs in 23 innings, by the Tigers. Not to mention CY Verlander and how he didn’t show up…..this is what you get.

Again, I ask. What is his value?
— Bob

McCarver or Buck says the Tigers got a break on the pitch to Berry. Fox’s own graphic portrayed it to be a ball. Those jerks are so biased.


The stars are not aligned. We are at the end of the line. Its a shame. Too bad.
— Bob

Berry is what he is. A situational role player. No more . No less.

The issue is, what options do the Tigers have? They have the cards they have been dealt.

Shopping list. A full coaching team. A catcher that gives Avila enough rest.An outfielder.A SS. Someone who takes a 214 DH who believes he is a 1B

Well… There are 28 other “flawed” teams the Tigers can shop from. Oh, and check Avila against other catchers and games played. He is not so overworked.

Dirks should be 2 spot if it must be a LH….

Dirks has had a pretty miserable post season…..Berrys hasn’t been that bad.

Infante is 9 for 13 vs Vogelson. Today, the second spot was for him

And Berry cannot even get a fly ball when he needs to do so. Pathetic.

Bases loaded and they lay another turd out on the field. It just isn’t in the cards. The big boys just are stepping up that’s all there is to it. Cabrera, Fielder and Verlander have all done nothing to help this team win. I guess they’ll find comfort in the 20+ million they made this year and I’m sure there is a nice bonus for going to the world series even if you decided it wasn’t worth the effort to actually sow up and earn it.

Too much pressure… They are too tight… Their manager isnt helping them out…

Did you see the Giants before the game in their huddle? No way the Tigers can have that kind of fun. We’ve got a control freak in charge and the team is not responding. Sorry if I offended anyone.

I agree. I dont know why JL treats Omar the way he does. Omar can hit and has a little pop. Why cant he just swap Dirks and Omar depending on LHP or RHP. Omar should not be hitting 9th. Ever. That should be the only place Q should be hitting, if he even should be playing.
— Bob

Leyland, why don’t you bat Dirks second? Why do you not try a safety squeeze with Berry? Does anyone think Leyland is a smart manager? Cabrera, are you earning your money? Listing to the radio. Go tigers

Look at the numbers Berry is hitting better right now….I know it’s not saying much but dirks has basically had one good game all post season. Berry has been a bit better. The problem has been right in the middle.

There are things that are so obviously evident on this team that Leyland does that will never make me call him a great manager.
Berry batting 2nd. (Dirks should be there tonight) and anybody else any other time.
Valverde being a closer. And in game strategy.
If the Tigers lose tonight QB will trot out to left again tomorrow and bat #2. I have no doubt of that.
Cabby not coming through there was maybe the last chance in 2012
I don’t think these know how to score runs. Our starters won the series with NY. We had one game at the end that deluded us into thinking things were going to be different as far as our hitting was concerned.
I guess we should be happy about 2012, but I am deeply dissatisfied with the way the team has been constructed and how they accepted anything less than success.
Very troubled with Avila. Don’t like what I’m seeing. He’s the living breathing personification of JL’s “not too high, not too low”. In other words—-mediocrity is acceptable.

Another QS wasted

Anibal has been great. Got himself out of some jams and kept us in the game. Damn shame we can’t seem to give him run support.

Well, maybe JL can hit a 3 run dinger since the players are not doing their jobs.

I know it’s n ot over, but our WS’s games have been some of the most boring. The announcers are running out of things to say. Stunningly awful. Surprise me, Tigers.

Avila isn’t the… Obviously, hitting 40 hrs and batting .300 would be better… We have a good team… The coaching is suspect… But we are in the world series so no need to be so bitter…

Im ok with Avila but his knees were destroyed last year. He bats better with enough rest

Suspect coaching? That is always part of the agenda. Are you blind? Do players not need to execute as well?

Nope it’s all Leylands fault,…..didn’t you hear?

You have a minor league journey many up 2x with risp… Why? Because he is in th 2 hole…. You run fielder into the first out at home, then concede a run in a 0-0 gamein the 7th… Thats suspect…. Players need to execute as well…

I guess managers and announcers aren’t the only ones with ridiculous things to say.
If I am bitter there are reasons for it. At least for me.
I could say there is no reason to be so complacent in SLC but why would I?
Avila is not the problem. I didn’t say that. But he looks like he is more suited to playing for the Bees than the Tigers.

