ALCS Game 3 lineups: Tigers vs. Yankees

If you were expecting changes in the Tigers lineup compared to their other postseason matchups with right-handed starting pitchers, you haven’t been paying attention. It might have been a little tempting against Phil Hughes, who allowed a .308 batting average to right-handed hitters to compared to just .211 to lefties.

The big lineup news tonight comes from the Yankees, who replaced both Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher. In their place are Eric Chavez, who hit the ball all over the fence during the Yankees’ four-game series here in August, and Brett Gardner, who could give New York an extra speed threat to try to manufacture some offense.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF (1-for-12, 5 K’s against Hughes)
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (9-for-22, 4 HR, 9 RBIs off Hughes)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Andy Dirks, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS (10-for-20, 5 RBIs off Hughes)
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Brett Gardner, LF (5-for-11 off Verlander)
  2. Ichiro Suzuki, RF (17-for-55, 12 K’s off Verlander)
  3. Mark Teixeira, 1B (3-for-35, 12 K’s off Verlander)
  4. Robinson Cano, 2B (7-for-38 off Verlander)
  5. Raul Ibanez, DH (3-for-29 off Verlander)
  6. Russell Martin, C
  7. Eric Chavez, 3B
  8. Curtis Granderson, CF (4-for-20, 8 K’s off Verlander)
  9. Eduardo Nunez, SS

P: Phil Hughes


Found at a Yankees blog:they are the best team batting four seams , two seams an sinker. Breaking pitches and change ups are the formula vs them.
Sanchez confirmed their theory ,he said he used breaking pitches when they were expecting the fastball.
The success of Fister, Smyly and Coke was based on the same kind of pitches.
You really dont expect from the Murderers Row to be unable to hit other than fastballs

Hughes pitched 2 games against us this year. The 1st start was 1 run 4 hit complete game, but the lineup featured Worth, Kelly and Omar Santos. The 2nd start, which featured the current lineup he gave up 4 runs in 4 1/3 innings. That said, this game worries me, JV has had some disappointing games against the Yanks. Of course the way he’s been pitching lately maybe I should just relax. CC tomorrow won’t be easy.

Trying not to get negative given I have always said the AL was their to be taken.
The team this year has given us a nasty reality check whenever we started to feel good about its chances. It has also grasped the slimmest of hopes when things looked darkest with more than an ounce of Chisox help down the stretch.
My feeling though is the team’s self belief has changed for the better and I think it has come from the starters leading thru actions and the rest of the offense realising the Big Two are after all just human. When you are playing with one of the games all time greats, hard not to feel inadequate and try too hard. Whatever the reason, the team hasn’t played this loose when it matters most. For playoff teams from memory, least errors in playoffs despite most in regular season. I think JL talking directly to individual players about concerns rather than via the media has also been a factor. Talking to the media about outcomes going forward is fine.
Huge game tonight with CC on the mound tomorrow though I love that matchup with Max on a mission since his family tragedy. The only proviso is whether Max is back to full stamina which he was close to last start.

I’m nervous too…..just feeling like its too good to be true, and maybe feeling over confident. A lot of thos guys in that lineup tonight not only have hit JV well they’ve hit him very well.

I just watched Mitch Williams on MLB Network explain how Valverde’s problems stem from where his hands are at the start of the delivery. Remember how that was a big deal with Max Scherzer earlier this year? Look how it turned out for Max. I think Mitch Williams is onto something.

They also showed Valverde throwing in the outfield and he had not made the adjustment Mitch spoke of.

I saw that too. It seems that issue leads to VV opening up his front shoulder, which causes a loss in velocity and his pitches to flatten out, particularly the splitter.

I saw that too… makes me wonder why two pitching coaches..a manager …two catcher a few catchers and hell pen catchers wouldn’t have noticed this and had him make the adjustments. If that is in fact the problem why no change??? Seems elementary.

Sometimes you need an outsider to discover a problem
You cant teach who does not want to learn

Seems pretty obvious though…… even I would see it…they are professionals

I’m relaxed now! 8 pitch 1st.

Um….JV looks good so far, now we just need hits and runs.

The park looks like it’s packed like sardines. Go Tigers!

Bad executed bunt by Berry

prince just isn’t getting it done right now. Hits and runs boys!

He hit it hard but the problem was it was a 3-0 pitch and he was late. That was a meatball that if he had started his swing a fraction of a second earlier; it would have been in the right field seats.
If you are going to swing 3-0, commit and be out and front.
— Bob

JV had a harder time throwing strikes that inning. Calling for hits and more importantly runs!

Yep. Bob. This one is a nail biter. JV needs to get strike one. And the hiters need to hit this fastball that is not being supported well by a secondary pitch.

DY is hitting like he is trying out for the Yankees.

