ALDS Game 1 lineups: Tigers vs. Athletics

A year after being a journeyman minor-league free agent, Quintin Berry is batting in front of Miguel Cabrera in a playoff game. Pretty cool story.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Andy Dirks, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Coco Crisp, CF
  2. Stephen Drew, SS
  3. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  4. Brandon Moss, 1B
  5. Josh Reddick, RF
  6. Josh Donaldson, 3B
  7. Seth Smith, DH
  8. Derek Norris, C
  9. Cliff Pennington, 2B

P: Jarrod Parker


Good for him, but we all know how we feel about Q batting second.

“Cool” in front of Miggy? I’d rather have “hot”.
We need good, productive at bats. N.B. Berry, Young, Peralta, Avila

without dirks hitting 6th though who will get the big boys home?

Just swap Infante and Berry, but it won’t happen. This is Jim’s lineup. You’d need a different manager to see anything different. Myself, I’d rather see Infante get those “fat pitches” in front of Cabrera, rather than Berry. Just because the lineup was in place when we beat some bad teams doesn’t make it the best decision. But in this case, it really is what it is. The stone is etched.

Someone must explain JL that correlation does not imply causation

agree. He should switch them – but as you said he won’t. until it’s too late, that is.

Infante can bat 2nd. Don’t need to get all wiggy about L-R-L-R

I’d only hit Omar second vs lefties. Dirks should bat second against RHP’s, and Berry ninth. If not second, Dirks would be a better option to bat fifth ahead of Delmon.

A¨s :Crisp CF, Drew SS, Cespedes LF, Moss 1B, Reddick RF, Donaldson 3B, Smith DH, Norris C, Pennington 2B. Parker P.

Strange that, after all the poor baseball we witnessed this year, the Tigers still seem to be the favorites to advance and according to some, advance to the WS. That Lions coach once famously said “what does a guy have to do to get fired around here?” In this case, what do the Tigers have to do to be underdogs around here? I sure hope they can advance, especially with Texas out of the way.
To all Tiger fans, I would prescribe tranquilizers, plenty of booze, a good blindfold, eating light, and hiding the dog away. This is going to be fun! 🙂

True. But Villarreal also allowed 4 out of 8 inherited runners to score, including 3-for-3 in that game against the Twins.

I know, he has an IRS% of 40 plus. I never had him in “my” roster.

I would like an extra pitcher , Downs, but it is more or less in the line of what I expected.

I find it a bit redundant to have Ramon AND Worth on the roster. I understand going with Ramon, experience, loyalty, switch hitter but if I had to choose someone to replace Peralta it would Be Worth. I think he is better defensively than Ramon and can cover more ground. Neither one is gonna give you much with the bat.
I think our bench would have been slightly more imposing with the presence of a long ball threat.
We’re gonna wish we had Downs.

so pumped! two hours until game time, lets go Detroit, stand up! Cant wait to see the crowd, wish I was there

Villarreal, Downs, and Al Al have all been better against lefties than Phil Coke, both this year and the past three seasons.

I thought the AL was ripe for the picking some time ago before most of the fruit has now fallen off.
Our experience should put us in good standing for the playoffs, though Atlanta’s and the Rangers implosion under pressure, you can never tell. The Tig;s mindset has changed the past three weeks and the guys are cutting back on the bad plays. Making JL’s disjointed lineups work though is a work still in progress.
The Braves and Rangers fans yesterday showed no class. I would not like Hamilton on my team but booing a guy 2nd in HR’s and RBI’s is short on a lot of counts.

Sounds to me like MLB has totally dropped the ball on this MLB Network game coverage. MLB continues to be unable to get out of its own way. The ultimate blackout. So people have to find a local bar or go to a friend’s house to watch the Tigers in the postseason?

A couple of keys: Moss for the Athletics and Young for us. Who is going to hit better?

moss def. swinging the bat lately

well fellas the time has come – and if you were listening JL cleared up some things on the JL radio-show today with mr. price. he just wants to stick with what is working (re: the lineup) and choose AL ABQ because he gets lefties out better than Villareal.
He did not talk about why danny worth made the playoff team, but did say that “if you need 12 pitchers – you are already in trouble”

“Leyland used the word versatility several times in describing positional roster. Extra infielder allows him to pinch-run for Peralta late” @beckjason
Worth is the xtra infielder.

The BP ended one hour ago

Awesome start JV? Jeez, what a buzz kill!

Now a walk…..better figure it out soon!

And finally after 26 pitches….boy not the start you’d hope for, not even close.

9 innings left boys; JV will straighten up!

