Tigers go with bullpen by committee for now

Your Tigers closer for now is TBD. Manager Jim Leyland, who once made Bill Landrum a closer out of a bullpen by committee in Pittsburgh, said Sunday he’ll play a save situation by ear if the Tigers take a lead in the ninth.

He still calls Jose Valverde the closer. For now, however, he is not closing.

“If I have to mix and match for a longer period of time, I’ll do that,” Leyland said.

Healthwise, Leyland said, Valverde is fine. Effectiveness, of course, is another story.

“It looks to me like he’s kind of waiting for something bad right now,” Leyland said.

That said, he cautioned, “Jose Valverde is still a huge part of this team.”

Among the other closing options at Leyland’s disposal are setup man and occasional fill-in closer Joaquin Benoit, who has thrown strikes but been prone to the long ball, and Octavio Dotel, a former closer at several stops who had a few chances this year when Valverde and Benoit have been on rest.


Valverde serves us no purpose. Cut him and bring up Villareal or Downs. That way Valverde won’t be a distraction. When else will he pitch? The 7th or 8th?

You can’t replace him unless he is injured. In that case, he’d be out for the LCS and the World Series, and he could demand a second opinion before being removed from the roster.

That’s something, but I don’t think it’s enough. What do you do with Valverde if he’s not closing? It’s painfully obvious he can do nothing else. I still maintain he has a physical problem. No, this is not the answer.
I’ll just throw this out there as an example of out of the box thinking. Drew Smyly starts game 4 and Scherzer becomes the closer right now. For this series.

If it’s not VV’s health, it probably would mean mechanics. Sometimes when a guy loses velocity and his pitch flattens out, the cause is associated with opening up too early, which also gives the hitter a longer look. Or so I have been told . Don’t know much about pitching, but know something about hitting.

Only problem with that Rich is that Scherzer is not a reliever, he would not be able to pitch back to back.

Anyone that has played fantasy baseball knows what it’s like to monitor the situations with closers on various teams. Teams change closers during the season like most of us change our shoes, and it usually works out just fine.

What you almost never see is a clean change from one closer to another. There’s always an announcement where they announce nothing, and the speculation continues for a few days until someone else steps in and gets the job done at least a few times in a row. The players know the deal. The media knows the deal and so do the fans. The former closer is removed from the role and an opportunity arises for someone else to step up.

So you’re saying this is the permanent change?

I was sure hoping they would announce an injury. I would have replaced him with Downs as another LHP is needed. Not Villarael. Villarael can do one thing only. Throw a ball toward home plate.

Inge, passed them on to Raburn, then he passed them on to Valverde. I’m speaking of the nude photos of Leyland. Valverde should have been listed as “injured”, replaced by Vliiareal.

What about Marte? He’s been pretty effective in his time in the bigs.

He is Lakeland. He as demoted to AAA

Valverde doesn’t have a physical problem. He isn’t a very good pitcher and he hasn’t been all year. The Tigers have numerous better options. He wasn’t all that great last year when he saved 49 in a row. He has average stuff, hits spots, keeps guys off balance. Why he ash-canned his splitter is beyond me because he needs it big time time. His velocity is off a couple of miles per hour. That might be fatigue but it is not likely an injury. He says he “threw two bad pitches” last night. Hardly. Cano swung and missed on a pitch he could have hit out. He was 0-2 on Texeira with 2 outs and walked him. I get loyalty but Leyland is slaveishly devoted to the bullpen role system and it makes him a push button manager. It leads to disaster: Oakland, last night, 163 in Minnesota when he had no choice but to ride Rodney until he dropped. Hopefully he will now manage to the situation. I don’t think it is the disaster everyone is making it out to be, particularly since they won the game. Valverde is now relegated, hopefully, to mop up duty which is where he should be on merit. Leyland can mix and match and the supposedly fragile psyches of the relief pitchers will just have to deal with it. If the team can rebound from Valverde’s meltdowns they can certainly handle the uncertainty of a bullpen “in flux.” With the won game I view this as a win-win. Whoever the closer is, it won’t be Valverde and that is a good thing. Not only for the “confidence” of the players, but for all of us, because whoever it is is going to be a BETTER PITCHER.

