Leyland: Tigers will scrimmage Sunday and Monday

The Tigers are one Cardinals win away from a rematch of the 2006 World Series. They are not going to reprise the way they spent waiting for that World Series to actually get underway.

“We are going to play a couple games,” Leyland told ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning show on Friday.

The Cardinals beat the Tigers in that Fall Classic six years ago, but the Tigers also beat themselves with sloppy fielding and cold bats. Manager Jim Leyland admitted then, and holds to it now, that the six-day wait between the ALCS and the World Series opener killed them.

Leyland won’t let it happen again. With the World Series not opening up until Wednesday in St. Louis or San Francisco, no matter how soon the NLCS wraps up, the Tigers will spend the weekend working out before playing two games against a team of minor-league players from their Florida Instructional League team.

The workout schedule hasn’t been formally announced, but Leyland confirmed it on his radio appearance. Credit Paul Wezner of TigsTown.com with the report on the prospects coming to Detroit.

“We actually have our instructional league team coming to Detroit and we’re going to play a couple of actual games Sunday and Monday and have a workout Saturday as well,” Leyland told Mike and Mike. “We’re going to have our pitchers throw to hitters and we’re going to have our hitters face live pitching. So hopefully we’ll be a little more prepared this time.”

Indeed, a few Tigers prospects tweeted Thursday night that they’re coming to Detroit.

Apparently it won’t just be prospects either. Darin Downs, Detroit’s second lefty reliever for the season’s second half before Drew Smyly filled the role on the postseason roster, is also apparently making the trip.



good plan by management – glad to see we’ve learned a little about how not to deal with this layover since 2006!

Agree. Good plan by management. Does having Gerald Laird on our side aid us if we face the Redbirds???

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Aaron Gleeman: “That sounds like a good idea, unless of course a hitter pulls a hamstring or a pitcher tweaks an elbow, in which case Leyland will never hear the end of it.” If a hamstring or elbow were to go in a scrimmage, it would go in a WS game anyway. Dumb comment.

Getting in some playing time was important enough to travel to do it if need be. This is also a completely different type of team than the 2006 club was. Errors were made by pitchers with little experience, such as Zumaya, Rodney, and Verlander. Regarding the hitting, we don’t exactly win games with offense anyway.
Jim Leyland’s possible return: I haven’t changed my opinion on Jim one way or the other. The results are what they are, both good and bad. I’ve always liked him as a person, and he has strengths in some areas and weaknesses in others. Any manager will be second guessed because it’s just part of the game. My main wish is to upgrade our style of play somewhat, to be a little more aggressive, stronger defensively, and to avoid getting stuck in ruts. All of these things have happened in the postseason, not coincidentally leading to success. We nearly missed out on the postseason altogether this season, and that shouldn’t be forgotten in the heady rush of going to the WS. The good thing is that Jim has earned some fans this season.
To be perfectly honest with you, I’d miss the Leyand-isms if he left. I don’t want to put the cart before the horse, but I don’t think I’d be chewing yesterday’s breakfast by saying he came up with some good ones. I mean, I like him. I like him a lot. That’s just the way it is. Some of them are no-brainers but, like I said, it is what it is. While momentum is only as good as your next day’s manager, it’s the players who provide the chemistry, which I don’t believe in. That’s just something for media and fans to talk about. What people don’t understand about baseball is that the players play the game. They’re right in there, you can go ask them. Like I said, it’s a no-brainer.


very nice, you just don’t see stuff like that

Miggy is a master batsman. When Yankee pitchers busted him in and expanded the zone to mitigate his opposite field power, Miggy adjusted and turned and burned; once again making a significant difference in the Tiger offense

The strength of our offense is that we have become adept at scoring early this year. We just swept the Yanks and they never had the lead.

Hopefully the weather will be kind in Detroit the next week. I remember the Rockies after their 23-1 or so finish sitting for a week in the cold and snow before their WS meltdown.
I have said all along the AL was there for the taking with all of the paper favourites beaten before going on the field.
The NL is entirely different and the big test is coming.
You haven’t said it for some time Rich but the best comment regarding JL was be careful what you wish for, alluding to the calibre of replacement.
Successful managers skillset include being intelligent, a good ex player, planner, people person and have some psychology training. Don’t have a big head and last but not least, putting up with the daily grind over the longest season for any sport on the planet.