That was a difficult 1st inning. And as tough on Verlander as it was the fans.
Hopefully he learned something early. Crisp was sitting dead red on a 1-2 pitch. and JV got it up in a bad place.

And infield double

I know I am gonna take heat for this comment but Berry did NOT do his job-3 times.
Did not appear to me that his heart was into the sac bunt. And he needed to hit the ball to the right side with 2 strikes not directly at the 3B. That could have resulted in either AJ having to hold or out.
And I think we should have run Berry right away. No fooling around, if you want speed at the top of the lineup use it. Miggy is an easy DP candidate it is wise to eliminate the DP if you can. If they walk him (which I don’t think they would do in the 1st inning) youv’e got a Fly Ball guy and RBI threat to deal with and the bases loaded.

Well atleast they got it back. Now settle down JV!

A lot.of 3-2 counts for JV. Boy surprised…he’s not very sharp.

JV seems to get too worked up in situations like this – sucks. Glad to get out of the 2nd….hopefully he settles down. He’s already at 43 pitches for godsakes

Giving away outs in the first inning was not wise.

I want drew so bad – good lord!

yikes quick inning i hope JV can get his own quick inning

Well Delmon was robbed. Boy our hitters didn’t give JV much of a breather. Can anyone on this team work a count?

Lots and lots and lots and lots of pitches for JV

Gosh another walk…..what’s up. Jeez JV!

Justin cannot throw strikes tonight. No command. These guys are free swingers and thy aren’t chasing much.

Infante with the D

Well we need to start playing ball. I can’t understand running Young with Peralta up. Yes stay out of the DP by striking out into one?
This is not going to go well if they keep biding time waiting for JV to get it together.

Preposterous call of hit and run
Verlnader finally receiving Ace treatment

Verlander. 7

5th was a little better. JV helps himself if he can keep some of his hard stuff down—rather than up. There are times that works but not all the time. He needs to keep taking advantage of the outside corner as the ump is pretty much giving him 3 or 4 inches.
If Berry is asked to bunt this time I hope he has the resolve to actually do it.

AA saying present

Biggest inning of the game here for JV. In my opinion the 6th inning has been the most challenging inning for him.
Nice to see Alex finally beat that wall in left-centre. He’s had a lot of them die and get caught out there for him.

JL better not have JV pitch next inning

Ace ¨s performance

His breaking ball was on

Too bad jhonny can’t bunt

“not a part of his game” – jim price

Parker out after 95 pitches. Time to test their bullpen – I got a feeling it is no joke.

It is the second best

Where are Miggy and Biggy tonight?

Omar beats out the taylor made DP – will we take advantage?

nope. better hope our BP is solid.

L-R-L and there were no LHB vs PN. That throw is perfect for a LHB to hit

True. LHB sees the ball for a very long time and has action in.

our middle of the order is due.

Boy ….Benoit almost gave up another one. By the way Berry should of been able to catch that ball off the bat of Cespedes!

good win tonight. got to put it behind us and get the win tomorrow. Hopefully the middle of the lineup will come alive tomorrow.

Great game for JV and JV2

What a great game! Tigergirl, you did bring us good luck. Hope you stayed warm. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!

Go Tiger Girl!!! Thank You.
Got the much needed important win but let’s not get carried away.
We did it without 3-4-5 hitting.
We did it with JV not being at his best.
We did it without turning a DP. but suffering 3 of them.
We did it with Benoit giving up another long ball.
We did it with Valverde throwing fastballs up in the zone.
We did it with smoke and mirrors.
Nice job by Avila, offensively and defensively. Can we ever get this guy to become the leader we need?
Looking forward to seeing Garcia play tomorrow. He hit the ball extremely hard in the 8th. That’s good to see. He does not seem to be out of place. I think we are better with the Neck in left and Garcia in right.
Hopefully we can get Fister staying low in the strike zone when he needs to tomorrow. We got away with all our pitchers being up today. Maybe that’s the book on the A’s hitters? It is not fun to watch though.

JV not being at his best. That is the sign of greatness, dominating without the best stuff

Yup. Verlander didn’t really have command of a breaking pitch, but he recorded 11 strikeouts with just the fastball-change duo. Brilliant pitching.

Quentin Berry hitting second: game-winning RBI:) One thing to consider: the A’s kid pitchers haven’t had much experience in shutting down the running game.

Nothing – absolutely nothing – from either Cabrera or Fielder, yet our guys take home the W. On to tomorrow!

Good game…..scraped a few runs across. Going to the game tomorrow, hope it’s not as cold. It was freezing here all day and the wind had a real bite to it!

