Game 4 lineups: Tigers at Athletics

Miguel Cabrera’s two-homer, six-RBI game at Comerica Park came when A.J. Griffin started Sept. 18. It was Griffin’s 68 mph curveball Cabrera sent out 446 feet to left. Jhonny Peralta and Prince Fielder also homered against Griffin. We’ll see if the Tigers get anything like that going in much different surroundings.


  1. Austin Jackson, cf
  2. Quintin Berry, lf
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b
  4. Prince Fielder, 1b
  5. Delmon Young, dh
  6. Andy Dirks, rf
  7. Jhonny Peralta, ss
  8. Alex Avila, c
  9. Omar Infante, 2b

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Coco Crisp, cf
  2. Stephen Drew, ss
  3. Yoenis Cespedes, lf
  4. Brandon Moss, 1b
  5. Josh Reddick, rf
  6. Josh Donaldson, 3b
  7. Seth Smith, dh
  8. Derek Norris, c
  9. Cliff Pennington, 2b

P: A.J. Griffin


Please hit and score runs tonight. Rich that is one thing I am worried about!

No Garcia and G $ in the lineup + prince facing a righty HOPEFULLY = more offense. I’m not hating on these guys but they’ve gone a combined 1-23 in the series so far (Garcia and G $ played in the last two games, only).
Tonight we’ve got to get EARNED RUNS on this starter – his ERA is north of 6, come on fellas.

i’m sorry that ERA was from the past 3 games he started. Which IMO is a very telling stat.

RHP. We do better. Miggy hits them with more authority Obviously so does Fielder.
We can put Avila in. and maybe Boesch can run into one!!!!

if he puts BB in there…..i’m going to run into one.

Good one, homey!

Jeez, I’d hate to think that the few homers I ever hit was because I only ran into one.

It’s extremely important tonight that we score first. If Max is on, the A’s might not hit the ball at all.

AJ Griffin from Sep 18, 2012 to Oct 3, 2012: 17.1IP, .342BA, .407OBP, .579SLG, .986OPS. But tonight, he is a Cy Young candidate. [There – I jinxed him]

that is 4 games (@NYY, @DET, SEA, TEX) btw

The late call by an ump taking a toll on the Reds.He is out of the roster now.

We Hit = We Win
We Don’t = We Won’t

Well there are several guys who need to pick it up….now, including but not limited to Jackson, Fielder, Young…..heck all of them.

It’s on TNT until the Yankee game is over.

Another lousy at bat by AJ

He’ll get hot…hopefully before the season is over. Not seeing the ball? Needs to make adjustments? idk.

Good at bat by Q but nothing to show for it.

Well nothing there in the first as usual for the Tigers hitters.

Yoenis sure is clutch. How do you come from Cuba to US, not speaking a word of English, get a multi-million dollar contract and perform so well. That 30 million, at first blush, appears to be a very good deal

as someone who claimed it would be a huge bust……………I agree with you. This guy is real-doesn’t mean the risk wasn’t real, tho.

big risk but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Seeing him in that workout tape told me he had a very strong work ethic at the very least.

1 for 13

Is Andy OK? He looked like he had a pained look on his face.

Well apparently the tigers didn’t wear this hitting shoes tonight but their ballet shoes. I’m so nervous about these guys being able to hit and score any runs.

While I am not impressed by the tigers offense so far…..Max looks OK and their pitcher doesn’t look overpowering.

I have faith in Max, but not in 1-9.

Come on. 3-1 count and that is the best swing you can put on the ball. Be ready to hit or dont swing.
No plan, as usual.
— Bob

thank gawd jason jixed the scoreless streak

Play for one run and you get one run

We’ll….1 run is better than nothing.

a BOMB and a BLOOP

…work him andy…..


the king andy! BOMB BLOOP BLAST

I like how the situation is SO RIPE for peralta to bunt….that oakland thinks he is going to bunt. LMAO don’t they know about JL?

JP promptly sets up the taylor made DP. sheesh this guy doesn’t even induces GDPs…

Now was time to bunt but JP cant. Play Worth. Binder PHed for ARod

Wow… I don’t know about anyone else, but i’d take a SS that had range and could bunt?

Max 41pitches, griffin71…….yes i know griffin has pitched 4 innings instead of 3.

Exactly. JL knows what JP does far too often but refuses to deviate from his prescription. It’s a shame. If JP does bunt successfully he would be regarded with great esteem in that dugout. Not to mention we might have gotten another all important run.
Why is is we get JP up with men on and nobody out all the time?

