Leyland: Cabrera will be last-minute decision

Barring an extra-inning game, Josh Hamilton’s stats will be complete by the time the Tigers play tonight, so his home-run total should be clear. The Angels begin their game against the Mariners about an hour and a half before the Tigers take on the Royals, so Mike Trout will have had a couple at-bats. If he’s going to get the 6-for-6 performance necessary to beat out Cabrera on batting average, it should be clear by then.

Will those games play a factor in whether Cabrera plays tonight? Sure sounds like it, from what he told WXYT this morning.

“I’m going to make the decision on Cabrera probably at the last minute,” Leyland said. “I am going to watch what goes on.”

Other notes from his radio appearance: His biggest mistake, in his opinion, was playing Ryan Raburn as much as he did, and that in an ideal world he would have another right-handed hitter to use in the outfield so that he didn’t have to hit Andy dirks as often against left-handed pitching.

“I think that Andy Dirks is a very good player, and is going to be a very good player,” Leyland said. “But I think he’s somewhere in between playing every day and platooning some. And that’s a lot of respect to Andy Dirks. That’s pretty darn good.”


I hope he plays at least a few at bats. And bo offense to the bench guys, but i’d like to end the regular season on a winning note.

Well, ESPN is planning on being there to broadcast all of his at-bats, if he plays, that is. Of course, the press will want to see him in the lineup. I can understand wanting him to go out on top with those numbers especially if you know the outcome before the game. Still, I have complete confidence in Miguel’s ability to hit. He is, after all, the MVP and triple crown winner.

I expect Leyland will start him. It would be fine to play him at 3rd but smarter to DH him. To DH Fielder is completely unnecessary other than making Leyland feel like he is asserting his managerial prowess. Now I’m not saying Fielder shouldn’t be a DH I am just saying it is not going to accomplish anything.
Let Cabby have 3 at bats and get him out. everyone is happy then.
Trout pretty much has to go 5 for 5. He hasn’t had a hit off Beavan this year and has been struggling at the bat.
The guy to really worry about is Hamilton. He’s due to break loose and his team needs a win—so he’ll be playing.

One other thing. We have witnessed Miguel mature before our eyes this year. Sobriety is very good for him. He’s handling interviews better and I hope when the reporters ask him stupid questions he’s not afraid to say I don’t know or I don’t understand your question. Put the onus on the person asking the question to make it clearer. Don’t be afraid or self-conscious if you don’t understand, just say so.
We are so very proud of you, Miguel.

I’m not going to lie – I am really interested in how we pitch tonight. IMO the bullpen is the biggest question mark going forward – with our streaky offense a close second – and max scherzer being third.
miggy getting the triple crown is not one of them. But it sure will be nice for everyone to recognize how awesome miggy’s bat is. Ideally, however, you’d want people to know what a great team guy he is. Sure wish there WAS a stat for that. He’s always down there making everyone laugh and giving advice to the hitters. Real classy guy.

Quite a lot of drama on this last day. I’d like to see Baltimore tie the Yanks and then win a 1 game all-or-nothing tie game 163 (hey do stats count?)
Hard to believe Oakland has had the year they have had. They actually could end up being tied for 1st overall in wins.
Still don’t agree with the new wild card format.
I am very interested in Miggy and the Triple Crown. It would be nice to know that maybe people will be talking about it being the last one was “45 years ago”!!

Good luck Luis Marte. Should be interesting to see how he does.

If Trout goes 4 for 4, and Cabrera goes 0 for 4, Trout has a slightly higher batting average. One out for Trout or one hit for Miggy should wrap it up, and Trout will likely have made an out prior to the start of the Tiger game.

Yeah Patrick, you are right, but if JL were to take Cabby out after going 0 for 3 he would be just fine!

There would be no shame in my mind if Miggy sat today – my lord he has 620 at bats this year, 9th out of all the American League, Trout has 556 which is not even a comparison – he wins this thing he did it without backing in regardless if he plays today and that argument should hold water with anyone. That said I’d like to see him getting a few AB’s today and the rest of the game off, just so he can get some fan appreciation.

We can assume all we want about his personal life, his sobriety, truth is we have no idea where he stands on those issues, but I can only surmise that regardless he has matured as a person and that has helped him in all aspects of his life. I absolutely loved him getting his daughter from the crowd the other night – stuff like that just gets to me! What fun for us to have him on our team.

While I was crunching #’s, I noticed Milkey Cabrera leading the NL in BA. But after today he will no longer qualify as he has 501 plate appearances and it takes 502 to win it. Serves the cheater right.

well he also asked the MLB to disqualify him from the race… but cheaters should never get into the hall IMO.

Milky had already requested to be removed from consideration for NL batting champion.

hamilton 0 for 1.

