ALCS Game 4 lineup (again): Tigers vs. Yankees

Same lineup as was scheduled yesterday. No truth to the rumor that Pudge asked to play today out of a force of habit. He’s in town to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

Still no Granderson or A-Rod in Yankees lineup.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF (6-for-24, HR, 12 K’s against Sabathia)
  2. Omar Infante, 2B (6-for-29, HR, 10 K’s off Sabathia)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (10-for-28, 2 HR, 12 RBIs, 8 BB off Sabathia)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH (8-for-34, HR, 9 K’s off Sabathia)
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS (2-for-20 off Sabathia)
  7. Andy Dirks, LF
  8. Avisail Garcia, RF
  9. Gerald Laird, C (10-for-24 off Sabathia)

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Ichiro Suzuki, LF
  2. Nick Swisher, RF (2-for-10, 5 K’s off Scherzer)
  3. Robinson Cano, 2B (3-for-13, HR, 4 K’s off Scherzer)
  4. Mark Teixeira, 1B (3-for-17, HR, 4 K’s off Scherzer)
  5. Raul Ibanez, DH
  6. Eric Chavez, 3B
  7. Russell Martin, C (3-for-17, 3 K’s off Scherzer)
  8. Brett Gardner, CF (0-for-9, 4 K’s off Scherzer)
  9. Eduardo Nunez, SS

P: CC Sabathia


hah always loved pudge for being that way. I am glad miggy and biggy are like that now (always want to play) – albeit they are not catchers. Maybe Pudge could be our bullpen catcher for a game or so? I know i’ve always wanted that job…who has it anyways? How do i get it!?

Glad they have brought back Pudge.

I am amazed they are not starting ARod and Granderson. Yes both are in slumps, but are Chavez and Gardner doing anything productive? Oh well… GO TIGERS

I am more afraid of Gardner than I would by A-Rod. Speed Kills.

I agree and we all know Max can strike em out but he’s not exactly great with base runners. By the way not really great with lefties either and the lineup is stacked with them.

Granderson is 3 for 29 15 SO. And he was lost at the field. He had a bad jump on the first chance last game. Gardner usually can run up a count.
ARod ? his splits are too bad vs RHP.No surprise there since he is the only RHB of the struggling Yankees. He is not fully recovered from the HBP
Chavez is not hitting and he was to blame for our runs but also stopped the rally with great play.
Cano and Swisher are even worse but they have no one on the roster to cover for them all.

Good line from Ripken. He said the Yankee lineup looked like a split squad.

Who are the Yankees playing? If you simply listened to national media you’d hardly know!

I have no problem with that. Maybe they can talk A-Rod all the way through a WS that we’re playing in. It’s better than harping about pine tar.

i prefer to fly under the radar if possible

Maybe there is something to that.

Anyone know, who has comcast, what station will show the game? TBS, TNT, MLB Network?



CC has been tough on us this year. Go get him early!! Go Tigers!!!


Who knew DY and Coke! Unreal.

I liked the bunt attempt. The intention I mean

Bad execution there

Made for it

Bad bunt by Avi…..nice idea though.

Sorry all, I did not like the bunt. I want Garcia to hit it up the gap!

Didn’t like the either. CC struggling and you give him an out.

I don’t like the bunt much either as Garcia is not likely going to get doubled up.
We need to NOT leave men on base. It almost lost us the game Tuesday.

I liked the Dirks bunt to get on base

Dammit Fielder……

That looked strike

All these dam pitches for that error.


Fielder just costs Max an inning he can pitch. Ump costs him a few by not calling that pitch a strike against Ichiro.

Take that Swisher!

OK, can someone drive someone drive some runs in.

1st & 2nd nobody down JP up. DP machine. You gotta bunt now.

We’ll take it.


The Yankees look awful, but we don’t look much better leaving all those runners stranded

inning after inning.

Happy for the run…..not happy that they’ve stranded 7 on base through 3.

Why is Laird swinging at the 3-1 pitch? Leyland, did he miss the sign?

Laird looks different at the plate. When he was hitting he sort of resembled that sitting on a chair stance. Now, not so much.

This is one of those scary kinds of games that you have all the opportunities going for you but are within striking distance of one bad call by the home plate ump.
These men LOB are debilitating.
Great at bat by Garcia being down 0-2 to a wily guy like CC.
Laird has to have a better swing on a 3-1 pitch.

Dan, he should not be swinging on a 3-1 pitch with the based loaded!

They are totally off. Texeira was not even looking at the ball

Not sure who you folks are getting as announcers. I have Sutlcliffe and I think the other guy may be named Vaughn. They are so prejudiced for the Yankees it is actually sickening. Can’t believe the media is so slanted..
We need some runs. Let’s go.

