Delmon Young will start in left field in Game 1

Aside from the big three of Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder and Austin Jackson, the Tigers struggled to find a better run producer in Interleague Play than Delmon Young, who hit .308 (20-for-65) with five doubles, two home runs and nine RBIs against the National League.

The one exception might be Quintin Berry, whose hot hitting upon arrival coincided with the National League portion of the schedule. He batted .314 (11-for-35) with a home run, five RBIs and seven runs scored in Interleague.

Berry has seen a late-season revival as the primary left fielder against right-handed starting pitchers since September. Young has been a postseason hero at DH, collecting an ALCS MVP award along the way.

Come Wednesday, whether the Tigers open up the World Series that night in St. Louis or San Francisco, they won’t have the DH. Leyland cleared up the confusion over who would play.

“The plan right now is to play him in left field for the first game,” Jim Leyland said. “I think it’s pretty hard to [sit him], the way he’s been swinging the bat. He’s the MVP of the American League Championship Series, and swinging the bat as well as he is, it would be pretty hard not to play him.”

Young batted 6-for-17 (.353) in the ALCS with two home runs and six RBIs. He drove in the winning run in all four games.

Young’s defense in left field needs no introduction. It might, however, need a refresher course over the next few days, because his playing time in the outfield since the All-Star break consists of a handful of games in late August and early September while Miguel Cabrera’s bad ankle limited him for a spell.

The Tigers worked out Saturday before playing scrimmage games against minor leaguers from their fall instructional league Sunday and Monday. Leyland said Young will get some outfield time over the next couple days.

As for who sits, it depends on who the Tigers face. The Cardinals do not have a left-hander in their rotation, so either Andy Dirks or Quintin Berry (who had been playing left) will start in right field. The Giants have lefty starters in Barry Zito and Madison Bumgarner. In that scenario, Leyland would have to decide whether to go with the productive right-handed bat of rookie Avisail Garcia, or the more experienced left-handed bat of Dirks.


Sitting Dirks in favor of Young against a RHP would be beyond foolish. Berry, I can see. Hit Dirks second and put him in RF, and use Quintin as a defensive replacement or pinch runner, whatever the situation calls for.

This will be a hot topical area. for sure.
I still think they could use Boesch as a PH. Better having someone that can PH rather than someone (Worth or Ramon) who won’t.
I do like Worth for his defense though

He could at least use Boesch to force a matchup pitching change by the opposition.

When asked how many changes he made, Valverde said, “A lot. I open too much [in the delivery]. I do too much stuff with my hands. That’s what I’ve been working on the last couple days with Jonesy, and now it’s over.”
As expected. Mitch Williams nailed it.

“when i do too much – i don’t do too much.” – M.O.

Hey…No love for me? I got lucky and hit on the opening up issue causing a loss in velocity and a flattening out of VV’s pitches well before Mitch got to the hand business, which apparently leads to the problem. After being hammered on the last post, I’m pretty needy.

“To me, you’ve got to pinch hit in the National League cities, you’re going to have to use your pitchers, so if you get behind, that’s just the way it is,” Leyland said.
So why not an extra pitcher? Saint Louis and San Francisco have 12 pitchers in the roster . Their mangers and GMs must know better how to fill the roster for a NL style game
Downs instead of Santiago

You are always thinking. If the Tigers add a pitcher as you have suggested, maybe a couple of changes should be made to play the NL style of ball. Because Santiago is redundant and DY is one-dimensional and doesn’t do much in the playoffs except against the Yanks, they could both be left off the roster. BB could then be added so he could PH, play defense as appropriate and start as needed against RHPs. Downs would then have a spot in the pen as well and everyone would be happy.

Did you just suggest that they leave DY off the roster? Have you watched any of the postseason yet?

I didn’t suggest anything. I am just going with the flow and commenting on comments. If you have read any of my past personal opinions about DY, JL, QB, Coke, Sanchez, VV, Peralta, and the Tigers and their chances, you could figure out where I stand.

The way our starting pitchers are throwing, will they be pinch hit for before the 7th inning? If not, then 11 pitchers are enough. I would like to see Boesch on the roster for pinch hitting late in the game since you would not have to burn a hitter with a pitching change.

Saw Farrell was hired by the BoSox. JL will resultantly not land there as desired by the Boston Herald.

One caveat: DY numbers are great vs the Yankees but nothing special vs the two other teams he has faced in postseasons.