I think Gene Lamont must be coaching for Oakland today. Cost his team a run in the 1st.

oakland 1 – 0

Let’s go Oakland. I don’t think we want to see the Texas Ogandos, I mean Rangers. We may do better against a team that doesn’t hit as much.

Tied up and Hamilton has had 2 ABs now.

oh wow texas 4-1

Texas knows how to hit. Young, Murphy hurts us and we don’t match up that well against them.
A’s are screwing up big time.

from rotoinfo: Austin Jackson CF, Quintin Berry LF, Miguel Cabrera 3B, Prince Fielder DH, Alex Avila C, Jhonny Peralta SS, Andy Dirks RF, Omar Infante 2B, Don Kelly 1B, (Max Scherzer P)

i see you jim – i see you.

albeit we know that max scherzer is NOT pitching today. geesh rotoinfo, get it together!

hmmm i am starting to see more sources saying max scherzer is pitching…..i don’t get it but schmehl just put out a mlive.com article saying scherzer was pitching

Hamilton has had 3 at bats now through 4 innings

Showing Max starting on the Tigers home page.

i know he hurt his ankle but dang i wanna see how his arm is – even if it is for only 3 innings or something.

I don’t think we can hit with Texas and Washington will go more balls to the walls while Jim will………..well………be Jim. I prefer Oakland. Or NY. Or Baltimore. Or the House of David. Whatever.


A’s up 7 5 HECK YEA GO As

Hamilton looked pretty bush on that easy fly to CF.

Let’s hope he doesn’t make up for it with his bat.

Interesting Trout is now hitting once the Angels couldn’t make it thru.
Regardless of the sun, Hamilton’s carelessness might well have just cost them the season.

Hopefully he as but one at bat left.

As a moot point: game 163 counts in regular season stats.
Glad Granderson doesn’t have 43 or 44!!!

Yep, the triple crown transcends any award an increasingly irrelevant bunch of hacks can ever provide.

And one more “feel good” for Tiger fans would AJ be going 2 for 4 tonight and finishing above .300
Good luck AJ

Part One is complete. Hamilton struck out in his last at bat.

The triple crown is a historical baseball benchmark requiring excellent performance for the entire season with the player finishing first in the three most important batting categories among all his peers in his league. On the other hand the MVP award, is merely a VOTE by a small group of people who may or may not have any knowledge or interest in baseball at all.

Mvp is awarded by the Baseball writers association of America. I think they have a little knowledge and interest in the game.

36,000+ fans in Oakland are just beside themselves. Amazing! I remember in 1979 they had a couple of games with less than 1,000 in attendance. Lots of games under 2,000.

They are having a god time! Too bad these “fans didn’t show up in full force till the last game of season!
No homers for Hamilton. Trout was hit by pitch ha first AB.

Watching that Oakland/Texas game with everyone in t-shirts. Tigers will have to get out their longjohns. Seriously, it is going to be very cold this weekend. Remember the sweater hat Polanco wore? That kind of cold.

HBP. Postponing the inevitable.

Pretty good chance we’ll face them.

Here in Venezuela, people dont care about the MVP. Many great players have been denied it: Ted Williams, Alan Tramell .Andres Galarraga.Cecil Fielder
If he win the Triple Crown, he will be the first Latinoamerican to win it.He will be part of history.
And history will be made the same day that Omar Vizquel retires. He is a HoF . Best fielding percentage ever. 11 Golden Gloves

Here in Venezuela, people dont care about the MVP. Many great players have been denied it: Ted Williams, Alan Tramell .Andres Galarraga.Cecil Fielder
If he win the Triple Crown, he will be the first Latinoamerican to win it.He will be part of history.
And history will be made the same day that Omar Vizquel retires. He is a HoF . Best fielding percentage ever. 11 Golden Gloves.
Luis Aparicio and Alomar are part of the broadcast of the game for Venezuela

Luis Aparicio. Man was he ever good. And what a base stealer..
Looks like Cabby has it in the bag.
That’s a great thing. I hope he has a super game today because I’m sure a load is off his shoulders.

Grandy hit # 42. I like to see Miggy hit # 45 and get RBI 140.

MLB.com will have the look-on of Miguel´s AB

And Grandy and Trout

Grandy 1 for 2

Classy standing ovation by KC fans and players. Impressive… to bad he didn’t get a hit.

Midwest fans.

Well two things I don’t like so far are Berry batting 2nd again and Infante 1st pitch swinging.
Go Cabby. Finish it with a fourish!!!

K for Granderson

Rod is saying Max’s velocity is back. I don’t agree. He’s just a tad or 2 off with his fastball. When he can’t get it by guys on 0-2 (and he shouldn’t be throwing it much then anyway) it’s a dead giveaway. You can’t trust the guns at the various parks.

