Game 3 lineups: Tigers at Athletics

As Leyland promised, same lineup as Sunday, including Gerald Laird behind the plate.


  1. Austin Jackson, cf
  2. Omar Infante, 2b
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b
  4. Prince Fielder, 1b
  5. Delmon Young, dh
  6. Jhonny Peralta, ss
  7. Andy Dirks, lf
  8. Avisail Garcia, rf
  9. Gerald Laird, c

P: Anibal Sanchez


  1. Coco Crisp, CF
  2. Stephen Drew, SS
  3. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  4. Brandon Moss, 1B
  5. Josh Reddick, RF
  6. Josh Donaldson, 3B
  7. Seth Smith, DH
  8. Derek Norris, C
  9. Cliff Pennington, 2B

P: Brett Anderson


Oops! I just made some comments on the last blog about Sanchez and now we have a new blog. I’ll check back if anyone wants to comment on my comments in the last blog. Thank you.

Porcello: first time.271/.313/.679. Second time:301/.341/.808. Third time:365./415/.953. fourth 10 AB:500/.500/.1.300. It is not only the defense
Sometime ago I posted his FB/grounders rate. Only him and Fister has a rate below 1.He is not a fit with current defense.
Scherzer was traded because his explosive release would hurt his arm. Probably, the Tigers now share Dbacks fears. Giving him an extension to buy his arbitration years will be unwise. With his agent try to buy FA years is useless

Re the last conversation, you have to assume that Sanchez will be re-signed. He will command some attention, even from every team in the central.

since 1969 when league championship series was introduced, only 7 times has a team rallied from a 2-0 deficit to win a 5 game playoffs series. Last time was 2003, with Boston defeating A’s.
A’s also blew 2-0 lead vs Yanks in 2001. Padres rallied vs Cubs in 1984 to get World Series berth vs Tigers.

SANCHEZ vs. ATHLETICS – CAREER (AVG-AB-H-HR): Carter .000 3-0-0; Cespedes .333 3-1-0; Crisp .000 3-0-0; Donaldson .667 3-2-0; Drew .278 18-5-0; Gomes .250 4-1-0; Kottaras .000 2-0-0; Moss .167 6-1-0; Pennington 1.000 1-1-0; Reddick .000 3-0-0; Smith .462 13-6-2.
ANDERSON vs. TIGERS – CAREER (AVG-AB-H-HR): Cabrera .429 7-3-0; Dirks 1.000 1-1-0; Fielder .000 1-0-0; Garcia .000 1-0-0; Infante .500 2-1-0; Jackson .200 5-1-0; Laird .167 6-1-0; Peralta .000 6-0-0; Young .400 10-4-0.

The question tonight with Anderson is his health.

It’s about time our lineup treated everyone to a display of smart, solid hitting.
A laugher would be quite nice to deal with.

Your mouth to gods ears!

Again saw Hamilton’s name linked to the Tigers. Despite ability, he is not a fit even though the Tigers need to fill an OF spot. Hamilton has had too many off-field issues that threaten to resurface and he has had at least 2 documented on-field issues with his coaching staff this year alone. Pass… Although ready defensively, Garcia is at least a year away from being a run producer and BB remains a puzzle. So, we need help and Porcello’s trade value could assist us here.

Buzz I’ve been hearing is that Garcia will get a chance to compete for the RF job in spring training, potentially with Castellanos, or maybe with a veteran stopgap guy brought in.

The strike zone is awful.

Let’s see what happens when Anibal gets going.

Boy they went quickley and quietly that 1st inning.

gotta get the ball down

Kinda think Prince didn’t make a real effort to get to that hit off of the bat of Crisp.

Probably couldn’t reach it. This crowd will be a good test for the Tigers and the craziness of the playoffs. Better get used to it.

It was a foot away from him.

Geald better make a trip to the mound.

Jeez Anibal get it together and quick. And by the way….umps strike zone is jacked.

Sanchez = not ready for Prime Time …. at least not yet.
— Bob

Sanchez looks like crap……infield range biting us in the butt. Freaking awesome. Anibal bettter figure out something quick like.

Let’s cut this off right here.

Whew. Hopefully that will settle him down. That could have been a whole lot worse.
— Bob

Ah ya……

Well, he’s never pitched in this kind of environment. I have confidence in him.

Crap Coco

Took that homer away from Prince.

A little rusted. But he is control now

The defense failed him in the first

Everything that could go wrong has so far.
Laird swinging (and he did swing) a t a pitch 8″ in front of the plate on a 3-2 pitch.
Infante ripping one but right at Donaldson with Cabby coming up.
Now we did get a big help from Andy on that catch.
Need to get to Anderson soon. This guy is rusty and coming off an injury. Get to the bullpen early.


Can’t find ay holes

100 and bad defense.

Wow…..hitting some balls hard with little to show for it. (I mean nothing to show for it. Long day I’m so tired.

It’s certainly no “Laugher” for us. Our guys our getting themselves out rather well so far. Anderson doesn’t even have to throw his slider.

A laugher might disrupt the chemistry. We’ve been through this all season long.