So shoud he just play in home games?

Then we have him solely at DH and have QB on the road and in the field, with some adjustments based on the situation(s).

With high expectations come high disappointments.
One E could cost more than the runs he will take in.
Garcia is an option.
Berry is not because of his bad routes.
I expect to see Kelly in the 8th or earlier

Well, OK. I guess he is used to sitting around anyway and he seems to be positve in the dugout. Maybe he will be more helpful to the Tigers on the bench when they are on the road.

I said QB because of JL’s platoon tendencies amd figured the Tigers were more apt to see RHPs.

Not many ABs, of course, but he has hit some of the Cards and Giants pitchers in regular season. The most important factor is Delmon’s HOT.

I see Ramon (unfortunately) as being redundant on the roster and of virtually no value at the plate as a hitter. He could bunt but he has had a handful of times this year where he had difficulty with that too.
Not a whole lot of straight LHB to worry about on the Cards. That might reduce the need for Downs (the relievers have had very little work).
You won’t PH for JV much. Max can actually hit. Sanchez knows how to find the batter’s box (though he’s not much good there) and Fister is an athlete. You may find yourself not PHing for your pitcher till the 8th inning in many cases.
Boesch was lost but sometimes lost gets found. He can change a game. Ramon can’t

As expected,Leyland: “There’s no secret to my rotation. My rotation is Verlander, Fister, Sanchez, Scherzer.”

I’d change it up. Scherzer after Ver.
As to DY—hopefully JL is not afraid to PR for him, and maybe as early as the 6th inning.

Delmon was a .285 hitter at home and under .250 on the road.
Valverde was significantly better on the road than at home. He gave up a run ever 2 innings at home as opposed to a run ever 3 on the road.

For what it’s worth, I saw Valverde pitching during practice yesterday, I guess it was, and he had not changed the position of his hands before his delivery. Earlier this year, he held them high in the set position. He had them low in Oakland and NY and they still are. This is a follow up to Mitch Willams’ observations.

Maybe Jones has targeted something different to do with VV’s hands besides just his set position. Could be how deep VV’s holding the ball, how tightly, where his pressure points are, what position his hand is coming out of the glove at, what angle he is moving the ball back in his delivery, whether he is wrapping and/or stopping, whether his hand is coming to the plate below his elbow or on top, etc. Lots of things can happen during a delivery. The key thing for VV is to get to the proper release point in balance and jones can figure this out with VV.

We have 3 other RHP that can do that job. Benoit, Dotel and 2Q. If he can’t fix himself, so be it and don’t let him break any more hearts.

Please take note JL and Tiger pitchers. Vogelsong contributed to the cause tonight with a beautiful at bat. Fake the bunt, swing away and the infield is in chaos.
I have a problem with the rotation. I hope JL is flexible. I like Max pitching twice.
I would have him follow Verlander, or at the very least, follow Fister.
Not Sanchez.
For a guy steeped in loyalty like JL is, this also makes sense.

Fister going twice against SFO may not be such a hot idea. Carpenter got hammered today and he reminds me a little of Fister/

Granderson going to the ophthalmologist, again

The NL games provide quite a bit of anxiety that is for sure. You gotta start DY the first game since he has been so hot, then take it from there for game 2. Hope our pitchers are working on their bunting skills this week! All of this down time is killing me!

The lineup:
1. Austin Jackson, CF
2. Andy Dirks, RF
3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
4. Prince Fielder, 1B
5. Delmon Young, LF
6. Alex Avila, C
7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
8. Omar Infante, 2B
9. Justin Verlander, P
“People are going to say, ‘How can you not start Berry?'” Leyland said ?
He does not have the arm to play RF ( neither Dirks btw) and Dirks is a better hitter. It is a no brainer.
Only if the starting pitcher is LH would be a doubt. Garcia would be the right choice then
I was expecting Infante second and Dirks 6th but he wants the fast Infante on base when the pitcher will be bunting.

If we face the Giants we’ll see Baumgarner and Zito the 1st 2 games.
I almost want the Cards now, if the Giants come back and win they’ll have a lot of momentum and won’t have to travel.

Agree with you Mayo. We are much better off playing the Cardinals.

Really? DY in your lineup? Thought you felt he was too risky in the field and was “nothing special” in the playoffs except against the Yanks. I was ready to take him off the WS roster after reading your comments.

Or maybe just use him as a DH.

