World Series Game 2 lineup: Tigers at Giants

Given the comments from Delmon Young last night, and some scattered remarks from some other folks, you wonder if the Tigers offense has gotten into a funk waiting for their pitchers to win them a game. That said, there’s one minor tweak in Detroit’s lineup today, with Gerald Laird behind the plate.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Omar Infante, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, LF
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Avisail Garcia, RF
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Doug Fister, P


as if our offense needs logical reasons to go into funks. Well if pitching wins championships – i’d still rather a fresh pitching staff than “hot” bats. MC, PF and DY need to pick up their bats and go to work.

We missed chances early in Game 1 and the Giants well crashed the party big time.
Have to score first and put the pressure on their AB’s. Unless Valverde has been pitching, comebacks have been few and far between this post season.

Zito has a history of being a good pitcher and is not a piece of… Our hitters were not patient and who was telling them what to do. The Giants are hot. the Yankees were not. CC had a bad game and so did Justin. We need to score runs. I would have Dirks playing RF. So what if Delmon won the MVP. There were a lot of players that could have won it. C’mon Mister Fister! Go Tigers! Best of seven!

Well put Dave. I was thinking the same thing. We needed to get the big hit in the first inning to make a statement.

For a second there, Dave (DB), I thought you were complimenting yourself. 🙂

Scoring first has been key to our success this postseason. Even one run.
Last night Verlander was killed by that umpire. Fister is likewise susceptible to this, mainly with his big curveball. I don’t think people in general realize the impact the homeplate ump has on a game. All the talk about replay, but the big issue is left out of the conversation. One can see how a game will go quite early by monitoring what’s called a ball and what’s called a strike.

Fister’s swingback fastball has to be called too.
Anybody notice how many times Avila has a pitch off the outside corner called a strike when he’s hitting? It’s almost as inexplicable as the number of times he gets nailed behind the plate.

Can somebody fill me in on what Delmon Young said after the game? Haven’t seen it in print anywhere. Thanks.

Well, Delmon sounded very candid to me. “The long layoff affected them” doesn’t suggest in what aspect of their game so Delmon just answered the question. We didn’t have great at bats, but our pitching just stunk.

It sure wouldn’t be my lineup, but I’m not the manager. Geez, I hope I’m wrong and the Tigers get on a roll. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!


Yes Rich. It is uncanny. It is almost as though it may be backlash from the ump when Alex is behind the plate. He so often gets in the hole in a count and then he is not a very good hitter at all. He has one of the keenest eyes at the plate that I have seen. Doesn’t get credit for it though.

I thought of that angle but it seems that most catchers would get hosed at the plate if that was it. There is a knack to chatting up the ump.

Tonight is the night for Avisail. I can feel it.

Dirks can not play RF. He does not have the arm to play there.
I would sit DY or replace him by the 6th.
Valverde ´s comments were delusional
Avila´s OBP was pretty good this year.
Complaining does not work. Chatting with them does.
And again, the Ump did not lost concentration after a bad bounce of the ball. It was on him.

There is an entertaining video of Coke imitating Miggy in todays’s Detroit section of Yardbarker, for those who might be interested.

Got a link?

Watched the replay of Delmon’s “DP” several times and there is noway that was a fair ball. Delmon was standing on the foul line and Posey caught the ball behind him. Absolutely a horrible call!

The only professional comment I heard on that play all night came from Harold Reynolds. I haven’t heard any other media comments on it, but of course I’m not about to read everything out there. The series would be over before I got done.

Know thy enemy:
This is Sandoval:303/.353/.844 career.
2009:330( second in the NL)/.387/.943 25 HR
He was injured, has battled with the Giants because for his weight and had legal problems.
He is a great hitter. He is considered second only to Miguel among venezuelans
The Giants are a good team: Hunter Pence, Scutaro( an extroverted Infante),( both in my fantasy baseball wish list for the Tigers) Posey and Sandoval.
The reliever that Detroit fans were mocking for his look has 2 Cy Young under his belt. Both well deserved.
The Tigers are better. Their central line is better. Their rotation is bettre. Their offense is slightly better. The only advantages for the Giants are the bullpen and the manager.
The Tigers have the advantage in every matchup but the fourth game. Cain is better than Scherzer , hands down.
II like the fact they are a good team. I want the Tigers winning it . Not receiving a gift( that the way the pundits and some tigers fans see the victory of Detroit over the Tankees)

I think we get after Bumgarner tonight. The nation will see a different Tigers team.

It boils down to at bats. Gotta make Bumgarner work. He has had a good deal of difficulty in the post season after a good regular season. He keeps the hits down, doesn’t walk too many, and can K either RHB or LHB.
We just need to be more astute at the dish. Not so reactive to what the pitcher is offering.

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