The new Yankee killer

6 lob in 4 innings! Ouch clutch hit anyone? Jeez!

Another bad route. Bailed out by AJax

LOBs can become ghosts that come back and haunt.
Everyone notice we are back to our early season troubles of only hitting solo homers? This game is begging for an Earl Weaver HR.
— Bob

I hope JV can get his strike zone back. An ideal world would be to let him finish off his own game but with a 3 or 4 run lead please.



Yankee killer gets a walk.

Dirks is up for it…..

Almost Yankees got lucky there.

The R-L-R is forcing Binder to burn his bullpen

Lots and lots and lots of stranded runners

Fastball command is not there. Maybe call some offspeed.
He keeps getting away with it.
— Bob

Offspeed is the formula vs the Yankees

A little late but great play with the Texeira pop up

18 scoreless innings for the Yankees

So Binder thinks he has as many pitchers as Ventura

What’s that now 11 billion lob? Jeez

Mr Magoo strikes again. He should have sent Omar. You dont make decisions on what you think could happen. You do it based on what is in front of you. Miggy is as likely to hit into a DP as get a hit.
Bad call. Please dont come back and haunt us.
— Bob

Was right to hold Infante. It was line drive.. He had to wait and then was too late

No way .. .Granderson was way deep. He took forever to get to it and he does not have a great arm. Agree to disagree.
— Bob

Lamont’s decision.

Throw some offspeed. Holy crap.
— Bob

I was saying the same to my wife about 3-1 to garcia—that Logan might be better off walking him since Miggy hits into DPs and Garcia probably wouldn’t.
JV has to be very careful here as he is getting behind all the hitters and is not dominating tonight. They’ll get him eventually.

I just hope all these stranded runners don’t bite us. In the butt. Its not good.


That was a tough inning. You would think the Yanks might be able to grab some of that momo from the dP off of Cabby’s bat. JV is getting by, barely. The high fastball Cano struck out on was a gift to us. Ibanez was sitting on his pitch and nother gift was given being hit right at fPrince—-and of course Prince catching it.
Tough break for us with Miggy–he hit the snot out of the ball.

Chavez won a Golden Glove

3 to go

Oh boy. Cabby’s DP looms large in factoring the close.
Anybody here think JL has the cojones to bring in VV?

JV has 115 pitches and he is out of gas. I know he can refuel. What do you do here..
9 hitter up first.


I don’t like this.

We need to be very careful here…

Coke for ichiro

His arm is going to fall off. There is time to leave him in and a time to take him out. It is time to take him out.
— Bob

If we lose, it’s on Jim & Gene.

Or the hitters who stranded 8 billion runners

Who pitches to Teixiera?

Speaking of JL, the Boston press has made a pitch to get him to manage there if he becomes available.

All those goblins left on base are hauntings us.
Intense baseball. How can you enjoy something so emotionally debilitating?

Gotta leave him in now I suppose.


hr in four AB for Ibañez vs Coke

This HP ump suck a@@
— Bob

Al Al vs Swisher


Coke’s save effort reminds me of one of VV’s performances.

— Bob

The new closer

Now THAT was stressful!!!

Good night all. Let’s have a party tomorrow.
— Bob

Sweep time

Holy Coke!
That’s not the way to close Phil!!! I love ya’ man but don’t do that to us.

I love y’a tonight. Better clarify that. Unlike the Monkees I am not a believer quite yet.

Who knew Coke

Holy (insert noun or name here), what a sweater! Hey, this stuff is what keeps ya young! That was one HELL of a slider from Coke at the perfect time. Tiger fans get their money’s worth.
I thought for sure that Lamont’s boneheaded decision to stop Infante before he even got going was the turning point of the game and the series. What an idiotic decision. You think this is hindsight? You wouldn’t if you’d seen me fall to my knees when Gene held him up.
On the other hand, Jim pushed the right buttons. I agreed with every move. You can stay, Jim, but I hope someone hires Lamont as manager.
Girardi was to the point of suiting up relievers from passersby on the street, like Ventura. He could afford to, though. Either CC going the distance tomorrow or a rainout.
Keep this thing from going back to New York.

Coke is a player who thrives in adrenilin situations. Check his ERA in late/close situations. Those Yankees are tough. Do not give an inch. Truly believe Cabrera is the best hitter on the planet but why wasn’t he looking for something to hit to RF with the bases loaded??

And DY could be the MVP

That girl they showed holding the sign that says “Cabrera’s #1 Fan.” She and her father, I assume, have been on multiple broadcasts this season, in Cleveland and elsewhere. When Rod and Mario commented that she was just one of many #1 Cabrera fans, she showed up the next night with a sign that said “Rod and Mario, there is only ONE #1 Cabrera fan, ME!”
Whoever you are, sweetie, you’ve got MY vote.