It is JL¨s lineup. He said that is his probable lineup.

DY vs A´s :235 /.278/.513 2RBI. Vs Texas:.133/.133/.667. 3RBI ( he was injured). His number are good vs the Yankees. Anyway, Berry or Kelly will be there by the 6th. Remember that “3B” by De Aza when he played LF

right now the way delmon is seeing and swinging, I don’t see how you can leave him out of your lineup in a NL park. If he doesn’t perform – then fine, but right now he is changing games with that bat. For gawd’s sakes an aged barry bonds manned LF at this ballpark.

Evan, Barry Bonds had a Little League arm and still won the Gold Glove popularity contest.

No kidding. JL already posted his lineup? Read lots of commentary and heard lots of speculation, but was unaware final decisions had been made.

all i am saying is that if Barroid could play LF why can’t Delmon? And I agree Delmon has a better arm!

Barry Bond by he time he supposedly used PED( he never tested positive and were not banned before) had HoF numbers. He is one of the best player of all time. His father would be among them if not for the era he played when owner were free to do with players as they liked.
I watched him play when he was only a promise.

As an NL player, Bonds was in the lineup for his bat and the fans would have killed if he were removed. DY is the third best run producer on the Tigers and the Tiger fans cannot wait until he is gone. Not playing him in LF would appeal to lots of posters.

I meant, “Even though an NL player.”

We actually NEED Delmon to play. We need some threat of instant runs. You have to hope he isn’t challenged too much in LF and that our pitchers don’t “compensate” for his presence. Generally our fly ball pitchers get their man by going the opposite way or to CF, so we may get away with him there. I do think they need to be prepared to PR and sub for him as early as the 6th inning if opportunity presents itself.
Keep in mind that DY batting 5th (right now) theoretically should help Prince. Though we are not seeing much of Prince’s bat right now.
BTW, it seems like Boesch has some kind of “self-destruct mechanism”. Every time he gets the chance to show something he gets even worse. Now he is whiffing against “A-Ball” pitchers.

Prince Fielder is the reason why I think this team wins the WS. Prince’s bat lights up in this series —- and I think it is going to —- this offense is going to REALLY challenge the SF offense.

wow i’m already counting STL out, hah. But it really applies to either opposing offense: Prince goes on fire and I think we’ll have enough runs to win 4 games.

I considered it a foregone conclusion that Delmon would play LF and never thought of it as an issue. There’s really not much choice in the NL park. “People are going to say, ‘How can you not start Berry?’” Leyland said. Who are these people?
I do think that, before adding more interleague to the schedule, the DH issue should have been settled once and for all, one way or the other. The current setup is absurd.
I don’t see any particular advantage in playing either the Giants or the Cardinals. You just have to win the games. I’d prefer seeing a series with SF myself.

Where would I go to get more information (e.g. box scores) about the scrimmage?

Two predictions involving our intrepid WS broadcast team of Buck and McCarver:
Detroit vs SF: In the 5th innning of game 2, as the Tigers overcome a 5-0 deficit, topped off by an unexpected grand slam by Andy Dirks, Buck and McCarver will spend that entire time discussing the A-Rod situation with sideline reporter Ken Rosenthal, paying little if any attention to what’s happening on the field.
Detroit vs St. Louis: McCarver will discover a flaw that causes a Detroit pitcher to tip his pitches and will immediately notify, in some way shape or form, the Cardinals dugout.

That is why I will not have the tv volume on!

AT&T is the second most pitcher friendly park in the Majors. It is also the park that allows the lowest number of HRs.
62 times, 35 by Bonds, a Giant has landed a ball into the bay. 25 by non Giants. in 12 years.
Sandoval hit there 6 times. Last week off foul territory.
It is not by any measure a short porch.
The cold, wet air is like a wall.

PF. one of his 2 HR there
Miguel has 6 HR

Those kayakers are hardy souls.
And dumb.

might be cause and effect

Interesting (and sad) watching the Armstrong saga pan out. The parallels with baseball feel light years apart.
Baseballs handling of drugs may well accelerate if ARod is unable to regain the magic formula and the Yankees whine behind the scenes about his salary built on false pretense.

We will play either of these worthy opponents but trust me the best matchup for us would be the St. Louis Cardinals.

why do you think that?

