Game 4 start shows Tigers’ caution with Scherzer

Max Scherzer spent most of the summer outpitching Justin Verlander atop the Tigers rotation. Max Scherzer is spending the postseason as a Game 4 starter, the only Tigers starter guaranteed only one start in the best-of-seven series.

He filled the role in the best-of-5 AL Division Series against Oakland, and the best-of-7 ALCS against the Yankees. He’ll do the same against the Giants.

Scherzer has one earned run and 18 strikeouts over 11 innings this postseason. It’s the type of pitching most teams would want to get as often as possible in a seven-game series. The Tigers are concerned about the flip side, not getting it at all. With three other starters pitching as well as they have all season, it’s a luxury they can afford to take.

“Some people have asked about should he pitch in the fourth game,” Leyland said Monday, “but because of his little bit of setbacks recently, not too recently, but with the celebration and prior to that with a little tired arm, we decided this was the best way to go.”

It all goes back to the shoulder. No matter what the results for Scherzer, and they’ve been increasingly positive since his return at the end of the regular season, the Tigers aren’t going to take a chance with it.

On one hand, team officials downplay the injury. When shoulder soreness scratched him from one start after two innings and erased his assignment from another with a week to go in the regular season, he was diagnosed with deltoid soreness, not tendinitis.

“I know everybody keeps talking about that [as a shoulder injury], but it was definitely muscular,” team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said last week. “They identified it quickly, so it was really more a matter of making sure he got it where it was rested again.

“Like [doctors] said, it’s just like a person that’s tired. But I was concerned as far as getting it up and going again.”

Even so, shoulder fatigue is enough for the Tigers to use caution. It’s not simply the injury itself, but the chance that trying to push too much to pitch through it could lead to something else.


That’s the kind of caution you rarely, if ever, see in postseason baseball. But the Tigers really do have that luxury. Must be nice.

in regards to the article: This was what i was expecting was the answer from management.
on another note: Gerry Davis is working homeplate tonight. JV splits with Davis: 12.1IP, 3BB, 6K, 6.57ERA. None of those innings were racked up in 2012 (2006 and 2011 6IP each).

Zito with Davis:5.05 WHIP: 1.738 BAA:.272/.382/.779 25 SO/25 BB .

Oh, meteorologist, what game time tempertures do you see for games 1 thru 4?? Does anyone see where low tempertures could make it difficult for Max to even be ready to pitch?? In hot weather, Max can bring it up there over 95 consistently. We better be cautious using him in frigid temps.

game 1: 59-55F
game 2: 61-54F
game 3: 44-39F
game 4: 43-38F

confidence decreases significantly from game 2 to game 3. But I can see what you are saying about pitching in cold weather. I hope these bay area ballplayers don’t get sick or have a hard time dealing with the weather.

How many of you remember opening day 1962 and Frank Lary vs the Yanks????

are you referring to may 12th 1961 where he hit that go ahead dinger in the 9th against the yankees?…right after outfielder Rocky Colavito bolted into the stands at Yankee Stadium when he observed a Yankee fan tussling with his father?

(the 1st number being game start temperature, the end being 3 hours later temperature)

I remember both games. I saw the Colavito game on TV and the 1962 game on radio. I seem to recall Lary hit a triple.

What Lary did in 1962 was pitch in very cold weather with snow. He was never the same pitcher again. The year before he won over 20 games and beat the Yankees at least six times.

Well, the Giants are apparently going to use Matt Cain, their ACE, starter in the NL All Star game, just once, also in game 4. In his case, Cain could start game 3 on normal rest, so they have no reason to limit Cain to just one start.

As for Max out pitching Verlander “most of the summer”, I don’t see the basis for that claim. Max had a lower ERA than JV in just one month- August, and Verlander pitched more innings every month, and had a lower ERA and WHIP every month other than August.

Max has a habit of elevating his pitch count and getting himself taken out of the game in the sixth inning or sooner lately. He hasn’t gone six innings since Sept 12 and hasn’t gone longer than six since Sept 7th.

With the current state of the bullpen and Leyland’s obsession with using “my guy, dammit”, it’s best to go with the guys that will be still on the mound as late as possible, whether or not they have to hit.

Tigers roster for World Series is the same used by club during ALDS & ALCS

Valverde:’It’s my legs. My legs were a little slow,” he said Tuesday. ”Now I have the same rhythm I had before.”–mlb.html

whatchoo talkin bout alice? mr. potato head doesn’t even have legs!

but i think JL alluded to him not getting the push off from his legs and that was why he lost velocity on his fastball

And a week ago it was his hands. My fear is he doesn’t know what it is, other than being worn out.

I wish VV would make up his mind about what is ailing his performance. I have heard hands, shoulder and legs at different times, which does not inspire my confidence in a fix. There probably is a connection there, but so far the explanation(s) leaves something to be desired.

Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Infante 4, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young 7, Peralta 6, Garcia 9, Avila 2, Verlander


Any word on the lineup?

My guess:
1. Jackson 8
2. Infante 4
3. Cabrera 6
4. Fielder 3
5. Young 7
6. Peralta 5
7. Garcia 9
8. Laird 2
9. Verlander 1

Lots of right handers versus Zito. Will need to be patient.

Thanks El Tigre. Only missed on the Catcher. No problem with Alex starting.


I was expecting Laird too. Or Avisail 8 th with Avila in the lineup

and I mixed up 5 and 6 ….

Miguel played SS with the Marlins in 2003

ElTigre lineup seems likely.
SF are really making it an easy call to play DY in SF. Throwing the LHP there is a “no-brainer” for JL

It is the official lineup

I read an Associated Press release this morning in the San Bernardino Sun. It listed Brayan as one of 12 pitchers for the Tigers. I posted earlier to determine if that is accurate information. I have neither read nor heard anything definitive since. It now sounds like that may be innacurate. Do you know anything for certain?

Tigers roster for World Series is the same used by club during ALDS & ALCS

I mean, I dont want to take undue credit

Thank you. I will assume that is a reliable and official source.

Brian Britten Director of Media Relations for the Detroit Tigers.

“I mean, I dont want to take undue credit” was an explanation to Dan. He credited me with the authorship of the lineup.

I thought that was the lineup you phoned in to Leyland!

You gotta freaking be kidding me? What e hell!

I bet Scherzer will have an outstanding pitching performance in game 4 and still lose. Hell…… he could throw a no-hitter and still lose if the Tiger’s don’t score a single run and commit a couple of errors ! I don’t know if I can stand to watch another game where the Tigers offense fails to do anything…… and loses because the Giants manage to squeak out 1 or 2 runs. Absolutely Pathetic !

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