Who will Tigers face in Division Series? Maybe Texas

The Tigers will finish as the only division champion in baseball this season with less than 90 wins. However, they’re the first AL team to clinch a division title. So they’ll spend at least Tuesday night and possibly Wednesday waiting to see who they’ll face. They already know they’ll be the lower-seeded team, hosting Games 1 and 2 on Saturday and Sunday before hitting the road for the rest of the best-of-5 Division Series.

If the season ended today (and there’s a neat little page for this), the Tigers would be getting a rematch with the Rangers, this time in a best-of-5 instead of the best-of-7 they had in last year’s ALCS. And obviously, they’d be opening in Detroit, where the first two games would likely determine the course of the series.

Why Texas? While the Rangers have owned the AL’s best record for much of the stretch run, they’ve lost six of their last 10, while the Yankees have won six of their last 10 to move into a tie with Texas at 93-67 (more importantly, holding off the Orioles so far for the AL East lead).

The Yankees own the tiebreaker over the Rangers thanks to head-to-head matchups. New York went 4-3 against Texas this season. The Yankees also finish up their regular season with two more games against a Red Sox club that fielded a fairly brutal lineup Monday night. The Rangers, meanwhile, have two more matchups against an A’s team that has a chance to beat them out for the AL West title.

If the A’s beat the Rangers the next couple nights, then the Tigers will be facing Oakland in a matchup that went Detroit’s way during a three-game series two weeks ago at Comerica Park.

So between Tigers-Royals and Rangers-A’s, there’ll be some late-night baseball worth watching, certainly tonight, maybe tomorrow as well.


goll dang who do we WANT to face? oakland?

Doesn’t matter. Every team has warts that we could exploit, as do we. The AL is truly wide open this year. You could make a case that either of the 4 teams could prove to be a good matchup for us.
Yankees (shaky rotation and a recent history of post season struggles with us)
Orioles (inexperience .. could have a let down after finally making it)
Rangers (shaky rotation .. their offense scares me the most because of length of lineup … very few breaks for our pitchers)
A’s (inexperience with alot of hitters who K alot)
We gotta just beat who they put in front of us.
Go Tigers and Go Miggy !!!!!
— Bob

Thanks for the clarification, last night they were saying the Yankees, although in the end it doesn’t much matter, we have to play well regardless. Go Miggy tonight!

It changed from Yankees to Rangers due to the Texas loss last night. It changes often, and has been fun to follow. Just click that link Jason provided and bookmark it.
For what it’s worth, the Orioles hold the tiebreaker over NY, so a tiebreaker game would take place in Baltimore.

And then the loser of the tie break game on Thursday would have to play the WC game on Friday. Talk about mucking up your post season rotation.🙂
— Bob

Rich and others who are out of town and using MLB TV, this will be of interest to you, via Twitter:
@mlb_pr: In new deal w/FOX starting in 2014, no more Saturday blackouts of out of market games for MLB EI & MLB.TV customers

very cool!

That is grrrreat news. I’ve always wondered how long that durned contract would run.

Yes, TigerGirl, that is the key idea. They have to play well no matter which team they face. We’ll all be holding our breath that the hitters can score enough to support hopefully continued good pitching that doesn’t have to rely on the bullpen very much.

Lots of good signs last night. Porcello was one.
Dirks quietly instills energy in this team. Laird’s hustle and determination is palpable.
Some credit to Prince yesterday too. I swear the diving stop Cabby made on Butler resulted in a sidearm throw to 1st that had the makings of split fingered fastball. That ball dropped a foot and a half on it’s way to Prince and he stayed with it.
And the breaks? They’re coming. Prince had a multitude of them himself last night.

Does anyone else think who we take depends on which team we will play? For example, if we are going to play the NYY or TEX then I would assume we take 13 pitchers…and if we’re going to play OAK or BAL I’d expect them to take 12. Thoughts?

another example: if they play BAL/TEX or NYY….BB could be more likely to be on the roster because of the ability for the balls to fly out of the park.

Re last night’s Porcello victory. I wanted to update my facts. Rick is the sixth pitcher since 1900 to win at least 10 games in each of their first four seasons:
Chief Bender, Bert Blyleven, Dennis Eckersley, Dwight Gooden, C C Sabathia. Pretty good company, I must say.

Anyone else feel having both Smyly and Porcello on the roster would kind of be a waste? Unless of course Max doesn’t look good – but if Max does…you still go with both?

No way!!! Our strength is our starting pitching. Now we must pick the right spots to use them. Smyly might be one of our most versatile relievers. If we go deep in this thing he might close a game before it’s all done. Rick will help, too. DP situations.