I think he has a “tired” arm. Velocity down, no control, pitching in too many non-save situations all season. Same with Benoit. Smyly, AlAl, even Porcello are fresher arms. I agree that Downs would be more useful than Velverde.

Valverde stinks, but because he stinks, Tigers got to see how well Smyley pitches under pressure.

Nobody jumped on my Scherzer scenario? Too bad an idea to even disagree with, hey? 🙂

I think that is a great idea. Message Leyland!

It has been done. Smoltz and Eckersley.

Hershiser for only one game

In the past 20 years or so, has a team ever changed closers in the middle of the postseason? How did it come to this?

Regarding the injury business, Valverde is a free agent. Seems he’d be better off injured than just plain bad. Of course, there are a lot of not too bright GMs out there. I’m laying between the lines with this stuff (old songwriter’s term, invented by old songwriters).

Wow…………I agree wth Rich, I have to believe something is wrong,,.I don’t care what the powers that be say. And don’t get me wrong last night was the last straw for me with jose. But to listen to the venom spewing on these pages against him and others well to me isn’t cool. He is not a terrible closer and to say he’s sucks and has done nothing for this team over the last 3 years is well just not paying attention.
I remember a few years ago when Magglio was really struggling there were horrible attacks on him and them come to find out his wife was seriously ill. People think these guys are robots when actually they are human with lives and feeling and problems.

I just read the Tigers are treating VV like he has mechanical issues. Supposedly Jones will be working on them with VV in the pen today.

I just cannot imagine management taking this tack with an injured guy.

No, I can’t either. They’ve missed the opportunity to deem it an injury so that bridge is burned.

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I hope they don’t think they can “fix” him. They can’t.
Rich, the idea of Max coming out of the pen is interesting. I would be reluctant to do that for fear he might try to hard and possibly reinjure his arm. Speaking of mechanics, he is one guy that really needs to find them and repeat them. I also think we need him in the rotation. We can be pretty certain you will get a quality start from him.

I mean “too hard”!!!!

I think Girardi made a bonehead decision when he pinch ran for Granderson last night. Gardner is faster for sure but Grandy could have been in a postion to tie or win a game with a dinger at the end. Gardner is not going to go yard for you.

Wondered about that one myself.

Exactly, and gardner has no arm

Newspeak: “I think the best way to put this across to you right now is, I still consider Jose Valverde the closer, but I probably would not close with him today”

You close with him today and you’ll be tarred and feathered the moment you deplane Jim.

That’s the problem. The fanbase is in an ugly mood over this and, once in Detroit, the boo-birds will be out loud and aplenty whenever Valverde comes in. It’s not like Papa had a ton of fans to begin with, you know? It shouldn’t have come to this.

Any relation between his demise and the spitgate?

Ha, interesting.

At least we get one clever line out of all this:
A guy put a Valverde poster on his door and now it won’t close.

That’s a great one.Where did we see that?

Twitter. Someone tweeted it to Henning

Rich – I think your earlier post about Scherezer was close. However, Scherzer is a #2 starter who pitched well in Oakland (until he ran out of gas). THe point I like is Smyly having the expanded role in this series. Especially without Jeter, the Yankees are vulnerable to leftys. And with that short porch in RF, Coke and Smyly better be ready.

Valverde. ALDS (two) :9.64
ALCS( two):14.40
NLDS ( one): 0.00
Career postseason:8.79

I go with experience a veteran……………DOTEL.

Boy I’m still exhausted from last night. These games in NY and Boston really take it out of me. They are long and stressful because these stadiums are built for little leaguers. And not an excuse, because they were hitting him hard, that homer to Ibanez wouldn’t be a homer anywhere else, it’s a routine fly ball.
Hope this injury isn’t a rallying cry for the Yankees.

Don’t give Raoul anything to hit here.

Sanchez doesn’t stand a chance if he doesn’t get that low STRIKE called what it is.