Saint Louis have no left handed starters . Only one LHP in the full roster
but SL vs RHP:270/.338/.410/.747

Momentum? When you are 1-3 down,reaching the next stage could be enough to drain all your energies.
Tigers in 1987 emptied the tank to reach the postseason. But KC in 1985 won twice after being 1-3( with a little help from the Umps in both series)

hmmm yea i don’t know. I don’t mind facing a righty, as long as it is at home (we can put dirks and berry in there, then). Remember I am thinking Prince is going to be nasty – and Cabby is prone to hitting RHP hard anyways.

The Cards would have a starting rotation with four righthanders. With Jaime Garcia out, I’m not sure they even have two lefties on the roster. For the Giants, we would have potentially two lefties to face in their rotation and three or four in the bullpen. On the flip side, the Cards have a righty heavy batting order which should be good for our pitching staff. The Giants would be sending five lefthanded hitters up against our pitching. Giants have a batting champion and possible MVP, too. The Cards are also missing Furcal at shortstop. Beltran and Holliday have missed games in the last week.

OK you’ve convinced me – go cards hah! but lets see a looong game hah!

Giants look like winners

So Zito :250/.310/.560
or Lincecum,: Filder 235. Infante 333

Garcia and Laird vs Zito.

We can beat either team or lose to either team. I don’t think I could handle losing to the Cardinals again. The Giants are getting a ton of breaks tonight. Bring ’em on.

I hope Posey can stay cold one more series.

I’d rather see the Cards. They are playing poorly on D.
Giants can stay I think Prince is going to have difficult time breakig out of it in San Fran. That wind is blowing in and he’s got to LHP to deal with.

Cain did not like the hook

Oh boy I hope San fransisco cools down they are scaring me right now, their pitching is hot and Scutaro and Panda can’t get out! Oh boy!

Let the Games Begin!
But has anybody explained why Scherzer is 4th in the rotation?
That makes no sense to me… all.

My guess is the tired arm. The other three are in better shape at this point. But if you need a K out of the pen in games 6 or 7, who better than Max to get it?

This is going to be a tough series. The Giants are pumped, they are playing good D, hitting the ball, have a balance of pitching and they start things off at home.

It was going to be tough either way, unless the Tigers play over their heads. It will be a much more interesting series than if we’d played the Cardinals. If Rizzo in Washington hadn’t mishandled Strasburg’s workload, we may have been lining up to play the Nationals, which would have cost me about 5 grand in tickets. That was a bucket list item.

We need to focus on the Giants now. They are definitely the best team in the NL and will be a formidable opponent. The Giants had five starters with over thirty starts in the regular season and all of them have a start in the playoffs. Their bullpen is deep and very balanced. Our strength for the second half of the season and so far in the playoffs has been our starting pitching. We do have Verlander going in the first game and he does dominate NL teams in interleague play. Very few of their players have seen JV while some of our players have faced Zito over the years. We need to go out there and take a game. Our hitters need to be patient that’s the MO against Zito. If we get Lincecum in Game 2 his problem this year seems to be walking too many hitters. Be patient!!! Go Tigers!!!

It just seems wrong-headed to me. Max pitched extremely well his last outing.
Of the four I am most concerned with Fister. His style of pitching may not match up well with the Giant hitters and if he does get hit, he can get hit a lot.
I expect to be traveling through San Fran next week—-when the Tigers are HOME!! Damn!

Nice article about Avisail Jason. As a side note, Nick Castellanos arguably had the worst night of his young career tonight. Struck out 5 times. Ouch.

They did well vs Pettitte and CC. Vs Zito, the alternate lineup.
In the right column there is a link to the position by position analysis. Tigers with the edge.
The Tigers already stopped a team with momentum.
I never expected a different rotation. Scherzer barely made into the 6th in his last game. Fielder was partially to blame but he is not in full strength yet

Scutaro vs Valverde; 333 Scherzer; 444 Porcello: 400 Benoit : 267.

Fister:091.Coke: 0 for 2

Sandoval: 280/ .308/.520 /.828 vs the Tigers. 2 for 3 vs Valverde

Posey: 1 for 8 vs Sanchez

Pagan:.308/.333/.462/.795 vs the Tigers. 261 vs Sanchez. 2 for 5 vs Verlander

That’s still a darn shame. Personally, I think Max is OK. I’ll take 5 inning like that anyday and follow up with Smyly or combination.
Rich’s point about Max coming in out of the pen is a valid one too. I’m just having trouble not hearing an explanation for this, though if they are concerned that is arm is “weak” I’m sure they don’t want to broadcast it.
Naming a “closer” to me, is really unnecessary. Why pin yourself down? And to name Coke as the guy just means SF can strategize with their only LHB being Huff on the bench. Coke has been great but we know that can change in a hurry and we know he has an enormous difficulty with RHB.
I see Benoit, Q2 and Dotel being very important in this series.

