Monday’s lineups: Tigers at Royals

The Tigers are sticking with the lineup they used against Bruce Chen last week in Detroit. They produced 10 hits off him that night, but just two runs over 6 2/3 innings. Delmon Young and Gerald Laird had two hits each, while Avisail Garcia got a line-drive single.

The Royals will send out four left-handed batters and a switch-hitter against Rick Porcello. Eric Hosmer is out, and Jarrod Dyson is in. Billy Butler gets the start at first base.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Omar Infante, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Andy Dirks, LF
  8. Avisail Garcia, RF
  9. Gerald Laird, C

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Jarrod Dyson, DH
  2. Alcides Escobar, SS
  3. Alex Gordon, LF
  4. Billy Butler, 1B
  5. Salvador Perez, C
  6. Mike Moustakas, 3B
  7. Jeff Francoeur, RF
  8. David Lough, CF
  9. Irving Falu, 2B

P: Bruce Chen


I was just looking at some numbers lefties have a higher batting average against Chen, but righties hit for more.power. Only 2 lefties. I don’t know if this is good or bad?

Well I’m pumped. Two postseasons in a row is something none of us have seen in our lifetimes, unless you’re nearly 80 years old. Go Tigers.

Come on Ricky, you need a good solid outing tonight for the team and for your confidence.

Let’s go boys. Today is a perfect day to clinch a division. Do we a laugher in us? Jump out early and keep going. Let’s hope.
On a personal note, I received a promotion at work today. So there is only one fitting way for this day to end.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Congrats, Bob. Don’t want to rain on your parade, but 2006 ending the way it did against KC still makes me blue. Can’t go through that again. One and done, I hope. Go Tigers!!!!!

My gosh, I just got a text message telling me about Miggy’s at bat.

Weaklings so far.

My biggest fears are coming true…..they look aweful and making Chen look great. No hits yet and by this I mean Prince shouldn’t have been given a hit. Chicago is doing well!

Well the Sox look like they should win tonight. It’s up to us. We are falling into the same old patterns. Not taking many pitches etc. Now with that being said, I feel that Cabby is taking too many pitches. It is best for him not to get it into 2 strike counts.
Quick inning in the 3rd. Not good for Rick.
Rick often does well for about 4 innings then all hell breaks loose.
Our guys simply have to hit. Something that we have talked about all bloody year.
That stats may say we’re not a bad hitting team but we have not been a very productive team

Cabrera is one of the best 2 strike hitters I have ever seen.

So glad that Mario is happy that Escobar made a great play to rob infante of a hit. Just once I would like him not to act so happy about it. He doest have to be hawk but something in between would be nice!

Chen has 43 pitches through 4 innings…….professional hitters on this Tigers club. Sorry I don’t get it.

Get hits, score runs! McClendon needs to earn his keep, because as these hitters are underperforming guess what so is he!

I was really blacked out of the game.
Great DP by Peralta.
It was WP. It was no pass-ball
Miguel´s single was the first real hit of the game.
It was E6 on the Fielder´s “hit”.

Mr. Reliable comes through.

Bruce Chen is 1-3 for the season vs Detroit

Why does these idiots continue to run on the arms of these outfielders……it never works…..ever…and Andy just cost this team a run probably

So mad I said why does these

Dan & Jim said Mr. Tiger, Al Kaline, is at the game.

Yes, cameras showed him early

Another 0-2 hit

Two quick outs a single and two walks….great Ricky.

Infante and JP doing the job tonight

Infante saved your butt….barely

Portwine, yes he is. No doubt about that, but everybody hits better with 1 strike than 2. Everybody.

The Crowns are in the bag

Dirks was not called out but he was.

The umps owed them .


Gerald …gerald. gerald

GMoney with 3

G$$$$$$$$ … Woooo hoooo !!!!!!!

Avisail; Miguel with wheels

Good baseball and great breaks and taking advantage thereof.
Holy Cow Miggy. You are indeed awesome.

Dirks was wrong twice but how can you fault hustle like that? Nice job Andy.