What the hell is wrong with this ump? He’s not giving Sanchez anything on the bottom of the zone. Missed a pitch in to Tex too. Hopefully he sees things the same way with Kuroda. If that’s the case then our hitters have to wait him out. Not swing at the crap he threw Cabby (who is off his game).
Sancez got away with a fastball right down the gut to Ibanez.

Maybe it might be an idea to talk to these hitters? Stop swinging the bat—make him throw strikes.

What is the game plan? Get Kuroda’s pitch count up by striking out?

They are swinging at balls. This just looks bad. Sure would be nice to get some guys on base today.

Gotta make him throw strikes. The only pitch to Infante that was a strike was the 1st one and he didn’t swing at it and then swings at 2 balls outside impossible to hit.

Our hitters look pathetic……….as we are being perfect gamed. jINX

I think we have been seeing some pretty good umping behind the plate lately. Consistent. What everybody likes. But this guy today is not making the game enjoyable.

Everyone tired…..? This is pretty bad.

When is the last time we scored a run for Sanchez? It is getting ridiculous. He is not going to want to stay with offensive support like this.
— Bob

Typical kind of support being given again to Sanchez today.

The play not made will always kill you.
— Bob

But not this time.

Good job fielding that foul pop up there? Jeez then he gets a single. Isn’t that the way it always goes, you don’t make a play then a single.

Enough is enough.
Show us some of that power Prince. They made this ballbark for you.

Boy this is depressing.

This is hard to believe.

Is it really?

Maybe there is something to this 3 day’s rest thing. It worked in the “olden days” (no offense to the mature bloggers). Before pitch counts, innings counts and protecting investments.
— Bob

This game is being played like a mid season get-away game. Somebody needs to score a run or you will end of playing 12 again.
– Bob

AJ swung at ball 4. Damn.
I think his half of the 6th and the top of the 7th will determine the game.

Oh maybe not, I forgot—it does look like we will need to go to the bullpen!

why was Sanchez walking into the clubhouse? Benoit coming?

Speed kills

Every post season we get to this term comes into play….PFP

Oh man PFP again! What the heck was that? That could have been disastrous.

Smart play by Ichiro. That guy can play ball!

Don’t forget about Ibanez

Thank You Jhonny Peralta.

JP is saving his best defense for right now. What a great barehanded play.
Time to score some runs. Please!!!!!!
— Bob

This is our inning. I don’t have any confidence in who is leading off but maybe lightning will strike. Berry does have the ability to work himself a base on balls.
I personally feel it is time to lay one down and run like hell.

Watch out Dan …. Lightning just struck.
— Bob

Miguel! Why are you trying to pull the ball?

Nice job by Miggy but less than good base-running by Berry. Really got a bad break on the ball hit to the right side.
C’mon Prince do NOT leave it up to DY

OH man—Prince!!! Horrible swing. Ball 4.

OK we got a run but what the heck is wrong with Prince Fielder? I hope they don’t hit the ball his way because he looks like he’s got no confidence whatsoever.
I’m thinking you have to leave Anibal in.

I am not quite sure what Miggy is doing when at bat. Instead of rotating on his rear foot on inside stuff, he is kicking his rear foot back and hacking, but is just left with his top half in the process. Which leaves Miggy with a powerless swing since he has no bottom half in play. That said, Miggy is hopefully his own best hitting coach and is possibly adjusting for a rear side injury and/ or setting up the pitcher.

Crossed up cost a K.
— Bob

For one extra pitch.😀
— Bob

Time for Coke

Only if served with a lot of rum.


I was thinking the same Bob. Avila catches that and it is a called strike. Thought for sure it was going to cost us big time.
Sanchez is pitching his heart out.
I don’t know if we are capable today, but we need runs. Sanchez is probably through.
The Bullpen is a gong show..

Geez Omar. Pay attention. He was totally out. Can we capitalize on this break. Sometimes Omar plays like he is in under world. That should have been goat horns for him … instead goat horns for the umpire.
— Bob

Oh my, Yanks got jobbed on the Infante tag in their own yard. Wanna cry in commiseration.