We have Smoltz Darling and somebody else? They are ok, but they can’t top talking about Yankees woes either…..

I want that red Malibu!


Gone, again!!!

CC you later!

Holy cow! I’m feeling good, but I’m reminded of a 6-0 lead the nationals had a week ago. So keep it up guys…and more importantly Max!

I’m as close to ‘laughing” as I can be. We needed this one to go this way. We needed the Big Man to crank one. we needed to pile on after he did.
This is the offense we knew was there but wasn’t, in the regular season.
Huge thing for Cabby to do that. Bigger than likfe.

Dan, the other guy is Gary Thorne.

It is not the Yankees . The Tigers have the best rotation in MLB

I thought the rain-out would benefit the Yankees, but it just caused the A-Rod story to blow up, Girardi to be second-guessed for not pinch-hitting for Ibanez, and so on. A day of “What happened to the Yankees” on all the sports media deflated them, and we’re reaping the benefits.

100 and no more

Even with the no hit

Can’t take away that game from Max.
Huge inning for us there withe Miggy and Peralta going deep.
A HR here by Ibanez changes theis game right now. I assume Smyly is coming in to pitch to Ibanez.
This one is not over..

o for 14 as PH

Fly out to CF AJ. Let’s go bat!!!!!!!!

I’d let Drew finish the game. Yanks only have 3 hits in 8 innings this year off him.

first MBL xtrabase for Avisail

Tough breaks for us that inning. avi had an RBI triple there. Laird had probably 2 Ribbies.
Not out of the woods yet.
I’d leave smyly in. I think Jl will go Dotel, Benoit, Valverde. I don’t agree.

Dotel?It is too early

Since it repeatedly blew up on him, JL has been managing much more on instinct and contact. Good to see.

Hard to kick your habit.

Stupid ump Dotel struck Nix out…..thanks ya big jerk!

My Goodness.
AJ. AG. nice jobs.
Now we get to see “The Formula” with no stress other than what they bring themselves.

Ernie Johnson on TBS. He is good. I wish they would just take the pitch count strike zone away. I think it is called both ways.

Just three more outs to get.

If Schelerth pitch average, that trade was a robbery

Who was better in 2011, Schlereth or Coke??

Before the injury. Schlereth

Very nice play on Cano. Nice catch by Priince but an absolutely perfect response from Coke. Perfect route to the bag. He should be giivng PFP to the other pitchers pre WORLD SERIES!!!!,

Gotta love it!!!

Peralta wants part of Delmon´s MVP


Who saw this coming?

Wow. Who would have thought NY would crash and burn so badly. Awesome effort by the Tigs the whole series apart from the one inning hiccup,never letting go of the stanglehold.

3.0 vs the Yankees in postseason.

Verlander, Fister, Sanchez and Scherzer

“You win pennants in the off season when you build your teams with trades and free agents.” Earl Weaver

Way to go, TIGERS!!!! I’m not going to lie, and say that I didn’t have my doubts through out the season, but they have really came through in the playoffs on the back of some fabulous starting pitching and clutch hitting. Now let’s finish this with four more wins!!!!! Bring on the Cards or Giants!

As expected Delmon Young wins the MVP

“Young became the first player with four game-winning RBIs in one postseason series, according to STATS LLC.”

I hope Illitch was just drunk…unfortunately I don’t think so. He looked frail amd they were holding him up on stage. I hope he’s ok!

He’s not ill as far as I know, but you could see this coming over the past couple years. When Prince was introduced, you saw the unsteadiness. He’s going down, but not before the Tigers give him a WS win. 2012, the year of the Tigers, I hope. Go Tigers!

MVR….Most Valuable Rotation!!!
Leyland choked my upt that crusty Old Coot!

Congratulations! This is the first time I watch Tigers win ALCS. Great! Young is absolutely true MVP. Great! Great! Great!

What a game – I don’t even know what to say but wow our offense showed up in this series. I enjoyed the way the tigers celebration was restrained like they all know it’s all about the world championship. Time for celebration!!

What can I say. I’ve bled Tiger Royal Blue since 1959, and I do believe this is the most satisfying AL championship. The Post Game Show illustrates how tight this “Family” really is. Glad to see this for Mr. I. We take the Series, and I bet he bows out of day to day operations, if he hasn’t already. It’s tough to argue against Leyland, with the atmosphere of the evening. I still believe that he will bow out. I could be wrong. Don’t have a heart attack Dan, if he comes back. Delmon was impressive on and off the field. He’s grown up since the April episode. Tonight was just a total team effort from everyone who played. Laird, though he had no hits, called a great game. It was wonderful to see oour pllayers with their families, and how they truly interacted with each other:
1. Infante beats out the grounder to Chavez in the first. Led to an early lead, which put pressure on CC.
2. Curly fries for the box score people + 1 more. Four homers in one game. Wow!
3. Is there any doubt that Coke is better than Pepsi? The guy has regained his mojo.

