Tigers put ALCS tickets on sale Tuesday at 10am

Just a reminder, with the Tigers a win away from a return to the AL championship series, that tickets for potential ALCS games at Comerica Park go on sale Tuesday at 10 a.m. ET online at tigers.com or by phone at 866-66-TIGER. No tickets will be available at the Comerica Park box office.

Customers will be limited to six tickets per game.

If the Tigers advance, they’ll face the winner of the Yankees-Orioles Division Series. If the O’s win, Detroit would hold home-field advantage over Baltimore and open with next Saturday and Sunday at Comerica Park, with Games 6-7 in Detroit if necessary Oct. 20-21.

A Tigers-Yankees matchup would open in the Bronx before shifting to Detroit for Games 3-5, scheduled for Oct. 16-18. Though Baltimore finished with a better record than Detroit, the Tigers retain a higher seed based on winning their division.


Baltimore beats NY in a very entertaining game. This is the first time I’ve even considered the possibility of having homefield advantage for one of the postseason series.

Win the division and good things can come.

Now that I am a veteran at playoff games, my family is ready to buy the next series, problem is it is my daughters birthday this weekend so I can’t go if they play this weekend. One game at a time boys – we only need 1 out of 3, the pressure is on the A’s we just need to hit. Can’t wait for tonight!!

in case anyone doesn’t know – bret anderson is pitching for the As tonight and the lineup is the same as in game 2.

No time to let up even an iota. The A’s can be dynamite, as evidenced of their sweep of the Rangers to snatch the division. Anibal will need to be aware of team speed as well as to continue to pitch like he has been.
We need production from Prince, Young and Peralta.

If I recall correctly, there is an issue with glare for a 6 PM start in Oakland this time of year. I think the sun reflects directly into the batter’s box from “Mt. Davis” in CF.

such a thing would then favor the team with the better bullpen, no?

I guess you mean that by the time the hitters can see better, the bullpens are in? Yeah, we’ll see.
Actually I think some of this is overdone. The TBS crew for Cardinals-Nationals yesterday went way overboard talking about shadows. Advantage pitcher yes, but only to a degree.
Back in the old OLD days, games routinely started at 3 PM. Ty Cobb must have hit .367 career while battling shadows.

yea that is what i was getting at. I guess it depends on how long the glare is a problem for usually. Has anyone found any more information about the glare in oakland? (I googled it for 15 minutes with no luck)
How do people feel about Bret Anderson. Looks like he just had the one bad start against US….

Well if we can get to their bullpen that early we’ll be in good shape!

There was a good point yesterday about the antics of Mark Fidrych. Anybody tried that today there would be bench clearing brawls.

Yeah…AlAl’s antics were harmless enough. The problem is the Athletics can use his kiss to build an edge to their approach .I am not in favor of giving away motivation to the opposition.

(Over)blow them a kiss. If they are relying on a external motivation for them to play better then they are already in big trouble.
I expect they will play well regardless. That being said I’m petty sure AlAl would not like to have to go up to the plate and hit!!!

great point – both accounts.

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