Game 2 lineups: Tigers vs. Athletics


  1. Austin Jackson, cf
  2. Omar Infante, 2b
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b
  4. Prince Fielder, 1b
  5. Delmon Young, dh
  6. Jhonny Peralta, ss
  7. Andy Dirks, lf
  8. Avisail Garcia, rf
  9. Gerald Laird, c

P: Doug Fister


  1. Coco Crisp, CF
  2. J.D. Drew, SS
  3. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  4. Brandon Moss, 1B
  5. Josh Reddick, RF
  6. Josh Donaldson, 3B
  7. Seth Smith, DH
  8. George Kottaras, C
  9. Cliff Pennington, 2B

P: Tommy Milone


Well imma keepa eye on the ole radar but i’d put something like 30% chance we get some rain during the game.

What is with Peralta batting 6th? (My apologies to Buck Martinez for questioning Leyland’s lineup). Would seem sensible to put Garcia there after 3 slugs, not add another one.

I thought maybe Buck could explain Peralta hitting 6th, but he’s not doing the game today.

Never mind the fact that Garcia is actually hitting.

I think Fister would have enjoyed the strike zone that JV got yesterday. Dougie likes to pitch inside and he could get hurt there with guys like Moss, Reddick and Smith. Let’s hope he is able to work away effectively and doesn’t get to enthralled with throwing 0-2 pitches for strikes.

Good to see G$ playing today. Seeing the intensity in the battery of Fister and Laird will be enjoyable. Brings a little morte speed to the table and it seems that Laird legs out a hit or beats the relay on a DP or something energizing. Gives Avila a little rest which obviously is good for him.
Let’s see what Dirks and Garcia are able to produce back-to-back today. Should be interesting.
Time for the Big Boys to be Big and Bigger.

Let’s play some small ball against this soft tossing lefty. There’s a reason we tend not to perform against this type of pitcher.and I think it may be trying to power the ball rather than use what he gives you.

I purchased the MLB post season package. What a joke. I cancelled immediately. Awful online viewing.
Nice at bat by Garcia to lay off the junk.
If Fister can keep it up we’ll get to this guy.

That’s why you play Garcia. That throw probably kept the A’s from scoring 2 or 3 more that inning.

I can hardly bear to watch Peralta these days. JL has it in his head he needs to stick with what he knows but there is no question in my mind we would be further ahead with Worth at short. JP is squelching the middle of the lineup and he’s not getting to anything that isn’t within 5 feet of him.

I bought that package too, just to play around with a little. It was better the last couple days in other ballparks. Today’s is really bad.
Peralta is totally lost, and has been for quite some time. Are we trying to win this or trying to appease veterans? Let’s go, Jim.

Few sprinkles here at the game…….and tigers not named Cabrera not hitting. By the way quit a few empty seats.

I agree. I think the Tigers are trying to overpower Millone. They need to punch and slap and bunt to get on. The 5th we had 2 guys AJ and Omar who can both bunt for hits. They didn’t do it. Omar is trying to leave the park. This is the wrong guy to try that with.
Fister can’t hold this team off too much longer.
What I don’t get with Peralta is the fact he keeps getting plugged into that 6th spot. He’s gumming up the works.

Milone was the one I feared most in this series. You can see why.

It’s not like we haven’t had guysdr stranded on base. Geez, can anybody drive some runs in.

Pennington has murdered us. Funny how these playoffs go.
Fister had Smith out on good pitches maybe twice before losing him.
Those leadoff walks will kill you.
Let’s hope this ball club can turn things around here and not fall into that season long trap of poor at bats and no hitting to support the starter.

Success, nevertheless.

You don’t want to be trying to win this game in the 9th against Grant Balfour.

I didn’t want Fister to come back out this inning and I was right. We won’t get any runs, if we don’t win its going to be hard to win 2 in Oakland.

Well we really need this game. 2 out of three in Oakland will be extremely difficult.

What a piece of luck!

Prince is swinging at everything.

Nobody has ever won a World Series without some breaks along the way.

Thank You Bob Melvin. What were you thinking?

Darn shame. Melting on the mound.

Get benoit f’ out of the game……….what a waste. He tried to give it up last night and managed to do it today.

Benoitbisnt even close to the same guy.

I kind of expected Al to pitch that inning. OK, now he’s warming up. Top of the 8th, 2 out, score 4-3………..A’s leading.

Well the game was exciting for about two minutes,, tyen Benoit laid a big egg.

Can this team ever support Mister Fister?

We’re doing the same things we’ve done all year. Nothing different. No elevation of game in the postseason. The beat goes on.

We’ve got 2 innings to keep them at 4 and score at least 2. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!

