So is the ALCS over? Tigers don’t think so

First, the numbers:

  • The Tigers are the fifth team to take a 3-0 lead in a best-of-seven ALCS. One team, the 2004 Red Sox, came back to win it. The other previous teams, three of them, won Game 4 and pulled off the sweep.
  • Teams with a 3-0 lead in the NLCS are 5-0, with two teams going on to sweep it in four.
  • The 23 teams to take a 3-0 lead in the World Series have won it all 23 times.
  • This is the first time the Yankees have ever faced a 3-0 deficit in a best-of-seven ALCS. They were down 3-0 in the World Series in 1922, 1963 and 1976. All three times, they ended up swept in four.

Now, the matchups:

  • CC Sabathia heads into his Game 4 start for the Yankees having not taken a loss in a postseason game since the 2009 World Series. Two of his 15 wins this season have come at Comerica Park.
  • Sabathia owns the last Yankees victory this postseason, having tossed a complete game four-hitter to beat the Orioles last Thursday at Yankee Stadium for his second win of the AL Division Series.
  • He steps in against a Tigers lineup that has struggled mightily against left-handers this season.
  • However, Sabathia gave up four runs on seven hits over 5 1/3 innings in his start last Division Series in Detroit, walking six Tigers in a wild outing that ended up a no-decision for Sabathia and a 5-4 loss for New York.
  • Max Scherzer threw 119 pitches against the Yankees in April in the Bronx without getting out of the fifth inning, because he walked seven batters. However, he pitched 7 1/3 innings of one-run ball in last year’s AL Division Series against the Yankees, and didn’t allow an earned run over 5 1/3 innings with eight strikeouts in his ALDS start in Oakland last Wednesday.

New, the quotes:

  • Verlander: “It’s great to be up 30. We have to win one. But against this lineup, against this team, you never know. And I think the rest of the team takes the mentality that I take, that I took into this game, being up 20, people asked me if I was comfortable, and I said no, because you have to treat this as a mustwin. Every game in the postseason is a mustwin. You have to keep momentum on your side. And hopefully we can go out tomorrow and shut this down.”
  • Delmon Young: “Being up 30 is a great benefit right now. And we have Scherzer going tomorrow versus Sabathia. But we’re not looking at it as we can clinch tomorrow. We’re just going in there to play a baseball game. If we win, we can punch our tickets to the World Series; if we lose, we have to come back out here Thursday.”
  • Alex Avila: “I mean, we’re one win away. It’s obvious. You’re not going to get around that. It’s the mentality of getting one win at a time. That’s what we tried to do the last three games and we’ve been able to come out on top.”
  • Yankees manager Joe Girardi: You look at this and it could be a number of different things besides 03 for us. We have gotten good pitches all the way throughout the playoffs, and we will need it again tomorrow if we want to live another day.”


Re: Verlander’s comment:

Wait a minute, is this a best of 70 series? Because, if so, Valverde may be ready by the end of it.

Verlander is now 6-3 with 3.80 and 1.206 in Postseason. His ERA is almost two runs down in three games

I saw a quote from Delmon on another website and he was asked about his homer. He said something like he knew he hit it hard but it isnt Yankee stadium he had to wait and see if it went an extra 30 feet. Dig….hilarious!

Well, we did it again! We had so much fun last night at the game, people all over the place and a few Yankee fans sitting around us. JV did his thing, the place went nuts when he came out to start the 9th inning, but boy he threw alot of pitches, however most of them were stress free without baserunners. Speaking of baserunners, we could not get our guys in last night! We got all that mattered and that seems to be our MO this post season – score just enough to win and keep the fans’ hearts pounding. Glad to see Cokie held it together to get that last out – big time stuff. I have to laugh though when sitting way out in right field and fans can boo the balls/strikes calls – really folks, you can see it exactly? Got home at 1:30 this morning and made it to work at 7:30 – a little foggy and a little hoarse, but all worth it – GO TIGERS!!!

The Yankee pitchers have been pounding Miggy inside and expanding the zone. So much so, his efforts at hitting for power to the opposite field have suffered. I was glad to see Miggy turn and burn on some pitches yesterday. He squared some pitches up to the pull side. Hopefully, next game will end in better and more powerful results if Miggy continues to be pitched in.

My lineup tonight:
CF Jackson
2B Infante
3b Cabrera
1B Fielder
DH Young
SS Peralta
RF Garcia
C Laird
LF Berry

I would start Berry over Dirks just because of his speed.