I’m glad the ladies got to see a win tonight. The Good Guys did enough to beat a very tough Oakland squad. Changes the dynamic of the series. Beat Oakland tomorrow, and the pressure will be all on them. Lose tomorrow, and the pressure will be all on us. Keep that ball down Mr. Fister.
1. 14 K’s out of 27 outs. That limits base runners, and keeps the ball out of our defenses hands.
2. Two great swings by Alex, who actually might be feeling good for the first time in a long time.
3. Getting a totally clean inning from Valverde, regardless of what he threw. It’s a difference of 20 minutes and 10,000 fewer heart attacks.

Nothing from 3-4-5. other than walk and hit batter. Nothing from Jhonny. Even though QB was 2-3, he shouldn’t be in the two hole, though his speed did contribute to a run. He’s too prone to strike out ahead of Miggy, especially when 9 and 1 get on. It’s not going to change. Hope the speed overcomes the K’s.
Good night All!

Missing in the above comments was the fact that Verlander hadn’t pitched in a week. His early struggles were not surprising, and he did finally get it together.
The A’s strike out a ton and it’s one of the reasons I wanted to play them.
It seems that any postseason victory should be enjoyed no matter how it came about. This is the way we play. It’s either good enough or it’s not.
Fister tomorrow (almost) morning and he’s going on regular rest. Verlander gets the press, Fister is the secret weapon. I like it. We need two wins from among Fister, Scherzer, Sanchez, and Verlander. Sounds good to me.

Good to see Alex reading the calls better than the A’s with the pitch away off the plate to the lefties called strike all night. Nearly every strikeout was away off the plate.
Nice to see JV acknowledged he has to handle his adrenaline better early on.
We may not have turned two or three possible double plays but we made sure of the lead outs. Infield errors has been keys to the playoff games thus far.
The first two games at home are a huge advantage but you still have to deliver which they are quietly doing.

Avila uses to hit with authority when he gets rest.

Berry hitting second will reap rewards about once every 7 to 10 games. When Buck Martinez marveled at how fans questioned all of JL’s lineups, he didn’t take into account how bizarre those lineups often are. And Buck hasn’t seen this team play everyday.
One thing sorely missing from these game presentations are the pre-game ceremonies. I’d love to see those, but instead get nothing but analysis from both TBS and FSD. I suppose it’s possible that FSD doesn’t have the rights to any footage after the start of the TBS broadcast, but TBS could certainly show more of the event itself.

Frankly, I think Buck made a lot of cogent points about the lineup and other salient issues without the bias and hate that often permeates the comments made by fans everywhere, including the Tiger faithful. He was just telling it like an outsider not clouded by passion.

Tigers win!! One giant step for Tiger fans. Now we need another tomorrow. Go Mister Fister of the tornadic twisters!! Go Tigers!!!

Until Ajax has some hypnotherapy to enable him to dive, Berry is the only pure base stealer on the team.
Hey, why the heck should fans question lineups when JL keeps putting him ahead of the triple crown hitter when his OBP for August was .237 and for September .255.

Funny. Sounds like you should take JL’s place as manager along with the rest of the fenzied masses.. Probably could not do any worse with the fans. Just be careful and do not give up any personal details. I have my lineups too. Consensus is out of the question. So let us all just rant civilly and peacefully.

Well, after a good nights sleep I am finally warm! We got to the park at 4:30, we were only a little bit excited…JV had us scared that first inning, and he labored on pitches, but wow – he is the strikeout king – that place was electric after each one. Pretty good to win when our big guys did not do much – although Miggy did hit into that DP that was a huge run to have scored (imagine, we stole a base!) to even the score for Justin. My lord did we sit high up – 2nd to the last section down the left field side, could not see the pitch count on the scoreboard. Benoit and Papa did their jobs – it was a bit scary but looked like Papa was dialed in, and it was awesome to see AA get that swing going again.

I likely miss all of today’s game – 12:00? What a shaft that the Tigers played last night and again at noon today while the Yanks get prime time – hate the way the TV guys treat them like they walk on water. DVR is set – GO TIGERS!

oh, and I am 1-1 on playoff games – woohoo!

You had the same section we did for ALDS game 3 last year, and we had the very top row. That’s the game where we went down and found some standing room. That’s also the section where the guy wearing a Derek Jeter jersey was standing and looking down over the rail of the upper deck and everyone started chanting “Jump! Jump!” One of the more original cheers I’ve heard at the ballpark.

Thanks Jason for a great 2012 blog! Justin does what he does. JL will always be stubborn. Great feeling when the Tigers win. As a fan I knew they would:). And as an arm chair manager, Dirks bats second, Berry ninth. Not sure where I bat Omar. Go Tigers!

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