Gosh Rick you were way ahead of him, you let him back in and give him a cookie right down the middle…not cool!

Here we go………albaquerque throws up an 00~2 cokie for Butler

Al can’t get it done gt someone else up. Does anyone want to throw strikes

You gotta freaking be kidding me……….is there noone that can get an out. Honest to god! Well I was happy for two minutes

But he ends it

Well that coulda been worse…I suppose. More runs please. And fnd somebody in the pen that can get a few outs. They are falling apart at the seams

Good call leaving Al in. We are going to need him to handle pressure bigtime.

As Rogers used to say. Those runs dont matter as soon as you add outs

Benoit has no trouble getting ahead lately but getting the out remains difficult

He struck Perez out….but umps a but head. And he woundup getting Moustakas out but it took eztra pitches. Ump costs us a run there. A~hole. 9sorry for he almost bad language. But honestly with some of the pitches you were giving Chen that were going around the plate your going to sqeeze Benoit when we are trying to win a division! Jeez

Austins ging throuh it right now isn’t he?

Miguel 4 for 5!! Get that batting crown!!

Miggys the best!

Did you get a loadof that first pitch he called a strike on Fieder which was borderline……yet Benoit was getting sqeezed to death. Honestly I think umps get fooled by lefties. The only other possible explaination is that there is an agenda tonight.

Come on VV

C’mon, Tigers.

% chance of making the Playoffs: 100

We are the AL Central champions for 2012!!!!

Yes !!!! They did it. Somehow they did it.
Every starts over now. Do they have one month of consistent baseball in them.
Go Tigers
— Bob


“All baseball fans believe in miracles; the question is, how many do you believe in?”

As many as it takes !!!!!
— Bob

hey congrats fellas – sure feels nice to celebrate an AL Central title again. Back to back huh – you’d thunk we were the braves hahahaha. Real nice cabby got that homer as well. Who knew it’d be G$ bringing home the winning steaks tonight?

And JP with the defensive gem

And he ran into one. LOL

l has gone with 11 pitchers and 14 position players in the the two trips to post season. So here is my roster proposal:
Verlander, Scherzer, Fister, Sánchez.
Relievers: Dotel, Benoit, Valverde. Smyly. Al Al . Downs .Porcello (Untill Scherzer is fully recovered they need an insurance).
Avila and Laird
Infielders: Prince, Infante, Miguel. Peralta. I would add Worth. JL will add Santiago. I have both in my roster.
Dh: Young.
Outfielders: Dirks, Jackson, Garcia( DD called him before september first for something), Berry. Boesch ( he is better than Kelly with a bat and JL will carry Kelly).
JL will carry Coke instead of Downs . There is no spot for Villareal unless they go 12/13.
He will take Kelly over Worth.

Are Kelly and/or Worth even eligible for the post season? I think AlAl is because he came off the DL? And how can you leave off Brayan? Downs and Coke have been miserable since the ASG as well as for the last 30. The rules do not require LH relievers and teams do not need ones who cannot get people out. Our Fearsome Foursome all throw from the right side and have been magnificent.

Vmart, Raburn and Schelreth on DL open three spot for players not in the roster by september the first.
Al Al was activated on August 23. He enters in the spot opened by Schelreth.
Im not sure if Kelly was on the roster. Both him and Worth could enter for Raburn and Vmart.
It is Villareal or Porcello. Or going with 12 pitchers.
Jl will never leave Coke out. It is not his style.
They need a LOOGY. Not vs the yankees, they eat LHP for breakfast. But they need LHPs vs the other teams. Going without LHP did not end well last year.
Villareal: IRS%: 44
Downs. 14%

Woohoo! They did it!

Borrowing a line from El Tigre, this season was like trying to kill an elephant by pinching it, but it had a happy ending. Although the White Sox did collapse, the Tigers went 10-4 following that makeup game in Chicago, so they earned it in the end, bumps, bruises, and all. Resiliency may be the biggest team strength. And a little past experience in big games didn’t hurt either.
We’ve captured at least two home playoff games, and have established ourselves as as a playoff team. Back to back.