Dont get me wrong a largely agree with you… Just trying to maintain some perspective… I was ready to give up on this team n june… And we are here in he world series…

I say it again can anybody on ths F’ing team get a clutch hit. Fielder, can’t ( hell he can’t even get on base) Cabrera can’t, ……..what kinda chance do they stand?

Why is someone else’s opinion an agenda? I dont think we need to turn on each on here. Everyone is frustrated. Everyone vents in different ways.
— Bob

Amen to that, Bob.

Oh it turned a few days ago…some of us feel lie their is blame to go around but mostly blame the players for not executing. Some feel like its mostly managerial decisions and less on the players. I take that back….it’s been like this most of the year. But I think we’d all agree we’re pissed and frustrated!

That’s right. It is on everyone. Both player and management equally. I dont think anyone here blames JL solely. But he certainly isnt innocent. It is not all JL’s fault as your sarcastic comment above would suggest.
— Bob

I don’t thnk you’ve been reading all year….I dont actually blame JL very often. I actually am one who thinks the players have to do something…like get hits, score runs, including fielding and throwing the ball.

Turning on one another? No. Not the same perspective. Definitely not a hater. Maybe you can vent in a different direction?

He needs a lefty and he does not have one. so Sanchez is going one batter too long. That is why they needed Downs and to dump Valverde

Brennan Boesch could not have done much worse than some of these guys. And there is no way Valverde should have been on the World Series roster.

Agreed there.

We saw nothing but why he announcers are saying Sanchez is hurt?

Because they are idiots, always have been alway will be!

I will give JL credit for keeping AS in the game. I would have pulled him before the last batter for the Giants in the seventh.

Gene Lamont’s idiotic baserunning decision may haunt the Tigers for this entire series.

They were gaining momentum until that play

How many innings have we gone without scoring a run? I’ve lost count, can’t remember. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!

15 since Pagan volleyed JP homer in the ninth.
— Bob

15 innings

Avila grounded out n ball 4……shocked.

If avila was in he 2hole instead of the 8th… Id care more… But if we had someone give major league at bats in the 2 hole we are tied if not ahead…. Dont get me wrong I love QB but jim is putting way too much pressure on all these hitters and they are responding poorly

I don’t care what hole you hit in, I just want tem to get on base.

Berry = Pathetic

At this point … DK is a better option than Berry.
— Bob

A career minor leaguer

Almost an amen, but he has potentional situational impact.

Omar would be better in 2 spot, too.

If Berry plays and bats 2nd tomorrow JL should be fired. I may be bitter but I am also dead serious.
He has been sliding since he first shone and he shows now signs of ability.
He is a disaster who doesn’t even run on the rare occasion when he gets the chance to.
Our team wide hitting woes have been luring all year. I guess it is no surprise to see this happen when it counts most.

I dont blame JL for Berry. I blame Boesch. If BB showed an ability to play to his abilities and actually work to improve and make adjustments, Berry is not here after his 2nd half avg of .220.
— Bob

Do you remember when Boesch was valuable? The memories are fading. Fading kinda like my memories of scoring runs.

I meant “lurking” not luring!

Well actually we needed a bonafide, game-changing, corner outfielder before the season started.

Apparently we had one till vmart went down….

Why does the salary a player makes have anything to do with one game? Do you think they are not trying to do their best? The Tigers are in the World Series! How many cities can say that? So we ran into a hot Giants team. Their manager is better than ours. Let’s take a vote! But it is not over. C’mon Prince, start earning your money along with JL.

Prince hasn’t had an off game, but an off postseason. He’s done nothing, But I do think the more money you make, you need to do more, it’s like any job. But it’s not only Fielder, he’s just been the worst. But Cabrera and Velander haven’t lived up to their responsibilities either. If they were putting up an effort I’d think we’d still all obviously be frustrated but to ave those guys all fail miserably it makes it worse, for me anyway.

I’m waiting for Greg’s three good things.

Sanchez to the exponent of 3. That’s it.😉
— Bob

Infante two god at bats

two good

Poor Greg may have a hard time tonight.

We need guys to hit and no one is hitting.

1 for 21 vs RHP

Prince isnt even trying.
— Bob

PR for him

Hey…Genius posters. A .179 BA for the Tigers. Tell me God has spoken to you. I am waiting.

King Andy goes down, too.

Not sure what you are asking for here?
— Bob

A revelation, of course. JL knows nothing . Lead us , Moses?

If JL leaves the obviously washed up Valverde off the World Series roster, Boesch and Berry could both be on it. Valverde was a wasted roster spot.