Superstitions, not changing what worked in the first two rounds. I would have Max go in game three, so that we h do not have the two best power pitchers going back to back. Will the hitters timing be better against JV after facing Max the previous day?

The Giants won 94 games and took their division by 8 games. They beat a 97-win Reds team three in a row in their own ballpark. They come in with a ton of momentum and have been getting every break conceivable. Yet I’m hearing from out in the great beyond that the Tigers are favored? Based on what, the rotation alone? What do you have to do to be an underdog around here?

not having the best pitcher in the game (going 2x on normal rest) and the triple crown winner (fielding a position to boot). pitching wins championships and our pitching has been amazing.

Yes, the Tigers should be the favorites. They have the best pitcher on the planet and the best hitter on the planet, as well as an excellent and experienced management team. The rotation has proven fantastic and both Fielder and Young can carry a team. That said, baseball is what it is and the Giants can be very dangerous. Darn, I guess we will have to play to determine a winner.

Oh yeah, and the Tigers also have a little momentum. They just swept the Yankees, the team with the best record in the AL. So what does a team have to have in the way of talent and what does it need to do to be considered the favorite?

momentum is named justin verlander.

(tomorrow’s starting pitcher)

I think the Tigers are the underdog based on the fact that the 3 previous times where 1 opponent swept and 1 went 7 the team that went 7 won the series.

Bovada thinks the most likely outcome is Detroit winning the best-of-7 series in five games. It put the odds of that happening at 7-2 (from
Take the bet, gamblers, on SF. No way our guys win this in five. This series is an even bet at best. What are people thinking? I can’t imagine calling it an upset if we lose. If only I was a gamblin’ man instead of a ramblin’ man…………

What does a team have to have in the way of talent and what does it need to do to be considered the favorite? Obviously what they’ve just done. Hey, I’m just trying to avert major disappointment if we don’t win it; calling for Leyland’s head again and all that. I’d rather not have that happen.
I see this series as a toss up and I’m going to enjoy it as such.

the way i see it – there is no baseball after this either way.

which for me is very difficult to deal with, nearly each year. Better to love and have offseason then to not love at all.

Look at it this way, Homey. This offseason is already one month shorter and spring training will start early because of the WBC. We’re fortunate.

touche. I like the WBC – i don’t know about others opinions of it. Find it interesting the asian teams do as well as they do.

Let JL’s detractors call for his head. I am so tired of that gibberish. He is an excellent manager and can control a clubhouse. If the Tigers don’t want JL and/or he does not want to remain here and still wants to manage, he will be in demand and will have a number of opportunities to continue his career. And if that happens, I am sure DD will find a more than adequate replacement.

Stats analysis Giants-Tigers. In MLB the Giants rank 5th in team batting with a .269 average just ahead of the 6th ranked Tigers at .268. The pitching matchup is close too with SF’s team ERA 3.68 (7th) and Detroit’s team ERA 3.75(9th). Both teams have reigning batting champs, Miguel Cabrera and Buster Posey. Very even matchup.

don’t forget the giants pitch to other pitchers 1/10th of the ABs

When one of you (Evan???) said after the Oakland series thank goodness no more late nights, it was always going to be the Giants.
Man this wait has been a pain. Hard to imagine what the players have had to deal with.
The 3/4 and 5/6 have been out of kilter all season. Time for all four to be on song for one series.
How much longer are the AL teams going to put up with the rules heavily favouring the NL? Watching the past week, I have realised laying down a bunt doesn’t require some special skill long lost to mankind.

yea the oakland series wrecked me – healthwise.

Yet since the inception of the DH, the AL has won 20 WS and the NL 17.

someday soon – the NL will have a DH as well. no way the players union allows the AL to drop the DH. And for that matter – since Selig now controlls both leagues….i don’t see how the NL could stop this from happening. The players will be all for it.

