ALCS Game 1: Tigers at Yankees

Same lineup as the two games against left-handed starters in the AL Division Series. The Yankees, meanwhile, return Alex Rodriguez to the starting lineup. That might be good news for the Tigers, who saw the best hitting of Eric Chavez for four games in Detroit in August.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Omar Infante, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (4-for-20, 2 HRs, 5 K’s off Pettitte)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH (13-for-24 off Pettitte)
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS (7-for-18, 3 HRs off Pettitte)
  7. Andy Dirks, LF
  8. Avisail Garcia, RF
  9. Gerald Laird, C

P: Doug Fister


  1. Derek Jeter, SS
  2. Ichiro Suzuki, RF
  3. Robinson Cano, 2B (5-for-14, 3 2B, HR off Fister including postseason)
  4. Mark Teixeira, 1B (5-for-16, HR off Fister including postseason)
  5. Raul Ibanez, DH
  6. Alex Rodriguez, 3B (1-for-9, 3 strikeouts off Fister)
  7. Nick Swisher, RF
  8. Curtis Granderson, CF
  9. Russell Martin, C

P: Andy Pettitte


I’m looking for Austin Jackson to do some good things for us. We’re away from the circus that was Oakland and going up against the devil we know. No surprises here, just mano-a-mano.

We need to get off to good start in this series. We cannot let what happened last year in Texas happen again. At the least, we must obtain a split. If we do that, we control the series. Our starters must continue to be studs and a few of the boys have to up their hitting. We just won a 5 game series with Miggy getting only one RBI. I dont think anyone could have expected that.
Go luck everyone. Have fun.
Go Tigers !!!!!
— Bob

Sorry meant to say Good luck.
I guess I have pre-game jitters.🙂
— Bob

Here we go guys – pretty exciting! And found out today I am going to the game on Tuesday – 2nd playoff game this year, both of them with Verlander pitching! I hope I bring them luck again – am hoping we have at least 1 win by Tuesday night. Go TIGERS!!!!!

You understand that if they win again on Tuesday, we will expect you at all JV starts at home for the rest of his career. Time to take out a 2nd mortgage.😉
That’s awesome. Have fun. Hopefully, they will greet you with a 2-0 series lead.
— Bob

I need a much richer husband or hit the lottery unless of course the blog wants to take up a collection….

Go from the top. Score in the first inning. Go Doug Fister. Nobody better. Go Tigers!!!!

The Titanic is set to sail, again. Get on board and stay on board. Should be fun.

Doug, careful with the 0-2 pitches. Bury them don’t let them leak out over the plate. I know you like to come “in” against the LHB to establish yourself. Not on the 0-2.. If you miss, miss away.

Well apparently the ump has no interest in calling pitches strikes for Doug!

I understand the ump has squeezed him a couple of times, but Doug appears to be pitching scared.
JP with a big time play.
— Bob

A couple times……..there were probably 4 or 5 pitches that were inthe strike zone the jerk called balls.

Yes a couple of times. He was all over the place. He was missing his spots badly. He will get it figured out though. Ball and strikes are always subjective. JV has the beneficiary of a wide zone in Game 5. Nobody will ever be happy with the strike zone all the time.
— Bob

This umpire is a freaking a-hole. I’m not asking him to give him borderline pitches I’m asking the umpire to call a strike a strike………..jeez he gave Petite outside pitches. Jerk!

Jhonny Peralta, yes!!!!

Nice D, Jhonny!

Holy cow. Peralta made a play that he never makes. I have a feeling about him. I think he is coming on and maybe he will be a force. His at bats have been much better lately.
Nice to see Miggy get himself a hit.
GK–that was a big time call by the 2nd base ump.
Fister needs to pull himself together. He was out of sorts.

Ya he was out of sorts because he couldn’t get actual strikes called strikes. Did you notice how our batters knowing how tight the strike zone was called on Fister swung at crap that wasn’t nowhere near a strike. Smart hitters we got….. Not one of the pitches to Peralta or Young were strikes.

Again the first pitch to Jeter was a damn strike, he shoulda been struck out…. In stead he gets a hit on the next pitch! I’m telling ya this ump is so obvious.

I don’t have a good feeling about this game. The Yankees are doing their usual dragging out at-bats and slowing the game down. Fister likes to pitch fast and they are probably very aware of that.