If I’m reading you wrong, Dave, I apologize in advance, but I never said be careful what you wish for. I’m in the opposite camp that thinks there are many talented managers out there. Jim is one of them.

Blame me. My bad. I said it to Kathy and added she might just get what she wants. She retorted that she knows what she wants.

That is, JL gone.

Tigers need to have their pitchers use bats that they haven’t used in a long time.
Delmon needs to use the glove he hasn’t used in a long time.
Some PFP would be nice, also.

What was very encouraging was the way they handled with relative ease. The label of not being able to handle LHP suddenly disappeared. The lineup that theoretically should destroy LHP appeared with a vengeance.
Avisail showed he can hit with power and somehow fights off RHP too.
Cabrera took matters in his own hands and decided to finish off Sabathia and the Yanks. He had “enough of this” and “home run” in his eyes and his swing in that critical inning. Only the truly great can do that.
I would imagine they will get at least 1 full days rest. They have certainly earned it.
I was wrong about Jim Leyland. I actually thought he was not a good manager for this bunch. They play for him, they like and respect him and they succeeded. You can’t ask for more than that. Leyland has a big heart and is truly a decent person.
I don’t like the stubborness, the misplaced loyalty and the chip on the shoulder but I will admit he was not the problem in the team dynamic that I thought he was.
He deserves credit for getting these guys through and for starting to show signs of flexibility and adaptation recently.

Verlander, Fister, Sanchez ( his record is best home , it is the same for Verlander ), Scherzer, Verlander, Fister Sanchez..
How strong is Scherzer ´s arm ? Enough to trust him instead of Sanchez?
Or put Fister in line for the 7th game.
But for a rain out ,Verlander wont pitch three games.

I’d go Verlander Sanchez Fister Scherzer. Verlander and Fister would pitch the alway pivotal games 3 and 5, then Scherzer and Verlander could be on call in the pen for a game 7 started by Fister. And don’t be afraid to use them in the winner take all game. Live or die with the best pitchers you’ve got.

Sounds like a good plan.

My apologies Rich. The context of whoever said it was alluding to the likely type of Manager DD would bring in replace JL. I have been a huge supporter of DD, not afraid to take action when needed and since Sheffield have always agreed with his moves even if some failed ala Washburn. DD is however very conservative and rewards past favours always going with the devil he knows. There are unfortunately plenty of baseball hacks being recycled in MLB preventing real leadership talent from emerging.

That’s the case throughout sports. NFL, NBA, even college. Coaches are never out of a job for long. And I agree, new blood becomes a rare thing.

I wish the best for DY once he is jettisoned from the Tigers and hope he he continues to produce. He has had some outstanding seasons and has again been ahuge factor in the playoffs. Dy has been amazing, particlarly when you consider he started this season the same age as Boesch and Dirks, and 1 year younger than Berry. If DY loses some weight, he should again be able to cover some grond and steal bases, like just a few years ago. I desperately hope DY does it in the and not with a team like the Yankeesso he doesn’t come back to haunt the Tigers.

“does it in the NL”- Sorry…I am a poor typist with a bad keyboard and without spell check.

Richard, I felt you were talking down to me with that comment like I was just some dumb woman who doesn’t know a thing about baseball. I know what I want because I played baseball, my son played baseball and I have been a Tiger fan for umpteen years. Does it mean that I’m right? Not necessarily, but I still know what I want. Just like that girl with the sign exclaiming she is Miguel’s #1 fan.


Talk down to you? Not at all. Agree with you about JL? Not at all. Did I support JL’s performance in my pertinent post? Absolutely. Do I believe it would have been regrettable to dismiss JL at that time? Certainly. Do I think you are being personal now after reading something into nothing? Definitely. “Be careful what you wish for. You may just get what you want?” Harmless opinion expressed in a rhetorical statement.

Let’s put it this way: if you were my grandson, I’d send you to your bedroom for being a smart ***.

Why don’t you put a lid on it and quit being so caustic? Enough of this. I have my opinion and if you don’t like it, too bad. No need to be personal about it. Besides, the bedroom idea might work for you with a youngin’. My eldest grandson is 24 and the problem is getting him out of his bedroom, not keeping him in.

That’s the point, Richard. We all have opinions and feel free to express them in this forum without someone telling us how we are supposed to think.