As Rod might say, “that’s right.”

Well- I will say that was a gutsy 3-2 slider to Ibanez. I think Ibanez and everybody else on the planet expected a fastball. It was a well executed pitch and virutally unhittable.
Interesting to see Smyly out there in the 9th.
Cabby starting to get dialed in I think. Fielder is a bit Boesch like right now.
Good game by Berry.
This is a great education for Avisail Garcia.
I don’t know how Verlander did it today. Slider not used much, curve not a lot, and the changes and fastballs were outside a lot.
I knew after 3 pitches that Nunez was gonna get him though. He was right on everything JV was throwing It was uncanny and a spectacular at bat.
Don’t like the announcers. You can detect all the scenarios they depicted throughout the game were thinly camoflauged wishful thinking. It’s kinda detestable actually.
I have to give credit to JL for the way he managed the 9th. Not having VV out there showed intelligence is winning over the battle in his amygdala.

Oh all powerful meteorologist what direction is the bad weather coming from tomorrow?

That 9th inning felt like fingernails on a chalkboard. One more win and we go to the World Series. Can’t hardly believe it. Go Tigers!!!!!!

Sunny Elliot here: “If it rains too hard we won’t play tomorrow”

Well, Friends, it couldn’t get any more tense than this one. It appears that Coke has suddenly rediscovered some “fizz”. It was a daring call to throw a 3-2 slider with two already on. Congrats to Phil and Alex. Thankfully, we are catching the Yankees when they are just barely holding their heads above the water. We need to finish this thing off tomorrow night; no second chances. Those bats won’t stay quiet forever. As for JV, he gritted his way to the ninth inning, certainly not as effective as he normally is. However, any pitcher would give a year’s salary for that kind of “ineffective stuff”. the change to Coke came at the right time. Like Dan said, one could sense that Nunez was going to go yard on a Verlander mistake. It was a good growing pain for Coke to protect the slimmest of leads. So as we anticipate the next game with Mad Max, here are three things that I like about the game tonight:
1. Alex’s foul ball catch off the bat of Texeira. Great concentration on Avila’s part, and best of all, there was no sign of Biggy steaming toward the stands.
2. Delmon’s new patience as a five hole hitter, and continuing contribution on the offense.
3. Garcia’s hit again off Logan to keep things going. This has to build his confidence, and I think he will be a big contributor in the next round.

Kudos to Miggy, JV as always, Berry, and the defense in general. No dynamite offense, but right now our team is doing enough of everything to win. Good night all!

TigerGirl go to the game tonight?

Doesn’t the cold weather generally limit the curves and sliders?? Personally think the slider is a pitch that he should not throw very often anyway.

My first and only comment on the night. “thinly camoflauged wishful thinking”. Well put Dan. And I appreciate your compliment of QB. One thing JL has done well since bringing Garcia up is platooning him and QB. It has worked to perfection thus far.
JV proving his greatness tonight. He has matured a ton over the years. Not having sharp command of his fastball and yet staying within himself, keeping his composure and battling for the win. I did see him snap off 3 or 4 uncle charlies that even impressed Darling and Smoltz. Wonder if they’ve had the pleasure of seeing Justin throw about 20 of those in game when he’s on. Thought the HP ump’s strike zone was a bit narrow but fair and consistant. He was more generous north to south. At least that’s the way I saw it.
Coke has become the x factor none of us saw coming. (I didn’t anyway) Kudos to JL for leaving him in to finish. I didn’t want to see anyone else come in in that moment. Maybe Dotel, but that’s it. Without Phil suddenly finding the zone this series might have a different look to it right now. Good night all. One to go. It’s really been a remarkable run hasn’t it.

The runnin’ Tigers are tied for the lead in stolen bases with six!!! Just unbelievable!!!

Jim is using Coke to advantage against this LH heavy lineup. It probably won’t play out that way if we advance to the “finals” but it’s a good use of the right tool for the job at hand. I’m just glad my wife’s favorite Tiger is no longer a target of scorn.
With the emergence of Garcia, hitting Berry second works a lot better. There was no problem tonight when Joe brought in his lefty.
I don’t remember Clay Rapada being this effective with us.
I’d like to see Miggy calm down a little. He’s about the best at pulling in his hands and driving an inside pitch the other way, but he’s swinging at inside garbage. That said, he still gets the big hits.
One thing I can’t stand is non-playing personnel having a negative impact on the game. Gino. Cabrera hits .330 in nearly all situations. 33% chance. Infante must have had at least an 80% chance of scoring on Granderson’s weak arm. If we go up 3-0, all that drama wouldn’t have taken place in the 9th.
Okay, now it’s late even for me. Good night.

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