And another 8th RBI hit for the kid. Way to fight it off. And way to capitalize on a break.
— Bob

Don’t understand why Omar didn’t take third, he makes it easily.

Yes! Garcia gets a hit on a jam job, after taking a pitch. After yesterday and all that first pitch swinging, DY is no longer allowed to mentor Garcia.

DY’s approach would not be a good thing for the kid.

Just joking, of course.

Avisail again

Yes Omar should have had 3rd on that play. Another break for us. We have been getting them lately.
Garcia just continues to put his bat on the ball. Love the guy. And he makes the OF a lot better when he is out there.
Announcers sure prefer the Yanks don’t they?
What’s new there.

Singuel with the RBI

After all the bad calls against us all year I don’t feel bad about this one at all.
You watch, next year there will be more replay because it happened to the Yanks.

ElTigre…Out of curiosity, how many times has Girardi been thrown this year and how many against the Tigers? Thanx.

There was a webpage with that information but it is not working

Thank you for trying.

I would think Jl counters with Coke here..
Hang on Sloopy!

Well, someone has to fill this spot. You say Canadian Club works too? How about against RHB?

Well, Coke got Tex just like last night. I’m ready to take him to Vegas.

Leave Coke in to face Ibanez and then bring in Q2.
That was one of the best catches of the year by Avila—PF bearing down on him and the wall and everything but he stayed the course. Wow. Big out.

Yes on Coke in these circs.

Our guys(specifically dyoung and omar) are bailing out against the sidearmer Eppley.

4 blown saves in 6 opp.


Makes no sense to have Benoit pitch to Ibanez. Coke should be left in to pitch to him Truthfully, ‘d rather have Q2 . At least have him ready.
This is Leyalnds failing—managing the bullpen. He’s not good at it. He needs a closer who come in and take away the decision making..
good he’s leaving coke in. I don’t like Coke much but he has been throwing well against LHB

Yes. Coke with the save
That trade is better everyday

I am so happy to be wrong about Coke in this game. I only wish I could have been wrong more often this season. Still, a lot of favorable matchups for Coke, anticipated by JL. Good job Coke. Good job JL. AND kudos to Sanchez..

Phil Coke! Who would have thunk! Go Tigers!! Welcome home.

Locked and loaded … Coming home up 2-0 with our AK35(not 47) ready to stranglehold this series.
Go Tigers!!!!!! We are halfway there.
— Bob

Anibal Sanchez single handedly won that game for us.

Really happy and encouraged by the ability of Garcia to get his bat on the ball..
Miggy played well. Big hit by Omar.
Good job by Leyland to go with Garcia.
Coke striking out Martin was one of the biggest plays of the game. He just has had virtually no success against RHB. Thought for sure Benoit would be in the game there.
I’m not sure how we’re doing it but we are. Going back to Motown with a 2-0 lead against these guys is a little bit beyond belief.
Gotta get Prince going.

The Titanic sails on. Next port-Detroit.

All aboard. Stay aboard.

Jhonny Peralta is playing as well as I have ever seen him play.

and the decision to get garcia on the 25 man roster the day before the deadline was a very important one. This guy is delivering. 2 huge RBIs the last 2 days.

Would not surprise me that either Justin or Max had a little SP meeting and said we have to lead this team thru. They have been pumped the last two weeks.
Great to see nearly all the lesser lights playing loose – amazing considering how tight they have been all season.
Great to see JL continue with a reliever in form even if his hands were tied to some degree. Has to beat the platoon of the weakest link formula.
NY has been frayed at the seams all season and if we keep the pressure up, they will burst big time. Their offense outside of a few is downright ugly.

NB Jim Leyland. Forget about all the disrespect to Valverde, forget about the loaylty. Play in the moment and do the right thing at the right time. You may be right about people owing Valverde respect but you would be wrong to play him because of that.

What does NB mean? Thanx.

News Bulletin?

Nota bene

“Note Well” in English.


