Game 2 at noon Sunday on MLB Network

The good news is the schedule is finally set for Game 2 of the AL Division Series at Comerica Park on Sunday. The bad news is it’s going to require a little more work.

First, it’s going to take a wake-up call for some folks to be up and going in time for a 12:07pm ET start, the earliest home game the Tigers have played this season. Then it’s going to take a minute or two for some people to find MLB Network on their cable or satellite system.

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, the last part might not apply to you. For some, MLB Network has been a find on the cable/satellite system in a sports television scene where baseball tends to get pushed aside once football season begins. If you’re still looking for it, though, you can go to to find the channel number for you.

Matt Vasgersian and Jim Kaat will have the call on Sunday.

The network selection was the result of new postseason format MLB announced earlier this year. MLB Network was awarded two Division Series games, both on days when there are more than two games on air. Sunday will be the first. MLB Network will have another one on Wednesday, though those teams haven’t been announced.

As for the start time, it amounts to a day game after a night game, which means some players are going to have to make a quick turnaround. Given that the Tigers go from facing righty Jarrod Parker in Game 1 Saturday night to lefty Tommy Milone in Game 2, there’ll be some changes in the lineup. Avisail Garcia will start in right field, and it’s possible manager Jim Leyland would turn to Gerald Laird.

The start time for Game 3 on Tuesday is also set. First pitch from Oakland is scheduled for 9:07pm ET on TBS.


This is my number one beef with baseball. Pay to watch. Lions are on every game making many fans with the exposure they have. Tigers think they will build a fanbase without showing the local fans games unless they pay for cable. Not going to happen.

Jason, has the postseason roster been annouced yet? I’m guessing Porcello and Alburquerque are in, Villareal is out?

Shark, it appears that it’s MLB’s decision, not the Tigers, to have this on a cable network.

A rainout tonight puts Verlander on MLB tomorrow at noon. We would then play five days in a row??? What are the chances oh meteorologist??

less than 5% chance it rains today at comerica park.

Thanks, that’s good news.

slim chance it rains tomorrow either…

I pay 150/mo for a local cable system (WOW) that doesn’t even carry MLB network!!!!!

Seriously MLB wtf???

DOK…Thank you for the contract info. Good stuff.

My provider is not listed since it is smal. l I think it is a crock to not have it on FOXD where I watch them in the regular season. Also I think MLB is wrong to charge extra for something we have been getting all season long.

A´s already published their roster

Dirks:322/.370/857 8 HR 35 RBI
Cespedes:292 /.356/.861 23 HR/82
Dirks was injured and was not played enough.Far cheaper than Cespedes

Another blog has Downs in and Smyly out???If that is the roster, Worth could begin second guessing JL to be traded. Being left out for Kelly must be the final insult

Downs has done well. I’m not sure why. He doesn’t look like he has unhittable stuff or even very good stuff. But he manages to get the job done. I don’t think he would perform as well as Smyly would in post season though. Also Smyly can come in to offset the LHB if one of our starters gets knocked out early.
I’d take them both. Downs and Coke can be LOOGYs.
I don’t think that will happen as JL has already indicated he is going to shorten the staff and bring an extra position player to cheer from the dugout.
Also, I would not trust Villarael to anything past the 6th inning.

Downs vs LHP: 171. I like him on the roster but not if that mean leaving Smyly out. Since there is no way they leave Porcello or Coke out of misguided loyalty, Smyly is or was a better option

Official C – Avila & Laird; INF – Cabrera, Fielder, Infante, Peralta, Santiago, Worth

OF – Berry, Dirks, Garcia, Jackson, Kelly & Young

P – Alburquerque, Benoit, Coke, Dotel, Fister, Porcello, Sanchez, Scherzer, Smyly, Valverde & Verlander.
Bad information on that blog

Really? I’ll look around but where did you see the official roster camarada?

Beck and BBritten just tweeted it


Good choices but for one.

Thanks. I would have taken Downs over Kelly or Worth.

Oh my. No Boesch either!! They must have totally given up on him. He’s a sensitive sort, so I think this may have further consequences. Especially if JL stays.

Weak bench. Worth, Kelly, Santiago, Laird and Berry will not cause any opposing managers to be too overly concerned with match-ups in the late innings.
The guys that sit and watch the games from the dugout and the bullpen really need to addressed next year.


They assume that everybody has a) cable and b) a cable box to show the game on Sunday. Basically, this is going to alienate many Tigers’ fans because they don’t have a cable box. We have one cable box, so in order to watch this game we only have one room to watch it in. Some people can’t afford that luxury! Channel 4 or Channel 7 or somebody really needs to pick this game up so that ALL of the Tigers’ fans can watch a POSTSEASON game. We wait all season hoping for this to happen and now thousands of Tigers fans will have to go without or listen to the Ticket IF the Ticket actually plays the game. (A few weeks ago, they played the Lions pregame – five hours before kickoff – over the Tigers!)

I agree, Because of this I have no use for the MLB network and what right to they have to force people to take their network.

how gay

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