Game 5: Tigers at A’s

No big changes on the Tigers side. Bob Melvin makes an interesting shift against Verlander by moving Seth Smith up to the cleanup spot and bumping Brandon Moss to seventh. Neither of them bat well against Verlander at all (Smith 1-for-9, Moss 0-for-6 with 4 strikeouts).

“Just a minor tweak,” Melvin said. “We’ll go with a hot hand, Smitty probably swinging a little bit better, but that doesn’t mean Moss’ spot doesn’t come up in a bigger situation. We still have a lot of confidence in him. It was Smitty last night in the seven hole where that situation comes up. So you never know how it’s going to play out. But you might want to get an at‑bat, one more bat in the game or a guy up earlier in the game, and Smitty is swinging the bat pretty well.”


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Andy Dirks, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Coco Crisp, CF
  2. Stephen Drew, SS
  3. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  4. Seth Smith, DH
  5. Josh Reddick, RF
  6. Josh Donaldson, 3B
  7. Brandon Moss, 1B
  8. Derek Norris, C
  9. Cliff Pennington, 2B

P: Jarrod Parker


Tigers official webpage has the press conference. Live

Nats just beat the Cards 2-1 with both teams collecting three hits. 2012 Playoffs lots of pitching.

Isn’t Smith’s 1-9 a home run???

Alex Rodriguez 5th. Injured Jeter, DH.

So I’m going to the playoffs again this year…………where I’ll most likely freeze to death.

Watching Jim’s press conference. You know, if he was presented in that kind of setting after games during the season, he’d come across a lot better. The FSD setup of crowding around a grumpy old man’s desk doesn’t do him justice.

i know jl does not hit or pitch. does he motivate the players? Coach/teacher. Why does he not teach Jhonny to bunt? Justin,do not let Jimmy take you out. Go Tigers!

Yeah Dave, if we have the lead, Edwin Jackson’s pitch count a few years for his no hitter could come close, 154 from memory.

Justin Henry just doubled for his first RBI.
Opening game_ Aguilas del Zulia ( my team)vs Tigres de Aragua (Miguel´s team)

And scored too

Starting to worry about my propensity to visit financial, golf an baseball websites.
An ad on the Baseball Rumors site is for Filipino Cupid Singles and can only assume they are females.
Sorry for the post but the wait is getting to me.

DB…Motivate? Not sure, but JL controls the clubhouse and the Tigers are resilient So they don’t quit. Teach? You can forcefeed guys in the minors. Once they get established in the majors, players generally do it their way unless they seek out help. That said, I remember Carew working with Parrish in the cages over a balance problem, and the light going on for Parrish. He was an old dog at the time but still learned a new trick. As JL might say, it is what it is.

Not sure I think that’s a fair comment regarding Leyland. By all accounts his players love him and respect him as a person and a manager. While its mind boggling to me that a major league baseball player can’t bunt, there are some that can’t. And I suppose playing in the AL your whole career you do it even less. JP is probably also of an age if he hasn’t done it by now in his career, there is a reason. There was a whole lot of suckiness on that field last night, they lost it as a team.

record in the playoffs, Luis Tiant 163 pitches in Game 4 of the 1975 World Series (the best of all times.)

Texas official webpage.,has an interview with their GM. There is no indication of a trade involving Andrus. Profar would play 2B.. Kinsler to the OF

OK Jhonny you can’t bunt. You have 2 alternatives, sit the bench or lose the game. Which is the better scenario?

Exactly. You definitely read between the lines.

Or maybe he would be ready to learn a new trick?

JL is doing his radio interview right now. Someone missed the bunt signal, we are just not hiting, he didn’t pitch good, it’s going to be cold tonight, if JV settles down, we should be OK.That’s baseball. Go Tigers!!!!!!!

he really stressed the lack of hitting more so than Valverde’s meltdown.

Young first pitch:.361/946 1-0:.333 /875 0-1: 323/929. Keep swing at the first pitch.
3-0 five BB

Good point.

DY’s stats back up his swing early and swing often approach.

That’s because he is gonna stick him right back in tonight.

Yikes no telecast. I think with the VP debated and Football I am going to get jammed up on this one.

Hearing is believing.

Dan … Do you get the Score? It will on that station in Canada until the Yankee – O game is over.
— Bob

Did anybody ask Jl why they didn’t walk Crisp?

I haven’t heard a sniff of that managerial gaffe.

No one asked, and no one told but someone did miss the bunt sign.

