Fister seems fine, but will get follow-up exams

The news at this point appears to be positive on Doug Fister after the line drive off his head. He made it through the flight back from San Francisco OK, according to manager Jim Leyland, and he’ll be examined further today.

“I did talk to him on the plane last night, and he seemed fine,” Leyland said. “He’s a little sore, but there didn’t appear to be anything that looked alarming like loss of memory. He looked fine, his eyes looked fine, and the trainers have checked him out, so I think he’s fine.”

The Tigers had their entire training staff on the trip, as well as two team doctors.


Good news!

I did not think he would stay in the game. He must as hard headed as his manager:)

It was a glancing blow. If they’d checked me for concussion everytime I got hit in the head, I’d have spent my entire childhood in the ER. You ever get hit square in the side of the head with a rock? Yean I know, that explains things. 😉
Perhaps mojo has a freezing point at which it dies and never comes back. Welcome to Detroit, Giants.

Makes you wonder how we ever survived childhood Rich. Mojo usually has a short shelf life.

“Seven highest batting averages vs. RH pitchers in ’12: 1. Cano, 2. Votto, 3.Trout, 4.Beltre, 5.Mauer, 6.Dirks (.336), 7. Cabrera.”

“Great note from STATS LLC: Prince Fielder hasn’t scored from first base on a double to * left field * since May 22, 2010. @MLBONFOX”

Still he defends Lamont…

To anyone going to the World Series games this weekend and who read along with our ramblings here, make it special. No matter what happens on the field, have a good time and soak it all in. World Series games are a rare thing. I was fortunate enough to attend game 5 of the 1968 WS and it still seems like yesterday. Unforgettable.
Have fun, folks. Go Tigers.

“No surprise, the Tigers would like to make superstar pitcher Justin Verlander a Tiger for life, club president, CEO and general manager Dave Dombrowski said.”

180? 6 years. Delayed payments to keep money enough to field a competitive team? Future shares of the club like Brett , Quisemberry and the six million dollar 2b? Is that still legal?
He would be 35 by the end of the new contract
CC:29 8 years 182( after he opted out)
Lee 33 then got 120 /5

Extending Scherzer does not look wise as now. His arm could fall down before he reaches FA. The explosive release is an injury in progress

you can resign scherzer but it had better be conditional on health / playing ability

Since there was so much discussion on Jim’s game management last night, and some of the MLB Network guys agreed with his strategies, here’s the disagreement side. I’ll use Jon Heyman’s words since they’re so much better than mine. Read the entire article, as it’s a must-read in any discussion of Jim, no matter whether you agree or disagree.

“Bad move,” one major-league manager said.

Bad move indeed.

“The Giants are outpitching and outhitting the Tigers, but they are surely outsmarting them, too.”

“The difficult part is, nobody wants to talk to you unless you mess up,” Lamont said evenly. “There are guys in Detroit I see every day who haven’t said hello to me all year.”

Anybody else think it’s funny how Leyland is polite and answers even tough questions calmly when talking to national media yet treats Detroit reporters like crap and throws fits if you question his decision making?

I noticed a difference of tone in Leland’s interviews later in the season this year.

The relay throw that Marco Scutaro cut off to nail Prince Fielder at home — after Blanco had overthrown Brandon Crawford? That wasn’t by accident. Asked about the play, Crawford looked like he’d been asked if he’d been abducted by aliens.

“We practice it in spring training,” he said. “It’s kind of routine for us.”

Derek Jeter’s famous catch and pitch to Posada in the 2001 Oakland playoffs was a similar play, a cutoff positioning the Yankees did routinely.

It appears that many in the national media who probably picked the Tigers are just now finding out how the Tigers play, be it good or bad. We have some stars, but execution is lacking.

Strangely enough, if the Tigers can win the next game they are right in it. Why do I think that? Well, they have a 50% chance of winning game four, and much more than a 50% chance of winning game five with Vern Lander unhappy about his previous loss. That would take them back to San Francisco needing one of two only. So, tomorrow’s game is a fun one to watch. They win, and they’re right in it. They lose, and of course it’s probably over.

Section 328 Row 8. Go Tigers!

Miguel 1 for 5. 2 BB . He wont see anything to hit until Fielder break with his career numbers in postseason:198/.297/.396.693
1 for 6 in the WS. 205/.271/.273/.544 in the postseason.
And it is not Young ´fault:.317/.364/.512/.876 postseason.And 429/.429/.571/1.000 in the WS.
I was wrong about him. He is giving Fielder enough protection. Time to shuffle the lineup vs LHP. I know, that wont happen

Speaking of Young, I just read another article about the Tigers going after Hamilton once Young is jettisoned. Maybe there is some truth to that rumor.

worst idea ever. Hamilton is king of bums. 100% lack of accountability.

“Miguel Cabrera takes BP today at Comerica Park during today’s OPTIONAL workout. ”
Not capitalized in the original

Omar Infante : 7 for 11 vs Vogelson . And we will see him 8th instead of second were he must be.

nothing wrong with getting production from the bottom part of the lineup tho😉

The Tigers have struggled all year with lefties on the mound. Was it really a surprise that they did not hit Zito and Baumgardner whom they had not faced? Rich, I like your post about enjoying a WS game. I will not be at Comerica but I will enjoy watching it on TV. I turned the sound off on Thursday night. Kathy, thanks for the info about Dan and Jim. I wanted to turn the radio on but I sat there in silence in front of my TV waiting to applause. My wife was in a different room and kept saying, “i don’t here any cheering”. I hope we do not have to talk much about the umps tonight. Let’s hit em where they ain’t. The RF bleachers would be nice! Hey Bob from Toronto, where are you? Go Tigers! –Dave

El Tigre and Dan, really like the links and insight.

I read somewhere that Dirks was hitting second tonight. If so, Berry would hit 9th, where many of us wanted him the last six weeks of the season?

Nope, Chris Iott has Berry second. I must have gotten that other info from a national source.

If we don’t win another game, we have to win tonight. If for no other reason than to keep interest up and to play a third game in Detroit for all the economics involved.
I think we’ll take this one, but I thought we’d take game 2 also.
Obviously we need hitting, plus better coaching and Jim needs to manage a better game.

I read Heyman’s article Rich and thought it was good. Condescending or not (and I don’t think he was trying to be), he did show respect for JL to balance his negative point on JL’s 7th inning strategy. I read down through a lot of the comments and was surprised that the majority of them were in support of JL’s decision. Some were angrily directed at Heyman for what they felt were cheap second guessing shots at the manager. Regardless of all the “what if’s” thrown out as excuses in his defense, I still stand by my original opinion. I just think you have to play for everything that late in the game. That’s the way I remember we played growing up. I’m not second guessing JL on this one. I can tell you, I wasn’t jumping up and down with glee when I saw Infante shovel the grounder cleanly over to second. There was a depressing deflation of spirit that I felt.
But you know, despite whatever the outcome in this series, we should all count our blessings for even being here. And most of all, that Doug Fister was not terribly injured on that shot off the side of his head. It could have gone so much worse beyond words. The ball had to have had just the right spin and trajectory coupled with Doug’s ducking attempt, so that it’s energy and force were miraculously dispersed. I don’t know how else you could reason it out. It was simply a miracle.

Right on Marty. The game is great, but even now, I’m sure Max would rather be getting ready to spend time with his younger brother, if that were possible. The key tonight is score first, and hopefully often.

tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Dirks 9, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Infante 4. Sanchez is starting.

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