Max does not look sharp to me. It’s good he’s getting a chance to throw today though

Well he’s throwing strikes, but I agree….he doesn’t look quite right. Velocity a few ticks off and it seems like when he’s right he’s getting pop ups and strike outs..
Dang Miggy just struck out.

Max is still off. Velocity is down a bit and control is not quite there. Some movement late. Good to see him better and hopefully is just shaking off a little rust.

330-326. Pull him out?

4th inning surprised Miggy and Max are still out there!

Glad to see Miggy out there with the courage to NOT back into personal awards. Not sure if it is the smart thing, but he is showing he is a champion and staying sharp in the process.

Miguel and Omar Vizquel replaced at the same time

Great move by the skipper to let Miggy have the applause he deserves. What an accomplishment. Triple Crown. I was born in ’71, so this is something I have never seen before. Really amazing.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Congrats Miggy…..couldn’t prouder that you are a Tiger!

And Leyland did it right. Good on him.
Gotta give credit to the kid Trout too. He came in swinging tonight even in a blowout.
Miggy did it!!!

The best player in MLB

And a .300 season for Ajax. We are checking off all the boxes tonight.
— Bob

Pull Ajax

43 for Granderson

Alright AJ!

Grando’s been pulled so can’t make it a tie in HR’s.

Granderson pulled out. Now, it is official official

Interesting move by NY with Grandy under the circs. Show of respect? By Grandy or by Girardi or?

I don’t know?….by that time the Baltimore game was over…and it would be low class to keep piling on. I suppose we will never know!

Yeah…Many of the NY starters were pulled, presumably to avoid injury. But Grandy still had a chance at a personal award as opposed to the others. Like you said, we will probably never know.

Oh…And I think Weaver was pulled after 1 inning. To avoid a possible loss to maintain Cy Young candidacy? No details known here, but if that was the case it did not work to his benefit.

Biased awards: Di Maggio over Ted Wlliams, Stone over Norris, Shared MVP in WS 1981. Guerrero alone was the real MVP.Dennys and Welch over Valenzuela. Clemens over Stewart. or Welch over Stewart ( the reason for the first denied the second) Henderson over Fielder. Ripken over Fielder and Murray.Gibson playing half season. Dante Bichette and Galarraga denied the MVP for playing in Colorado and then Walker playing in Colorado won it.ARod with team dead last. Pujols over Howard. Hamilton over Miguel. Braun over Fielder

Cabrera over Sandoval ASG

Bell over Trammmell

Kudos to the fans in KC for appreciating Miggy and the history they have seen. If/when the Tigers don’t win the Central, I hope KC will win it (Cleveland and ChiSox I do not like).
Bring on Brandon Inge and the swinging A’s (I know Inge is hurt but still….) Should be interesting. I like the matchup but that team is smoking hot right now.
Lastly on Omar Vizquel for eltigre. In Cleveland in the 90s, that guy’s defense was truly amazing. I saw him many times in Tigers Stadium and he did things no others could do with the glove. I agree – HoF.

We should be used to this right. And, we won.

To Miggy: You are the best baseball talent I have seen over the last 25 years. Thank you for being a Tiger. Congratulations.
1. Tiger Pitching. Great job Marte. Good effort Max.
2. Ajax clutch RBI double; Also got him back to .300.
3. Leyland recognizing the importance of the moment; Royal fans showing Royal class; Miggy hugging his Skipper.

Infante has stabilized his defense, Worth looks really good in the field, and Avila gets a nice opposite field hit. The A’s will be a formidable opponent. May the games begin. Look for Leyland to bow out this year. Good night all!

Real classy KC fans there tonight. I’d like to see the Royals become contenders. Enough with Chicago and Cleveland.
Now for the 66 hour wait for the playoffs to begin. Oakland is a good match, and at least it’s not Texas and NY for a change. I wonder if we’ll get that day game on Sunday. It would be quite a bit warmer.

Greg…I hope you are wrong about JL bowing out, although I recognize the possibility. As a reality check about JL, his staff, DD and the Tigers, I offer a look at history. Prior to JL’s arrival,the Tigers suffered through 12 consecutive losing seasons, including the first 2 by Sparky. In the last 7 with JL, the Tigers have experienced 3 playoff seasons and played in 1 WS. And also tied for a CL title in 2009 before suffering a game 163 loss. Hopefully, the Tigers will play in another WS this year.

Oh…In JL’s 7 seasons with the Tigers only one has been of the losing variety.

Not to mention the first repeat playoff appearances since 34-35.

For 2008 alone, he should have been fired.

May you one day be blessed with what you wish for. Just be careful what you wish for.