Rich—or without a bullpen!
What are you gonna do? Benoit and Valverde are either crap shoots or just plain crap.
Playoffs make unsuspecting heroes. Maybe it is time to make one out of AlAL
Benoit has this uncanny knack for reversing momentum doesn’t he? The key was the base-running of Cespedes. Totally threw Benoit off his job.

Dan& Jim have lamented that all season long. Al does a pretty good job.

Delmon gets a hit and Don Kelly to run.

Please do something good here, Jhonny.

Should I ask for more? C,mon Andy! Make my day.

C,mon Q do something good.

Berry PHing? Big mistake. Can’t get the ball out of the infield.
Big mistake.

Jim Leland and his tinkering. Dear god, I hope it works.

Obvious—bloody obvious that Berry would not do anything other than that.
BS by Leyland. He shold be ashamed of himself

As much as it hurts me, you’re right. Plus, I would never have let Dirks bunt.

He could have PH Avila THEN Berry. We lucked out again.

That was lucky. I really think JL should’ve left Laird in there. Couldn’t have done any worse.

We second guess alot, but some things are only logical to us, I guess.

Pretty gruelling but entertaining to watch eh?
Fasten your seat belts for the 9th. I think we’re gonna be tortured un-mercilessly with Papa Grande.

Oh no it Coke.

This team has put us through the ringer all season long right into the postseason. Now, we’ve got Pepsi-Cola out there. Lord have mercy!

Phil Coke– that’s a little scary. C’mon Phil, prove me wrong.

Dan Dickerson nearly lost it on that fly ball. Now he’s throwing over Alex head.

Can’t throw a strike.

A walk and Jim’s leaving him in there.

I’d prefer Smyly to Coke

Well, there you go. Now, he’s pulling Coke.

@!#$%$#^&! Coke.
This is a sorry mess of a bullpen.

Al Al is prone to throwing a wild pitch. Wait for it.
Remember that Kelly is hitting 5th when we come up.


My wife asked me to take my blood pressure. I admit I’m curious but really I think it will come down tomorrow so why bother?


Lots of questionable decisions by JL. Why is LHB specialist Coke pitching to RHB when he is so awful agaist them? Why run Kelly instead of QB for DY? QB can steal a bag and/or score from first. Kelly is now lost as a PH. Why is QB hitting for Garcia?QB offers little, if any, offensive advantage over Garcia and the defense is significantly weakened in the process.

Tough pitcher here—maybe AJ and Omar should think about trying to beat one out.
Worth saved our bacon that inning. No way Peralta gets to that ball let alone almost turn it into a DP

Oh no, now Kelly will have to try to do something.

I love you Don Kelly.

He did it!!!

Pushing the right buttons is all about the “buttons” coming thru.

Don Kelly: “I’m just tickled for him” by Jim Leyland

Lots of second guess-able situations in this one, and I disagreed with most of the decisions made. Like I said earlier, we were lucky.
We showed one of my listed weaknesses, the bullpen, and two of my listed strengths, starting pitching and resiliency. Just enough to steal one.

Interesting note: many people complain about the formulas managers use and today Bob Melvin went against one by using his lights out closer in the tie game, rather than wait for his team to take a lead. And Melvin’s strategy failed. The non-save situation bites another closer.

Wow–Kelly’s first RBI in 4 months!!!
Ice-water in his veins.
Cabby was player of the game but let’s not overlook how important Omar Infante was in that game. Huge, clutch base hits.
Please note Jim Leyland, that Omar got that clutch hit off of one of the better RHP in the game. It is imperative that you have a guy who can hit in front of Miggy.
Berry is not that guy. He does not handle pressure well and he does not get the bat on the ball like that.
Bat Omar 2nd. P-E-R-I-O-D!
I would not have batted Berry in place of Garcia. Garcia has the ability to drive the ball. If Berry does hit it (key word is IF), he does not often get it out of the infield. Bad situation for him to be hitting in.
Tell Benoit that he is ordered to throw his change-up at least 50% of the time. It works for Rodney!!

The HR was off a changeup.

Actually, it was a 84 mph splitter.

Donny baby!

And yes, Berry in defensively at that point in the game just removes an arm from the outfield.
I give credit to JL for “thinking” but he often out-thinks things.

Well fans, welcome to the west coast and slightly better playing conditions.. Crisp will be happy. He looked miserable out there today.
Peralta got his bat on the ball. OK. I’ll give him that. And a reprieve. If this team is to excel in the playoffs they would benefit from a Jhonny Peralta who is playing good ball. At this point though, I would not hesitate to PR for him with Worth as a normal course of procedure. Like I said before—Worth saved our bacon today.