Funny thing about it he has been hitting well in this series until tonight.

Well…glad we got a run, but that inning was ripe for crooked numbers.

Ohh yea… We have a guy like that on the roster…. Worth

And the Tigers hesitated before using Dirks . Thomas, BB, RR. And the best was waiting

Personnel decisions. Problem. That DP from Peralta is looming large as their lefty warms up in the pen.

Boy I hate being a debbie downer, but does anyone feel like the third inning was the inning to score a few and now Griffen might settle in and keep them in it just long enough for their pen to come in?

The pitching coach said something that worked

Scherzer need not start the 6th inning. And if he does JL better have a short leash.

Way to be tough, Max, way to be tough.

Well the problem ( and I think Max may be maxed) is precisely that. The bullpen.
We got away with that inning. Ahead 0-2 on smith and he kept throwing fastballs, which Smith likes. Not sure why he didn’t double or triple up on a change up. That walk was costly. Or could have been. Costly in terms of pitch count to be sure.
Max got fastball happy there and that always scares me. He is still not completely right and that extra 2MPH can hurt you.

And now the lefty. We’re going to need a big fly.

Now we’ve got a problem. That DP in the 3rd, man…………

I am getting tired of hearing Stephen Drew’s name…

He could be our next SS

Let’s hope things turn around for Prince He is hitting in such bad luck right now. The mound slowed his shot up the middle–usually it doesn’t.
I can’t believe Raul Ibanez. This guy is unreal.
Biggest inning of the year—-right now. Right here.

Pretty sure JL is playing chicken with this Scherzer start……i guess the bullpen is russian roulette tho….

Max is gassed, but still has movement.

A DH and nothing but a DH

Another botched play by Fielder.

Notice how the strike zone has changed.since the Oakland player whined a few innings ago?

bad defense by Prince. Passed ball on alex. RBI.

i like the slow mo of drew sliding into 3rd tho….looks like he hit a brick wall named cabby

great out

That boneheaded play by Drew helped us.
Can Porcello pitch in this game?
We sign Drew, how long before our fans start whining about his hitting?

I was hoping we wouldn’t see the circus tonight.
I like that Drew. He can be on my team anyday. Bad base-running for sure but what a nice player he is.
Can we please hit the damn ball batters?

Dammit Prince……….freaking error. 4th inning looming large.

Gallego gave him green light

LHP 289 vs Dotel. 197 for RHP


Now Coke?. I lost something

Who gets 7th… Ricky or Smyly?

Blood Pressure escalating again.
Coke. Here is a guy who seems destined to fail.
If we are lucky enough to get out of this it is imperative that this team hit the ball and get us some runs. The A’s will win this one if we don’t.

Well I feel like this ump is letting the behavior of the A’s hitters and complaining about the strike zone influence his zone. Pitches that were strikes a few short innings ago for both pitchers are now balls for A’s batters. It seems like it anyways.

Positive energy… Byrne

jim leyland OH MY GOSH – you put coke in a spot and he squeaked out. holy cow skip holy cow. i’m only 28 but i felt my heart stall out.

Cooper’s strike zone has been all over the place all night.
I doubt we’ll win it with 2 runs.
So many holes on this club…………hard to watch. No confidence in anything.

that play at 3B by moss was nuts

so i’m getting the feeling our bats are colder than ice? ugh sad.


Have mercy on our bullpen. We will not score another run and somehow the bullpen will have to piece this together.
Defense can win and lose you games. Both teams are proving that.
— Bob

Moss is digging everything out of the dirt and in between hops too.
That was not the kind of 1-2-3 inning we needed. Hard to tell who is leading in this game.

Peralta should be mortifed he couldn’t beat that out. Tigers just don’t want to win. Lame impatient at bats. Appearenty they think 2 is enough, because ever since they got those two they’ve gone down quickley and quietly. And frankly ifMax pitched that well today against thy worst pitchr and we still only got 2 runs, it won’t matter what JV does tomorrow. These same a-holes won’t score any runs.

A kiss is just a kiss. 1,2,3

Positive energy… Boys

Six outs to get. Hitters need to give Benoit some help now.

Lets go boys. We need a crooked inning. Time to break up the binary code.
— Bob

I’m trying but I do know that we have JL ready to deploy “The Formula” regardless of what Q2 did.
We do need another run at the very least.