Greg… Guess I am pretty juiced abou the Tigers and especially like your posts. There are several other very solid boggers as well, but you always seem the most positive after it is all said and done.

Richard, I’ve been a Tiger fan for 60 years. I know what I want.

We all pretty much know the playoff roster. The key will be to get guys like Avila, Peralta and Young to hit better than they did in the regular season. I think Avila can. I don’t think Peralta can and I think Young is Old.
Throw in Boesch and total up their homers during the season and you get barely 50 among those 4 supposed power hitters.
We will also need our manager to manage better than he ever has. Berry batting 2nd is a reflection of his stubborness and need to prove himself right. We can’t afford to give Berry more at bats than certainly Dirks or Infante and arguably Garcia, Young and Avila.
Leyland will also really need to be hyper vigilant with the relievers. If one of them messes up his preconception about the roles they are intended to play he needs to be ready to looks somewhere else and at least be prepared.

I think many fans feel that the Tigers made the playoffs in spite of Leyland, not because of him. He can change that perception in the playoffs if he does the things you stated. Anything can happen when the second season starts, lets just hope it’s the Tigers that get hot this year and make things happen. Should be some fun baseball.

The fans might think that about JL, but I bet if you poll the clublouse the vote would come out differently.

it really doesn’t seem like berry should bat 2nd-I get it. But when he DOES here is WHY:
sept 18th is when he started hitting in the 2 spot and we won 12 2 over those As. And of course JL went with it then again on: the 22nd (8 0 win), 23rd (2 1 loss), 24th (6 2 win), 26th (5 4 win), 27th (5 4 win), 29th (6 4 win), 30th (2 1 win), and last night (1 0 win).
So you see, for some reason JL’s “putting speed” at the top of the lineup does something. Maybe it’s pressure on the pitcher when they should be focusing on miggy and biggy, maybe it’s his magic hand clap maybe it’s his bunting. Or maybe it’s dirks…having him bat in the bottom of the lineup gets the part of the lineup some HOPE – almost a spark. Maybe that’s what is most important for our offense.

Good post, Evan. I also noticed that we had a nice streak of games with Berry hitting second, and have been thinking that Dirks has shored up the 5-9 a little. More than likely, we were just due to win some ballgames against the teams we were playing. I’d keep Dirks where he is and move Infante to the 2-hole. It makes a lot of sense to hit Berry 9th. In any case, Q is a better option than the black hole Boesch has become this year.
Of course, I also think we’d be better off replacing Peralta and his .239 BA with Worth, and that would never happen. It doesn’t appear that the move from short to thirdbase was the reason Jhonny struggled in Cleveland. He just has some bad years and this was one of them. Who saw him hitting .239 this season?

Jim looks to me like someone ready to step away. I’m getting that vibe from one old fella to another. If so, let’s send him out on top. Perfect ending.

That sounds like a plan and the very best scenario, Rich.

I get that impression too, his inter view the other night he said something to the fact of he feels lucky to have been a part of this organization, in my mind he already has planned the end and it just isn’t announced and maybe he let a little slip there, Who knows, just kind of odd that he is such an emotional man when his guys win yet comes across so gruff when interviewed.

comes across so gruff when interviewed…Both Gates Brown and Jim Leyland managed Leones del Caracas and abandoned the team during the season 1981-82. Alfonso Carrasquel ended winning the title.He left for Xmas. It was usual for players to leave their team breaking their contracts but that is the only case I remember of a manager leaving a team ( not fired). The team included: Tony Armas, Dave Stewart , Bo Diaz and Andres Galarraga.
He is so rude with the press because he does not like to give the interviews. He is forced to talk to the press so he answer while eating. A journalist that knows him from his time in Venezuela has said that more than once. He finds it funny only because JL is very friendly with venezuelan journalist. And venezuelan journalists like him and are extremely respectful to him

What have Quintin Berry and Avisail Garcia given our team here in September?? Primarily defense and speed. Right now we have four guys who all could play centerfield for a MLB team. Our corner outfield defense has been vastly improved. Do we remember in April when it was going to be Young and Boesch?? The key player is Dirks because his natural position is left and he can struggle in right. Was
Boesch and Raburn a good platoon combo??. No. How about Boesch and Baker?? A disaster. Then Boesch, Berry and Garcia?? No, never. Berry and Garcia worked just enough magic. How do they do on the big stage?? We will see.

Lineups. Get your lineups!! In the playoffs, could the key to our success be having Dirks bat 5th against RHP??