It’s on TNT, it’s just not showing p in the guide on te digital cable.

The Score is picking it up via TNT in Canada.
— Bob

Berry hit a double after Austin strikes out.

Man stranded on 2nd. Verlander in to pitch.

That’s this series in a nutshell…..Cabrera and Fielder aren’t doing crap!

I got it Bob—thanks.

If this is what we’re gonna get out of our season long .300 hitters we’re in trouble.
Kudos to Berry for taking advantage of the fastball.

Here is a suggestion. You want to keep your pitch count down—throw less 2 strike fastballs. Those are the one they foul off.

No fastball to Cespedes. Breaking balls diet for him

Well that is a pretty good start for JV. We’ve seen worse.
The no-hitter is out of the way. Good. Now get to work.

Ewww, Dan & Jim didn’t like the move Cespedes made. “Hot dogging it.” I had to watch the replay and that’s what he did…..purposely slowed up and took a couple slow steps before touching the base.

A good throw and he was out. Jackson hesitated a little

Strike 1 called on Delmon and it was waaay outside.

well, this is not good. This ump is ridiculous.

You can drive a semi truck through this guy’s strike zone and not scrape the paint.
— Bob

These announcers on TV make me sick.

0 for 3 w/ RISP ….. and the beat goes on and on and on …….
— Bob

Ya whatever outside pitch the ump isn’t calling a strike our yahoos are swinging at and whiffing. And it will work right into the A’s hands.

Are these announcers being paid by Oakland. Complaining about the strike zone and the pitches being called strikes that are outside. They can dish it out, but they sure can’t take it. Listen to them crying.

Ya don’t you love how they are all concerned about JV getting that outside pitch but don’t even mention Parker getting the same strike zone? I guess we know who they want to win. A-holes!

Biasek Martinez 462 as manager

We caught a nice break there. Avila with the good throw to get that 3rd out. Please, can the Tigers start hitting and getting runs in.

Jackson needs to get his groove back on. We need him.

Infante scored.

Berry bunts Jackson to 3rd.

Dan & Jim said they are pitching Cabby in on his hands.

Yes .. They are. Miggy needs to adjust and cheat and turn on one. Maybe take one at bat where he doesnt look opposite field.
— Bob

2-0. Wild pitch.

Well that’s cool a couple of runs…now don’t stop tacking on like you usually do.

The same pitch was called strike with Dirks hiting

Good job Jhonny Peralta. Nobody better.

Now the announcers are crying about the calls at 1st base. g almighty, how do these guys keep their jobs. Pathetically biased.

Borderline pitches. OMG, I can’t stand it these guys.


I dont mind swinging at the first pitch. But I dont understand why they continually swing at the first pitch when it is out of the strike zone. It goes back to not having a plan.
Did JP have Prince on his back on the ground out. He never looks like he hustles. I am sure he is just that slow, but man.
— Bob

Yes, he looks very slow.

Not only looks low he is slow

but, most guys don’t have all 5 tools, or 4 or 3. Guys gotta pick each other up.

Announcers still all worried about these poor A’s and the strike zone…but still no mention that Parker getting same calls.

The only way they are going to shut up is if we win.

Man .. this Cespedas looks like the sky is the limit for him. What a good looking player. I hope we can get him out 2 more times tonight.
— Bob

The stopper is on point tonight. Now let’s get some more runs.

keep it going JV, keep it going – don’t change a thing and don’t get ahead of yourself. Am glad Jhonny made those good throws to first, he needs to make up for his lack of speed getting to first on what should be infield hits.

Keep it going, Tigers. Keep it going.

Am pretty happy with Omar tonight…

Reddick is a piece of work. Throwing his gloves and helmet. Another one who can shell it out but can’t take it.

That was STRIKE

The announcers sounded sad.

after Ver got him swinging on the next pitch.

As Rod would say: Baseball can be a very humbling game. The big guys aren’t doing crap.

Every out is on pitches out of the strike zone.
This is what we are … like it or lump it.
— Bob

Now, the announcers are crying about how the Tigers got their 2 runs. Would one of our guys please knock the snot out these guys.

These announcers are horrible…..and obvious. I figured we got the two runs and we’d be done.

Agree on the announcers. Awful. Verlander can’t hear them, though. He seems to be doing well. Wonder what will happen if this is a two-run game in the 8th or after it…

This is JV’s game. Pitch count is in good shape. He stays until we win or lose.
— Bob

We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. C’mon, Tigers, catch some lightening in those bats.