We caught a break there.

Holy Cow II.
Peralta is bailing Fister out huge! Fister is so off it is scary. I’d have Smyly up and throwing. He got lucky twice—they could have had 4 runs or more by now.
JL has to be able to recognize. If Fister comes out flat again then he needs to address the issue.

Another good play by Peralta although I’m not positive he was out? 1st base ump probably knows Fister got hosed! Haha

Fister could be out. Hit in the hand

He’s done. And I will refrain from further comment on that.
Smyly will have to come in and these are one of those times that make baseball beautiful. A rookie coming in under duress in the biggest situation possible. Let’s hope it’s one of those times that we remember forever.

Hmmm. Fister able to answer the bell.
Omar made a really nice turn on that DP.
GK–he was safe.

What a crazy game! Two crazy plays, and then it takes getting hit on the hand to calm down Fister.

That line drive loosened up his grip. Only 7 pitches, after 47 thru 2.

I’ll bet Kevin Rand slapped some Feldene on Fister’s wrister pretty quick.

This ump I tell ya!

I have no idea how he did it but it was a couple of starts ago in the middle innings when Fister went into “no way you can hit me mode” and struck out 9 in a row.
We need him to throw like he can. He is not “ON” to this point.

Hey Bob. I like Greg Zaun. Smart baseball guy and not afraid to make a controversial comment. But what’s with this Don Cherry simulation?

He is a great analyst. Tells it like it is. I guess he figures if he is going be the baseball version on Don Cherry … he might as well dress like him too.😀
— Bob


he was right

Jackson never looked at Lamont during the 3b. He does not trust him

I don’t agree. Lamont has to let AJ gho . How many guys with wheels do you have?
I think the guys don’t trust Lamont. Why is AJ looking back at the ball rounding 2nd?
He should be looking at his coach.
Better get this run in. They are at a premium with Pettit pitching.

Walk Miggy ….. Take that, Girardi.
Way to go, Prince.
— Bob

Holy Cow III.
Oh my. We are still getting breaks. Cabby took a gamble and Swisher made a mistake throwing to 2nd

Turning point at bat for Dirks here.

Terrible AB by dirks here in the 6th and an even worse one by Garcia. Well glad we got two but thse two couldn’t have worse ab’s

Mark that down as a big missed opportunity. Dirks is really not looking good against lefties right now and Garcia was way too aggressive.
— Bob

Dirks realized he was wrong swinging that breaking ball.
Garcia looked bad

Darn. Really hoping the young guys would come through there. Avi is starting to press. He was pretty relaxed up till recently. Surprised we didn’t get a better at bat from Andy.

I must be delayed. You guys appear to be be seeing this ahead of me

Omar- throw the bloody ball. Those are tips of the iceberg.


Avisail is pressing


Dont think so … Went over the bag fair and just missed the chalk.
— Bob

Gift wrapping provided by your Detroit Tigers.
— Bob

Infante you dip! It’s going to cost us…..congrats!

Time to eat 107 mm. He is out of the game

Well swisher was struck out there, but oh well I’d expect nothing less from this obvious idiot biased ump!

WOW …. Dougie Fister with some very mean Twisters !!!!!!!!
— Bob

You da man Fister! You not only struck out three of those pin stripes swisher was struck out so it was actually 4! Take that ump!

Doug Fister picks up Omar. Go Tigers!!!!!

The ump took him out of his game with the bad call

Fister was immaculate in that inning after the initial diffculty.
We do need to get some runs though because unlike JL, I do not trust “The Formula”.

Remember when the pen was a strength?
And by the way Ichiro swung!

But instead he gets a hit!

he was K

Fister did a agreat job and he did a great job in the 7th as well. He might have struck Ichiro out—we are not getting any Pitch Trax. I think he had him.
Not real pleased with Coke coming in. All we can do is “Hope” & “Dream”

Buckle up, everybody. The game is in the hands of our bullpen.
— Bob

NO. Not Coke vs Tex.

OK. Our blind squirrel finally found a nut. 3 out.

Big sigh of relief.

Dan, I think you might be right about JP. He has had very good at bats tonight. If we can get the 2011 JP for 3 weeks, this season could end with a very happy ending.
— Bob

Second RBI in postseason

And both in the 8th inning to add to a lead. He is going to be very special.
— Bob

DY’s work with Garcia has obviously paid off.