We all know that Boesch is completely ineffective right now. I’m sure he won’t get much better in the limited time he will see in the playoffs. He and Porcello will make excellent trade bait next year.
But we have other guys IN the lineup who are, or can be, as equally as ineffective. Peralta and Young, right now, are easy outs. As easy as Boesch is really.
Delmon hasn’t had a hit in 5 games. Struck out 8 times in that span.
Peralta is hitting .171 since SEPTEMBER 1ST</strong)! 1 Homer in that time and 25 strikeouts. I don't know how many DPs but a lot of them.
No way he should be hitting 6th in this lineup. It could be argued he shouldn't really be playing at all.
As to Delmon, well it's Grin & Bear It. At least he is not in the field and when he does hit he hits with a vengeance.
Berry in the 2 hole? If speed is the reason that JL has him there why then doesn't he use it? May as well have Infante batting 2nd. He strikes out less and probably is as effective as Berry is willing to be on the bases anyway.
Bottom of the 8th with men on and Berry up–all you have to do is throw a fastball to him and his just as likely to take if for a called 3rd strike. Infante will be swinging at least and probably hitting it.
It's a new game now. And there is a little rest for the weary. But old habits die hard. I just don't want to see Leyland stand idly by.

Sorry for the bold print!!!! I made a typo in the HTML

The thing about those HTML errors is everyone can see what you did wrong. 🙂

I like the matchup with Oakland. They’ve been red hot but still flying under the radar. Come Saturday, they’ll be a huge blip on that radar. Let’s see how they handle it. It’s very different from the regular season. Distractions galore. If they beat us, so be it. We know what our team will and won’t do.

once i look at the stats i feel like none of the regulars has hit well the past 7 days except dirks, cabby and prince (unless you count G money [cha-ching sound] as a regular).

but if you look at the past 30 days…the numbers are so bad. SO MAYBE the boys were getting tired there at the end…..prolly not used to JL actually playing them every day. hopefully they will be back on track with some rest.

That was very strange. The saving grace for our manager was he found two platoon combinations that worked just enough. Avila and Laird just enough. Berry and Garcia just enough. The eleven guys we have had starting the last two weeks always give us a solid defense. Not flashy just solid. We have four hitters with over three hundred ABs that hit .300 or better. No other team in baseball matches our best four. Unfortunately, none of our other regulars hit over .270. We did pick up a ringer at the trade deadline. Omar has hit .270 or better for the last seven years. He and V-Mart with us from opening day next year. WOW.

Playoffs. It’s a new season. What’s different??. The playoffs are all about winning the last game. That’s it. Plain and Simple. Oh, for the wild card teams it’s first about winning the first game!!

I just read some of the interview from Miggy yesterday and about the reaction from the fans in KC and it has me crying – thanks to KC for being such a gracious host to our Tiger and showing him the love for his incredible feat. I cannot wait to be there Saturday to welcome him home.

What’s our meteorologist have to say?? No meteor showers for Saturday night I hope!!!

i’d say 10-20% chance from 6 to 7pm, with a lesser chance (10% or less) after sundown. not thunderstorms – lighter rain. Going to be cold – mid 50s at game start and mid 40s at games end. kinda windy during the day coming out of the northeast- but will die down considerably by game end.

Ah, a noreaster!! Rats.

October rain again? It’s always sunny in California

I forgot to mention that triple crown graphic that KC had up on that huge video screen above the scoreboard. That’s just great what happened there. As I said, I’d love to complete against the Royals for the division. Get some starters, KC.

yea what a bunch of class acts over there – who knew? I’ll never forget – I hope we can return the favor someday. Butler?

I know we should respect to Jim Thome on his – what – 300th hit? I was there! Then he hit another dangit!

Hey I was there that night too!

Sad story about Pat Neshek and his wife losing their newborn first son. Neshek is a guy who has always irritated me when he came into a game. This will remind me not to be that way.

I just heard that’s it’s heartbreaking!

This won’t happen, because Leyland loves “bat control” in the 2 hole (check out Jay Bell’s career during and after Leyland), but Dirks or Infante should bat second.

Dirks (RHP)/Infante (LHP)
Young… we don’t have any better choice.
Dirks (LHP)/Infante(RHP)

And who’s starting Game 2 on Sunday? Sanchez?!? It won’t be Scherzer, so it’s a choice between Sanchez and Fister. Who do we want?

Sanchez at CoPa:3.47 1.29 2 HR. Sanchez away: 3.99.WHIP:1.28 6 HR. His worst outing was vs A´s. 5 “ER” caused by his defense.6 or more days of rest:3.70
Fister at CoPa. 3.21 1.13 Away: 3.70 1.26 9 HR. 5 days of rest:2.89 6 or more:0.83 4 games.Fister at Coliseum . 1.50
Coliseum is the 9th more pitcher friendly park. Copa is the 14th more pitcher friendly( HR).
I would go with Fister but I would play Worth for him.He is the only Tigers starter beside Porcelo with a G/FB over 1.
Oakland will help Sanchez to keep the ball inside the park. 1/9 with Tigers up from 0.8 career and 0.9 at Miami new stadium.
Fister been there done that.