Maybe kin andy isnt answer at 2 either… Just leave infante there

Signed for 8 more years. Miguel will be traded before FA to pay for him.
Less than 180 career postseason

I thought he was signed til 2015.

Fielder? 9 years.
Miguel until 2015. Henning said they need to trade him before to pay for Fielder and Verlander. He is right this time

I think he means Fielder for 8 more, but Cabrera will go to pay for the pylon at 1st.

Haven’t checked on Fielder’s stats in last years postseason. Wonder if he was better in Milwaukee.

Oh, I see what you’re saying. I would hate to see it, but that may very well happen. I’ll also be shocked if they hang onto JV.

More quality at bats there in the 8th……..pathetic. Dirks obvioly isn’t the answer, but other than Jackson and Infante who really is?

Why waste an inning of Coke?

Trying to keep it close I suppose.

One good thing… We found a loser for next year…

Lol a closer

A closer.


How can you possibly win when you can’t even score a measly run in two games?

The WS was lost in the second inning of the second game.It was the time to shift momentum. They could be 1-2. they are 0-3 Only one team has ever comeback in that situation

I’ll go farther than that it was Cy Verlander and his implosion in game one. Their Mr. Reliable was aweful and set a tone for the whole series.

You gotta hate McCarver…….a pitch to Peralta that was a ball called a strike…he says a perfect pitch. He comments on pitches by our pitchers when the Giants don’t like a pitch and they are not a strike, he says they had a beef. Dude has an agenda, lays has and it stems all the way back to 1968.

Gene Lamont, thank you again for your idiotic decision.

4 runs allowed in two games. it is not they are hitting a lot either

“Tigers pitchers have 10 Ks tonight — the club’s 8th game with 10+ Ks this #postseason, establishing a new ML record.”
Rick Thompsom

Not a lot of consolation is it?

I would have Infante second and Garcia in the lineup instead of Berry. Fielder 6th

I’d put in Brandon Inge or Ryan Raburn before I’d even put in Fielder. He’s a waste!


The cliches will be flying from everyone’s mouth now. 18 innings and counting.
Good night all.
— Bob

This team was torturous to watch all season and even worse in the WS.

Yeah… Fans of 28 other teams think you are nuts.

The @$$hole McCarver definitely has an agenda. He or Buck referred to one of Coke’s pitches as a ball, which their own graphic showed it to be a strike.

And that is why the Tigrers lost? We sucked when at bat. We lost because the Giants have been better to this point.

I don’t think that’s what he’s saying…..coke was great. We were simply talking about how McCarver s an idiot when he speaks. I intact think that it’s the most evenly, fair strike zone of the series. The only night I had no umping complaints.

Pathetic. Probably the final nail in Leyland’s coffin. Keeping Berry in the game, no Scherzer until game 4. All very bad and all on him.

Scherzer in the game four is the right thing. Fister and Sanchez were great. Berry had nothing to do there after the second AB

If just getting to the WS makes you happy Richard more power to ya. I’m not happy unless they win.

Fans of 28 other teams think you are nuts.

So you asked them all? I think your nuts!

Look. No offense. I live in SoCal. Count the total WS appearancces for the Dodgers and Angels in the last 25 years. Now compare that total to the Tigers in the last 7 years.

My father used to be Dodgers fan until they signed Torre and Mattingly. They have two WS tittles while the Tigers have one since 1977. They went four times to the WS.
And the Halos won in 2002 for the last time. Tigers in 1984.
Last 25: Tigers 0. Halos 1. Dodgers 1

My point was the Tigers have been as successful at reaching the WS in the the last 7 years as the Dodgers and Angels combined over the last approximate quarter century despite all the money spent. So yeah, if you are a Tiger fan and cannot be happy with our kind of success, go to New York and good riddance.

Everybody remember Bill Buckner who was playing injured but few remember Bull Durham ( our Bull Durham) who did just the same in the playoffs

Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a butt kicking in a 2-0 game. That was quite a spectacle. At least we know the outcome of the Series now, unless anyone believes in miracles.

Well… Again, I will never say never. The “favorite” Tigers will not win in 5, I am now sure. But… We are a sure thing in 7.

“All baseball fans believe in miracles; the question is, how many do you believe in?” We ran out of them. The quota was overused this season

Who penciled the wrong lineup?

I do appreciate that Miguel does show he cares, including yelling out about the ridiculous decision by the home plate umpire to allow the batter for the Giants to step out on Sanchez.