A little run support would be good. 1 full run less than Porcello for the season( both teams)

Well Sanchez made me laugh. Anybody notice the subtle “kiss” he planted on the ball before the 1st pitch to Reddick!
Love it!

This guy is throwing junk and they keep trying to hit.

We are just beating everything in the ground. We need to get him to elevate his pitches. The ump seems to be squeezing the low strike and we need to be aware of that.
We continue to look useless against LHP.
— Bob

I know you want to swing at a 3-1 count but Omar should be taking with Miggy coming up. And now Miggy swings at a 3-1 pitch, hits it hard but nothing to show. It looks like the A’s pitcher is getting wild. Go Tigers!

Well……some time left, but it sure isn’t feeling very good.

They have to lay off the slider.
There was nothing much to like about that top of the 5th except that Peralta had the best at bat I’ve seen him have in a long time. He is the only guy so far tonight that has been able to lay off the slider.
Hate to say it, but if we keep hitting like this we won’t win let alone deserve to.

Sanchez is a very good pitcher. C’mon, Tigers!

Like Sanchez, but Smith really “kissed” that one goodbye.

Okay a cookie down the middle for Smith….the work has become even harder now. Better get some.hitting shoes on.

Wow is this ump sqeezing Anibal…………this inning

Wow they just keep on pounding everything into the dirt.

Our best chance is if Melvin goes to his pen. We’ll never hit Anderson tonight.

Wicked slider. Can’t do anything with it and he throws it for strikes too.

Or striking out……this is depressing!

This is a pathetic display of hitting. Why should we be surprised? Anderson has good stuff but we are doing nothing to make him work. Just keep hacking and hope something good happens. I wouldn’t be surprised if half these guys swing with their eyes closed.
Great. It is looking like we all get to stay up late again tomorrow.
— Bob

Well the gamble of throwing a guy coming off an injur paid off for Melvin.
This one does not look good now. Even Cabby let two hittable pitches go for strikes and then swung at one that was unhittable.
We are playing right into their hands.
Now if we were ahead 2-0 how comfortable would we all feel with our bullpen? Too bad Benoit and Valverde weren’t throwing for them!

They’re beating us with defense. Those plays are bigger than they might appear.

Interesting graphic. If we dont hit home runs and we don’t receive gifts, we dont score. Doesnt matter how good your starting pitching is. We need a crooked number and fast.
— Bob

Sanchez and the Tiger Faithful deserved better than this.
At this point we need a miracle.

Well Anibal was good tonight….unfortunately his teammates didn’t put the same effort into their at bats. They looked at pitches down the middles and swung at garbage in the it. Pretty dang disappointing and frustrating.

What did I miss ? Dotel in against LHB Smith. He can do it, But isn’t this when LHB specialist Coke appears?

Garcia since his first few weeks of being called up looks pretty lost and has done very little if nothing at the plate.

He needs to work with hitting breaking balls

Infante, Miguel, Fielder (1 for 11) . For two

Well, when your manager tells the media that he probably shouldnt be here but his our only option against LHB…. would you not try to prove him wrong … and that usually leads to pressing with young players.
— Bob

should be LHP, not LHB.
— Bob

Garcia last 10: 308. Still the best option there

regular season

Well, if they can keep the score 2-0, they still have one more inning to get it done. It’s possible. A longshot, but possible. Go Tigers!!!!!!!

close to disaster

Jackson is the captain. It is his call

I dont think JP heard him. It is like a soccer stadium.
— Bob

Pepsi Cola makes my stomach hurt.

Good spot to use Porcello there.

We’ll need him effective out of the pen.

Garcia is an upgrade defensively, regardless. He will be very productive in the future, but he needs to mature physically and offensively into the player he can become. That takes time unless you are a freak of nature or on PED.

You gotta tip your cap. That’s baseball.

1 for 12 GIDP

I would have put a pinch runner in there for Cabrera.

Sanchez again gave us a chance to win Although he is not Hamels, he is very okay.

Tigers won yesterday when they probably should have lost. Could have won today, but didn’t. What bothers me is the Tigers have proven this year they can sweep and then turn around and be swept. Hold on!

Not “yesterday.” Duh. It is late for me.

What is the deal with getting Sanchez no run support? It seems like every time he pitches it is that way. This game just had that feeling like the offense wouldn’t do anything. A’s defense tore it up.

Has Garcia had an extra base hit yet? I keep waiting for him to put a charge in one and he hits it back to the pitcher. I guess it’s better than Raburn getting those AB’s, which he would if he was healthy.

Who knows right field is a dead spot.

It was the same with Miami. He is receiving one more run from the Tigers. 77th in MLB in RS: 3.74

Well today was no different than most games this season, this team just doesn’t hit and score runs especially on the road. I have faith in these next two pitchers I don’t necessarily have faith in these hitters. Heck pitchers don’t even have to throw strikes and they will continue to swing at crap.