Sparky Anderson once said: it not longer the dog wagging the tail but the tail wagging the dog. Valentine deserved to be fired but certainly not for asking accountability. Morosi said Vizquel cant be a manager because he would be to hard on the players? I never liked Billy Martin. But certainly there must be a middle point between him and the equivalent of a Filpp Saunders of baseball( allowing Rashed to hit him with a towel with no answer). Now , the players are running the teams. It worked for Boston for sure.
I have been reading the JL supporters explaining that Porcello must be in the roster or the clubhouse will be lost and the same with BB and Kelly. So Worth and Downs with better number must be sacrificed for the clubhouse?
Kelly was DFA and he has a better chance than Worth? BB? he is a non tender candidate .If he wants to be trade, trade him

BTW: I dont see anyone saying Sanchez cant start because if will hurt Porcello´s feelings

Tigers vs Parker most probable starter:.261/ .370 /.304/.675
Boesch and Cabrera 2 for 3
Dirks 1 for 2 and Jackson 2 for 3.
6 hits 4 BB 2 ER in 5.2 . Lost to the Tigers. RHP

Someone commented on Billy Martin: “He’s his own worst enemy.”
Jim Northrup’s heated reply: “Not while I’M alive he’s not!!!”

Taking into account the rest of the postseason roster, it appears to me that Kelly and Worth are equal in utility value. So how about taking the guy you’d most want to use in case of an injury to someone?
I have a feeling we’ll be glad to have Porcello on the roster before all is said and done.

Scherzer,or Fister injured again , rain.

Worth.He played well last two days.
Kelly as the third catcher must be an urban legend

Billy Martin was the best manager the Tigers ever had. I cried when he was fired.

I was too young to be aware of the manager while he was with Detroit . 1972 was the first playoff I watched.
My father was a life long Dodgers fan until they signed Torre and Mattingly and we root against the Yankees and their manager. And he was the Yankees manager and always will be.
The way he destroyed Mike Norris is beyond believe

He wore Lolich out in ’71 as well, 376 IP.

Although there is no clear-cut definition of what MVP means, the valuation criteria established for the BBWAA include strength of offense and defense, number of games played, and general character. Given that gist, Miggy should be the hands down winner of the MVP. He was more valuable to his team offensively than any other player in the AL. His Triple Crown stats ( WAR be damned) speak eloquently and most emphatically in his behalf. Miggy’s defense was at least adequate and was sometimes surprisingly outstanding. He made the plays he was supposed to make and displayed soft sure hands with a very strong arm marked by good baseball sense as to when and how to use it. Moreover, Miggy’s move to 3B from 1B enhanced his value to the Tigers by allowing one dimensional defender Biggy’s addition to the lineup, thus strengthening the offense. Also, Miggy played virtually every game. He was dependable, loyal, played through injury, and was a comrade as well as a leader to his mates. In simple terms, Miggy proved to be the best of the best in an extremely remarkable season.

You nailed it. Good post.

I’m going to send a little love in Jim’s direction here. I saw Ron Washington having it out with Josh Hamilton in the dugout after the latter botched that pop fly yesterday and I’m sure many of you have seen it too. Cameras rolling, all eyes on it. There’s no way that happens in Jim Leyland’s dugout. He’d never do that to one of his players. In the tunnel, in the clubhouse maybe, but more likely in the privacy of his office.

That’s true, Rich. But, prior to this season, we have heard him throw players under the bus in his post game interviews. Even Joe Maddon has benched guys in the middle of a game for not hustling.

I think they should take Porcello and Smyly. I”ve heard some conjecture on leaving Smyly off which makes no sense to me. He’s left-handed and he’s good. He can relieve if one of our starters gets knocked out, (for whatever reason).
To me I would take Porcello over Villarael. Villarael defines the term loose cannon. If you need a strikeout, you may get a walk or a wild pitch instead.
Porcello can get you a ground ball. He might even be effective coming out of the pen.
Worth or Kelly? Truth is it is not likely to matter much either way. Kelly might bring some veteran presence but Worth can run a bit better. Santiago will get any utility work in the infield that’s necessary.

you think worth is faster?

My main concern about Porcello is how we would do in relief – not sure if the starter mentality can so easily be switched to a reliever but he has the experience that Villarreal does not have, so that is a tough call. Smyly I think can handle it so I think I would leave V off even though I really like him. Tough call, glad I don’t have to make it.

Think how the crowd is going to react when Miguel walks onto the field Saturday. You’ll be there. Jeez, I’m almost as excited as you are. Hope you will come back here and tell us about your experience.