Way to go, kid !!!!
— Bob

MAN i’m sorry about being happy about Garcia not being in the lineup tonight! 3 – 1 GO TIGERS!!!!

Nice Garcia….and Omar

The rookie is overmatched?

Good sac from Jackson too. Another run would be huge. Delmon, what you got?

Nothing … as usual.
— Bob

Delmon owes his mates and now is the time to repay them.
I’d gladly take Cook coming in here and throwing the 1st pitch to the backstop though!
Hold on tight folks and I promise not to say anything about Benoit and Valverde.

will you take an IOU? – delmon

You just did. 😀
— Bob

— Bob

Two quick outs for Benoit……now a single and a walk. Stress

Regrets for going one pitcher short


got’em. Now lets get a run or two. if not – well then hopefully stranding 2 men on kills some of their momentum.

I’ll say one thing for Benoit. Lately he makes Valverde look better.


It’s a grind isn’t it?

Peralta is due for a big fly.

Good job Joaquin, you make me nervous this year

Coming hitters: 0 for 8 BB


Three more huge outs

Just kill me now and get it over with.

Infante was just a whisker from getting to that. Damn Valverde you got to be kidding me. Are you f’ing kidding me

Shopping list closer

You called it Dan. My heart is breaking.
— Bob

Pull him out

I wish is could say unbelievable but its really not

Good god…. Shopping list… Closer with more than one pitch…

I love Valverde, but my god he will never live this down! Ever!

He won’t be welcomed back….and that 4th inning and hell the 8th did loom large. Prince and his error and the rest of it no need to rehash!

I am so excited we get to do this all again tomorrow. I hate this team.
— Bob


Backend of bullpen… ;(

Bad management killed them.
Loyalty to done players
Bad calls.
Going with bench players that wont be used instead of another pitcher

I was going to give Phil the nickname Mr TBall but I forgot about Jose.

Announcer says “if you’re a Tiger fan, you’ve got to be shocked.”
Well………no…….not really.

I guess I can talk again.
The really sad thing about this is that if the game is on the line tomorrow Leyland will do the same damn thing.
This is the Leyland vision. He will do the same thing over and over until it works. Then he can bes sitisfied with being right.
Was anyone even warming up in the bullpen?
Why would you not walk Crisp to set up a force at any base?
Then again, this team just does not hit You don’t hit you don’t win. We have 2 RBIs from the middle of our lineup.

Even today when these jerks decide to hit, they only sore three on 10 or 11 hits. But jeez. Unfreaking real! One thing for sure, this team is consistent if nothing else, it’s the same crap over and over and over!

Dombrowski has a lot of work to do on this club.
With the absence of an offense It almost seems best to put us out of our misery.

Well, Velverde reall crapped the bed on this one. But, the offense still hasn’t shown up this series, either, and put the A’s away. If we had 5 or 6 runs, maybe we could have excaped this tragedy. Yes, Leyland will do the same tomorrow, and put in Benoit and Papa Grande, that the A’s hitter’s have seen this whole series and tee off on them.

Well here’s what I do tomorrow:
Kelly DH

I ‘ve had that feeling too often this year. If he gets the first out, usually he’s okay; when they lead off hitting, look out. Guys, and gals, I’m not sure we can do anything here. 15 walk off wins this season. This just might be a replay of those Amazin’ Mets. Granted, we surely didn’t to too much to stop the A’s tonight, but sometimes, that Valverde feelin’ translates into another miserable heartbreak. It makes you wonder what JV would have to do tomorrow to insure a Tiger victory. How about a perfect game; I’m not sure we could win the no hitter. Walks and errors would give the A’s a 1-0 victory and the series. I just hate it when cynicism overwhelms logical reasoning. This one hit us hard in the gut.

1. Garcia’s clutch RBI single in the 8th. He probably makes a good throw in the ninth, but with two out, Smith would still score.
2. Al’s non-kiss performance. I wish he would have been ther in the ninth.
3. Fielder’s bomb(the one that went out of the park). He has to become a DH or lose 40 pounds by next spring training.

Max was good; just couldn’t sustain it. No RBI’s from Miggy or Delmon in four games; only one from Biggy. Can’t win too many games this way. The big moment of the game was the Peralta DP early. We let them off the hook. Score five runs, and you don’t worry about how bad Valverde is. You can’t win either with a one pitch closer, who fastball is 93-94 most of the time. I hope we pull it out tomorrow, but I just got that feelin’. Good morning all!