Why not? Porcello won’t be starting likely. Smyly is a long guy out of the pen. Ricky can come in and get you a DP ball.

hmm the more i think about it he makes a good reliever. Great 1st time through the order, DP inducer, tough on righties, etc.

Me and my sister are looking to buy tickets for Saturday’s game, but not knowing the time is keeping me from pulling the trigger – I hate to lose out on the tickets though while still available. She likely is not available for a late afternoon start but would be for primetime – I have never gone to a playoff game before and would love the chance.

To be announced is all it says on the Tiger website. The one I went to was in the evening, but with it starting on Saturday, maybe they will have a late afternoon game. Also, it might depend on which team they play taking into consideration the different time zones. My one and only experience of attending a playoff game was in ’06 and Maggs. Nothing like playoff games at Comerica.

I was at that game, my very first game at Comerica, and what a doozy it was. I will never forget that walk off.

You should go if you can, there is nothing like it.

still gives me goosebumps.

One other thing to keep in mind….tickets will be being sold online, ebay and probably craigslist. Picked mine up off ebay the night before the game and printed out the tickets. Good luck!!!!!

I bought standing room only tickets off the website today. I’ve had them a couple of times for postseason and it actually works out quite well.

TONIGHT: Quintin Berry CF, Ramon Santiago SS, Miguel Cabrera DH, Prince Fielder 1B, Brennan Boesch RF, Avisail Garcia LF, Alex Avila C, Danny Worth 2B, Don Kelly 3B, (Doug Fister P)

TG–you are probably looking at a 7pm game. The Giants have the other game that day and they are at home which would like be 7pm (their time). Nothing has been announced yet though.

I bought tickets to the first ALDS home game, if I’m reading Jason’s blog correctly no matter what happens in the other games the Tigers play at home on Saturday…am I understanding that right?

That’s correct. They are the hosts.

Tigers and Giants are home teams

Tonight’s lineup: Berry 8, Santiago 4, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Avila 2, Boesch 9, Kelly 7, Worth 6. Fister

Sorry,I did not see Evan´s post

So i simply reposted what rotoinfo put out there ~ 3:15pm but now it is updated (4:10ish) but it is full of typos:
Quintin Berry CF, Ramon Santiago SS, Miguel Cabrera DH, Prince Fielder 1B, Delmon Young DH, Alex Avila C, Brennan Boesch RF, Don Kelly LF, Danny Worth SS, (Doug Fister P)

so if you look really hard i think you’ll agree that eltigre’s lineup is probably spot on.
so the question is: why was garcia swapped for delmon young?

As tweeted by:Brian Britten ‏@BBritten_Tigers

which is usually a very safe bet

DirecTV listings show a Saturday game at 6 PM and another at 9:30 PM. That should pin down the time.
Our seats for game 3 last year were so high up that mid-game we opted for standing room (between the statues) because it was closer to the field.

Well you do have Cabby listed as playing 3rd rather than DHing. I hope you are right as I think Cabby will hit better that way.

I agree.

Would have liked to see Garcia in too (against the RHP).

Tickets on Stubhub start at $59.99 for standing room and go up from there. Plenty available. Attending a playoff game is no time to pinch pennies, as it can be a once in a lifetime event.

Detroit and St.Louis in 2012. Check their team stats. Hitting. Pitching. Fielding. They could end up with identical won-loss records. Last season in the playoffs we went with 11 pitchers and 14 players. The pitching staff imploded. We need to have 12 pitchers minimum and use them this time. Oh, last year St. Louis went with twelve pitchers and won the World Series. Do you remember Tony La Russa visiting Dave and Jim during spring training?? He was trying to learn about the GM role from Dave. I hope we picked his brain some about playoff baseball.

Up to the 23 September, the Tigs had a losing streak of 11 one run games. Dotel then came out with his comparison comment with the 2012 Cardinals and they win their next three one run games.

Which led to Scherzer twisting his ankle in the on field celebration and eliminating his start tomorrow night. These guys can’t get out of their own way, literally.

Verlander, Fister, Sanchez Scherzer. Verlander.
Scherzer injured during celebration.Porcello will be part of the roster for sure.

Seriously? Twisted ankle? How bad?

“It’s swollen,” Leyland said. “It doesn’t appear to be serious, serious. But he will not pitch tomorrow.”

12 pitchers: starters :JV, DF, MS,AS,.
Relievers:OD, JB, JV2,RP,DS,AL2,PC,BV or DD
2 C:AA , G$
11 position players:PF, OI, MC3,JP,,AJ, AD,AG,DY,QB,
BB or DK. RS or DW: BB and DW

I think they will reward Ramon not Worth

Thanks. It was probably Fielder!!!!

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