DY was 455 vs Lowe

Dan .. are you listening to this drivel about the Yanks not having a day off before the series started. Excuses.
— Bob

I think in Canada we are getting different announcers. We have the MLB International feed with Gary Thorne and Rick Sutcliffe; not the TBS feed. They have been pretty good until now.
El Tigre, what feed are you getting?
— Bob

That’s the feed I’m watching. It’s nice to listen to good announcers, after those TBS clowns.

ESPN in español and local tv

4 runs on 10 hits. Need six outs. Who do we call??

Nice job Coke! Great job!

He threw the ball well tonite, good command.

Coke again did a good job in LHB situations. The bonus was getting Tex out as a RHB. Much angst.

That’s right Yankee fans. That’s the guy you traded. Action Jackson!!!!
— Bob

Wrong place to hit

Excellent play by AJ! Wow! Trout who?

God Benoit! What the heck. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.

He’s getting squared up way too regularly. Maybe he is tipping. Cannot see his slot on TV and do not know his mannerisms well enough to tell.

Or maybe a pitch pattern thing?

Geez .. Benoit got out of it but he didnt not fool anyone. Every ball was hit hard. Garcia almost caught that. Good effort.
— Bob

That was HR

I think you are right.
— Bob

Im receiving ESPN in español and local tv

Looked like Miggy hurt that ankle!

Yes Bob I feel really bad for the Yanks.
4 run into the 9th. well Valverde can give up a couple and we’ll be OK.
Nice job Coke. Very nice.

That 5th run would have been nice. Crossing my fingers with Benoit in. Happy with Coke’s performance, though!

Gameday had Benoit coming in, but I guess it’s Velverde. God help us…

This is no time for people’s feelings. JL better have Al Al up. He cannot go to the wall if VV is getting raked.
— Bob

Oh for sure. Al needs to be warming up becaue Jose is not dependable. Also youu have to be proactive as a manager. Not Stubborn.

This is not the definition of a bullpen.
Al needs to be ready. No Question.

I’m going to bed. Valverde cannot be trusted. And, he’s keeping him in there, OMG!

You gotta be kidding me….get him out of there!!!!!!! You guys are right, but AlAl in now.

Damn jose its got to.stop here

Get him the hell out of there.

6.52 . pull him out

Dotel is warming

I’d love to see Dotel in there. Papa Grande just doesn’t have it.


Whatever happens here JL has to take note. Valverde is utterly undepenable.

FIre Leyland

F’ing Valverde!

This is all on JL … You are too effing late you stupid SOB … I hate you.
— Bob

With two outs

Just effen wow….Leyland you will never learn, will you????? Another wasted pitching performance because of JL putting him in there!!!!!

Fire Leyland right now.

If they lose this series, then he will be. Or he’ll just step down….that would be the honorable thing to do….

I don’t mind him putting him in there it freaking leaving him in there. Son of a……. Damn,

Why the hell didn’t he bring in Dotel before!

See how easy that was. Again, fire Leyland this minute. That’s just stubbornness.

I don’t know what’s wrong with him…………

Valverde needs to just walk away from this team. Wow can you even look Fister in the eye???

That fith run would have been huge, now. Infante’s inability to bunt hurt…maybe should have put Santiago to PH for him (even if the bunt would be predictable). Oh, hind-sight….

Goodbye 2012. They Yanks have taken out the starch.of a gem that was won.
I am not saying this to beat my own drum but I have seen this the whole year.. I Have seen it coming. Valverde has nothing and it has been getting worse as he goes.
The games that Valverde has lost have been games that were won.
Leyland is an IDIOT>>/strong>.

Miguel mad at Valverde

No JL, I think. For leaving him in.
— Bob

I love seeing that from Miggy. Miggy is one guy JL will not be able to bully. Eff U JL. You are done in this town and so are you VV.
— Bob

He’ll keep running him out there until the series is lost.

I’ve been a big Valverde supporter even after the other day, I’m done now! He can never come back in ever!

Somebody better question JL HARD after this game. Win or lose….

The announcers are calling the Tigers fans stunned, but that’s not really the case, is it? One good thing to come out of this: We may finally get a new closer. If we don’t there will be hell to pay.

There is no way JL can put him out there at home. But he will.
— Bob

So ticked off….can you tell.

