Phil Coke in the interview room yesterday

In case you missed it yesterday, here’s the footage of Phil Coke’s stint in the interview room Wednesday afternoon. The clip starts off with him answering a question about the young core of the team and whether that makes this success they’re having more sustainable.

And yes, this is pretty much the Phil Coke we deal with on a daily basis.



i like that term “pull’n wool”

Evan, who was “Coke the Character” talking about? I couldn’t hear the question from the reporter. Did you catch that?

with regards to pull’n wool? delmon

this confirms the fact that I have always like Coke and always will – funny guy, down to earth. No offense to Jason, but sometimes the media asks some silly questions…

Blue sky in GR and windy. Go Tigers!

I’d like to see Phil Coke and @PhilCoke’sBrain get together for a gig. That would be entertaining.

what has hapened to brennan boesch he is hurt or just benched

So is this the start of his audition as “The Cokezer”? He’s been in a few roles but I hope his audition goes well.

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