Traditionalist like the baseball played by 9 not by 10.
Paul Molitor is the only DH to make the Hall and he was only a part time DH.
I agree with that ,a DH does not belong to the HoF.
Between 1976 and 1985, the WS was played alternating years with DH and without DH.
The rules were established well before the series, so it is not unfair. They must adapt like many teams have been doing since 1986. 14 AL team won it under this rules. 12 in for the NL .
I dont know if is is the same today but for years, NL DH fared better than AL DH

NL fans support the traditional way of playing baseball

Giants manager Bruce Bochy has named Barry Zito with 15 wins and Madison Bumgarner with 16 wins to pitch the first two games in their park. We are back to battling lefties.

They did well vs Pettitte and CC

Zito , Bumgarner, Vogelsong, Cain.

Bumgarner. 11.25 2.13 WHIP. 385 BAA LHB: against 500 ERA 5.40 . RHP: 345. 12.79
Tigers vs him:.323/.382/.323.705
Infante 3 for 9

Vs Zito:190/.250/.310/.560

What do these two teams have in common? Orange. So the way I see it, it’s going to be a close series. But on a more serious note, I’m looking forward to the first time Sandoval reaches first so he and Prince can have a full out Sumo wrestling match. I won’t accept anything less.

Could it be decided on Halloween??? No sumo. This is an earthquake area.

Well Marty, thanks for the visual of Prince and Panda in those diaper things. I won’t sleep tonight.

I was glad to hear Jim say he’d continue to play the closer role by ear. During the long season, you pretty much have to assign roles to the pen but at this point anything goes. Think of Joe Torre refusing to use Rivera for more than one inning all year then it was two-inning saves in the postseason. What I’m wondering is, with our standard 7-man pen, where does Valverde get slotted into games. It will be interesting to watch it play out.

Let’s hope AJ and Laird can do something against these LHPs. If in fact Laird plays. He has not done very well post season or regular season vs LHP. If Laird can’t hit I would just as soon see Avila back in.

Good morning Tiger fans. Today’s the day. Spent several hours yesterday watching interviews and such on MLB Network. Wow, are we in the headlines. Miggy is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. What a show this will be. Justin is so confident in his team and that confidence seems to permeate the entire organization and fan base. In ’06 there was a picture of Verlander, Robertson and Bonderman (dressed in travel attire) in one of the papers showing them leaving the clubhousee in St Louis. They were smiling and peering into a room of Cardinal players and I kept thinking they may never get an opportunity to get that close to playing, let alone win, in another World Series. They were so young and Justin alluded to his youthfulness during the press conference yesterday. It seems like only yesterday, how excited and delirilous the organization was to get Justin in the draft.
So, good luck tonight boys. The world will be watching because we have lifelong Tiger fans all around the world. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

I’m thinking you gotta go with Garcia today and tomorrow. As much as I like Dirks I think if he gets the start today and doesn’t hit you really have to go with Avisail tomorrow.
Be interesting to see what Leyland does with Laird and Avila too. I think Zito is the kind of LHP Avila could hit.

Well we are going to see how our bullpen can do in the pressure cooker. With all the fuss over Valverde (who JL is not going to trust, damn the stubborn loyalty), he has also not been giving the ball to Benoit, who may be a huge factor this week and next.
We are going to need Q2 to throw some strikes and Smyly to break some bats too.

I just read a preview from a SoCal newspaper. It showed Brayan as a 12th pitcher on the roster. Is this correct?

I hope not.
I see the weather is expected to be gorgeous today and tomorrow………… Detroit!!!
Then cold when they come home. Go figure.

I can’t bear the excitement right now – we are almost to game 1. I may miss the first half hour, which is tough to take, but hoping I get home with Justin already in the groove. Still can’t believe we are in the World Series – time to show everyone what you got Tigers!

Had no idea you were going. OMG. How excited you must be so I’ll say once again: May you be our good luck charm, TigerGirl!

Adding a reliever would be a wise move. With Coke closing they are a LOOGY short

I assume the closing duties will be assigned according to who is due to hit in the Giants 8th and 9th innings. I’m looking forward to Jim’s handling of this. Get ’em, Uncle Jimbo.

From some comments by Santiago re packing, it sounded like he not only didn’t where he was going, but if he was going. The roster on the main site shows no Villarreal, just the 11 pitchers.

And Santiago¨s name is still there too.

Oh yeah, WS for our Tigers! 75 degrees in Grand Rapids. Too bad the al did not win the midsession exhibition game!

Convertibles are out and I almost need my air conditioning on. Gonna get cold in a couple days, though.

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