Your dialogue keeps evolving and all because you read something into nothing more than a harmless opinion expressed in a rhetorical statement. You have gone from wanting to unload JL to me “talking down” to you like a “dumb woman” and, now, to me telling you how to think. And in the process you have been “personal” to the point of calling me a “smartass.” Once again, “enough of this.” Take it somewhere else, not to me.

If you are one of those people who must have the last word, take the opportunity. This is boresome and unworthy of any further replies on my part.

If we play the Cardinals, would a game 2 start for Scherzer who is from the St. Louis area surprize you???

If that was the only reason for starting him in game 2, yes, it would surprise me very much.
I really REALLY hope it’s the Giants, for the entertainment factor if nothing else. We play the Cardinals just about every year.

Well, he did win sixteen games this year which was second on the team. How was his game four closeout against the Yankees?? In 2006 our manager had Verlander and Rogers in the first two games. Those facts might get him a game 2 start. Will the similated games give us a hint?? Game 1 and 2 starters throw two innings on Sunday. Game 3 and 4 starters might throw three innings each on Monday. I guess we need to see all those relievers get some work in, too!!!!!!!!! We do play the Cards every year in spring training!!!! Getting back to Max, management has been very cautious and kept him on pitch counts. If the plan is for him to start just once, it probably would be in Detroit. The point I’m trying to make is with six days between games our manager can adjust that order any way he wants it.

Yes, he can set it up any way he wants. I only meant that starting Max in a game solely because it was played in Missouri isn’t a good reason. I suppose his family get tickets to all the games. The only drawback with Scherzer is he often needs a lot of bullpen help. That’s the only drawback. At this point, our rotation is so strong that the order in which they pitch takes on less significance.

Here’s a funny thought. There are probably some people in NY who are saying that the Yankees need to be able to compete with the Detroits of the world. Who’d ever see that coming?


San Fran may be a better match for us. Even with Zito and his “Invis-poo” (thanks to Greg Zaun for that one).
Not sure how we would do with the Cardinal bullpen. Might get some weather relief but you do have to deal with the time zone issue. I don’t see San Fran with a lot of hitting IMO. Don’t like the idea of Garcia on the bench as much as he would be if the Cards were are foe. Or freezing weather in both venues.
Actually I’m pretty ecstatic that this club is where it is regardless of who they play. Almost feels like we’re playing on house money.

We are going to need a defensive replacement for Delmon Young in LF. I would suspect that will end up being Garcia as Berry will likely be in the lineup with the RHP that we could see. Hard to know how that will all shake down.
I have wondered (just a smidgen) if JL would entertain any thought of a roster change for the Series. I would guess the only possibility might be Boesch (just in case he runs into one as a PH). For the amount of playing time Ramon is likely to get it might not be a terrible idea. He won’t be used to PR and he won’t be used to PH and he won’t be used for defense with Worth around. The Cards have a couple of guys who throw smoke in their bullpen. They are tough to hit. A power hitter against a fastball pitcher protecting a lead is not a terrible idea at all.

No chance Dirks will play RF and bat second behind Jackson??

Now that the Tigers are in the world series, i do not see many comments about wanting Leyland’s head. Like many have said on this blog, the players are on the field and they have to produce. People tend to “blame” the manager when they do not agree with his moves. If the Tigers had not won the central, lost to the A’s, what would the haters be writing? JL must have told his players sometihng down the stretch. And how about the Dotel talk with the players? I hope Jim wins the WS and then bows out. I like him but I do not agree with his style of managing. When the Tigers do have to find a new manager, will we agree with his moves? Again, thanks to Jason for this blog and thanks to everyone to everyone who comments on this blog. If we get Buck and McCarver, I will for sure turn on the voices of Dan and Jim. Go Tigers! –Dave

Like Rich, I’m not crazy about playing the Cardinals again. My son has lots of misgivings about that potential matchup.

I started thinking after the 3rd game…What If?.What if the Tigers sweep? How do they stay sharp? I thought wouldn’t it be nice if some of their Central Division foes stepped up and offered to join in for a tune-up game. Then I remembered the Players’ Union and all that stuff. Then I though how about some of their minor leaguers? Lo and behold. Leyland was thinking the same.
Good on him. And good on the guys like Downs and Boesch and I am assuming Villarael, Marte, Raburn, Below, may also be in a position to help out.

