World Series Game 1 lineups: Tigers at Giants

Though there was some speculation that Andy Dirks would get the start in right field, Jim Leyland has expressed at other points this postseason that he preferred the right-handed bat against most lefties, that he had been starting Dirks out of a lack of other righty bats. Thus, about seven weeks after Garcia got the call to the big leagues, he’ll be starting Game 1 of the World Series.

The other call was Alex Avila behind the plate over Gerald Laird. It’ll be Avila’s first start against a lefty starter since Sept. 1, when he was in the lineup against Francisco Liriano. He went 0-for-3 in that game.

It’s worth noting As manager Jim Leyland noted, though, Avila has caught all three of Justin Verlander’s starts this postseason. It’s not that Laird can’t catch Verlander, obviously. He’s done it many times this season. But you have to figure this assignment is about not messing with a good thing.

“We just felt like the combination of Avila and Verlander [worked],” Leyland said.

Leyland also noted that with lefties starting the first two games of this series, and CC Sabathia having started Game 4 of the ALCS, Avila would go 10 days between starts if he didn’t play until the Giants trotted a right-handed starter.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Omar Infante, 2B (3-for-20, 4 K’s off Zito)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (2-for-8 off Zito)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (3-for-18, HR, 5 RBIs off Zito)
  5. Delmon Young, LF
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS (3-for-14, HR, 2 RBIs off Zito)
  7. Avisail Garcia, RF
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Justin Verlander, P


  1. Angel Pagan, CF (2-for-5, 3B off Verlander)
  2. Marco Scutaro, 2B (5-for-25, 2B, 3B, 9 K’s off Verlander)
  3. Pablo Sandoval, 3B
  4. Buster Posey, C
  5. Hunter Pence, RF
  6. Brandon Belt, 1B
  7. Gregor Blanco, LF (0-for-3, 2 K’s off Verlander)
  8. Brandon Crawford, SS
  9. Barry Zito, P


Our starting pitching will need to carry us again. We will need the offense to score early and add on runs. Hitters go the other way and work the count. Their bullpen is the Giants’ edge. Do not let it be a factor. Dangerous stat line: Buster Posey in 164 ABs has 13 hrs 47 rbis and .438 av against LHP. Our manager will have to be very careful when he uses his two lefties. We need Benoit and Valverde back in good form. Go Tigers!!!!

Yes–our starters have to outperform again. And on the flip side, we have to get to the Giant starters. The numbers vs Zito are pretty scary.
This is the lineup. Glad to see Garcia in there. AJ needs to cover some additional ground to his right tonight.

I have a suspicion that Valverde isn’t where he needs to be. I hope we don’t regret carrying 11 pitchers instead of 12. Benoit can close games in SF.
No matter what, this one is going to be more fun than the ’06 Series was.

thank gawd for that – the ’06 series was TOUGH!

“Obviously, Dirks isn’t playing, but that’s because Delmon’s playing and not DHing,” Leyland said. “That really has nothing to do with Garcia. Garcia’s been playing against left-handers.”

“The only real change we have today is Alex, because he’d be sitting 10 days or so,” Leyland said. “And he catches Verlander well.”
Verlander with :
Avila. 2.46
Laird: 3.00

I’m so nervous!

I am not nervous. Maybe the women are. I am anxious and excited. Going to the local sports bar, Uccellos. 7 big screens in Caledonia. Go tigers!

This woman is just excited.

Sign me up to the nervous club.
GK and I both are pretty sensitive and have a more sensitive side.

“Fans don’t boo nobodies”

The will attack early JV?

Already, Buck & McCarver getting on my nerves.

I did not see the infield fly call

Prince needs better at bats…

Crappy AB.

God a homer already Jesus Justin! I know it’s not a bad pitch, but still! Son of a ……..

Crappy at bat for sure but JV throwing a lousy 0-2 pitch. Hard to believe.

Well zito making it look pretty easy so far……tigers really poor ab’s. Justin needs to shut it down.

Well it actually does not project well here. Our guys (Fielder, Young (as expected) and Avila) all 1st pitch swinging instead of waiting for some drivel that they know they will get. Bad at bat by JP too.
Let’s get these jitters out of the way. No way Zito should be able to manage our lineup.

That ball was for Peralta. Why he stopped?

It was a horrible pitch. No way you throw something like that there. You have to have it out of the strike zone on 0-2. It was a mistake and Justin paid. We have to do the same. The thing is it should be easier for us since Zito is a mistake in himself. He is not that good. No way.

The pitch was out of the strike zone it was way up? What did you see?

Thanks for letting us see jv’s at bat fox……instead we get to see a cheaters at bat in the allstar game. Hell giants may not even be hre if they didn’t have a cheater hitting for them most of the year.

AJ needs to learn how to steal bases.