You know what will happen Todd. JL has repeated that he will do it again.
We need runs to avoid a situation where we have a bigger heartbreak than we had last night.
Get some bloody runs. This is ridiculous.

These announcers must not be watching the same game we are…….

Jhonny heard us talking about him. Hah!

Hope Bob is right and Dan is wrong.

??? WOW … I guess he Prince off his back that time.
Come Alex .. Right now, I will take that slow roller to 2nd.
— Bob

Now the announcers are starting their with “now you gotta” referencing the A’s.

come on guys, two on, one out, we need to score some runs

thanks for listening

I’m all in for JV staying in the game. I don’t think JL is though.
His pitch count will be prettty high.
AJ up now and a big run out there ( oh Alex you let us down). AJ-if you get a 1st pitch fastball down the middle —-hit it.


Peralta should’ve scored on Omar’s hit. He was too far off 2nd to stop running, if the ball was caught he would’ve been doubled up anyway.

Feeling friskie, Tigers?

This AB could make or break the MVP award.

C;mon Cabby.


Pretty sure that voting is completed befor the post season starts.

That is correct.
— Bob

Cmon Prince, seal it….

Just beat the livin crap out of them.

lousy single, double, just keep piling them on.

JV ( the good one)till I Collapse

Prince needs a better at bat then he had yesterday against this guy.



It is almost midnight EST …. Is the stagecoach turning back into a pumpkin?
— Bob

Oh, Jhonny, make my day.

That’s what I’m talking about!

Well–we got a lot of breaks there. I’m pretty sure we deserved them but all our hits were pretty much a matter of an inch or two, not to mention the thing Delmon does best, hit into bases loaded DPs. Drew doesn’t miss those. What a break. DY did hit it hard. Peralta is getting much better at bats. Infante is a focal point for us tonight. As well as AJ. And credit to berry too.

Good job!!! That’s as positive as you have been all season.

These whiners are weenies. The Oakland announcers.

Listen to the announcers. “They still haven’t pounded the ball.”

Amateur Ab for Cespedes

How about the runnin’ Tigers!! Keep them down Justin. Complete game shutout. Possible.

terrific quick inning for Justin after that long sit – earned himself another inning with his pitch count – come on guys!!

I turned the sound off from the beginning. Am listening now. Got the mlb quad screen up. Who are those guys?

paid cheerleaders, not paid by the Detroit Tigers.

Orioles win. Every series goes 5 games. Postseason baseball … nothing like it.
— Bob

it has been something else, we aren’t the only ones going through this crazy drama!

TBS sure got their money’s worth.

We need to just keep up the pressure. Keep hitting and don’t let these guys into the game at all. I feel like if we give the A’s an inch they will start thinking they can do anything.
Go Verlander. Crank it up

Don’t give up any of your at bats, guys. Keep going and make your statement and finally shut these abominable announcers over and out.

I would think JL will go with Valverde in the 9th. JV has thrown enough, He is starting to get hit and JL will want to have Valverde get a good taste in his mouth again.

Dont think so Dan. Nobody even has their jacket off. This is all JV.
What a stud. I am glad he is on our side.
— Bob

No. Not tonight. We need him on Saturday.

Look, there’s Mr. D and his wife.

JV is man mountain.

Chatty Kathy couldn’t help herself tonight. Break out the champagne.

JV is a beast,

Moneyball II: fiction

Next stop ?

Third ALCS appearance in the last 7 years. Time to celebrate not detonate.


Congrats all you Eastern Time Zoners!!!! Great fans you are to deal with this west coast stuff all season long.

Thanks boys for giving us another week of baseball. Justin was dynamite tonight, we are so lucky to have his talent on our team. Lots of credit to the Oakland fans, sticking around and saluting their team. Good night blog – woohooooooooooooo

JV lived up to the hype! Shut up all the naysayers that he couldn’t pitch the big game.

Congratulation to all of us. Let the season continue.
Let’s do it all again on Saturday.
— Bob

— Bob

Good one, I like.

22 SO. 0.65 ERA

I don’t understand all the champagne. They haven’t won the WS yet.

Tigers Live on FSD.