And thanx to you too, ElTigre.

Can understand the latin version. Had enuff of that in school for no apparent reason. Still influenced by the nuns with saying geez instead of jeez.

nótese bien en Espanol

We have shut the Yanks out twice at home (well kinda)

Way to go boys – what a gift from the 2nd base ump, in the end we didn’t need it anyways, but nice to be on the receiving end of those from time to time. Our starting pitching is just unbeatable right now – would have been happy with a split this weekend. I know this is a odd question, but near the end of the game Max was show in the dugout and the guy next to him appeared to be in uniform but I have no idea who he would be. My first thought was bullpen catcher but that late in the game he would have been in the pen – anyone know who he was?

Come on tigers – don’t let up even a fraction when you get home – ready to yell like crazy for you guys.

How many games are won after your hitters start 15 up, 15 down?!
Anibal! What a start, and what a job staying calm and matching zeroes with Kuroda. His mound demeanor impressed me.
Phil Coke! A two-inning save, showing great command of both fastball and slurve. He’s our best relief option right now. Dotel and Coke should be our stoppers, and Benoit and Valverde should stay seated in the bullpen.
Girardi is complaining about the blown call on Infante. Get Avisail Garcia out (it’s not hard to do, just ask the A’s) and it’s moot.
Boy, the Yankee bats have gone out. I can’t even think of a good batting order for them. If JV takes care of business Tuesday, then we can start scouting the NLCS.

Coke postseason: BAA .125 WHIP:0.86 ERA: 0.00 saves 1

I like Coke but often have had a very hard time defending him this year – he has done great this series, as has almost the entire pitching lineup. Great to see contributions from all of the guys – Jhonny P seems to have found some renewed energy at short, he has made quite a few terrific plays for us this series as well. Glad I get to go to bed at a decent time the next 2 nights!!

Richard . Girardi has been ejected five times in 2012. According to( you wont believe this): The Umpires Fantasy League .
If my memory is right second time vs Detroit

Once more, thank you. It seemed like he was always involved in a rhubarb with the Tigers this season. And had no idea there was such a site. How do you find links like this?

I wanted to know the record of MaClendon after JL expulsions and ended there.
Any search engine with the correct words can provide answers to that kind of questions

What’s the old axiom? Good pitching will beat you when nothing else will. Well Guys and Ladies, since Sept. 1, our starting pitching has been lights out since that date, and we might as well get on this band wagon and ride all the way to a World Series victory. Sanchez has made a true believer out of me. Can you imagine that we might could win this in Detroit and avoid that plane trip back to the Bronx. I would never have thought it possible. You can half way feel for the Yankee fans because we’ve gone through this “run” drought ourselves, all throughout the year. Nah! I don’t feel for the Yankee fans. They are a mean bunch to deal with. Well, I know we’re looking forward to the pitching machine on Tuesday night. Three things I especially like about tonight’s game:

1. The rebirth of Phil Coke. What an opportune time to get it done like the old Phil Coke. Very impressive Mr. Phil.

2. The continued improved of Jhonny both offensively and defensively. He has helped to solidify the team both ways.
3. Avisail does it for the second night in a row, and third time in post season play. Big time contribution.

Kudos to Miggy, QB, Anabel, and Alex for calling the game. Delmon took a day off, Biggy wondered along, Dirks stayed around until the end, and Omar got a big hit, though he entered “Teenage Wasteland” on the next hit. The thing to remember for all of us is the score without the blown call would have been 1-0 Tigers. As far as Valverde is concerned, I leave that to the Tiger Guys who make the big bucks. All I know is that if and when he’s used, it better not jeopardize a potential win. His days as an effective closer are gone in my opinion, unless he can rediscover a dominating second pitch. And his days as a Tiger are over in a little over two weeks. This is one that I will not regret to see gone. Congratulations to our team for a great two days in New York. Good night all!

Greg…You know i love your posts. They summarize the positive and are like fresh air. You are the closer. Let the rest of us jerks do what we do, which can get ugly. Thank you, again.