It was high.A BP pitch

I love how zito is getting that outside pitch. Called a strike and jv isn’t.

Giants having better at bats…

Can u even call what the tigers are doing having at bats?

Lovely…..bounces over the bag. And the ump is squeezing jv as hard as he can. Meanwhile zito continues to get pitches.

Now that was abad pitch by justin. I know its the 3rd but if someone is feeling good about this talk me off the ledge.

Well we are in trouble for the series…

Jeff Jones needs to stay in the dugout…

It is not the ump. They are great hitters and one bad break

Not totally but the ump is giving Zito outside pitches he is not giving Justin…that’s just a fact. Justin has sunk us this game. Zito>Verlander,

And they for he most part are not great hitters.

Now Justin is just chucking em up there. He’s stopped pitching.

I vote we dont pitch to Sandoval the rest of the series… He destroys us.

Bad break and then bad pitch (again) to Scutaro. Game-changing.. Foregt Pablo–he is gonna hammer the whole series so get used to it. Keep the other stuff off the bases.

Hot bat?

We going to blame this on the layoff?

I suppose, though they did have the practice games.

I wish I had zoom on my tv because from what I could see it looked as though it hit to the side of the plate….but I get it that’s just how this series is going to go.

Sorry, it was Fielder who played bad.

If he saw the play. if not it was bad baseball by Young

No. You blame this on the the players who are supposed to be doing their jobs. One player who did not do his job was DY. At least run. I know there is no chance you beat it out but at least make the effort.
Too much hype about this being a gimmee. . Not that he deserves it but JV is not getting much from this ump. It almost looks a little ridiculous. He had Crawford and Infante checked.

I did not want Young there. I rest my case

Get justin the f’ out of there he sucks tonight…….he’s let his team, his owner, and tiger fans everywhere down. And ys I think the ump is screwing him over a bit, but for gods sake you let that piece of crap zito get a hit off of you…that’s pathetic. Andits equally pathetic these hitters can’t get anything off of Zito. Over.


Pull him out

At this point, am not shocked. The Tigers looked real tight when they came on the field. Not rocket science, no numbers, but that’s how they looked to me.

Even JL has given up on this one. Danny Worth is in to PH. Right–that ought to work.
JV not only lost this game but he has absolutely reaffirmed the Giants belief in themselves. They feel they can steamroll this series now.
This one has been nightmarish from that 0-2 pitch to Sandoval on.

Worth… The best AB of the night…

I’ll wat Q2 pitch an inning than I am going to fold some underwear or socks or something.

Put the kids in at this point. We’re 5 down.

That’s why I think this ump is a piece of crap first pitch to Avila in the 5 th ump called a strike for Zito ball for JV……first pitch to Worth same freking thing. That being said JV still horrible. But nobody can convince me both these pitchers had the same strike zone.

I watched DY field a single and throw to 2nd an inning ago. I was flabbergasted that he threw a 4 or 5 hopper to 2nd. Well the throw he made home on the Zito RBI (is that even possible!) was even worse. He didin’t have enough steam on it to make it home on a roll—if it was on line. He is brutal. I know he will play again tomorrow, (and this is what SF wants) but he needs to DH and that is his limit.

Why even pitch to him?

3 HR in a WS game. He is a great hitter. He is second only to Miguel among venezuelans

He’s hit 12 homers all season… 3 today. He’s not that great.

He was injured. Only played 108 games. He has 23 and 25 season. In the hardest park to hit a HR.

A career 300 hitter.

He destroys Detroit pitching…

Good luck to the D fans. I can’t watch this—and won’t watch this. Too brutal. Embarrassing actually.

Going to bed……literally. They wasted my freaking time. Zito is a piece of crap….nothing….they’ve made him look awesome. Your right it’s embarrassing.

Time to stage a comeback

Time to use Valverde. Allow him to end the game

Now I remember why we barely won the central.

At least no Lincecum tomorrow.

Valverde is useless. No pressure and giving BP. He is done.

Hopefully this is the last we see of Valverde

With another manager you would be right.Stil l hope you are right

Villareal or Downs were better choices. The players would be ok with dumping him out of the roster.

If you don’t feel for Jose Valverde now, you are not much of a Tigers fan. The guy is struggling mightlily (much like Zito and Lincecum did recently) and man I feel for him. Seems like a stand up guy, has pitched well the last 3 years.

I’m sure his millions of dollars will comfort him.

I feel for him.. Just dont want to see him pitch while hes struggln.

I dont blame him but the management that put him there knowing he lost it.

And better Fister go deep tomorrow

And Fielder better get hot soon. Hit for the fences and no web gems to stop him

Mijares vs Young I want to see this

Someone came to play

Would be nice.. If our pen cold have kept this closer…

Santiago, one pitch.