I wish I could get that in Canada.
— Bob

Interviews on MLB Audio though Bob

Yes .. Am listening to Jim and Dan in the clubhouse … Thanks.
— Bob

JV with the complete game as hoped for last night. The complete game shutout was bonus. Complete game shutout in Game 5, very special. I will sleep much better tonight. I kept the quad screen up for the entire game. Usually at least one of the views was of the rabid Athletic fans. That weird gyration they do with their faces to the sky is creepy and definitely annoying. Almost went to a single view, but with this mlb feed you need as many views as you can get. No replays offered either. The things we endure to watch our Tigers:-)
What a great approach by Tiger hitters tonight! Can I just indulge a little and give some kudos to QB? Maybe Miggy and Biggy are saving it up for the next round.

Indulge! My son played his on-line games today and ran across someone calling themselves Quintin Berry. No worries, he said, with JV tonight. Probably a rabid fan, maybe not. My son wished him the best and said we would be cheering for the Tigers.

Looks like Fister on Saturday and Sanchez Sunday. Lucky we have a day off. NY or Baltimore won’t. I am really pulling for Baltimore as we would get the home field advantage.
I’m guessing they have Verlander tabbed fro Tuesday.
Fielder is ready t break out. He’s hitting the ball fairly well but not had much luck.
Peralta is playing better. Much better at bats
Cabby is probably quite glad to say so long to the Oakland pitchers. I have no doubt he will be a new man next series.
Omar is playing well and AJ is doing his job and seems very relaxed. Dirks playing with confidence. I am worried about Delmon and Avila. Well that’s not including the pen!.

Congratulations to the Tigers for winning a tough series. Resiliency paid off again, along with some help from the MVP of this series, Mr. Verlander. Congratulations also to the Oakland A’s for a superb season. I’d love to have their infield defense.
I’m not sure what the booing was about during our on field celebration, but their fans sure had a lot of fun.
I complained about analyst Buck Martinez all week and he hit new levels of drivel tonight. You would have thought he was a local Oakland announcer. Fortunately, we won’t be hearing him again as we go forward.
Another week of baseball. Still a chance to grab homefield advantage for the ALCS if Baltimore wins tomorrow. And still a chance for my dream World Series, Detroit vs Washington.

Even if we play NY, they’re still the devil we know. Glad to get by that Oakland team.

Their “fans” were booing Verlander when he was warming up before the game. Serves ’em right.

Fister, Sanchez, Verlander, Scherzer,Fister Sanchez Verlander

Delmon actually had a more decent approach at the plate tonight. Alex is just offensively out of it. Good thing that doesn’t seem to affect his catching.

Man, those guys are going apesh-t in there.

Look what we’ve gone through emotionally as fans. They gotta be happy to win in Oakland. What a show by Justin. Simply the best, better than all the rest.

Infante: 353 6 runs.

You can put it on the board, YES! What did I tell you all before 7:00? We would win 7-1. Well I got the run margin right anyway. And what a masterpiece spun by the best pitcher in MLB. Again, if all the stats are balanced out, he wins the Cy Young again, and should. JV knew he was going to take control and bring it home for the Tigers. We stand to battle another week.
1. AJax took charge for the offense, and had 2 big ribby’s.
2. We became a running team tonight. It helped to make things happen. Good,smart, base running can be achieved without speed.
3. JV on cruise control. What a pleasure to watch.

Good night for Omar, QB, Biggy; Miggy took a rest, and is getting geared up for Round 2. Delmon is, oh well, Delmon is Delmon. we have to keep him for a few more games. Kudos to a well caught and called game by Alex. Dirks was a little quiet tonight. Congratulations to my favorite team for the past 53 years. Good night all!

Now the important question:Downs or Villareal added for the next series?

We march on to ALCS knowing we will have Justin in game 3 and game 7 if it is necessary. Are we ready?? Yes we are. Go Tigers!!!

Champ Summer died

Man I hate hearing that. He was a champ.

Nick Casteallanos has had a good start in the Arizona fall league.

El Tigre. I would be inclined to taking a southpaw. Coke is not enough. Granted, Smyly has not been used but this will not be the case next round. NY have some LHB you have to be concerned about-heck their OF is pretty much LHB.
Even with Markakis out Baltimore has McLouth going strong and Davis, Flaherty and Thome to deal with.
Who do you drop? Ramon or Worth? If I had to choose I think I would stay with Worth.
I like Ramon but he is slipping and he is not responding well to the lack of playing time when he does get the call.

Agree with dropping Santiago and with adding Downs. Even is the Yankees bat almost the same vs LHP.

That’s more like it, Tigers!!!! And JV was his amazing self. Great game, now hoping we’ll be facing the Orioles in round 2.

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