Porcello vs Oakland:
1 game: 9 hits. 4 R
Career: 2-5 vs Oakland. 4.70 ERA
5.86 0-4 at Coliseum
359/ .406 /.911. 4 HR . In a pitcher friendly stadium.
Last 10: 4.47
RS for the season : 4.68/ 5.7 inn/pitched

rotation vs OAK: Verlander (Game 1), Fister (Game 2), Sanchez (Game 3), Scherzer (Game 4), Verlander (Game 5).”

“stephen drew could be free-agent fit for #tigers. miggy did fine at 3b, but they might need more range than peralta at ss”
But fangraphs puts him below Peralta in many metrics

i do not see an “improvement” at SS this offseason. I see getting a “different player” at SS this offseason. Range, bunting, baserunning, etc.

What about this guy. (copied from another poster): “Whitecaps Eugenio (pronounced U-henio) Suarez, a 21-year-old from Venezuela, was named Thursday to the 2012 Rawlings Minor League Gold Glove team, an award that encompasses 120 teams in the 10 domestic-based minor leagues. He also lead the Midwest League with 147 hits.” He is a shortstop.

Will this series be about starting pitching, relief pitching and who pitches the best?? Just a great potential pitching matchup. What do our pitchers have to do to get an edge?? We just can not give walks to potential base stealers. No manufactured runs for the A’s. The home run is their friend and we must avoid that, too.

I believe the key will be our pitchers ability to get the A’s to strike out alot. The less balls they put in play, the less exposure we have at kicking it around the diamond. Also, the pitchers must bare down and get the lead off batter out in every inning. Keep Coco Crisp off the bases.
On a side note, if the Yanks play the Orioles, do the Yankees bring back a 26 year old Jeffrey Maier to sit in the right field bleachers. 🙂
Go Tigers
— Bob

that’s the kinda “things go right” that i want on OUR side this playoffs! Seems like we are due for some good luck.
Pitching keys: Strikeouts – Lead man off basepaths – Make them hit to big part of ballpark.
Hitting keys: AJ getting on base – hitting with RISP – early offense
X factor keys: have fun, not nervous – smart baserunning – solid defense (not try to do too much)

Larry Herndon. HR vs Key .The last good memory of 1987

Why did you leave out Verlanders poor post season stats on your piece about him on MLB.com?

i don’t know what you are getting at, but I agree Verlander isn’t as good in the post season as he is in the regular season. Can you direct me to the splits – I can’t find them (postseason vs. regular season).
but I do think that most pitchers aren’t as good in the postseason….makes sense the offenses you face are pretty good usually

I agree with you:
In recent years great players have struggled during postseasons. Advance scouting focus on them. Other team focus on not been beaten by them . And they relax once they pass the danger.
Opposite team by now every detail about Verlander, Miguel and Fielder. Heroics are more common for the Kelly or Santiago of the world. Remember that pesky Bevaqua

Nobody is talking about Valverde’s missing splitter. Where is it? Why is it missing? Why doesn’t he throw it when away ahead in the count (no that that has been happening much)?

Valverde’s splitter has been hanging out with Ugeth Urbina

It’s been missing since early 2011. He gave up a couple of homers in non-save situations and stopped using it because he thought he was tipping the pitch. Valverde’s ready for these playoffs. If he pitches Saturday, the temperture will be in the forties and his heater will turn their bats to firewood.

No way that is an “infield fly”. What a joke? What is wrong with umpires in this league.
Also add, what is wrong with the fans in Atlanta. Very low class. Nice way to send Chipper out.
— Bob

Braves could be out because of a bad call. Infield fly called and the infielder did not have control of the ball.
The fist call was right. One runners from KC was out in a similar fashion in 1980( WS)

If the SS had control it would be an infield fly even that far

This was posted at Twitter , official MLB account before the call “We don’t understand the infield fly rule, either:”

Not only that … the call was way too late.
— Bob

Why do they need extra umps in the playoffs? It is the only sport that does this. Even with extra umps, they cannot get it right. The other 5 umps have to help him out. But they dont. It is just ridiculous.
— Bob

Game under protest

Even after that I still think Bourn would be a good fit for the Tigers. Better than Bourjos for sure

Bourjos may be facing hip surgery. And he doesn’t have the bat to play a corner spot. Unless you want to move Jackson to the corner. If so, Jackson really does not have much arm so it is a LF situation only option for him. Dirks then moves to right and the baserunners go crazy on an OF where no one can throw and 15 HR might constitute a career year for any of them Again the question is about pop and arms. You can run like a deer but if you can’t hit you can’t play.