I’ve been thinking they may add Boesch as a pinch hitter, but the dude hasn’t had an AB in like a month. There will be situations for him. Sometimes a guy who say, is coming off an injury, goes on a tear in his first games back. Head cleared, or something.
As long as it keeps coming up, I’ll continue to say that my opinion of Leyland is separate from the results of the past month, just as my opinion of this year’s team is separate from the past month.
Regarding the WS, it’s now a fact that neither NL team will have any significant time off before it begins.

Just got a chance to view the pennant presentation. I have to say that the sincere affection that management has for one another is actually heart-warming. Leyland and (Class Act) Dombrowski conducted themselves admirably. The thumb-petting of Illitch by DD was priceless. I hope Illitch (“Mr. I”) gets his reward this year,

Yes, this organization is very easy to root for. Mr. Dave literally “threw the bums out” when he took over in 2002. If Jim retired, he’d be replaced by a similarly good person, I have no doubt.

And for the record, I still think JL is not as good a manager as he could be and I would worry about the obstinate factor next year as much as I did this one.
He did prove himself to be the right guy for this team this year. As I mentioned before, the players like him and they like playing for him. That matters a lot, and it showed in the end.

The best player in MLB
The best pitcher and probably back to back Cy Young
The real MVP for 2011 in the NL
The best defensive CF in MLB
The 1-2 in SO in MLB
The best rotation in MLB. The fourth starter would be the top starter in many teams.
A deep bullpen . Deep enough to go without closer and setup
A dependable DH when it matters.
7-8-9: former All Stars
A maligned farm system that continue providing good players and good trade chips
Yes, the Yankees need to improve to beat them

Yet we struggled to 88 wins. Strange. I would expect vast improvement next season.

Scherzer looked great until Fielder pulled a Bull Durham Still, I dont see him starting more than one game just recovering from tired arm.

First post since we won on Thursday – Way to go boys! So proud that the team found its mojo and apparently was never nearly as worried as we were – they are just a different bunch in their approach and the dynamic of the team was good enough to get them this far – if they win the whole thing am guesing most of the fans never would have thunk it the back at the start of September. Delmon Young, Jhonny P both have come up big the last few weeks as the surprise factor. I am on cloud nine and ticked off I have to wait until Wednesday to start pacing again! Woo hooooooo!

Rich, 88 wins for the Tigers is an illusion. They are better than that. Jv did not have his 2011 win total, with 7 more wins than this season. Moreover, the offense did not beat up on 4 and 5 starters and treated them like top of the rotation guys, for whatever reason. So, if JV alone comes up with his prior win total this year (not to mention Porcello), the Tigers have at least a 95 win season.And if the offense ponds the 4 and 5 starters, who knows? The bottom line is the Tigers wer built for the playoffs and the Yankees were not, much to the chagrin of their fans.

Like I said, strange. I would expect vast improvement next season.

Hopefully, the Tigers will impove their regular season mark, but it is too early for me to specuate if that will come to pass. There will be considerable turnover. DY’s run production will be gone. Pitchers like Sanchez and VV will need to be signed or replaced. V-Mart’s health and perfomance level issues will need to be determined. A RF will need to found until Garcia is ready. And an effective 5th starter who can go 5 innings or more will need to be established in the rotation. There is more, but offhand that’s all I got.

Hey Rich, if we stay hot in the World Series the boys might get you that 8 gamer yet!!!!!

Before chewing yesterday´s breakfast:
injuries: Fister, Smyly and Scherzer. They went with a pray for rain as fourth and fifth starter for a while.
Jackson, he was in the middle of an MVP season. Dirks,Raburn by the time he is supposed to begin hitting. Miguel was slowed down by his ankle a couple of weeks. Of course those injuries opened the door for Berry and Garcia
Schelerth, Marte, Valverde( stiff back), Al^2.

The bad choices: they went without a second sacker for half season.Infante stabilized the middle and now JP can play with confidence .

Still they need to work with their defense to cement the dynasty. As someone called them: The Destroy Tigers

I see your perspective. I just don’t like to play the “injury card” because all teams have health issues. Look at the Yankees and all the injuries they suffered. Their saving grace was they stockpiled quality reserves, given their vast financial resources, and were still able to compete to the point they led the AL in wins.

True but I until the final game I rather avoid the mentioning the problems discussed all along the season that are now yesterday´s breakfast. They need to address those in the offseason

I think Leyland ought to restrict tie Tigers to two strikes to promote not wasting pitches. Besides gives the instructional league folks a chance.

JL seems to have starting pitcher controversy built in.
I really think Max should not be 4th in the rotation here.

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