Kudos to our team. Max, Miggy, Biggy, Asavail, Omar, Andy, Delmon, Austin, Jhonny, Gene Money, Drew, Octavio, and all the rest. I am so proud to be A Tiger.
Let’s win this one for Mr. I. Class act by Dombrowski to note Max’s tragic loss this year. Good night all!

Good pitching beats good hitting. All the people will say the Yankees are in a slump. Maybe they are. Congrats to all in the Tigers organization. What a team!

That was about as perfect a clinching game and celebration as one could ask for. 3+ hours of a really good time. It was a long season, mostly not much fun, but we’re getting our just desserts now. Funny how, at several times this year, I thought that it’s going so bad we’ll probably wind up in the WS. Sports is so weird that way. And to think that one month ago today we lost that makeup game in Chicago and I was desperately hoping for that 8-2 homestand. What a season.
Jim certainly earns the right to return next year if he so chooses. I’m not sure that’s the best idea for him, but it’s his choice. It’s not bad to go out on top.
I think the Yankees got worn down in that tough Baltimore series then ran into some real good Detroit pitching. People can worry about what’s “wrong” with them all they want, but they had no trouble winning games during the season.
I really don’t want to play the Cardinals. This will the the 4th Detroit WS in my lifetime and this would make 3 of them against St. Louis. Enough already. I was afraid to say this before tonight for fear that I’d get my wish by having the Tigers lose the last four games of the ALCS. 🙂 But really, how about the Giants this time?

Either way, we’re playing until the end of October and I’ll receive my spring training ticket order mail about two weeks later. What offseason?

The Detroit Tigers are American League Champions for 2012!!! WOW!! We started with that first goal of winning the AL Central Division and now we are getting ready for the World Series. During the regular season, we had the third best team ERA in the AL and we just pitched better in the playoffs. The best word to descibe our playoff hitting is balanced. Today we had seven players with two or more hits. In fact, Andy Dirks had three hits and the NY Yankees had two hits!!!! Our defense is holding its own, too. Detroit and St.Louis both won 88 games in the regular season and our stats are scarry similar. If we meet the Giants we may have to deal with some lefty starters but that’s okay. We are the Tigers and we are ready!!!! Go Tigers!!!

Jason, The tigers snuck into the world series (and pulled out a 4-1 win over San Diego) in 1984, making this their 3rd AL pennant in 28 years, and their 4th in 44

I think Justice wrote the comment you are alluding to.

Please practice infield fielding with pitchers during off time untill ws. And expect nl team to bunt often in 1st game or 2. We dont want a repeat of 2006 when all our pitchers missplayed infield hits.

Shark, you are correct. Lots of pitchers fielding practice.

Fielder had 22 less BB this year than 2011. Young was giving him enough protection

The hopelessly “flawed” Titanic sails on. Passengers have jumped ship, waved white flags, feared icebergs, suffered seasickness, held garage sales and even excursioned into nature for solace. BUT, the crew and brass have proved steadfast and courageous in the face of criticism, proposed mutiny and adversity. They thankfully never said never. Kudos for a job well done!

Would announcers be looking for a long series?? More games they make more money?? May talk up the team trailing in the series. Always highlight the big market teams anyway. MLB headquarters are in NY.

What was very encouraging was the way they handled with relative ease. The label of not being able to handle LHP suddenly disappeared. The lineup that theoretically should destroy LHP appeared with a vengeance.
Avisail showed he can hit with power and somehow fights off RHP too.
Cabrera took matters in his own hands and decided to finish off Sabathia and the Yanks. He had “enough of this” and “home run” in his eyes and his swing in that critical inning. Only the truly great can do that.
I would imagine they will get at least 1 full days rest. They have certainly earned it.
I was wrong about Jim Leyland. I actually thought he was not a good manager for this bunch. They play for him, they like and respect him and they succeeded. You can’t ask for more than that. Leyland has a big heart and is truly a decent person.
I don’t like the stubborness, the misplaced loyalty and the chip on the shoulder but I will admit he was not the problem in the team dynamic that I thought he was.
He deserves credit for getting these guys through and for starting to show signs of flexibility and adaptation recently.

Right now, this is the best team in baseball by a wide margin.

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