That’s why I love this site. Everyone has his/her own niche of expertise/opinion/analysis to offer. No doubt that Jason has created a great blog. Thank you Richard for your kind words. All of us have our Tiger stories and memories, and maybe during the off season, we could share some each day on the blog.

That’s an excellent idea, Greg.

Umpiring goes both ways, We are the Tigers, lest you all not forget. There is a new sheriff in town. 3 million fans in the motor city. We are running on all cylinders! Go Tigers! — Dave

All things considered, this has been a rather stunning turn of events. It appears the Orioles got the Yankees plumb tuckered out. Never count these guys out, though. It would be nice to finish it in Detroit, but not likely. They can’t all keep slumping like this. At any rate, it will be good to get more home playoff games, but hopefully only two.
There is something just wrong about booing Curtis Granderson.
One call goes against the Yankees and here come the calls for instant replay. I’m not interested in any electronic assistance that doesn’t include the strike zone. People can cry about that Infante/Cano play all they want, but they better also consider that it seemed to take Sanchez 5 strikes to get two called. Same last night with Fister. It was only when the Yankees failed to take their usual advantage of a generous zone that both umps altered their calls.
I’ve got the Giants-Cardinals on and Joe Buck is already using football references. Leave the NFL out of it, Joe.

Where do you get the energy? I too am “tuckered out” and think the booing of Grandy is “wrong” as well. Go Tigers and bring me a bottle of Canadian Club (evan probably drank all of the Pabst).


That’s the way you win, boys. Pitching and defense!!!!

How about our Detroit Tigers!!! They became road warriors finally. Won the one game needed in Oakland and then the sweet sweep in the Big Apple this weekend. WOW!!! Yankees fall behind but have a huge rally in the ninth then lose in twelve innings 6-4. We truly have four storied franchises vying for spots in the World Series this year. The one combo that has not happened would be Tigers-Giants. If you look at team stats, the Tigers and Cardinals mirror each other so much that would be a classic matchup. Since 2006 all four teams have made it to the World Series with only our Tigers not getting the big prize. Two wins this weekend means we still need two Ws to conquer the Yankees. Go Tigers!!!!

As you noted, four storied franchises. Sums it up. Very exciting for the Tigers to again be involved in the race for the “big prize.”

From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20121014/SPORTS0104/210140359#ixzz29LZ8gNDS
And to the fans who are already howling that Valverde shouldn’t be trusted again?

“All I will say is, ‘Think before you speak,'” Leyland said. “This guy has been pretty good.”
And may I suggest Leyland, that you think before you act! In fact just “think”.
This has nothing to do with how Valverde has been. It’s about how he is.

I hope the idiots at Comerica don’t boo him, because that will help nothing except provide even more pressure!

I invite everyone to has the time to check out jVV game logs since 2005. I’m not about putting him in there until he is right — but this guy is DEF. going to get right…. you’ll see him pitch in clutch situations next round if – gawd willing – we find ourselves there and in need of him.
Fans are too short sighted. Think about this: Coke, Young, Peralta, Avila, Berry, Boesch, Raburn, Inge, Valverde, Leyland, Lamont, McLendon, Kelly…..could have been gone if their job came down to a “popular vote” of the “fans”.
I know I tend to disagree with you Dan – but I hope that you’re feelings don’t make things awkward for you if the boys win it all. And that goes for everyone – I think it’s time to enjoy the moment and stop beating the dead horses (e.g. jVV giving you heart burn, not playing small ball when you want it, 2nd guessing the bullpen management, peralta’s lack of range, offensive numbers, etc.).
Re: Girardi. He is only creating more excuses for his team to use.

their team isn’t taking punches well – hah.

Funny how Girardi wants replay when a bad call affects his Yankees. But three short years ago he was quoted after the fair/foul of Mauers bat that squashed a rally for thevTwins he was saying it would ruin the flow and didnt want it except fr the home run call. So has he just had a change of heart or dies he only want or not want it when it benefits him?