The scrimmages did not work,

One down. We’ll need to win a couple in this ballpark to win the thing. I kind of doubt two of Sandoval’s homers would have gone out of Comerica and I’m not sure of the 422 ft shot either. May have hit the wall. They’ll have to pitch around him, as he did this to us last year in Detroit too.
That umpire was pretty bad. Verlander threw every pitch to every location where he’s had success and none of them were called strikes. Later on, this umpire expanded the zone, but only at times. Poor job of calling a game, and a bad time to provide a clunker. These are the best umpires?
The same national “experts” who picked the Tigers in five will now write about how bad we are. Maybe they should have watched us play this year. Myself, I’m not surprised at anything that happened tonight.
If Fister can provide a gem tomorrow, maybe it turns around. If the Giants keep this momentum going, it will be a short series. That ball that bounced off the thirdbase bag is a good example of how fortunate they’ve been in this run.
I really wish they had invented a tired arm for Valverde in NY and put him on the DL. Now we’ve got a six-man bullpen. Benoit threw some good pitches.
Tim McCarver, never that good, has become a joke. Barry Manilow?

You know they aren’t the best umps with Country Joe on the field.

By fortunate, I also mean taking advantage of the break. Hot teams do that.

It’s one game. The Giants had all the momentum and are at home. I figured the odds were with the Giants even with JV on the mound. The entire FOX broadcast team seems to relish the Tiger’s getting beat. We will have to root through that somehow but it sucks. Doug will need to pitch the game of his life tomorrow; called on to halt the Giant’s momentum. I think JL needs to play Andy in LF and hold Delmon back for pinch hitting. Then DH him at home. He probably won’t but that’s what he should do. Can’t afford any misplays the way the Giants are hitting.
Tigers and Tiger fans took a huge hit to the gut tonight. Now they have to slow it down and just grind out a win. A loss like this may be just what our Tigers needed to wake up.

That’s a good point.

The ball hit off of the 3rd base bag. Right there I knew we had no shot. The mojo was definitely on SF’s side. Hopefully it shifts and quick. If not then very short series.

Yeah Rich. Then McCarver tried to cover by claiming it was a joke. I don’t think Buck was buying. If he did mean it to be a joke, it wasn’t that funny.

He can remember every pitch Bob Gibson ever threw him but forgot Barry Bonds. That’s typical with old age. The A-Rod discussion should be tomorrow night.

Miggy needed to come for the ball before it hit the bag. He would not have gotten Pagan out, but he would not be at second either. That unfortunate play led to 15 more pitches in the inning. I’m not excusing JV here, but it really pushed his count up, and then the hose job on the strike zone made it obvious. We really looked rusty out there. I, too, have compassion for Jose. His eyes told the story. He was looking for reassurance from a team mate, and got nothing. His confidence and future have been compromised. Would not use him again, unless we are 15 up or 15 down.
Would have started Dirks over Garcia, with the soft toss lefty- would have had Garcia in against the Bummer; now I’m not so sure. It’s only one game, and the winner of this series must win on the road. Maybe Mister Fister is the answer tomorrow night:

1. Ajax had a decent night both offensively and in the field. Going forward, ever who hits two is the key behind him.
2. Good relief effort from Benoit. Off sped stuff was down and very effective.
3. Jhonny might be the one to keep hitting the long ball. Avoided total embarrassment with the late bomb.

JV was letting his ADHD show through; he has to remained steady. Migghy had a solid defensive play in the ninth; kudos to Delmon for two hits. Let’s not give up yyet; we’ve been through this a lot this year. Just hope the Giants haven’t been dubbed by the baseball fairy as “it” for 2013. Good morning all!

As you can see by my spelling, and wrong year for Giants, I am a little worn down.

the effort is appreciated. for example when i wake up – after i check the box score i look for your comment next.

Back to our sterling homeplate umpire, Gerry Davis. Didn’t that ball off Delmon’s bat hit behind him? How does that become a fair ball?
Someone at the presser just asked Jim about momentum and got the stock answer in reply. That’s actually kind of funny when you know it’s coming.

Well one good thing has come from this. JL will have an improved bullpen next game. The simple fact that he has finally realized he can’t throw Valverde will mean that he won’t cost us in a tight ball game. Valverde used to be good. He’s not anymore. End of story.
We have to be more concerned about the lack of cohesive team hitting. That has plagued us all year. We have to have better at bats and we have to do something at the bottom of the order.
Like I said earlier, don’t worry about Sandoval. Keep the rest of the team off the bases and pitch around him. If you pitch to him you will pay the price. Right now he is so locked in you will beat yourself up by worrying about him in the hole and on deck.
I’ll tell you, if I was not a Tiger fan, I might be gleeful about what happened to JV and us tonight too. Everyone was so darn humble and trying so hard not to appear being cocky that in fact, they were being cocky. Opposing fans will like to see the shock and visible disbelief registered on JV’s face. With his celebrity status he has become an easy guy for the enemy camp to wish bad luck on. His world was rocked tonight and he really needs to rebound his next start (hopefully he gets it).

