When (if at all) do you go back to Big Potato?

Got home from the rainout last night in time in tune in MLB Network for Cards-Giants highlights, but also caught an interesting take from Larry Bowa, who said he would use Jose Valverde in the ninth inning of Game 4 if the Tigers had a two-run lead or more. If it was a one-run game, he would still with Phil Coke.

It brings up an interesting point: IF you’re going to try to ease Jose Valverde back into the closer’s role, do you try to do it with the chance at an ALCS sweep? Do you give him a save situation at all for his first game back?

Keep in mind, it’s a different question now than it was last night, because Coke should now be available for Game 4. For that matter, Joaquin Benoit and every Tigers reliever other than Coke haven’t thrown in three days.


I think he needs a big lead to come in and pitch with to make it easier on the fans!

Just saw this quote from Leyland and it made me chuckle: ” As to how a season’s stress wears on a manager, Leyland said, “I always got a kick out of when I go home at the end of a baseball season, and somebody says, ‘Boy, you look bad.’ And I always tell them, ‘Well, show me a manager that looks like Paul Newman after 162 games, and I will show you a guy that didn’t do a very good job.'” Jim needs to update his references, maybe George Clooney or Brad Pitt! He can be a pretty funny guy with his quotes at times.

I swear I’ve heard him use that line before, only with Frankie Avalon instead of Paul Newman. In fact, I think he might have used it in ’06.

Only with a five run difference ( up or down) and before the 9

The Yankees are , by far, the best team hitting the fastball.. He has no chance vs them with only one pitch. The splitter does not make any difference anyway.
Benoit, if his slider works, perhaps.

does “every Tigers reliever other than Coke haven’t thrown in three days” really mean they haven’t thrown at all? Do these guys “practice” or try to “keep sharp”? And moreover, what about guys who are struggling – are these guys (e.g. Valverde, Benoit) working on fixing their recent issues (i.e. mechanics)? I’ve always wondered this!!

He was getting hit so hard that you can’t use him in a save situation. First thing is to see how hitters react to his stuff, and that qualifies as an experiment. Obviously, it’s difficult to find experimentation time in the postseason.
Phil Coke is doing well against the Yankee lefties, but that isn’t a permanent situation going forward.

His best chance for success is the two or three run save. You can do it, Jose. Please keep in mind the Yankees are a horrible matchup for him so it would not hurt to have a lefty warming up!! No macho have his back.

where is boesch? i know he was having issues with hitting but where has he been

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