Has anyone else seen that Prince, Dirks and Miggy aren’t exactly stroking the ball, in the postseason? Prince is batting .200 (2RBI), Dirks is .222 (4K/0BB, 0RBI) and Miggy is at .286 (3RBI).
I think we have plenty left in the tank – and bats that are due to contribute!! Having guys both hot and cold on the roster – that’s what you want as a manager, I think.

Joe Girardi is having a tough week, with his father’s funeral today and all.
Genuinely good guy Nick Swisher on the Yankee Stadium fans:

My heart could never take the abuse that professional athletes have to take -ridiculous to hear as many boos when your team is in a playoff series.

Mayo Smith…Your comment about”more replay” next year because of what happened to the Yankees may not be farfetched. ESPN radio in SoCal is buzzing with commentary in support of “more replay.”

Also just read an article on the Yankee website where Girardi pushed for “more replay” and Selig said it’s coming.

“I think we’ll have it, for sure,” said Selig. “They’re working on cameras in all the ballparks. We need the right cameras. Should we have them by next year? We’d better.”
The right cameras in all the parks is key. What they have now with the telecast cameras at odd angles and varying quality of video is not acceptable, and something that was just slap dashed together. It’s all on the cameras. Without that, the umpire makes the wrong call, the bad cameras don’t show conclusive evidence, and the wrong call stands after some wasted time. Even so, replay often doesn’t fix it. Look at Stanford-Notre Dame on Saturday.
In this day and age, there’s just too much “Daddy, fix it” going on.

Evan, don’t worry about Prince, Dirks and Miggy. Enjoy the moment.


BTW, It is pretty hard to dislike Joe Girardi, even if he is a dyed-in-the-wool Yankee.

TBS talked about replay, and even with expanded replay I do not think the Infante play would have been reviewed. They are talking about traps, scoring plays as reviewable next year, which would not have mattered.
Girardi is trying to work some calls for the next couple games, because he know how much trouble his team is in. Can’t fault him for that.
And to hear Yankees fans boo Curtis Granderson, one of the classiest people in baseball, is just straight pathetic.
Tigers fans could learn from this and embrace Valverde. A guys who has preformed well until the postseason. A guy that does not duck questions, nor make excuses. We will need Jose Valverde, if he is healthy. Hopefully they found out what is wrong with him. To me it looks like his pitches were flat. Velocity didn’t seem to be an issue, so maybe an arm slot issue or maybe tipping pitches?

Could he just be psyched out pitching in Yankee Stadium?? In his last four appearances there going back to last year’s playoffs he has given up four home runs, Everywhere else in over seventy innings he has given up three homers.

Lack of veloicty, lack of command, lack of movement and lack of a splitter, lack of field awareness. I guess flat pretty well sums it up.
No time to get caught up in “yesterday”.

Miguel has two greats AB so far . One the walk he worked after being 1-2 that set the stage for the win.
And yesterday the single vs Kuroda with the ball just over the dirt was piece of art.
The ESPN in español crew was ecstatic after the single.

But yes, Prince needs to begin hitting or the walk and bad pitches will keep coming for Miguel. He is making swing to balls in the dirt.

The JV2 numbers for postseason career are not good.
Career. 8.79 ALDS 9.64 NLDS: 0.00 ALCS: 14.40. NLCS:5.40
Benoit had 4 blown saves in 6 opp. during the season.
The unanimous opinion is that the bullpen is the only obstacle for the Tigers

Local TV here is with Tigers and Giants because of the venezuelans players but one of the commenters is a life long Tigers fan( his father wrote an 8 columns chronicle of the heroics of 1987 after the game won by Tanana in the major newspaper here), he almost cry when he see Benoit and Valverde.

