Scherzer turned ankle in celebration, scratched from start

Max Scherzer’s right shoulder is fine. He threw off flat ground Tuesday with no sign of trouble in his troublesome deltoid muscle.

That’s his good news. The worse news for him is that he twisted his right ankle slightly in the Tigers’ on-field celebration, and won’t pitch on Wednesday after all.

“This is a slightly twisted ankle, swollen,” manager Jim Leyland said. “It doesn’t appear to be serious, but it is obviously serious enough that he won’t pitch tomorrow. That’s the only thing I can tell you.”

Leyland didn’t see the injury happen, but he was told about it.

“When people were jumping on the pile, somehow, somebody stepped on his ankle,” Leyland said.

Before that update, Leyland was hoping to not only let Scherzer start, despite the division title having already been clinched, but have him pitch five innings as a final tuneup before an expected Division Series start.

No word yet on who will start Wednesday’s regular-season finale. Drew Smyly was originally expected to start in Scherzer’s place if the game didn’t have any playoff implications, but Leyland said Tuesday that Smyly will only pitch an inning, so he’s out. With no other pitchers stretched out long enough, it might end up being a bullpen start.


Awesome………..I’ve always been worried about something like that.

Encarnacion not in the BlueJay lineup tonight. Trout 1 for 9 off of Iwakuma.

Supposedly JL already said 11 pitchers, 2 catchers, 12 field players

I would suspect Kelly over Worth for the last spot.

Kelly wasn’t on the 40 man on Sept 1st was he?

He was. He took Baker¨¨s spot. Anyway since he is replacing VMart,the only requirement is to be with the organization by August 31.
Al 2 replaces Schlererth.He was not in the 25 roster. He was activated august 23.

I ordered the tickets for Saturday – guys, I am so excited I don’t know what to do – my first trip to watch post-season, I am like a kid a few days before Christmas. We are sitting sky-high and super far away, but we don’t care, we got 4 seats together, going with my sister and her son who is missing his college homecoming to come home and go with us – can’t hardly stand it!

Good for you. Bundle up warm and have a good time.

And bring us a Tigers victory.
— Bob

Take it all in and be sure to take pictures. May you be our good luck charm, Tigergirl.

And come home with big smiles on your faces!!!!
Boesch is still lost. He just cannot square up on a pitch to save his life.
Kelly stroking the ball nicely.

Agreed. His swing is so jumpy that he actually jammed himself on the DP ball. I would take Kelly over Boesch on the playoff roster at this point.
— Bob

Miguel pulled off

OK JL, I was feeling all warm and fuzzy with you yesterday and now I can’t stand you again. You took Miggy out? The guy needs at bats to hit HRs. If Hamilton whacks a couple then you are the architect of the deconstruction of a Triple Crown winner.
He probably had 2 more at bats coming tonight.

Agree , Hamilton is the player to be monitoring. Trout would need to go 5-5 to tie

I think it’s okay!

What sloppy play that inning.

Santiago failed there badly

Oh my–Rusty Ramon that inning. Actually nice pitching by Putkonen.

Nice screw ups there by Santiago that inning. He has no excuse for not completing that double play. He also should of had th ball earlier in the inning. I guess that’s why he doesn’t get to play, because he can’t claim to be a good fielder anymore. Fister looked disgusted.

sure did.

I want to win to win this darn game tonight. Don’t want to give KC any satisfaction. An ugly loss will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Hopefully Fister got some unnecessary hits out of the way. Didn’t look like he was as intense (understandably) as usual.

Clueless & Rusty are showing why they earned those nicknames.

Leyland has taken 2 at bats that could have been homers from his star player.
I cannot believe how dense he can be sometimes.
I could understand if this were tomorrow and the results of Hamilton’s day were known.
I’m pretty ticked off at this guy–a guy who indicated he would take Cabby out to protect his Batting title if need be. What? Doesn’t this matter as well?

Percentages say he probably took two outs from his star.

Well maybe just 1 at bat. He could have let him hit once more then pulled him. I hope he takes a sheet of heat about this from the press.

Trout is 0 for 1.

JL asked Cabrera if he wanted to DH and of course Miggy said he wanted to play third. I would have told him to DH so he could get all his ABs.

Hamilton 0 for 1 no HR

You actually expect Boesch and Santiago to play well after all that time on the bench?

hopeful, but hasn’t happened yet.

I expect him to make a routine play…I wouldn’t expect him to hit well though.

No. Both of them are beyond playing well this year.

I didn’t check on Boesch, but Santiago has played one full game since August 9th, 8 games total in that time. That’s nearly two months. He practically needs spring training again. Never thought I’d see JL do that to him.

Do you think Mr. Leyland was on a short leash late this season?? He did not manage the team as he normally would.

Delmon going stone cold. I was going to say at the wrong time but hopefully it is the right time!

Villareal seems to we lost it, can he possibly be trusted in the post season?

I’m wondering who the heck is going to pitch tomorrow night.

Probably five or six guys.

Not in a critical situation he can’t. Francouer knew he was going to get what he got. Everyone knows. It’s gonna be a 98 MPH fastball over the middle of the plate.
We have to hope AlAl will be in “command”.
The key for us will be to hit. The bullpen is a weak area for us right now.
Hamilton did not homer his 2nd time up.
Trout mis-hit a ball about 10 ft in front of home and beat it out for a cheapie.

The Yankees came within one Ibanez homer in the 9th of being tied for first with one to go. They’re still playing.

1. Miggy is like a big Timex watch. He just keeps on ticking(hitting).
2. Worth played a smooth short tonight. Nice DP’s.
3. Nice relief from Darren and Luke.

No problem with Miggy sitting early. Dan, if he bats again, and gets hit in the wrist, Leyland gets blamed for not sitting him. The odds of 2 homers by Hamilton are really small. Miggy gets 4 AB’s tomorrow, and will know what he needs to do for the Crown. Boesch has truly fallen off of the table. Don’t even think he could give a good pinch AB at this time. I really believe you take Kelly, if for no other reason than the versatility. Good ole’ Ramon is rusting away too. Glad to see the ladies get to make a playoff game. That’s the one thing I’ve never seen in person. Good night all!

I agree about Boesch. Hurts me to say it. The kid should have been a lot better than he was this year. Seems to take this all in a little to easily. Not sure he is coachable enough.
Don’t agree about Cabby or Hamilton. If Hamilton hits one he’s likely to hit three.
I believe he has hit 4 in a game once. He’s a power streaker.
This is history. Every at bat Cabby needs he should get..
Glad it worked out where we’re playing late as compared to other clubs tomorrow.

With the above logic Grteg then why play Miggy at all?

to get him a few ABs?

No real logic, Dan. I guess i believe that the starters for KC are more prone to throw breaking balls, changeups, etc, Their bullpen feature hard throwers. Miggy would have wanted every AB. He wants to win this outright. Again no logic, I ‘m okay with taking him out early. And I fully respect your point of view.

Vice Versa.
I do wish Leyland would do what he says he will though.
TW, Trout is 1 for 3 through 6. Hamilton has had 3 at bats and no dingers.

JL said in his postgame that Cabrera will play tomorrow if he wants to. He’ll want to.
What we haven’t considered is that if the Rangers clinch tonight (trailing 2-1 in the 6th), Hamilton may not play tomorrow. If they clinch, maybe JL should call up his buddy Wash and find out.

Trout strikes out for the 138th time this season, and is at .324.
Speaking of MVP, what is the advanced sabermetric for leadership? That was always one of the criteria for the award. You know, back when we used to see players as people rather than a computer readout?

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