And no–I didn’t watch the game after 5th.

Please no accusations of me making Valverde a scapegoat. He is nothing of the kind.
He did not matter in this game and should not matter in this series. Yes they could have subbed for him after NY and brought in Villarael or Downs by reason of injury. But, realistically, there is no way that Jim does that. He is too steeped in loyalty and in some fixated impression that everything will return to a previous normal.
Even his quote at the end of the game: “”You know, he wasn’t terrible. He just wasn’t good,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. “It’s a little bit puzzling to be honest with you”.
To be honest with you Jim, you might have sounded a little more intelligent if you just resorted to your familiar “Next question.”.
Again we did not lose because of Jose Valverde, but we also will not win because of him either. So let’s put him behind us. Everyone. That means you too Jim.
We win tomorrow things will look a whole lot better than they do right now.

Verlander usually goes out of synch when he is to rested but he needs to keep himself in the game after bad breaks. He is no rookie. The ball went through and the extra base was inevitable but he had to keep his concentration.
A good at bat from the the cleaner spot and the game was tied.
Loyalty? The loyalty is to the fans, the team, the owner.
And allowing someone to be utterly destroyed is no loyalty

Still, win today and Tigers in 5.Fister and Sanchez will get it done

The offense?” Young said. “We were down 4-0 quick, so you can’t blame the offense.”

Well Young you coulda done something to change that like “score runs “. Off a bad pitcher. But in a way I agree this loss is almost entirely on JV. He was horrible and I a still so angry this morning my head hurts. I went to bed o I didn’t hear his excuses, but I don’t really care. Cy Young???? Whatever.

Well, just about everything went against us last night. Our pitching was poor, our at bats were poor and our luck was poor. I never expected a sweep so I am not pulling my hair out quite yet. JV is the best pitcher in baseball, unfortunately he can’t be stellar every time out. Not sure what was wrong with him last night, it looked like he and VV were throwing batting practice. It was the perfect time to put VV in though, the game was a long shot and his extra runs did not change the outcome of the game. It proved that whatever they are working on has not been fixed as of yet so I doubt we see him again this series unless we are in a similar situation. I was disappointed they did not bring in Porcello – he has not pitched in forever. So let’s not give the 3-homerun dude anything to hit – stop trying to be the man that strikes him out and just give him a base or make him chase, he just killed us last night. If nothing else, our team is pretty good at forgetting the bad game the day before, so hopefully that rings true for tonight. Let’s go Mr. Fister!

I think I can count on one hand our wins against soft tossers, going back years.
Every one of our liners got caught and I groaned every time we got to two outs.
Man was it painfull watching Valverde struggle to get the pitcher out – closest thing to a modern day public flogging.
Easy to give up on the Tigs after that effort but that has been the season in a nutshell.

And, let’s hope they come out a little more loose. Did anyone else look at their faces when being introduced? I already mentioned this, but they did look very tight and not relaxed. After watching, I’d take Delmon out of these NL games completely. Dirks would play a good LF and probably hit more. I feel bad for Papa. His arm is probably shot. Verlander looked very distracted.

One last dig. Yesterday was one of those days my mom (RIP) used to call Indian Summer days. Bermuda shorts & flip-flop weather. My favorite season of the year in Michigan and it would have been very nice to show the foilage off a little bit. Yesterday’s breakfast, I know.

today is still a good day to be outside, btw.

Agree with all your points Kathy.

Barry Zito = Bruce Chen of the NL. And we know how much trouble soft tossers give us.
And Gerry Davis’ strike zone was ridiculous last night. HOWEVER, the Tigers did not adjust at the plate. Too much 1st pitch swinging and expanding the zone. That is on the Tigers.
Verlander got unraveled and Sandoval can hit, that is for sure. But the rest of that lineup is pretty weak. Hopefully Fister is on tonight.

That was a dumb quote from Delmon or, as Chris Iott kindly put it, an interesting angle. Is that how he thinks or was he caught off guard with whatever the question was? Everything is magnified in the WS.
We’ll need one of those agonizing grindout wins tonight. Fasten seat belts.

We are now in the World Series and need a win to gain the split on the road. Critical to gain this split. We will rely on Doug Fister to give us a strong outing and our offense to scratch out enough runs to get us back to Detroit even with the Giants. We are a team and will win as a team. Go Tigers!!!!

Posey is the best hitter on the Giants by far. Sandoval was .283 with 12 HR and 63 RBI during the regular season. He turned Ruthian yesterday. That’s baseball. Another game tonight.

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