Justin will have to be MVP tomorrow. Maybe a complete game. Maybe I’m dreamin’. If JL really wants to win this thing he will have to try something different. The question is, is he capable? Is anyone ready to play 1st? A spark. Maybe Kelly. Prince to DH. How about a defense behind JV? The present offense is not working. So might as well throw a defense out there. Worth for Peralta? How about Al Al as the closer?

Your lineup is ok Dan. But why DH Kelly when he’ll play a better first base than Prince? Why can’t JL admit that?

Very good ideas Marty.
Hopefully Rondon is ready next year. Or Al, but his fastball isn’t back to where he had it pre injury.
Leyland does drive me crazy. In many ways his managing and stubborness are insulting the intelligence of Tiger fans.
Can he do anything creative?
Can you imagine him putting Mickey Stanley at shortstop?

i peronally hope jim leyland gets ran over by a convoy of semi trucks. i seriously hope the tigers lose this series, if it means we’ll never see that POS manager again. GO A’S!

-lifelong tiger fan-

Don’t seem much like a Tiger fan!

i’m done. i, personally, won’t give a flying EFF about this pathetic team until jim leyland is fired. if his contract is magically renewed (like it has been since 2006, when he made his ballclub WORLD SERIES READY! (HAAHAHAHAHA says St. Louis fans)

jim leyland is an epic failure, and a world class piece of shit. until that asshole is fired, i won’t spend another minute of my life caring about tigers baseball.

to each his own, but fans don’t turn on their team

Who let the dogs out???

Its a good thing it was an away game because ive received no fewer than 4 texts from friends wishing bad to certain game blowing pos closers who probably cost us the playoffs. I differ on that saying the non hitting offense did that to us.

I still am wondering why Crisp wasn’t walked.
The way the were twacking the ball at least if something bizarre happens like a diving stop in the hole or behind the bag or a smash off the Valverde’s leg (or head), you have a chance at a force. You don’t have to get the ball to Fielder.
We’ll have a lot to talk about tomorrow. The first order of business is the lineup. You are giving away outs in front of Cabby with Berry.
BTW, I saw dombrowski in the front row with his wife. His demeanor changed pretty radically during that inning.
He, in no small way, is responsible for this roster.

Let’s keep our hatred civil.

Oh and let’s cheer for the team tomorrow, too. Quite a frustrating year to have, but this is the playoffs and anything can happen. Pretty much need a lot of hitting from here on out. Will probably lose 1 out of 2 games we are leading in the 7th, if only by one or two runs. We need someone other than Miggy/Biggy to get real hot.

When Alfred E. Newman shows up you know it’s been a bad night.

Hey Leyland lovers. How an you defend him after that performance?
if it went to extras we had Smyly or Porcello Gross!!!!
What’s the point of having Danny worth if he doesn’t com in in the 9th with a 2 run lead? He would have had both the balls Infante botched! How do you not walk Crisp a clutch hitter to get the force and face Drew?

I won’t be renewing my season tickets until Leyland is fired! This is ridiculous!

Vinny – you are delusional. Worth would not have gotten those grounders. Losing is tough, we need to bounce back that is it. And Leyland pulled all the right moves, Valverde is our closer, that should surprise no one. He just failed last night…. happens to everyone. The question is: can you bounce back? I say yes. Go Tigers.

1 ball basically went under Infante’s glove and the other he didn’t even try to dive for. Why would he not want a superior defender in the game when they are up 2 runs in the nineth? No Excuse. Just failed last night? have you watched him this year? Did you see the stupid wind up he had before he pitched? He’s either hurt or was showboating instead of pitching.

Still ticked off this morning.

By the way not ticked off at Leyland. Worth does not have any better range than Infante. He does have better range than Peralta. I’m ticked off at Cabrera, at Fielder ( yes he had a homer but it was his only hit and he botched another routine grounder) I’m mad at Infante and Peralta and Valverde. I’m mad at Dirks and Jackson, Garcia and Avila although some to a lesser extent than others.
Leyland did not hit or pitch or field the ball. He didn’t make any crazy moves, infact the game although we didn’t score enough runs set up pretty much how you would want it too, The players didn’t do their jobs.

Still ticked off!

Tough loss. The good news is that it was not game five! Four hard fought games. Scores of 3-1, 5-4, 2-0, 4-3. Only one 3 spot on the board and that in the 36th inning of play. Valverde did not hit a batter, did not walk a couple guys, he just got ambushed by the A’s who had four solid hits. Velocity was down a little. He can bounce back. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!

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