The Tigers had Bourjos as a target. DD thinks he fits. So said Henning

When was DD making statements like that about Bourjos.I might reconsider my position if I knew more about DD’s take. He is one of the best Don’t really care about Henning. Some of the bloggers here do better than Henning.

Lots of questions about that fit. When considered? Under what circumstances? For what spots? Who would play the other OF spots or would Bourjos be a 4th OF ( Could go for that as he is much better than Berry)?

I think the better team won that game. And even if they get the infield fly correct I don’t think Atlanta gets back into the game.
However, this does point out the strong fraternity of umpiring. These guys should not automatically support one another’s decisions. They should be able to confer and and maybe made to confer. Tough you travel with your buddies and you have to question them but the integrity of baseball should need include mistakes by umpiring crews being overlooked.

We need power in our corners. AJ is among the best in CF, arm notwithstanding.
I don’t think it wise to move him as he has identified himself with playing that spot in Comerica.
What we need is speed. And harnessed speed. Speed at the top of the lineup and speed at shortstop. That will solve a host of problem sfor this club.
OF will be OK if Garcia can make the grade. I guess Castellanos too has to be considered as a possibility next year.
A dependable, RHB who can play left or right is necessary as well.
Boesch is gone. I hope DD can get something valuable in return.
Berry will not be back for an encore.

Protest dismissed as expected. The Umpire´s call governs.MLB rules

Jane Lee: A´s probably will go with 12 pitchers:

No issue of a rules interpretation. It was a blown call, plain and simple. Can’t protest it and can’t accept it. I think the extra umpires actually make it worse.

Some think that the Detroit organization is weak on position prospects, but with Castellanos and Suarez on the horizon and Garcia already starting in the playoffs, I’d have to dispute that. They may re-sign Peralta to buy time for Suarez. DD has to think several years ahead, and it’s a balancing act to compete now while still planning for tomorrow.

He is already training with Leones del Caracas. The 2b could be played by Hernan Perez.

Could a couple of calls from Prince and Miguel get Torii Hunter to join us for a couple of runs at the World Series???

that’d be fun. However, I’d prefer a team that isn’t filled with expectations. Honestly, I like boesch to come back next year playing well and dirks and aj to do the same. Garcia might force a BB trade by trade deadline. Not to mention castenellos [sic].

I think what may play out eventually is VMart moves on or retires, freeing up DH for Biggy. By that time, Miggy comfortably moves back to first and Castellanos takes his place at third. And Garcia grows into a power RF who can throw but loses some speed with his maturity.

eventually as in he plays this year – or no? I agree he will leave after this year (his contract will be up, no?). He will not be resigned – that for the big bucks. Reality bites!

this year = 2013 …..sorry

Like Hunter, but he wants back to the Angels even at reduced pay. Plus, he is 37 and subject to lots of problems despite his recent resurgence. 10 years ago, maybe even 3-5 years ago, a big yes to the idea. But even then, it did not look like we needed him with Maggs and Grandy so that would have meant further adjustments in the OF.

Sorry. iwas ras replying to an earlier comment by DOK.

They are already done. Defeat is written in their faces. They look stunned.
Darvish was too long there

Josh Hamilton’s last AB as a Ranger with that 3 pitch K?

agree rich – but honestly Hamilton is kind of a bum. Guy blames injuries on caffeine and has frequent absences from the lineup. Not like our 160+ boys – real ball players!

Yes, Evan. 2013 or beyond. There could be some wiggle room for the varied needs and progress/status of the players involved.

End of 2013 season, not before.

ok just making sure the plan is still in place. It’s sad but signing prince means guys like DY, VM, JB will not be resigned. But whatever – I could stand to see those guys be replaced by feisty young players (e.g. Garcia, Dirks, Al ABQ) moving forward.

texas didn’t need the pitching to fall apart. sad to see them go😉 go birds.

VMart is signed for two more years.

HEY you’re right dangit!! hmmm

Is 2013 not VMart’s last contract year? If not, just back the plan up to 2014 end of season, or earlier, dependent on production, health, etc. of the pertinent parties These young Tiger studs do not need to be rushed and neither Biggy nor Miggy are ready for pasture. And they better not be with contract considerations.

Have you ever seen Cot’s Baseball Contracts?? Good information. V-Mart signed through 2014. We have an option on Jhonny for 2013. Omar only signed through next year.

Manny Machado doing his part.

Washington will be looking for a job soon

Payback time for the bad call by Richie Garcia

Man they just showed hamilton on the tv broadcast…..he’s lookin rough….

Uehara and Adams will be FA

texas not dead!

Yankees – Baltimore

Don’t count out Ciriaco and Romero. Ther is aslo Diaz who has some MLB experience. These guys can play.
Ciriaco is a sleeper. A guy who might just blossom and hit as well

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