Austin Jackson changes agents, and other Scott Boras notes

As noted before the game on Twitter and in the pregame notes, Austin Jackson is the latest Tiger to become a Scott Boras client, joining Max Scherzer and Jose Valverde among others. Jackson, who had been a client of Reynolds Sports since he broke into the big leagues, switched agents sometime near the end of the end of the regular season.

It’s fairly common for players to switch agents right around the time they become eligible for bigger money. And with Jackson eligible for arbitration for the first time this winter, he’s in line for a fairly big deal.

The good news for the Tigers is that they’ve had success avoiding arbitration with Boras clients. The question now is whether the move will impact their chances at a longer-term contract. No agent leverages free agency quite like Boras, especially with pitchers, whom he encourages to use the open market to their advantage whether they plan on staying put or not. It’s a somewhat different story with position players, but he has had some big contracts with outfielders in recent years. Jayson Werth comes to mind from a couple years ago.

Whether it makes a difference with Jackson remains to be seen. The Tigers were aggressive with Jackson’s predecessor, Curtis Granderson, signing him to a long-term contract as soon as he became eligible for arbitration. Two years later, however, they traded him to the Yankees, just as his salary began escalating.

Other notes from Boras:

  • Boras lives in southern California, so it was an easy trip for him to San Francisco for the first two games. He said he might fly to Detroit for Game 5. “I want to shake Mike Ilitch’s hand,” if he wins, Boras said.
  • Boras gave no indication there was a long-term deal in the plans for Scherzer and the Tigers, noting that two years away from free agency is a long time. However, two years out is often the time when teams try to sign starting pitchers to long-term contracts, and the Tigers have a track record of pursuing those, having inked Justin Verlander and Jeremy Bonderman to deals at that stage.


The Ace is mad at the pitching coach and he liked to work with the former pitching coach
The leadoff has a higher BABIP than last year and similar to his debut and we credited the pitching coach. No matter is the batters that need him dont listen to him
The runners dont care about the 3b coach.
And the best payer yelled at the manager for dumping a game.
Great dugout.

Jackson BABIP: 396/340/370

The future ain’t what it used to be:
Boras clients: Scherzer, Sanchez, Jackson, Valverde,BB, Fielder.Laird.Baker
Huge overpayment in the future

“We played double-play depth because we felt like we couldn’t give them two runs. … To be honest with you, we were absolutely thrilled to come out of that inning with one run. Absolutely thrilled. I mean, we had to score, anyway. … We felt like we didn’t want them to open it up. We got the double-play ball, we got out of it and it actually worked out really good for us.”

Last night’s loss was hard to take, but sure is deja vu all over again for what seemed like most the season. Terrific pitching, poor 3rd base coaching and terrible plate appearances. The only thing keeping me going is the fact that just like the season, we had days like these followed by 4 straight wins where we found our power. All the credit in the world for Fister last night – takes a shot off the head, keeps pitching, stood in the batters box like he was going to hit something and a very determined way about him. He is quickly becoming a major crush of mine for the way he carries himself. We have to find the hits before tomorrow to make any type of a series out of this.

Rich, statman Dave and I post at the same time a lot. 2nd and 3rd, nobody out. No wait, mr magoo is there. BAses loaded, nobody out, infield in, home to first. No wait, the soc is managing. Yes the players have to hit. The managers have to manage. Are you a Tiger fan? Oh yeah we can win 4 in a row! Go tigers! –Dave

I read your quote of JL above Tigre. While I am not surprised to hear him “being honest with everyone” I am surprised to hear he has the gall to admit the mistake and then dressing it up for Halloween by “being thrilled with it”!
That World series gaffe ranks right up there with starting Justin Verlander in game 1 of 2006.
Leyland had already lost the game but I am still puzzled why Dotel would elevate an 0-2 pitch when he absolutely needed a ground ball.

Read that tweet about Austin and kind of groaned. Time is running short for this group of players to win a WS ring.

Well, Austin Jackson will still be playing when I’m dead and gone, so I don’t pay much mind to the future stuff. It’s frustrating that they appear to be missing a rare chance at a WS ring.
So far, it’s a repeat of last year’s ALCS. We lost the first two in Texas, highlighted by a controversial Lamont decision to score the go ahead run with Santiago in extra innings of game 2. We came home and won game 3, lost game 4, highlighted by a controversial Lamont decision to try and score Cabrera on a sac fly, then Verlander kept us alive in game 5. Flew back to Texas and got massacred in game 6.
It’s very easy to see the exact same scenario playing out the next few days.
By the way, in the Yankees series, Lamont held up Infante from second before the ball even got to the outfielder Granderson with the weak arm.
If it sounds like I’m picking on Gene, there is good reason to do so.

That should be NOT score Santiago.

Its time to rise and shine tiger fans. Get our team heading in the right direction.

I think Infante was safe at second also. On the replay it looked to me like he got his bent knee to touch the base before they tagged him. And as far as sending Prince home was WRONG.

Thoughts on Game 2:

Smyly in the 7th was OK, but leaving him in for the 8th was a boo-boo. If you want a lefty to pitch to the Giants’ top three, have Coke start the inning. “Saving” Phil for Belt makes no sense – it’s already 2-0 (as it was) or worse if he bats.
We need more than two hits. All this whining reminds me of the Yankees fans after Game 2 of the ALDS, when Infante was “safe” at second. Can’t win if you don’t score.
I feel confident that the Tigers can win the Series after all. Their bats need to wake up, and they do need to sweep at home.

Shark, I agree. If we all think positive, get some momentum, and study our chemistry, we will win! Go Tigers!

scott boras is a cancer to the sport. congrats AJ.

You wouldn’t say that if he was your agent. 🙂

I’m pretty sure Jackson was with Hendricks Sports Management prior to switching to Boras.

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