Will Tigers tweak their roster for ALCS?

One misnomer about the baseball postseason is that there is no set roster for the entire postseason. There are rules to be eligible for the roster in the postseason, such as needing to be called up by Sept. 1 unless there’s an injury involved, but the postseason roster changes series by series.

With that in mind, the Tigers will turn in their roster for the ALCS Saturday morning. And one has to believe that with a matchup against the Yankees, rather than the A’s, they have some potential changes if they want.

Is this matchup, with as many as four games in front of the short right-field fence of Yankee Stadium, the one that brings Brennan Boesch back from roster purgatory and into a potential late-inning pinch-hit role?

On the flip side, is the formidable presence of Raul Ibanez, whose two home runs in a game he entered as a pinch-hitter, a strong enough reason for the Tigers to add Darin Downs or Brayan Villarreal to their bullpen?

Yes, Villarreal is right-handed. However, he held left-handed hitters to 12-for-63 (.190) with 18 strikeouts on the season. His toughest opponent against lefties was himself, with 19 walks. He’s the kind of power pitcher who could also help continue Alex Rodriguez’s struggles.

Of course, he’s also the pitcher who was notably wild in a tie game at Yankee Stadium at the end of April.

Then there’s Downs, who held lefties to 6-for-35 with 10 strikeouts but who pitched in just four games after Sept. 1. He’s a lefty, but so is Drew Smyly, and he didn’t pitch at all against Oakland.

The Tigers carried just six relievers for the Division Series, allowing them to carry five position players on their bench. If they add an extra reliever, it would probably change that balance rather than erase another reliever from the roster.

Of course, the Tigers could find a spot for an extra position player if they wanted to carry Boesch. He’s 11-for-30 lifetime at Yankee Stadium, but just one of those are home runs. He also has 11 strikeouts there, five of them over 13 plate appearances in the Bronx at the end of April.

If Jim Leyland wanted a power lefty bat on his bench as an option, or even as a decoy, Boesch would be the guy. But it’s far from a given, and the impact is up for debate.



There are many speculations about ARod being benched all the series.He hit 111 last year vs the Tigers in the ALDS. And his avg vs RHP is very low by his standards.
I would add a pitcher because the Yankees are able to grind their ABs even if as noted last night by Evans they are hitting very little.

Instead of Santiago

yea santiago for Darin Downs. But honestly, brennan boesch is a close second.

villareal a close 3rd

I know people would FREAKOUT but garcia is (1 hit, 1BB, 2SO, in 7abs) not particularly that indispensable right now either.

I do like JL. I just don’t like the way he managed. Wow, the Cards get 4 in the 9th and overcome a 6-0 deficit. 2006? This year we beat the yanks and cards. Go Tigers!

El Tigre, Pennington had an off year?? as a RHB hitting .168. That must be the reason our manager used Phil Coke against him in the last series. During the regular season Pennington had a triple off of Coke. Also Crisp is a slightly weaker RHB. Our manager likes to turn around SWhitters. Did either of these guys face Coke more than once last week?? Do you see him putting Coke in to turn around Teix or Swisher?? Grandy has two homers off Coke since last year. Yankees .160 off Smyly in that start in April. Would starting Smyly in NY in game two be a bold move that could swing the series??

Granderson was .089 9 K before running into one last night. With the Yankees it is never enough.
Coke was fine. But dumping Santiago to add another arm looks like a good idea.
Binder is beinig grilled for benching ARod instead of Swisher 23 for 168 ( career postseason) or Cano or even Granderson.

DOK…Is Smyly your relative?

No. Our team’s strength is our six starting pitchers. How we use these six men will be more crucial than who rides our bench. Fister and Sanchez, do they get us a split?? Sure hope so. You know this weekend might require Porcello or Smyly to go deep in extra innings, too. Who would be your first choice??

What a dilema. I think I’d go with a pitcher.

I just know Leyland will bring Boesch up for this series, and I just know it won’t work out. A bad hitter is a bad hitter, no matter where he is.

The Yankees and Tigers had the best ERAs in the Division series. Will pitching continue to dominate?? The Tigers have a 3-4-5 combo that could be lethal. Cabrera, Fielder, and Young was the guy who came up big against NY last year. For the Yankees, it’s a much deeper lineup where Joe Girardi very likely will bat Granderson with 43 bombs low in the order. He will have Cano, a hot Ibanz, and Granderson spread out and protected in his order. And of course, beware the Captain!!

Cano is batting – what – 0.90 in the postseason so far?

was Rich at the STL WAS game yesterday? if so…..wow he saw quite a game.

Cano: 091/ 312
Chavez , the starting 3b? 0 for 8
Swisher 111/302
Rodríguez: 125/ 347
Granderson:158/516. Ran into one last night.
Susuki: 217/554
The statue:364/891.

MLB. com:”But most anyone being compared to Jeter is in a losing battle” .DRS: -18. Peralta: -1. UZR:-16.4 JP: 11.7. In defense, Peralta easily.

No changes in the rosters. Official

This is our manager’s seventh playoff rodeo and having eleven pitchers and fourteen position players is his MO. Will that change?? Highly unlikely. Should it?? Absolutely!!!! Putkonen with that easy 95 gas. Or is he in the Arizona Fall League?? Crafty Downs who actually gets lefties out?? No he tops out at 92 probably with the wind at his back.

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