NOW let’s talk triple crown.

Apparently King Felix can’t get Trout out tonight!


Trout is 4 for 4 tonight. Apparently King Felix is more like Little Lord Flauntlaroy when it comes to Trout. Come on Felix!

You can put it on the board, YES!!!. Sorry Hawk, the show belongs to our good guys this year. What a long grinding trip to get to the playoffs. But as Harold Reynolds said, Beware American League. Right now the starting pitching is working like a well oiled machine. Now, you throw Drew on Wednesday, and let Max get more prepared for Round 1. Unless my theory is right, I guess JL will get another contract. I still say he leaves either way.

1. The Peralta HR. Gave us the lead, and hopefully will get Jhonny started up for the next round.
2. Miggy and Biggy lead the show, as they should. I still say with all the minuses on D, that Biggy is a great team mate and a gifted hitter. Miggy is the premier player of the 21st century so far.
3. Gene Money’s eyes got big on that fastball which netted three RBI’s. Love the hustle and leadership he brings to the team. The best backup around.

Bad night for 1-2; 0-10, and we still won. Delmon looked totally out of it on all of his AB’s. Ricky P becomes the fourth pitcher in MLB history to win at least 10 games each of the first four years. can’t remember the other three off the top of my head, but they are Hall of fame caliber pitchers. It will be nice to watch the last two without having to worry about the outcome, though 89 wins would be decent. Good night all.

The Titanic has docked. Hope you have enjoyed your voyage.

Thank you. I did. I could have done without the sea sickness along the way🙂
— Bob

Anybody notice that Mario called the final out by using Hawk’s “this game is over”?
Mickey York brought up that there were still people who thought Trout was MVP, to which C-Mo replied “those people are crazy.”

Great video shot of Brandon Inge burrowing into the the A’s dogpile with his arm in a sling.

Way to go Tigers! It was a bumpy ride, but they pulled it off. Get through the next couple of games healthy and lets see what happens.

Sure fun to be the best placed AL team with the 7th best record.
I’ve had a strange feeling about this team for a few weeks that it is turning into something special.


Fister today? Scherzer for a couple of innings tomorrow?
Fister. ERA with 4 days of rest:5.25/ 5:2.89. /6 or more:0.83. Career: 3.73/3.14/3.66.
Scherzer.4 days:3.39/5:4.04/6 or more:7.45

I never have the computer on during the games for the most part, too much multi-tasking for me – could not wait to come on here and celebrate this morning. I fear I’ll be yawning quite a bit today – was way too fun watching all the interviews last night. Unbelievable, I was at game 2 of that doubleheader just 10 days ago and it felt so bleak – but we did what we had to do. G$ was terrific – hustling out that infield hit, then a bases clearing double and Miguel is just unbelievable. I love Biggy more and more every day – all he kept saying is this is Miggy’s team and I am here to help – I hope he feels it is his team too, but the respect he shows when he is such a terrific hitter himself speaks volumes about how Miguel is viewed in that clubhouse. The interview with Boesch was tough to watch, last year he was injured, this year he has lost his spot but he is young and maybe this will push him in the off-season to figure some things out – VMart was missed. I thought it was interesting hearing from both Leyland and Dirks about the mentality of the team – we tend to get upset that we see so little emotion, but I guess that just is how those guys are as a team and if it works for them then it works for them. Right now I am so happy I don’t care about any of our weaknesses right now – just loving every minute – thanks boys for providing a great topper to the regular season and for giving us at least another week of baseball. Bless you boys indeed!

i enjoyed jim’s post game interview with mario

and of course the chatter about Garcia being walked for G$….”don’t let him do that to you G$”