Olney:”Fielder has seen a total of 30 pitches in 11 plate appearances in the World Series.”

Wow! We’re all a little touchy right now. No one is more disappointed in a team than I am right now. I was so hoping for Mr. I to finally get that WS ring. But my good friends, unless we defy the odds in the next 6 days, it ain’t gonna happen. My goodness, we’re still screaming about Lamont. That has nothing to do with tonight.
You can be down 2-0, and still have a decent chance, so please let the Lamont thing die. And how do you know we would have scored more than the Fielder run in that game? With our hitting history,the game would have been 2-1, still a loss. We have no momentum, and haven’t had any. did we not do the same thing to the Yankees?
As for tonight, there are reasons 27 year old Rookies are around; they can’t hit major league pitching. Berry was an early blessing while Ajax was out. We rode him for what he was worth. Should not be a starter right now. He has value as a pinch runner in a late inning situation; that’s it. that’s my criticism of JL. He’s still not to blame. Our 1-7 was 2 for 27. That’s why we lost tonight; that’s why we lost on Thursday night. It’s not our time. As Mr. Finch would now say on Person of Interest-
“it’s Bad Code”. It’s called the game of baseball. Ask the Yanks who led MLB in home runs this year.

1. Anabel is a gamer. Thirty+ pitches in the second, and he still pitches seven good, solid, enough to win innings. He deserved better from his hitters.
2. Phil Coke’s season ending “revival” continues. He has been spot on.
3. Omar shows that Vogelsong is not Justin Verlander, and that a good approach will lead to hitting success.

Seriously, my blogger friends, let’s continue to express our opinions and analysis without cheapshotting. We are not out of it at least until the 27th. out tomorrow. Who knows? Miracles do happen! I should know. Good morning all!

Olney:”Sanchez’s approach to Sandoval in that AB could be a model for how to pitch to Panda: Only 1 pitch close to the strike zone” Scherzer take note.

I guess i’m like a Yankee fan, if you don’t win the WS the season is a failure. I don’t enjoy losing.

Good riddance if that is all you are about. I guess the rest of us just enjoy losing.

At least there are no Leyland´s fans at the NY blogs.
Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing

And the Dodgers used to be my alternate team . And no I did not enjoyed see them defeated by the Yankees.
I dumped an overused Giants number 75 t-shirt last week. Guess which one was my other team until a week ago?

You know it’s going to be a bad night when the anthem is sung by Giants fan Zooey Deschanel. She made a poor job of it. As a veteran, I usually salute during the anthem but I don’t think I could have held one for as long as it took her to sing it.
Jim’s #2 hitter Quintin Berry got all six pitches outside of the strike zone during his pivotal 5th inning AB and still managed to strike himself out. That’s quite a feat.
The huge mother of a storm headed this way will probably knock out my TV signal and then my power by Monday, so if I am suddenly quiet here, I didn’t commit suicide over the WS result.

I feel like having been forced to drink a flat can of beer the morning after.

The 1st inning did me in. They had their chance right there and failed.

Well we’re not done yet.

They have to win 4 games and, hold on, there are exactly 4 left………just enough. Doesn’t matter what order you win them in. Make some history Tigers. One win by Max gets it back to JV and if he pitches like he should, Doug will pitch well again and then Anibal. Tired of hearing how great the Giant pitchers are. They’re OK but not great. Tiger batters have an awfully lot of unused hits left in their bats. Good grief it’s time to start using them.

Delmon: “They’ve pitched us just like OAK did, but we haven’t hit all playoffs. We’ve been fortunate that other teams haven’t been hitting.”

So Verlander, Fister, Sanchez and Scherzer were lucky ?

No, not lucky. Fortunate. Like DY said.

1.Lucky:having or marked by good luck; fortunate.
He is Mr october both the bat and the mouth.

Mostly very good. And to their credit, with not much help from the “hitters”.


ElTigre… In the last 25 years I can only remember 2 SoCal representative WS appearances, by the Angels in 2002 and the Dodgers in 1988. The Tigers were there in 2006 as well as this year. Yeah, I think the Tigers have been blessed by comparison to many other teams.

They won each time they were there. The Tigers lost.
Tigers :0. Halos 1. Dodgers: 1
Winning is the only thing

Dodgers 21 WS appearances.Second only to the Yankees

The survival lineup: Jackson, Infante, Miguel, The fortunate ,Peralta,, Fielder, Dirks, Avila, Garcia..

When JL uses the word “creative” in a sentence you can bet he means Don Kelly.

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