Andy dirks with yet another crappy at bat.

Fire Jim Leland tonight….even if we pull this off ….he needs to go….he is not making the best decisions for this team. How many times does he have to see this from Valverde before he stops putting him in. He is letting this whole team down!!!

jim leyland needs to be hanged, drawn, and quartered in the public square.

I don’t care what happens the rest of these playoffs. Even if we win. JL does not merit another year of managing. It is clear he manages out of fixation and out of routine. He has no creativity and no woillingness to accept the obvious.
He is a fool.

You support a team all year…as bad as the economy is…the good people of Michigan come out and support this team….and Jim Leland does this. He doesn’t care. there is no reasoning for his stupid decisions!!!

By the way not homers anywhere else. I hate Yankee stadium and their stupid little park!

Appearentlynthenthirdnbase ump doesn’t know a swing it’s the second time he’s screwed up a check swing,

I’ve said it before, they won the Central despite Leyland, not because of him. This is horrible for Tiger fans.

I mean these instances with Valverde are beyond normalcy. Leyland is closer to this than anybody and he doesn’t recognize what Valverde is doing?
It;s beyond belief.
JL has been a good mange but a horrible one at the same time. when he makes mistakes he has cost his team.. That is the difference. He is so stubborn it is agonizing.

If we win the game and he changes the closer than that’s an A+ for the day. We lose the game, he changes the closer: I’m satisfied. If Jim Leyland doesn’t change the closer after this, I think everyone’s going to demand that he’s fired. Unfortunately, they won’t fire him until the season is over for the Tigers.

I’m sick stomach…mad

Walk him

There is your closer

I’m still ticked off. Stupid Leyland. We need runs soon…

I can’t stand Valverde and I can’t stand Leyland. Anyone who has been reading these Blogs this year knows that. They have both proven beyond a doubt that I have been correct in that opinion.
This is just very hard to believe.
Oh yeah QB pinch hitting will be a areal smart move. That is extremely facetious.

He should have let Garcia hit, then used Berry as a pinch runner if he got on. Nice hit by Avila, but they need some extra base hits and get one over the plate.

Will JL ever learn?
Smyly coming in and how do we deal with this? It’s like we are unable to score any runs and that is what we need to do to win..
I’m sorry foks but I have seen this happening all year. Leyland Valverde and Stubborness Lethal combination.

10 days without pitching. Great

Even if Jim said he made a mistake not pulling Valverde it doesn’t matter. He follows every bad decision with another. So what is the point of accountability?

Valverde needs to go, he blew it in Oakland, and now he is blowing it for us in Game #1. F-ing Valverde. Also blame Leyland for leaving him in after the Yanks scored 2 runs!!! Get rid of Valverde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leyland was better of bringing in Porcello to pitch the 9th!! At least the game would have been done, and we would have won Game #1. Valverde sucks

Just bringing Dotel in earlier would have been the right thing to do. Tomorrow many Tiger fans will be buying new remotes….

Great work by Smyly

We’re going to wish we had another lefty in the pen if this continues instead of wasting bench space for worth/kelly/santiago. At least 1 of them shouldn’t be here.

I agree….huge make by Dombrwski and Leyland.

Tomorrow bullpen depleted

Not as bad as the Yankees bullpen, they used everyone except Jaba. And they have a starter going on 3 days rest. Advantage Tigers. Everyone except Smyly should be available in the pen. Dotel might need a day as well.

I may already have said this but the best thing about this game is finally JL has realized that you can’t get away with trusting Valverde. This has been something that has been happening for quite some time now. It takes a lot for Jimmy to change his strategy. To me a manger has to be creative. This is antithetical to how JL manages.

It’s not that he put him in…’s the leaving him in after the walk that’s the problem I will continue to have. I just don’t get it.


Ok now JL will be a genius

Ok …now to hold a two run lead.

OK. Let’s try this again.
— Bob

Believe me.
There is no genius gong on here. It i s all circumstance.
Leyland is not a genius. I thinks that is becoming abuntantly clear.

The JL defender will be out to defend what cant not be defended

There is the first

Whew. A disastrous loss turned into season saving win.
— Bob

the new Yankee killer: Smyly

Smyly showed you don’t need all this BS to go with closing.

Well Dan, you got what you were hoping for from Smyly!