Girardi? Jeffrey Maier. The HR not called last week . The walk to Texeira with a strike. The K to Avila with a ball in line with his shoulders.The 5 strikes K for Fister and Sanchez

mmm good points there eltigre.
was looking at postseason team splits and found these gems of possible interest:
1) Hitting not disappearing on the road (OPS .629) relative to home (OPS .709).
2) Hitting righties much better than lefties (OPS .717 vs .548)
3) PHs have a .857 OPS in 7abs
1) Pitching BETTER on the road than at home (ERA 2.5 vs 1.74, OPS .614 vs .543)
2) Lefties not killing us: .190BA, 49K/18BB in 153abs

2012 Postseason: pitching, pitching and more pitching. Tigers have the best team ERA at 1.95.
Four AL teams have team ERAs under 3.00. Of the teams with a chance to get to the World Series, we have the best team BA at .258. Jhonny Peralta and Carlos Beltran lead the playoffs with ten hits each. JP hitting .385 then we have nine players between .286 and .200. Giants as a team at .194!!!! We have been getting solid contributions from everyone. Defense holding up, too.

Good points, El Tigre, on the bad calls that are made. When people start complaining about being hosed, they must remember that this hose squirts in all directions.
I think Joe was just venting. He’s got a good team that isn’t hitting a lick. We learned this summer how frustrating that can be. The extraneous events going on make it worse for him.

When Valverde enters a game in Detroit this week, some yahoos will boo very loudly, drowning out the cheers from some others. Most will sit quietly and wait to see what happens. I’d be in that third group if I was there.

Speaking of fans, QB was quoted on MLB regarding the Yankee faithful. He basically said it wasn’t as tough to play there now and added that Oakland is a tougher place to play.

I suppose Q is comparing NY to Oakland since he’s never played in the Yankee Stadium before and has no point of reference. My preference is for smarter fans watching the game. I got a big dose of the frenzied party atmosphere in Washington Friday night and I’ll tell ya, it was ridiculous. And downright silly. This isn’t football.
Signed, Cranky Old Curmudgeon 🙂

Yeah…Actually when I heard his comment I thought he should consider wearing a helmet on defense if the Tigers need to return to NY.

No kidding. Another rookie lesson coming up?


If everyone says they need runners on in front of Miggy and Prince. And Jackson and (whoever bats second on that day) can’t get on with a hit. Then why not BUNT and use their SPEED. DISRUPTE things. Make the other team think.

Thanks El Tigre. Really informative and well-written article. As well as being accurate.

Excellent article. The second to last paragraph ’bout nailed it.
Hey, I know what a LOOGY is but I don’t know what the letters stand for. Anybody help me out?

Lefty Only One-out Guy

Lefty Only One-out GuY. Sorry.

You know, I really don’t want to play the Cardinals. After seeing Holiday wipe out the Giants 2ndbaseman with that dirty slide, I want to play them even less. I just don’t like those guys.

Lefty Only One GuY.

Or maybe Lefty one out Guy!

Great article. Agree with all of it. The problem is not the pen, it’s the managing of the pen.

The article totally backed up the use of Coke by JL yesterday. Coke has his picture next to LOOGY in the dictionary. Yankees were stacked with LHB and Tex was an option. JL gambled and won. Kudos to JL.

Expressed essentially the same opinion yesterday, but felt JL trusted Coke way too far at the time.

I was good with Coke yesterday. The matchup numbers have their place, but Phil was throwing extremely well and had a 3 run margin. The particular situation at hand dictated that he stay in there, IMO. Bringing in another guy is a crap shoot. It was a good example of staying away from the formula with success. If Coke had been floating that slider up there and missing his spot by two feet as he’s done before, far different scenario. Perhaps Jim can really manage a game if he needs to. The game is right there in front of one’s eyes, after all. Conversely, the same logic says that Valverde should have been yanked after Ichiro’s homer the previous night.

And thanks for the LOOGY answers, guys.

That is the key thing. Get Leyland to manage with his brain and not the chip on his shoulder.Don’t manage in spite, or because you want your idea to “work out”, Do the right thing at the right time Or at least try. To put Valverde in just to prove something is not a good idea. Work him back in and see what he’s got.


Starting pitching?? Nobody better than the Detroit Tigers this postseason!!! Verlander, Scherzer, and Fister at home. That looks good to me. Yanks’ hitters are struggling. Hold them down guys. Go Tigers!!!!

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