Tigers roster stays the same for ALCS

Just got word the Tigers will keep their same roster for the ALCS as they had for the Division Series. They’ll stick with their seven-man bullpen and five-man bench.

For those who lost track, the roster is this:

Here’s the roster:

Rotation: Justin Verlander, Doug Fister, Anibal Sanchez, Max Scherzer

Bullpen: Jose Valverde, Al Alburquerque, Joaquin Benoit, Phil Coke, Octavio Dotel, Rick Porcello, Drew Smyly

Catchers: Alex Avila, Gerald Laird

Infielders: Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, Omar Infante, Jhonny Peralta, Ramon Santiago, Danny Worth

Outfielders: Quintin Berry, Andy Dirks, Avisail Garcia, Austin Jackson, Don Kelly

DH: Delmon Young

The bullpen stays the same, but with the extra left-handed hitters the Yankees have available on their bench, one can expect Drew Smyly to get into this series at some point. Expect, too, a heavy workload for Al Alburquerque, whose slider/fastball mix allows him to be effective against left- and right-handed hitters.


I feel like those lefies are the reason why you go with DDowns instead of RSantiago. But whatever, no worries – that won’t be the reason why we win or lose.

Agree. We must again battle LH starting pitching. It starts from the top Jackson, Infante, Cabrera, Fielder, and Young.


Tigers vs Eppley:333/.368/.980

Delmon 542 career vs Pettitte . Best against him .

Including Postseason

I absolutely think Downs would have been more useful than Ramon will have been.

Tiger combined vs Pettitte:337/.375/1.026
Miguel 200 with 2 HR
JP: 389/.476/1.587
Mostly, old numbers

It makes sense that Jhonny would hit Andy, a power pitcher.

This is not going to be easy. Andy is a wily veteran and a true competitor. Combine that with a team that is not hitting well and not hitting lefties well at all. And you have some trouble..The Yankee hitters have been brutal in the Baltimore series. Realistically how long can that go on?
Fister is going to have to hit his spots and he is going to have to be extremely careful trying to go inside to hitters. If he misses–they won’t.

It occurs to me, Dan, that the Yankees may be saying the exact same thing about us. Word for word.

In terms of PT your probably right Dan. I like Downs as an addition. Worth, Santiago and Kelly will not all be needed or even all used. At this point Ramon is probably the more redundant of the three. Kelly’s ability to play just about every position, including pitcher, gives him a unique value. Plus JL likes him. I do too for that matter. Worth offers more range than any of the other infielders. (I think that’s correct?). But JL manages with his heart as well as his mind and so loyalty to Ramon in giving him a spot. Kudos for that. The Yanks have been cold offensively which probably factored into JL’s decision making on keeping only 11 pitchers. Our starters should go fairly deep, at least based on what they’ve been doing lately. Plus, if it goes 7 games there are 2 rest/travel days built in which gives all pitchers extra rest. Feel bad for Brennan, but hard to justify leaving Garcia off the roster with his mobility and arm in right. He doesn’t necessarily have to hit that much to justify his roster spot. The team actually has some dimension now allowing JL more options. Good grief, look how much they’re running now. More tricks in the bag for JL.

Pettitte, Phelps, Kuroda, CC, Pettitte, Phelps ( or Hughes), CC is now even more likely the Yankees rotation.

David Phelps:
He had a great end of the season (low 2 ERA, under .200 BA, .572OPS from sept 12 – oct 3) and for that matter a good season (like a 3.3ERA and WHIP just over 1). BUT he’s 26 and has only pitched 1.1 innings in the postseason….to which he gave up 2earned runs and lost the game for his team. And of course he is a RIGHTY.
So to assume the yankees know who will pitch beyond game 5 is probably putting the horse before the cart – so they say.

Phil Hughes is nearly the opposite story. he pitched with nearly a 5era down the stretch in the regular season (e.g. sept 13 – sept 30) but pitched lights out the other day for the in the playoffs (6.2ip, 8ks, 1er, 1.05whip).

The key for us will be scoring runs. Yes, on paper, we have better starting pitching. But we have been blessed with almost spectacular results from our starters. Can’t rely on the starter to win the game only to keep us in it.
We need AJ to haunt his former team. He will need to be consistent as we will certainly be inconsisitent in the #2 hole. We have to have people on base in front of Cabby. I see AJ as likely the guy who will be the linchpin.
I also think Garcia is going to come out of it a bit this series. He has been hitting easy ground balls but if he can be patient and get some pitches up he is going to show us his extra base potential.
Fielder has to take advantage of the right field porch. Pure and simple. He needs to do that. Hitting the ball the other way is not producing results.
This offense has to work. It has to take us into the 9th inning with a 3 run lead. The 1 run games aren’t going to work for us against NY.

Take note that the four most experienced teams have advanced to the LCS. That’s what it comes down to. Whoever executes at the right time will be in the WS.
We’re in store for some grueling yet exciting games. I’m looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to a slightly less pressurized (in the beginning) best of 7 series.

did you go to that nats stl game last night?

Yes, I was there. The Nats ambushed Wainwright early with some big bombs but then…….my wife and I, longtime Tiger watchers, saw the bats go to sleep while Gio Gonzalez struggled and could only go five. The bullpen was shaky. Sound familiar? After the game, we compared notes and had both been thinking the same thing without saying it out loud. We weren’t surprised at the Cardinals comeback.
Going into the postseason without Strasburg was like us trying to win it without Verlander. That was a very poorly handled method of limiting Strasburg’s innings, and it was hard for me to get very much behind a club that was putting other things above winning when the opportunity was there.
The atmosphere, the event itself, was the story. Loudest I’ve ever experienced, even louder than a packed Progressive Field with John Adams going balls to the walls on that stupid drum. It was an inexperienced, “rookie” pack of fans. They stood up at odd times, such as everytime there were two strikes on a Cardinals hitter, couldn’t wave their little rally towels without hitting other people in the face (me), and never did decide if they wanted to stand or sit. At one point, I was sitting between ABs and a guy two rows in front offered me $5 if I’d stand up. I told him I’d do it for $10. 🙂 By the 7th inning, being used to standing up while watching baseball, I thought the heck with what everybody is doing, I’m standing up for the rest of the game.
In the 9th, everyone was standing and waving their towels. From my “vantage” point, I could see nothing but a sea of waving arms. I never even saw the Cardinals rally. Before the Nats hit in the bottom of the 9th, we were gone, beating the crowd to the Metro (that’s the subway in DC), but still didn’t get home till 3 AM.
This is all probably more than anyone wanted to know, but there you are.

naw that was a good comment and story. you didn’t get home till 3am? easy now!

Hey Rich, tell the part again where the guy was hitting you in the face with his towel and then you grabbed it, ripped it to shreds before his very eyes, and then stuffed it back into his coat pocket. We like that part.

Unfortunately, you mean the middle aged lady and the 12 year old boy. One time my own wife did it! Of course, I kept my own rally towel as a keepsake. It’s red. Blood red.

Lineup: Jackson 8, Infante 4, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Peralta 6, Dirks 7, Garcia 9, Laird 2. Fister 1

The way Avila looked the other day Laird is the way to go. Especially against the LHP. I know Laird doesn’t hit LHP better than RHP–but he hits them better than Alex does. And he doesn’t K as much. I hate those backward Ks!

Derek Jeter SS, Ichiro Suzuki LF, Robinson Cano 2B, Mark Teixeira 1B, Raul Ibanez DH, Alex Rodriguez 3B, Nick Swisher RF, Curtis Granderson CF, Russell Martin C, (Andy Pettitte P)

Yankees using Kuroda on 3 days rest for game 2.

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