Well they held their composer….and won, but seriously ave to rethink Valverde. Basically everyone had a good night or contributed but Jose.

Maybe “the formula” can now be put to bed and we can just use our brains.

10 days in the bench and goes there and gets the job done. He earned his spot in the rotation there

Momentum is with us. Kuroda with 3 days of rest and no bullpen. 3 xtra innings in 4 days

Jeter done for the year!

That’s too bad……

Broken ankle for Jeter.

Jeter fractured ankle. He was injured during the week by a foul

Tigers are playing well and I read that Leyland is bad. Tigers are playing bad, I still read that Leyland is bad. Tigers are in playoffs! No! Leyland is still bad.. . I think you should relax, guys. It’s a game. Most of teams are already out but we are watching our team trying to play their best baseball. We should support them instead of crying “fire, fire, fire” on each wrong play. Go Tigers!

Great win. Good at bat by Miggy. My wife, a reluctant fan, said “Why would Leyland even consider pitching Valverde.? She is a novice at baseball. Why is JL still a a noviate?

Re-sil-iency. This team has truckloads of it. What a huge win.
Now, on to the elephant that ATE the room. They need to put Valverde on the disabled list with a bad back and replace him in the pen. That will require Jim to do some creative managing and if he can’t do that, he has no place managing a big league club. He’ll have to mix and match, he’ll have to use starters in relief, he’ll have to do things that are NOT in the formula. It’s time to earn that big salary. If he can’t do this, he should be summarily dismissed.
Valverde’s not injured, you say? The alternative is that he’s a fat assed dancing clown who hides injuries. I choose an injury. DL for him.

And the above is me being calm.

That is you being correct, IMO.

That was a very costly extended game for the Yankees. It doesn’t get much stranger. I feel more relieved than excited. This game just wore everyone out, fans and players alike. Smyly was the man though. Showing that you don’t have to throw 95-100 mph to close a game. JL ya gotta steer the Titanic away from the iceburg. Ya rarely get a second chance, especially against a team like the Yankees.

I hate to see Jeter go off like that. I’d guess everyone does. This game was…….not classic……..not epic……….what? Yeesh, whatever happened to your average 5-2 game? The Yankees have done this every night this week!

Sad to see Jeter get injured. The irony of it in a game that should have been long over.

Dude. If JL does his job this team can win a it all. He has to contribute. He is this team’s own worst enemy..
Time to go outside your personal comfort zone and do what is necessary and not be encumbered by your (lack of) vision.

Nice job

No negatives from me tonight. We won a huge!!!! game.
1. I take it back Delmon; you can hit.
2. Fister did a starter’s job above expectations. Great job Doug.
3. Drew keeps showing us why he needs to be a part of next year’s rotation. Lot’s of upside, and we need a lefty starter for Central opponents.

Kudos to Dotel, Garcia, Peralta, and especially Ajax for the great catch and timely hitting. All positive from me. I’ll comment about “it” later on. Good morning all!

Rich. I have always considered you to be an astute fan. Your point about on injured Valverde might well be the most astute observation of the year.. Get him injured. We don’t need this agony.. We are better off without him. . Jose on the roster only means that JL will be tempted to use him.

It goes beyond that, Dan. I think he actually IS injured.

Jim just said he didn’t want to discuss Valverde right now because he wants to have a meeting with his staff about that first. Okay, that’s a good move, Jim. Do you have another good move? This has gone beyond bucking up your closer, as he’s been ineffective for a quite awhile now.
Meanwhile, good game by everybody else. Fister pitched his way into getting that strike zone in his favor, did you see that? Peralta discovered the fountain of youth. Miggy, seemingly in pain, hung in there to start the winning rally. Garcia saved a homer. Smyly was awesome. Dotel saved the rest of the day. Jackson has a chance to be series MVP here. It’s a long list. It’s going to be an unusually interesting series. It already is.

This is one helluva postseason so far.

A committee to close?

Dotel is not been hanging around for all these years for nothing.. Trust him.
Al Al too. Jose is a nothing more than a hope that your dreams will be realized.
Don’t compromise your whole year by being obtuse.

Albuequrque should be the closer and Valverde should be raising chickens somewhere….not pitching. Tiger starters have been AWESOME over the last 6 games. Keep it up and they might go all…….the…….way!