I wonder what is best for these last two games – you don’t want the offense going cold, but you want to give people rest / opportunity to knock off rust.
scherzer – i’d start him and pull him after ~65 pitches.
boesch – i’d give him a start to see if he is still lost.
Worth/Santiago/Kelly – i’d give them a start each to knock some rust off
Cabby/Prince – just play them and replace them early if you need to. guess it kinda depends on that triple crown race, honestly.
AJ/Peralta/Dirks – i’d give them a day off (no DH, PH) to get them rested up a little
Villareal/AlAlBQ – i’d put them out there again to see if we can’t get back on track

2011:”Brian Britten, the Tigers’ director of baseball media relations, prepared for Leyland a spreadsheet with all the likely numeric breakdowns for the three contenders, based on hits and at-bats in their last regular-season games”

“Leyland said no matter what he decides, any effort to help Cabrera win the batting title by removing him before the game ends will divide critics.”

Another thing to be encouraged about were the DPs turned by Peralta and Infante. They couldn’t have done that a couple of weeks ago.
Would have been nice to see those interviews. I was wondering how Boesch was going to handle things. I hope he gets a chance to play the next two games.
Be really nice to see AJ get to .300 and then give him the night off.

agreed – the defense last night played great – Omar and Jhonny both had some good ones

Fellow Tigers Fans – Enjoy these good times! Let’s keep playing!

I would consider tonight the “off night” for regulars, and go with a regular lineup on Wednesday (with an off day Thursday and Friday?). Fister goes 80 pitches tops. Downs, Putkonen, Marte and Coke be ready in the bullpen.
Starting Lineup for tonight:
1. Berry CF
2. Infante 2B
3. Young LF
4. Cabrera DH
5. Boesch RF
6. Kelly 1B
7. Santiago SS
8. Worth 3B
9. Holaday C
SP: Fister

Looks like a spring training lineup. 🙂 I like it myself, but I doubt JL would play that many non-regulars at once. Stuff about fans paid to see the stars, respecting the game, etc. Probably do this over two nights.
As of right now, our first round opponent would be Texas. The A’s are really pushing them, and the Rangers have to win one of the two remaining games to avoid being a wild card.

Fielder has the longest active consecutive games played streak.

yea look for him to start – and maybe be replaced by Kelly part of the way through the game.

I like the thought of getting Holaday a game real quick. But I again think JL will start more regulars and then replace them early in the game (for tonight).

you weren’t far off portwinelad

And I would pitch Scherzer this Wednesday. He will have 6 or 7 days off if we go with a rotation of Verlander, Fister, Sanchez and Scherzer. We need to know if Max can let loose.

They have made it clear that Max will do some pitching on Wednesday.

How’s this for a postseason assessment?
Weakness: an offense that sputters, a defense that plays poorly too often, and an inconsistent bullpen.
Strength: the best 1-2 hitting punch in baseball, a potentially lethal starting rotation, resiliency, and experience.
It seems to even itself out. Let’s hope we have fun with this.

Loved watching the after party especially the players dancing around Miggy shouting “mvp, mvp.” Along with Mr. Leland, I cried too.

Good idea about the lineup there but my guess is Cabby won’t want to DH. I don’t think he likes it and he will probably feel more comfortable in the batters box if he is playing his regular position.
I also see this as an opportunity to play Garcia against RHP.
As to the batting race—that damn Trout buggered things up a bit didn’t he!!!
If he goes , say 5 for 10 in his last 2 games he’ll be hitting .328
Cabby would have to go 3 for 10 to beat that.
As to the MVP.
Well I think Trout is an MVP………………………………………. On his team. Not for the whole league.
The voters have to keep in mind things like hitting with men on, with RISP, with RISP and 2 out (Cabby .420; Trout .286), Amount of Strikeouts. Leaving men on etc. No more WAR!
Trout did not have a full year, he strikes out a lot and has left a lot of men on base.

How come people aren’t mentioning this about the MVP race (I am looking at you ESPN)… Trout’s team didn’t make the playoffs, MCab did. Should be the extra umph that gets him over the hump, if he needs one. I think he deserves MVP, he is incredible. Trout will get it one day.

I think we need to see Boesch play, he could be called upon in the ALDS.

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