Wow, 3 runs would have won it. No sweeps in this year’s divisional series.
I expect a game 5 and it will come down to whether we can score enough runs for Verlander. The biggest issue right now is that we play the same way we’ve played for several months now. I’m not sure if that’s good enough, but we’ll see.
A guy yesterday said he was glad the playoffs were here because it had been a pretty much joyless season in Detroit. That phrase made me stop and think. If that’s an accurate statement, that’s not good. Even to have fans saying that is not good.
Anyway, they didn’t keep us up all night playing this one, so that’s one positive.

“Everybody’s known that I want to manage,” Leyland said during his Tuesday pregame session at Oakland Coliseum. “It’s no secret.”

The ambient noise in the stadium was nearly absent from the telecast. I watched those games with Texas last week and that place was rocking, but TBS watered it down, with bad results. I actually didn’t like much about the presentation. I used to like Buck Martinez quite a bit, but he’s adding nothing and the entire “show” is kind of dull. Could we maybe borrow either John Smoltz or Cal Ripken from the O’s-Yankees series?

It’s becoming pretty clear that Leyland is returning next year. Like him or not, I think that’s a bad idea. His time is up. You can feel it. We don’t need more comments about joyless seasons.

No. We need more winning seasons like he and DD have produced Unlike the 12 seasons prior to JL’s advent.

I think I saw Grant Balfour in,”One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. He might be a little on the wacky side, but man he pitches well. Isn’t it strange that Al’s famous kiss was considered trying to show the A’s up, but this guy’s behavior is “just being a closer”. All I know is we needed to win this game. Pressure is fully on us, even with the game up. This team has nothing to lose. We were the favorites from Day 1. Let’s hope the return of Maxwell puts this Oakland team to sleep once and for all.

1. Sanchez and pen did exactly what they needed to do. Even without giving up the HR, he still loses.
2. The defense did not hurt us tonight.
3. Peralta was the only guy who came to hit.

Prince was robbed twice, Delmon is a waste of talent, Infante had the “deer in the headlight look”, Laird didn’t show up, Dirks had no good AB’s, Garcia showed that he is a Rookie, and Miggy couldn’t get untracked until the end. Nothing from the leadoff position; still not trying to work the pitch count. If we lose this series, it’s still on the offense. Good night all!

My prediction was Valverde will break our hearts. Our hitters may not hit enough to make that happen.

I think Scherzer is great but so what? We have to score runs to win a game and this team looks like it is going to have that being the problem it has been all year.

Wow, very ineffective offense last night. THe pitching staff did a good job yesterday and the A’s defense was just remarkable, Prince got robbed 2 different times, he gets that homer and it is a different ball game. Geez Anderson pitches fast – kept the game moving that is for sure. We need to warm up those bats, not the time to go cold on us guys.

Oh, and nice job by Ricky last night to come in to see just one batter and get the out . Could not be easy, that place was in a frenzy all night it seemed.

It’s well documented that the only run our guys have driven in with a hit in 3 games is by Avila. Obviously that is nowhere nearly good enough to help you win games.
How does this and, more importantly, why does this happen frequently? We have been hearing rhetoric all year long about the bats coming around hasn’t changed anything..
We are really going to need to get Miggy & Biggy on fire and carry the team. I just don’t see enough confidence and ability in the supporting cast.
Nice to see that momentum actually does exist:
“Coco gave them a lot of momentum when he took the home run away from Fielder,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said.. Too bad we didn’t have any. Even though the credo of “next days starting pitcher” was certainly fulfilled.

The lack of hitting vs LHP is appalling. Especially the so called “soft-tosser” variety. If we are having difficulty like this then why are AJ, Infante, Laird and Dirks not attempting to drop down the occasional bunt? Over-swinging is not working..

The postseason is a strange time. We see our team playing exactly as they have all year and wonder if it’s good enough. The only way to know that is from the outcome of the games. Yeah, duh, I know. Winning one of the next two games then facing Baltimore with homefield advantage would put us in line to play in the freakin’ World Series and who would have ever seen that coming? Or we could leave Oakland having scored no runs at all.
What we need here is a 3-run homer.

I took a xanax and went to bed. Seems like they might have tried a little small ball in the later innings, but Oakland’s defense is very good. I notice other team’s defense and just look in awe. If we don’t hit homers and drive the ball, it seems we can’t win. So disappointed. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

We just faced two lefty starters. Won the game against “Soft Tosser” Milone although we did not hit him hard. Last night Anderson shut us down. When a lefty starts for the other team what is our answer?? We start Laird who is below .200 against lefties and Garcia a AA call up with zero extra base hits. These two guys add to our defense. That throw by AG was the play of the game on our side. So far this series is about pitching, pitching, and more pitching. Let’s see we have a 16 game winner and a 17 game winner in the next two games. Do we have a chance??Absolutely!! This is fall baseball. Not much scoring. Yesterday, the Giants had one meaningless hit the first nine innings and won their game!!!

We didn’t learn anything new about the Tigers in Game 3. Sanchez, as usual, pitched well. The bullpen was solid. Our offense really struggles against LHP and we’re lucky that we won’t see any more of it, with Griffin and Parker starting Games 4-5 for Oakland.

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