Jose Valverde threw 69 innings for us during the regular season and allowed three home runs. Not bad at all. Tonight he pitched 2/3 of and inning and gave up two more homers. Well, where did he give up his first homer this year?? Yankee Stadium. It was a non-save situation back in April and he allowed three runs. How did he do against the Yanks this year??. Well, he faced them five times and allowed six runs. One game in June he won it after he had blown the save . Then in August he had his only save against them but gave up three hits, a walk, and two runs doing it. He has a tough time against the Yanks doesn’t he?? Well, yes he does. We beat them last year in the playoffs but come to think of it he gave up a homer at Yankee Stadium. You know what out of the last seven homers he has allowed four of them have been at Yankee Stadium. How many more games with the Yanks?? Could be as many as six. Be careful how you use him. That does not look like a good matchup for him.

Rich I think your right I think that Valverde must be hurt…he isn’t this guy,
I just heard them talking on MLB channel about Valverde and his split finger fastball. They said its not working. The we’re saying both of the homers were off of his split and it’s not splitting. They also said a split finger doesn’t work well when it s cold.

I am certain you are right Rich about Valverde being injured. At least he no longer tried that ‘snake’ windup trial at Oakland though his action looked nearly all arm trying to protect his back.
I find it crazy how injuries can be ‘hidden’ from managers and medical staff but I suppose you have to watch more games on TV to see how they really pitch quoting our fearless manager. A good chiropractor would know straight away.
Not sure what to make of the Miggy incident with JL. A few years back when JL was singing Miggy’s praises as he often does, he made the revealing comment about how good a baseball brain Miggy had and that he always recognized JL’s mistakes.

Last night was intense – a shame the Ezra Brooks and Pabst had me blacked out by the bottom of the 10th. But I’ll comment on what I do remember:
a) Jeff Kellogg should be charge with the public raping of doug fister’s strike zone.
b) I thought Coke did a nice job tonight
c) Super awesome to see Jhonny and Delmon pulling weight
d) I’m not sure what you do with jVV — I know everyone wants him on a permanent dL stint…..but I’m not sure we have better options. One thing is for sure: something has to be done – either he is tipping pitches, had a mini stroke, has a hidden injury or ITDOESNTMATTER. Decisions have to be made before the next closer situation — and whatever JL decides I am going with it. HOF manager regardless.

Phil Coke retired all three batters he faced….16 pitches, 15 strikes
Don’t overlook the way the skipper has carefully worked Coke and now Coke is pitching O K …. i’d say “useable” is a good word for Coke now. I know I know JL should have pulled jVV after the SUZUKI HR (1st ever?). Shame on his crusty self. Just pointing out a brighter spot of JLs performance.

First in 66 AB in postseason

We had TBS with Smoltz and Darling last night and you get a much better take on things from them then you would from FSDetroit concerning pitching. They wanted Coke to bury some curves in the dirt. He never did. 15 of 16 strikes is a stat you eventually pay for with bad results. Our manager has found some spots to use Coke in the playoffs. Coke is from Northern California and probably had quite a few friends and family at the games in Oakland. Our manager is a player’s manager and he has pushed the right buttons for Phil so far. If we are showcasing him it’s working really well.

Im still sure , Miguel was mad at Valverde . During the season, when he had the sore ankle and wanted to rest, JV allowed a walk and Miguel yelled at him from 3rd.Of course, it was JL who failed keeping him there after the Ichiro´s HR

Benoit 4 blown saves in 6 saves opp. No thanks.
Dotel, Alburquerque and even Coke for the saves.
Smyly and Porcello for the tied or non save situations. They can go longer if needed

VV is obviously not right . There has been speculation about his health for a while now. Regardless of the reason(s), VV’s velocity is down and his location is poor. This is not the regular season.The Tigers do not have the time to correct his problem(s).. I too think VV has run out of leash. As to closer options, there is no perfect scenario. Coke is very scary against RHB. Dotel is a setup guy for a reason. AlAl has had injury issues and it is uncertain how frequently he can be run out there. And he is relatively untested as a stopper, at least aT the MLB level. I think AlAl has the most upside of the bunch, but at risk. Dotel is probably the safest solution. Coke creates too much angst except in a situational role. After due consideration, I’d give the ball to AlAl and use Dotel if too much trouble ensues

If Miggs was mad at VV, he is no where near the man I think he is. I can’t get mad at VV for always wanting to take the ball unless he is hiding an injury.
There seems to be an issue going on with Miggs right thru the playoffs and it is more than just his ankle.
50.25% for HOF??

his winning percentage is a low point in his resume – that’s true. Instead of listing the reasons why he is- I will agree with you that it can be debated. But we all know he has a good shot – especially if these boys make it to the WS this year.