Excellent! Berry 2 for 4 with double and triple off of CC. Dirks did not see CC this year and is 1 for 13 against lefties in the postseason. You get my stamp of approval.

i second the motion

I think Drew Smyly will come into play today. We have actually been very fortunate with our bullpen and the downside of that is none of them (other than Coke) has been getting a lot of work!!
I have been wishing for a laugher for sometime now. Wouldn’t that be nice?

a laugher, led by Prince Fielder and with relief appearances from AL ABQ and Drew Smyly

yes it would!

Thanks for your “Attendance” TG!!!
You are on a roll. Leyland should buy you a ticket himself.

Heard some ‘stuff” about Omar and a bad thumb. Anybody else hear that?

just saw it online, a jammed thumb from diving after that hit in the 9th last night. The article said x-rays were negative and he said he should be playing tonight. His D has stepped up lately.

lets hope we get a few days between ALCS and WS – if we get that far – and Omar’s thumb heals.
Omar says it’s not serious….but what does that mean hah?

If they make it to the next level, they will have to do it without me – I think they are sold out, I know standing room only is sold out!

When you are facing the Yankees, a quote from Mr. Yogi Berra would be very appropriate. What better than, “It’s never over, t’il it’s over.” Focus we need one more win.

I checked out some Yankee blogs. Apparently Girardi’s alias in NY is Joe DUMBARDI. Does that sound familiar?

hah – very nice. Dombroski is looking like a genius lately.

Delmon Young LF. How soon do we see it??

what choice would we have? He’s leading the offense!

That is a scary thought. DY’s mobility is now an issue. He sure has gotten big since he came up as a RF/CF in 2006. Tt seems to me like has put on even more weight since the season began, based upon how he looked sitting next to Fielder last night. To think DY swiped 14 bases as recenlly as 2008, which is 2 more than Jackson had this year, is mindboggling. What is good for DY is he can lose the weight and he is young. He should still have a baseball future.

Of course it is a given that future will not be with the Tigers.

future yankee me thinks

Next year’s Yankee outfield will have Delmon and Josh Hamilton.

I hear milwaukee calling J.Hamilton’s name. NYC would probably be problematic for Hamilton.

likely has, not playing in the field most of the time

Not scary at all. He played LF against the Cubs, Reds, and Pirates in June. When we are in a NL park he is our most experienced leftfielder!!!

Got tickets to game 4….wanted 5 as well but by the time I processed my order for game 4, 5 was gone. I had an opportunity to buy them early as a season ticket holder and can you believe I forgot like a big idiot?

do us a favor and take tigergirl! hah!

I’ll be there! Glad to hear you are going – awesome!

Wind blowing in from RF pretty good tonight. Wind howling in from RF tomorrow afternoon. Yankee LH hitters will have to deal with that.
I’ve spoken of the seats I got last year for ALDS game 3, and how we moved down to the standing room between the statues to see better. Those seats we abandoned cost $230 apiece for the WS.

I have previously considered DY as a Yankee and even posted as recently as last night that he was hitting like he was trying out for the Yankees. It could well happen. Despite his past legal problem in NY he was not poorly received there. DY plays very well in the postseason and he is not shy on the big stage. But…DY’s name has been linked to the Dodgers. I’m just not sure how he is a fit with their current roster.

If anyone else highly enjoyed Phil Coke’s description of his slider (to close out the game)…here is the clip (he says it at 1:04). “pppppppprrreeettttttty gooooooooood” hahaha hilarious

And it only took him seven months to throw one!!!!! Can we expect any more???

Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Infante 4, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Peralta 6, Dirks 7, Garcia 9, Laird 2. Scherzer is starting

I was close. Gonna need to grind out some small ball runs off CC.

I tried to get Game 3 tickets earlier. I was in the Virtual Waiting Room for 45 minutes and then it told me that there were no more tickets available. Oh well, maybe they will release more. I was ready to make the drive from Toronto.
As far as the above comments about DY in the field. I think we may see him out there in the WS (God willing, we get there) when we lose the DH in the NL park. Dirks and/or QB will sit if DY is still producing. I cant see JL losing that bat.
It is a perfect night to punch our WS ticket.
Go Tigers !!!!!!!
— Bob

Candy Maldonado two months ago for ESPN in español: Delmon Young is having a very good offensive season
Last night ESPN in español another commenter after Fielder was walked: the danger is not over, Delmon Young had a very good season and has the formula vs the Yankees.
Local venezuelan TV. After the HR,:” he had a very good season specially after the ASG. His season was overshadowed by the two big but his numbers are there”

Delmon Young 2 HR 5 RBI
The Yankees 3 HR 5 RBI


Leyland says Infante has a contusion on his right thumb but he’s fine. Will be in lineup tonight.

Anyone have a NYY lineup? Interested to see if A-Rod and Swisher return. I would guess they would be back.

Delmon knows playoffs!!!!!!

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