Well, he may not have a 5 tool arm, but he’s good with his glove. I disagree with anybody saying he’s a defensive liability. Saved Dotel’s behind last week with 2 on and 2 outs. Made a great play that no one gets to, not even Dirks. Avisail plays rightfield, but maybe that will change next year.

I sure would like to know why this game wasn’t on regular TV somewhere?! If they are going to schedule these games this way they need to accomodate them all. I’d like an explaination from WTBS and MLB. I know it was on MLB network, but I don’t subscribe to it and don’t know why I should for a Playoff Game!!!!! Not that I mind listening to our radio broadcasters, but this was a bunch of Bullshit!!!!!

Bud cares more about money then he cares about the fans.

I was at the game today, but if you can everyone should consider getting MLB channel if they can, it’s got some great programming. Recently considered switching to WOW and they don’t have MLB so I didn’t switch.

Give Leyland his manager’s card back! He pinch ran Kelly and Worth back to back – both of them stay in the game and make key plays in the ninth inning. Peralta wouldn’t have ranged to the ball that Worth almost turned into a double play. Tremendous job by ol’ Skip.

Melvin should have left Milone in to start the 7th. Our hitters struggle against soft tossers, but don’t mind hitting power arms. Instead he gets beat with a lefty (!) pitching to Cabrera. Why didn’t he go back to Neshek, or bring in Cook with two on and two out?

Benoit is really struggling. Moss just missed yesterday, Reddick just made it over today. If we lead in the 8th inning in Oakland – it darn well better be Dotel or Alburquerque out there.

Why hasn’t Oakland used Chris Carter, even as a PH? Is he injured?

Kelly stayed in the game as the DH after running for DY. QB could have instead run for DY and stolen a bag or even possibly scored from first on a double. And Kelly could have still hit a sac fly as a PH because he would have remained available. Would like to know what JL was thinking. I’m sure he has his reasons for doing it his way.

I was definitely okay with the Worth substitution.

You’re right, Richard. If Leyland went that way, you’re batting Garcia in the 2nd and 3rd, 1 out spot where Berry struck out, which I wouldn’t mind at all, then (assuming the game played out the same way) pinch hitting Kelly for Berry in the DH slot for the walkoff sac fly.

If Berry had ran for Delmon and stolen second off of Cook, Peralta’s single would have been an RBI. Tie game right there.

We defended home turf. Now we need one on the road. Just have one question. Was Smyly or Porcello warming up to pitch in the tenth??

Just wanted to say thanks again for the info on your contract site. Have already passed it on to some of my workout partners who are baseball guys. They were pretty impressed by the info. We had been relying on USA summary reports which do not have much detail.

You are more than welcome.

Word is that Don Kelly lifted 1000 pounds after his game winning SF. Hope he doesn’t have a lower back strain, but I sure was happy that he made a positive contribution to the Tigers. Think about it! If Kelly is not the pinch runner, he would not be batting in the bottom of the ninth. It would be QB, who basically cannot hit major league pitching. This means that Jim Leyland is a genius. Oh well, I was trying to fool everyone through the euphoria of winning the game. A remarkable win at home; it gets us closer to getting by the A’s in Round 1.
1. The Garcia throw to the plate to get Cookie Crisp. A game changer at the time.
Garcia is a better fielder, has a better arm, and is a better hitter than QB.
2. The Worth play in the top of the ninth to get the lead runner. Worth is a sound defensive SS. We could sacrifice some offense from that position to solidify the middle next season. Give him a chance, especially if we win it all this year.
3. Al’s one big out and special kiss. This was a first for me in watching and playing baseball for 56 years.

Can’t take away from Doug’s solid start or Miggy’s hitting. Infante is becoming more dependable each day. Benoit is totally snakebitten right now, and Al should move into the set up role.Reddick was sitting on the changeup; Benoit has really been telegraphing that pitch way to often for success. As for Delmon, well. you can almost predict every bat with 90% certainty. ON to Oakland, a good park for Sanchez to close it out. And the Rotation remains in tact for Round 2, if we get that sweep. Great win for a fantastic team. Good night all!

Do we get any twilight ball in Oakland??

The one run game streaks are making or breaking this season and quiet belief has turned the cycle in our favour the past three weeks.
The Tigs seem to now play to their limitations and are starting to make an art of scrapping out a win.
Man is Q an important insurance piece though you don’t often get the luxury we had today of getting a second chance. Hopefully Smyly has not been pigeon holed for long relief damage control as he offers much more than the 2012 Coke edition.

Quintin Berry pinch hits. Why? Well, he has batted .367 w/RISP. Just last night he was 2 for 2 . Yes, they were both battling infield hits but still hits. Sure he did not get a hit today. That’s baseball.

what is it about Kelly and coming up into big situations – good for him, good for us!

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