My son came home for the weekend so we watched the game together. I almost died. Jim said something in the post-game interview that they would address the Valverde situation. He wouldn’t elaborate because he had to meet with all the coaches, etc. first.

Coke,postseason: 4 games 2.2 inn 0.00 111 BAA 1.13 WHIP 1 hit 2 BB 1 SO. He is back

Kuroda vs the Tigers:
Omar 4 for 10
Miguel 4 for 9
Career numbers

I guess I missed it what went on between JL and Miggy?

Miguel yelled and threw a cooler after Ibañez hit the HR.

Looked at lots of comments today – wonder why nobody is talking about Doug Fister. Guy got hit + his command was off before that.
I def think updates on doug fisters health are just as important as any jVV decisions.

anyone else do a doubletake when they saw dearborn michigan’s finest Derek Lowe on the mound last night? My gawd is that how hard up the yankees are for pitching? The guy had a ERA over 5 and a whip over 1.5 this year…. apparently $195,998,004 well spent.

Morosi :”Perhaps the Tigers will explore a medical waiver to replace Valverde on the roster with right-hander Brayan Villarreal. ”
“Dotel, who has not permitted a run in this postseason, should become the Tigers’ closer effective immediately”
Saint louis did the same in 2011

Many people suggesting who the closer should be. I said they should mix and match. I guess the formula is ingrained in the fans, same as the manager. Why do you have to choose one guy?
Throwing a cooler at that point in time was a legitimate response to the situation. End of story.
Evan, I don’t know where you’re going with this Fister’s health thing. He pitched a superb game, even after getting hit on the wrist. He pitched so well that he was able to get that clown Kellog to change his strike zone to be more favorable.
I think the big question right now is whether they keep Valverde on the roster. I have no problem with replacing him.

4 walks in 6 innings and only throwing 63 of his 106 pitches for strikes?

Today’s lineup: Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Dirks 9, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Infante 4. Sanchez is starting.

I watched the game and was not on the computer. I like to listen to Smoltz. I wish they would just not show the the computerized strike zone. Have any of you ever been an ump behind the plate? Valverde has an ego so he will hide his injury. Duh, his splitter was not splitting (dropping). Great pitching Mr. Fister! Getting out of THREE bases loadeded jams! Richard, any comments on Leyland? Dave, good thought on Miguel and Jose. Go Tigers!

Most of us who have access see that Jose’s velocity is down 2 or 3 mph recently, which begs the question is he injured. We will leave that up to the medical staff. Pitching is more about location and his has been poor during his two consecutive blown saves. Last night the other factor that I noticed was that he had several pitches between 80 and 85 mph. He was trying to make an adjustment and mix in some splitters or a Benoit like slider. Hoping to get the Yanks off balance. They were all horrible. This guy has been a tremendous closer for many years. Does anyone know if he has EVER blown two saves in a row.??

june 17 and 18th of 2008 he blew a save and followed it up by blowing a hold. May 28 and 29 of 2006 he blew back to back games. that’s it as far back as i looked (i didn’t look at 2004..his rookie year).
I know he scares me too but heck going through his gamelogs made me realize it’s a tough call to say he isn’t our closer anymore (and he isn’t hurt). Me thinks jVV is hurt.

As a fan of the beautiful sport we all love, baseball (and not a Tiger or Yankee fan, both of whom have reason to be upset), Game 1 was the greatest baseball game I’ve ever seen. In addition, this game and Game 5 of STL/WAS are two fantastic baseball games back-to-back on the MLB schedule.
After the walk to Teixiera, Dotel had to have entered the game. It’s still an appalling, fire-able offense by Leyland, even with the win.
The Yankees would have been better off with Ibanez popping out. They don’t lose Jeter or go to Robertson and Soriano. Also, Dotel and Smyly don’t get the chance to show they can pitch under pressure.
Doug Fister is a mensch. I’m still floored that he stayed in the game.

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